Heading West Pt. 02Heading West Pt. 02


Heading West, Part 2

Chapter I : Slavers

Jack wiped the sweat from his eyes and peered ahead through the heat waves blowing across the prairie. He was regretting wearing his buckskin pants today, although he was without a top and his chiseled pecs shown with perspiration. It had been three, long hot days since they left the waterfall. He knew water lay ahead and they badly needed to refill their dwindling reserves. He waved to Lsa who was just north of him. She cantered over to him and he pointed ahead and explained that a creek should lay over the next small rise. She took the lead, and he held back so he could admire her tight backside draped in her loincloth. It was all she wore except for her moccasins and a bit of paint on this hot, dry day. Her long ponytail draped bewitchingly down her naked back, drawing his eyes southward.

He was so engrossed that he almost ran into her as she came to a sudden halt. Gesturing frantically to him, she slid off her horse and tugged it to the ground by it’s woven halter. Jack hurriedly followed suit before asking her what she’d seen. “There’s people down at the creek. It looks like they have a wagon and mules and a few horses.” She whispered, as she shaded her eyes and peered over her horse’s chest. Jack pulled a small brass telescope from his saddlebag and extended it to eyeball the situation.

“I see three men and two women. The women’s hands are tied and their feet are hobbled. The men look like they’re drinking and whooping it up. I’d bet anything they’re slavers, looking to sell or trade the ladies to the Indians.” Jack said. Lsa growled in response. She had good reason to hate white men who traded women. There was money to be made by trading the girls for Indian souvenirs and selling the trinkets back east. People loved the items and would pay top dollar for an original blanket or tomahawk. Meanwhile, the poor women were stuck in a life of rape, unending work and misery. They put their heads together and formulated a plan. Lauri and Ty were too far back to be of much help and it would be turning dark soon. Jack would approach the men and get a feel for what was going on while Lsa would sneak in close and get ready to support him if needed.

Jack nearly made it right into camp before he was noticed by one of the drunk men. The tallest and also ugliest man saw him and snatched up his rifle.

“Hold it right there, Stranger! What are you doing sneakin’ up on us like that?” He slurred. Jack quickly flicked his eyes at the ladies and noticed that both of them were looking at him hopefully, with desperation in their eyes.

“I noticed from aways out that you have a couple beautiful fillies here and I was hoping you’d be willing to sell them to me!” He said cheerfully.

“No way, Pal. Them womens are spoken for by a Chief up the creek here a few miles. We’re gonna deliver them tomorrow after we have a bit of fun with them. The older one might up a good fight and the young one will get her cherry busted for her first time tonight. We’re gonna roll dice to see who gets her!” He said with an evil leer while his two compadres cheered and laughed in the background. Jack could tell that the men were drunk but not terribly so. They had a quick awareness in their eyes and the two followers were slowly moving towards their firearms. He glanced again at the women, noticing that they were both real easy on the eyes despite being filthy and dressed in tattered blouses and skirts. All hope had gone from their eyes when they realized mistakenly that Jack was in the market for slave girls. He felt bad but had to keep up the game.

“Hey Pardner, eyes off the women!” The ugly one barked out and raised his rifle to aim at Jack’s head. Just then he sprouted an arrow in his right eye and went down like he was poleaxed! The other two men stood stunned, in surprise. Jack pulled his pistol, fired, and took one man down, and was swinging on the other when Lsa’s second arrow took him right in his open, yelling mouth. A triumphant battle cry rang out as she ran into camp and into Jack’s arms. The two women were crying out in excitement and joy at the death of their captors.

Freeing himself from Lsa, Jack quickly cut the women loose and they hugged him delightedly. He couldn’t help but notice how attractive they were. The older one appeared to be about 38 or 40 years old and had lovely huge, firm breasts and an amazing ass to match. She had a beautiful head of brunette, wavy hair. The young lady was 18 or 19 and was just a slip of a girl with fine features and long, straight, nearly platinum blonde hair. Lsa rudely pinched his ass to break his admiring gaze from the two beauties.

“Whoa there, Stud.” She whispered with a giggle. “How’s about you saying something?”

He politely introduced Lsa and himself.

“I’m Julie” the older lady said.

“And I’m Mary!” The younger piped in as she she stared up at Jack, already enamored with his rugged good looks and hulking figure. They also were escort izmir agog at Lsa. With her firm, naked breasts on full display and her face smeared with paint, she looked like quite the beautiful, wild woman.

