He Wanted YouHe Wanted You


This is a cautionary tale to those of you who just know you’d never suck a cock. Be careful you do not protest too much.

You’re comfortable in the chaise by the pool in your upscale condo complex. You’re comfortable in your career, your marriage, your beach house. You’re comfortable in your circle of friends, your golf club. You’re even comfortable in your own skin.

All that is about to change, and you don’t see it coming.

Oh, you’ve seen him. The tall young man with the tan, sculpted body. He could be an Adonis had he not been gay.

You’re smug as he passes by in his tight white little speedo. You see the way his suit clings to his buttocks, his tight round buttocks.

You see how well defined his cock appears under the thin fabric which shields you from actually seeing it in all its glory.

You’re smug because you’ve heard your wife and her girlfriends carry on about what a waste of fine manhood hung on a gay guy.

Your self righteousness won’t let you look away as he gracefully but deliberately walks past you.

Your eyes follow his every movement. You see the way his suit appears to want to climb between the cheeks of his fine ass, his sexy tanned ass.

The same sun which shines down upon you, seems to create a golden aura around his deeply tanned and finely sculpted body.

For some reason, you are unable to look away, but are still confident in your masculinity.

As your unintended erection dies down, you leave to pool area. Your direction is not the straight line to the gate. Instead, you find yourself taking the long way, walking past him, seeing how he lays back in his chaise, his muscular legs opened so that you can see the outline of his big balls and his impossibly large cock.

He smiles at you, but you do not return it. Instead, you blush and hurry on your way.

Your wife has gone to a conference and will not be home for another 4 days. You’re alone with your thoughts.

In the shower you try to think of pussy. All that fine pussy seated around the pool today. All are your neighbors, all friends of your wife. How easy it would be to choose one, bring her back to your place and fuck her.

But your mind wanders.

You clutch your erection with a soapy hand and think back to him, the way his suit showed off his cock. You picture the graceful gait, the handsome smile he gave you.

You try to shake those thoughts away, but they won’t leave you.

You and your wife know johnnie and Cindy… well not intimately, but you know of them. How many times with your golfing buddies have you shared homophobic jokes about how johnnie had turned sissy? You don’t have the exact count, but you know it’s a lot.

You didn’t mean it when you said you’d fuck him just to get to Cindy. Or did you?

The stiff, after shower, drink you poured hasn’t helped chase away your thoughts of that beautiful man at the pool.

Absently, your hand travels down inside your boxers and you slowly jack the erection that you haven’t been able to lose since your shower.

The thoughts you’re having are exciting and disturbing at the same time. The image of his cock, his sexy ass arouses you and at the same time, fills you with dreaded shame. You wash the cum from your hand, but the shame stays with you….. as do those images and your purient thoughts.

The next day is like the first. You sit poolside wondering if he’ll be there today.

You’re not disappointed. He saunters in, big, much bigger than you, and oh so confident.

All eyes are on him and his majestic display of barely covered cock. But his eyes are on you. They have a knowing look. He seems to know your dirty forbidden thoughts. Your dick responds the way you wish it wouldn’t.

You find it difficult to keep eye contact and shift your gaze down, down to that glorious, wonderous nylon covered cock.

He stops in front of you. Right there in front of your chaise he stands with his hands on his hips.

You are unaware of the others who are poolside. You are, however, aware that your mouth is suddenly dry and it’s hard to swallow.

For some unexplained reason, your breathing has increased. Shallow quick breaths escape you as you shift uncomfortably wishing your erection wouldn’t give your thoughts away.

He doesn’t speak; not a word he says. But his body is screaming.

You ankara travesti inhale quickly watching as he adjusts that big tubular piece of meat you’ve not been able to stop staring at.

You look from his beautiful cock to his eyes. He sees in you that which you are so fearful of. Your whole being exudes cock lust and he can sense it.

He walks away with a laugh. His laugh tells you and those around you that he has figured you out even if you haven’t.

You want to run, to hide, hide your shame, your disgusting desire, your erection. But you can’t run. The signs say no running, so you walk.

You could have taken the short route to the gate, but you didn’t. Once again, you’ve taken the long way around. You tell yourself you’re just stretching your legs but why then do you slow down as you approach the handsome golden young man with the big cock?

You hope to get his attention, but he ignores you. Ignores you? Who does he think he is?

You can’t help it. Your disappointment shows all over your pouting face.

A shower, a drink, a quick dinner salad. More drinks as you relax in your boxer shorts. You tell yourself that it’s all bullshit but deep in your heart, you’re frightened of the feelings you’re having about that man-child and his very nice cock.

