Head BangerHead Banger


A recent encounter I thought I’d mention. Not quite like my Taipei adventure with the army of cocks, but interesting nonetheless.

I hooked up with a guy in Sydney recently. I found him on Internet chat. He told me he’s a dominant top, and usually likes to fuck ass, but when I asked nicely, he said he could use my oral service; better than wanking he said…

I drove over to his place. I parked my car under the building, and he had to come down to meet me there and let me in through the security gate. Nice looking guy. Not super-special, but I thought he’d do just fine ;o)

He was wearing a singlet and shorts, and had a reasonable body. I was wearing trousers and a shirt, since I drove there directly from work, and took my tie off in the car. In the lift, he put his hand down the back of my trousers and squeezed my ass cheek. Nice touch, I thought…

When we entered his apartment, he led me into the living room where he already had some porn going on the TV. He immediately took his shorts off and presented his cock to me. It was half hard, but of course it only took a few seconds for it to get rock hard in my mouth. Nice!

I sucked him for a few minutes and he got excited and held my head in his hands and started fucking my throat deep. I thought he would cum straight away.

He then slowed down, then took his cock out and told me to undress, Antep Bayan Escort which of course I did. Then he held me by the neck, and led me back to the main entrance to his apartment, all the way to the door! I was worried for a minute that he was going to push me out the door and leave me there, naked, maybe just for a laugh, or maybe there was something that he wasn’t happy about.

Anyway, there was no need for me to worry. He had a different plan, which makes this story worth telling – I hope.

He told me to sit down on the floor with my back against the door. He then spread his legs wide enough for his cock to be level with my mouth, and pushed it in.

I was thinking “why here”, but I’m never one to complain, especially with a hard cock in my mouth, so I went back to work.

He was pushing his cock down my throat real hard, so my head was resting against his front door. He kept fucking my mouth like that, and made me gag a few times.

With his left hand, he grabbed the top of my head, and slapped my face a few times with his right. Then he pulled my head just a half inch from the door. When he continued ramming his cock in my mouth, of course my head banged on the door a few times, so I thought I’d rest my head against the door to avoid making noise and disturbing the neighbours. Wrong!!! He said “what the fuck are you doing bitch!” and slapped me hard, and pulled my head again half an inch away from the door, so my head started banging on the door with his deep thrusts. He kept doing this while holding my head away from the door just enough to make sure I banged it with each thrust.


I don’t know how long that kept going. I was dizzy both from the lack of oxygen finding it hard to breathe with his cock all the way down my throat, and with the constant concussions my head was receiving.

I guess that went for 10 minutes or so, and when the banging got fiercer both in frequency and intensity, I knew I was about to receive my present. I was right. He gave it one more deep thrust, and took it out a little, but still kept the head just inside my lips. That’s when his warm and sweet just let him have his way. When his entire load of cum was emptied in my mouth, he held my head in both hands, and gave me one last, but really violent thrust. His cock was a little softer now, so it didn’t quite force its way into my throat, but unfortunately most of the cum I was holding inside my mouth almost exploded out with that one last push. I sucked the limp cock a little more to make sure it was entirely drained, swallowed whatever I had left in my mouth, licked a little more that I could find around his balls and groin that was squirted out with that last intrusion 🙂

He turned around and walked back inside, then into the bathroom for a shower. I followed him and went in the shower with him. He now appeared colder towards me, which I’m ok with of course. Guys love me when their cock is hard, but once they get their rocks off, they lose interest. Some of them keep me around for further services such as washing them, helping them putting their clothes back on, or whatever else, and some just show me the door. I’m ok with either; I know they’ll want me back again, because they’ll get horny again :o)

I asked if he wanted me to help him wash, but he said no. He still allowed me in the shower with him, which was very kind. Which was even kinder, was that he peed on my legs in the shower. I put my hand under his little stream too, but it didn’t last long. I made a mental note to remind him next time to drink more water. It’s very healthy to drink lots of water!

He got out first, then I finished my shower and put a towel around my waist and got out. He was holding my clothes in his hand, so I walked over and got them back. He was already wearing his shorts.

I told him it was fun with the head-banging, and he said he was glad I liked it. I asked if it had a special meaning, and he said he always fantasized about having sex in public, but never had the courage to do it. That was his way of getting as close to sex in public as possible. I told him next time he could have me in a park in the dark, and he said he liked that idea.

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