Interrupting their staring at Lsa, Jack asked them how they’d gotten in their situation. Julie explained that they had been en route to Santa Fe when the men attacked late in the night, killing her husband, burning their wagon and kidnapping the women. They’d even scalped her husband so anybody that passed by would blame the attack on Indians. “That’s terrible!” Lsa broke in. “You’ve been through a horrible ordeal!”

“I’m more concerned about my niece, Mary.” Julie explained. “She’s so young!”

Mary rolled her eyes. “Oh come on, Aunt Julie. It was really quite an adventure! Besides, Uncle Ebenezer was a bit of a prick.” She giggled.

“Have some respect for the dead, young lady!” Julie cried out, nearly in tears.

“Sorry Aunty.” Mary apologized. Not at all sorry, apparently, from the twinkle in her eye. Jack noticed.

“Lsa, fire off three shots and get the other two here with the wagon, we’ll all camp here for the night.” Jack ordered. Lsa rode to the top of the rise and complied while Jack explained to the now rescued ladies what was going on. “Our two companions, Lauri and Ty will be here shortly. Lauri hired the three of us to escort her to Santa Fe. You two are welcome to ride along if you like. We’ll take what we want from these dead fellers and head out tomorrow.”

“I don’t think we have any other choice.” Julie said. “We won’t be able to pay you unless we find where these hellions hid our money. Ebenezer had a bit stashed away and I’m sure they found it when they took us prisoner.”

“I’ll tell you what. Anything we find on these outlaws will be your’s and Mary’s. I’ll pick em over good before it gets dark.” Jack said, and immediately began ransacking the men’s clothing for anything of value. He didn’t find much but noticed that their firearms were of high quality. Their pistols even had some gold inlay in the engraving, which gave Jack pause. He decided to stew on it for a bit. By now Lauri had arrived, closely followed by Ty in the wagon.

Jack introduced everyone, then before they got comfortable, ordered his crew to water the thirsty animals and then themselves. While Jack, Ty and Lsa set up camp, Lauri landed a dozen medium sized trout for dinner, which they supplemented with some potatoes. Their new companions ate like they were starving. Julie noticed the way Ty was looking at them. “They didn’t feed us much and kept us thirsty the whole time. I think they wanted us weak so we couldn’t fight back very hard.” She explained.

Lauri was taking note of their physical condition. “After dinner, let’s us ladies go down by the creek and clean up. I have some medical training and I’d like to look you over for injuries. I noticed you both are limping a bit. You could also use some new clothes” Julie agreed, as did Mary. Jack rose up and tapped Ty on the shoulder. Taking the hint, Ty got up and followed Jack into the shadows behind the wagon, giving the women some privacy.

Down at the creek, the women washed up using some soap that Lsa provided and Lauri treated the girls to a long hair wash using her new fangled shampoo. She couldn’t help but compare herself to the new girls. Julie had big, beautiful, firm tits that eclipsed Lauri’s and Lsa’s in size. Her ass was also wide but firm, and hardly jiggled at all when she walked. Mary, on the other hand, had small breasts and a tiny little apple ass, supported by slender legs. She was almost painfully petite.

Lauri got them up by the fire and examined them. She bandaged their many abrasions and small wounds. Mostly on their wrists and ankles where they’d been tied. She found a couple extra blouses and skirts which the women were happy to receive, although Mary’s were quite loose, Julie looked like she’d been poured into her outfit. Her tits were bulging over in the tight top and her ass was accented nicely by the ruffled skirt. Lsa called the men back to the fire. Jack stopped at the wagon and grabbed a bottle of wine. He poured tin cups for them all, including Mary, which Julie protested over.

Ty stuck up for her. “I think she deserves it, she was taken prisoner and nearly raped. Give the gal some wine.” Julie reluctantly agreed. Mary looked at Ty thankfully, and with more than a little interest. He didn’t notice however. His gaze was locked on Julie’s huge tits which were threatening to pop out at any moment. She noticed his gaze and blushed furiously as he quickly averted his eyes.

They all chatted a bit over their drinks until Jack called an end to their day. They settled into their evening routine of cleaning up camp and setting the guard duty roster. He told the new girls to sleep in the wagon they’d commandeered from the slave traders if they could be comfortable. “Wake us in the night if you need anything, and don’t be alarmed if you hear us moving around. izmir escort bayan We’ll just be switching out from guard duty.” He instructed.