You find yourself massaging your erection and force yourself to stop. You think that by not masturbating to the thoughts of the handsome young man and his, what has to be a wonderful cock somehow makes you not gay. You will learn soon just how wrong you are.

Your sleep comes with great difficulty. Tossing and turning, the image of him strutting across the pool side as though he was a God won’t leave you. You’ll show him tomorrow. Tomorrow, you’ll ignore him.

The thought of not going down to the pool never crosses your mind. You pull on your baggy trunks, adjust the hard-on of anticipation you wish you weren’t getting and head out.

You wait and wonder will he show. A half hour passes. Then an hour, and just as you think he’s a no-show, there he is.

“As radiant as ever,” you think. But your eyes are locked once again on his package.

You dare to glance at his face and see that he has you in his crosshairs. He heads straight for you.

His focus is on you. He has a look of determination, one that excites you. You want him. No. You can’t do it. That’s gay and you aren’t gay.

In mere seconds you try to rationalize your desire. Sucking a cock isn’t really gay if you still like pussy, is it? What if you tried it only once? Would that make you a faggot? But what if you loved it? What then?

Your breathing increases with each step he takes. He has no towel, no nothing but that sexy little white speedo and, God help you, that cock.

You don’t see your other neighbors watching. They’ve all seen your reaction to this hunk. They want to see your surrender.

They won’t have long to wait.

“Oh, God but he’s beautiful,” you think, ” and so damned sexy.”

In spite of your efforts to ignore him, you simply cannot bring yourself to look away.

Today is different than yesterday. Today, he doesn’t stand at the end of your chaise. Today, he stands by your shoulders, his cock so near you can feel the heat radiating from it.

He holds his hand out for you to take. “It’s time to end the charade, missy,” he says with meaning.

He’s beautiful, he’s sexy, and he’s gay but he just called you missy.

Your heart races. It’s time you make the decision that might well change your life. Are you ready to sample that forbidden fruit so near, under the thin veneer of nylon?

You forget all about those watching. You leave your things where they are. You give him your hand and he helps you out of your seat.

He doesn’t take the shortest path. No. Why would he? He slow walks you around the long way, parading you, showing your neighbors his prize and likewise, your surrender.

He’s the graceful one. He’s the pretty boy. But you are all atingle as he places his arm around you. He has your shoulder pulling you in close against him. Your dick points in the direction he’s leading you. And worse, or maybe lots better, you aren’t sure of anything anymore, just as you get near a throng of your wife’s girlfriends, his hand slips down your back and inside your swim trunks to cup your bottom.

“This ankara travestileri is so fucked up,” you think as you place your arm around his waist and your head against his large bicep.

Fucked up? Maybe. Maybe not so much. You haven’t shown the least little bit of resistance. You are an emotional wreck. He makes you feel things you don’t understand. Why is it that you feel safe in his arms? Why does his hand on your ass feel so nice?

He opens the gate, and he allows you to pass first. His hand never leaving your ass.

You feel helpless but that’s not really it, is it? It’s a new sensation. Then it dawns on you. You are his and he is the man. That new feeling is your feminine side struggling to come alive for him.

Across the parking lot and into your condo building, he says hello to the doorman, his hand still inside your trunks.

You bury your face against his well muscled arm. You wonder is it shame or are you being coy?

You think you don’t want this, but you have no will power to stop the inevitable.

You could stop this right now. Second thoughts tear through your brain. The hand in your swim trunks, the one on your ass squeezes, a finger probes your most private place and all those second thoughts disappear.

He knows where your live and leads you to your door.

Once inside, he roughly but not painfully spins you to stand in front of him.

You’re shaking all over. Is it fear? No. It’s excitement. You’re aroused but unsure what comes nest. You look to him for guidance, direction.

You have no clue, no idea that from this day forth, you’ll always look to him for guidance and direction. He will teach you that and you will be eager to learn.

His hand on your shoulder guides you to your knees. At last, you’re at eye level with the object of your recent obsession.

There’s no noise. He doesn’t speak. He waits. He knows what it is you want what you have been craving. This is your first time, and he wants you to show him just how much you need what he has.

And you’re about to show him just how much you need him.

You are unable to contain your lust. You reach for his finely shaped ass the clutch it, hugging your face against his cock, holding on for fear he might change his mind and leave.

The heat on the side of your face is real. You feel his hand on your head. He tussles your hair before turning you so that your mouth is directly in line with his cock.

He pulls your face to him but he didn’t meet resistance. Your lips seek him out. You feel him grow hard as you gently move your mouth up and down what is now your future.

You thought that there was chance that this would never happen to you. Not to you. But had you looked deep within the recesses of your mind, you wanted it to happen. You needed this to happen.

You hear yourself whimper as you pull down his speedo. You take your first cock in your hand.