“Can you help us get settled in, Ty? And bring a lantern?” Julie asked plaintively.

“Sure thing.” He replied.

Lsa rolled her eyes at Lauri as Ty went past. “I think were gonna have some competition!” She whispered.

Lauri hugged her close. “Those girls had a rough time. I think we can share our men a little bit. I know if I was in their shoes I’d want a strong man to hold onto also.”

“I reckon you’re right.” Lsa said. “I’ve been in their situation before. It was awful!” Lauri hugged her again. She knew Lsa had some trauma in her past and that someday when she was ready, she’d talk about it.

Jack strode up and put an arm around each of them. “I’ve got our bed made in our wagon. Will you ladies sleep with me?”

“Of course, ya big stud.” Lauri murmured. Each girl took a hand and led Jack to bed.

Meanwhile, Ty was making a nest for the new arrivals in the other wagon. He’d hung the lamp inside and was on his hands and knees spreading out blankets. Julie was behind him, watching as his buckskin pants stretched tight over his ass. Despite losing her husband recently, she felt a trickle of desire. Ty was all man and that’s exactly what she needed. He stood up and hooked his hands over a support that held up the canvas covering.

“Is there anything else I can do for you ladies?” He asked, looking down at them. Both ladies drank in the sight of him. Mary couldn’t take her eyes off his ripped chest and chiseled abdominals and Julie made a choking sound when she saw the massive bulge running down his thigh. He saw where her eyes were looking and felt a rush of pride. He knew he packed some serious meat and never faulted a girl for admiring it. He held his pose until the silence was almost turning awkward. Finally, he climbed down and wished the girls goodnight.

As he turned to leave, Julie stopped him with a hand on his chest. Suddenly, she threw herself in his arms and hugged him tightly. “Thank you so much for your part in rescuing us! We’d have been lost to slavery without you!” He hugged her back and imagined he could feel her hips seeking out his as she brushed against his stiffening cock. He gently broke away. As horny as he was he had no intention of taking advantage of a traumatized woman.

He barely freed himself when Mary flew into his arms. “Me too!” She sniffled. “Thank you for saving our lives!” He cautiously hugged her back until she loosened her grip. As she moved away from him, she ran a slim hand down and gave his ass a little squeeze, which startled the hell out of him! He again wished them goodnight and went to man his post as night watchman, visions of fresh, female pussy dancing in his head.

Chapter II : New Companions

Jack had the last turn at guarding camp, and at dawn’s first light he roused Lauri. He knew she loved having coffee and watching the sunrise. She came out of the wagon huddled in her blanket and shivering in the coolness of the morning. He poured her a cup and sat her in his lap. She snuggled in and buried her face in his shoulder and slowly rubbed a hand over his cock. He grew down the leg of his pants until it was almost painful. “Does this mean we won’t fuck anymore, what with our new companions?” Lauri asked in a sexy whisper. “

Absolutely not.” He grumbled. Just then a rustling came from Julie’s wagon. She appeared, also wrapped in a blanket. She had removed her blouse for comfort while sleeping and she was now trying unsuccessfully to hide her bountiful cleavage.

“Do I smell some wonderful coffee?” She asked politely. While impolitely watching Lauri perched on Jack’s lap.

“Of course, Julie. I’ll pour you a cup!” Setting Lauri aside, he stood up, completely forgetting about his semi rigid cock hanging down his thigh, tightly encased in his buckskins. Lauri watched in amusement as Julie’s eyes locked immediately on his swollen shaft. Her eyes widened and she blushed uncontrollably, but she couldn’t stop watching him as he crouched by the fire and his pants tightened across his rock hard ass cheeks. He brought her the cup of coffee and she finally broke her gaze from his cock and took the cup from him with trembling hands. Her mind was crowded with lusty thoughts. In a matter of hours she had met two incredibly sexy men and despite the loss of her husband she knew that given half a chance, she’d fuck either man silly.

“Julie.” He whispered.

“Yes, Sir.” She met his eyes.

“Good morning.” He winked at her and sidled back to Lauri. Julie blushed again, furiously. Out of nowhere her pussy flooded itself in juice. She watched as Lauri settled in his lap again and kissed him soundly. Ty and Lsa made an appearance from their wagon. Ty wore only his pants and Lsa had one of Ty’s shirts on which was unbuttoned to her navel, and her tiny loincloth. She leaned in and kissed Jack good morning while caressing his izmir escortlar naked chest. Lauri watched Julie’s mind work and her thoughts were evident on her face. She was trying to figure out her rescuers relationship with each other and her surprise was evident.

A small cry from Mary’s wagon sent Ty scrambling in her direction. When he poked his head in, he saw Mary crouching and partially covered by her blanket. Her pale shoulders and a small but perfectly shaped breast were exposed to Ty’s concerned sight. She was trembling and a tear ran down her cheek. “A nightmare?” He asked gently. She nodded looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes. Like any man would, he melted and held his arms out for her. She gathered her blanket and he picked her up. She snuggled deep in his strong arms and nuzzled her face into his neck with a contented sigh. For long moments he rocked her gently then carried her to the fire. “A bad dream.” He explained. Lsa and Lauri weren’t buying it for a second and they both shared an amused look.

Julie fluttered over her in concern. “It’s ok, Mary. Those bad times are behind us, thanks to our new friends.” Ty tried to set her down but she clung to him like a limpet. He chuckled a little and cradled her while she sniffled into his shoulder.

Jack puttered around fixing breakfast, apparently in no hurry to get on the trail. “If it’s ok with Lauri, I think we’ll stay here for the day and let the animals get their fill of water. We’ll refill our barrels, maybe do a little fishing and let our Julie and Mary rest a bit. They’ve had a hard time lately.” Lauri was a bit miffed that the new girls were getting all the attention and had to make an effort to remain polite. Lsa was rolling with it. She had seen other women gain her men’s attentions before and had no issue. She knew where she stood with her guys and was confident in their affections.

The day was already heating up and looked to be another hot one. The women started cleaning up the morning dishes while Jack and Ty filled the water barrels. All the women enjoyed watching them as they hoisted heavy barrels to their shoulders and carried them back and forth from the creek. Sweat ran freely down broad, tanned chests and arms bulged with thick muscle. More than one pussy was dripping at the sight. Julie was more circumspect with her peeks at them but Mary was fascinated. She boldly watched them and Julie took notice. “Be polite, quit staring!” She whispered bossily. Mary ignored her and fully enjoyed herself.

“Lauri, wanna go catch a few fish?” Lsa asked. Lauri nodded and joined her. She knew something was up as Lsa never fished. She preferred to hunt. While they fished, Lsa had a talk with her. “Lauri, you’re going to have to make a decision. I’ve noticed you watching the new girls admiring our men. If you get a stiff neck about it you’ll just be angry and upset all the time. When the boys rescued me, all I could think about was how attractive and attentive they were. They were, and are still my heroes. I reckon those two feel the same way. They’ll do anything to please the boys. To think that they can keep their hands off our men for a month or so is unrealistic. The sooner you come to grips with that, the happier you’ll be.”

I’ve been thinking about that.” Lauri said. “I realize that you’ve shared them with me and have been nothing but kind to me in return. I’d like to think that I can do the same, but it’ll be extremely difficult for awhile until I get used to it.”

“Good girl, Lauri. I sure love you. Let’s go deal with our new companions and show them what our men will expect from them.” Lauri blushed under Lsa’s praise. The little Indian girl hugged her close and for the first time, kissed her lightly on the lips. Lauri was startled and pulled back a touch. Lsa winked at her and giggled, then gathered her fish up and walked to camp. Lauri was left befuddled and wondering as she watched Lsa’s tight little ass recede over the creek bank.

Back at camp, the men were rifling through the outlaw’s wagon, searching for anything of value that they might use. Jack explained to Ty that he felt the men had to have a stash of money or gold, and based on the value of their inlayed pistols, he was guessing they’d used their own gold to have a gunsmith do the work. While they searched, Lsa and Lauri pulled the other two women aside for a chat. Lsa took the lead. “Ok girls, here’s the deal. We’ve noticed you two eyeballing our men. Lauri and I will share them with you but there are a few rules.” Julie’s mouth opened in shock and she started sputtering for words but Lsa held her hand up to stop her. “You needn’t explain anything. We know more than anyone how attractive our guys are and how you feel about them. If you choose to give yourselves to them, realize that that’s exactly how they’ll see it. You’ll be expected to do everything they ask, and also let them take you any way they choose at any time. Just remember that you can stop them if you can’t handle the situation.”

By now, Julie was highly embarrassed and blushing a deep red, ashamed that Lsa had seen through her desire for the men so easily. Mary, however was beside herself with curiosity. “So you both go to bed with Ty and Jack?” She asked innocently.

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