You are nearly overwhelmed. You are at last holding his cock. This is a watershed moment and that is not lost on you.

Overcome with passion, you find yourself kissing it, licking it, rubbing it all over your face. You want to consume that cock just as it has consumed your every waking thought for days.

You want this to last. You want to enjoy this for as long as possible. But you also want to show him that you have placed yourself in his care. You want him to know that if you have your way, this will not be a one-off. You want him to know that you now belong to his cock and by default, you also belong to him.

Rising to your feet, you take his hand and lead him to your bedroom. He lays back where your wife sleeps, his tanned sculpted body yours to admire for the moment.

Your wife has no place in your thoughts as you pull your trunks down to show your lover your smaller dick.

He has a cock. You want him to see that you do not. Your 5″ boner will never be considered a cock. It is that difference that makes you his to control.

You see him smile at you, recognizing the difference in sizes. He’s the man, now. He’ll always be the man. You, not so much. But you’re not disappointed. You want him to be the man, your man.

You want to devour his body. Your mind is clouded by a lust you’ve never known. You lift his legs and show him just how submissive you can be.

You nuzzle travesti ankara his scrotum. You lavish his big balls with kisses before moving forward to his ass. That sexy round ass that has tormented you almost as much as thoughts of his cock have.

You shower his ass with reverent kisses before crossing the Rubicon. Tonguing his anus, you show him that he is the big dog, he’s the man and you are his to do with as he wishes.

His groans of pleasure make you glad to be where you are; face first in a real man’s ass, tongue fucking his asshole.

Something has come over you. You can’t stop debasing yourself as you try to understand the new feelings washing over you.

Finally, you can wait no longer. You claim your prize taking his cock in hand and forcing as much of the beautiful specimen of manhood as you can into your throat.

You bob up and down learning your way around a cock. You learn to breathe through your nose, you learn how pre-cum tastes. You learn what pleases him the most. You realize that it all comes naturally, like you’ve done this all your life.

He sighs, you make mewling sounds.

Your jaw begins to ache. It’s a small price to pay for the honor of sucking this God. Then he takes over.

He rises to his knees to be able to control you, to take charge of the action, to make you his cock sucker.

He rams his cock down your throat. He tells you that this is what you needed; a real man to make you his cock sucker.

Almost delirious with joy, you find yourself holding his waist hearing how you are now his bitch.

You are happy to hear him claim you as his. It becomes clear to you that this young twenty something knows more about life than you in your almost 40 years of living have learned.

But you’ll learn now. He’ll train you. He’ll guide you; he’ll teach you things about yourself that you never would have thought you’d be capable of.

When he comes, he forces his cock down your throat depriving you of tasting your reward. When he pulls out, he anoints your face with his seed, marking his territory, making you his bitch forever.

You have completed your task. You have drained his balls and shown him that you are his.

You dick aches with the need to release your pent-up passion, but he has declined your requests. He wants your undivided attention as he talks about your future with him. Now you begin to understand how little your needs mean to him. It is how it should be.

This first night, he talks you out of your body hair. He talks you out of your manhood. He talks you out of your marriage. He talks you into becoming his. And more importantly to you, he talks you into panties.

You knew that he was the man. What you didn’t know, nor did you understand, it was he is exactly what you needed. You are now, after all, his woman, his bitch. He owns you; your mind body, and soul are his.

For the first time on your life, you have found a purpose in which your wants, your needs are subordinate. You no longer matter. Only he and his cock will be the focus of your life.

You’re excited. This, the second day of your new life and he wants to show off his new possession. You have dressed for him and for the occasion.

You feel the half-slip you borrowed from your wife’s lingerie drawer being raised over your bottom. The also borrowed red panty he had you wear is pulled aside giving him access to you.

Your chest is propped up by the arm of the couch which frees your hands. His three friends are about to sample his new cock sucking faggot.

Your hands clutch the two cocks that are on each side of you. Your man has you on your knees on the sofa, his cock buried in your boi-pussy.

The two men beside you wait their turn in your mouth as the fourth man plunders what you thought was his alone. He has given you your marching orders and you will suck three different cocks today.

All four men are naked. Your man insisted you dress pretty for your company. This is your coming out party. He knows you need this. You want to be used by men, real men who know and understand how to treat a cock whore like you.

Now, your lipstick is smeared, and your hair is a mess.

You are lost in cock. Your man is proud of how quickly you became the slut you are in only two days.

You slobber and suck. You grunt as his cock plumbs the depth of your ass.

You didn’t hear the door open, but you did hear the “Oh, my God,” your wife yelled.

Startled, you say the first thing that come to your mind. “Honey, it’s not what it looks like. I can explain.”

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