He, She and Him Ch. 02He, She and Him Ch. 02


Cara woke slowly, more lost in a dream than reality. Something was touching her on the inside, rubbing against that spot that made her catch her breath and see flashes of blinding light. The sound of her own throaty moans filled the corners of her mind. Visions of Adam and Gabriel came and faded. Adam’s teasing smile and gentle hands made her giggle. But, Gabriel… The visions of Gabriel were making her moan. They were visions that came in flickers of great detail—the muscles of his shoulders moving, his lips against her inner thigh, the tight stretch of skin across his abdomen. Her hands recalled the feel of his skin and the play of the strength moving beneath.

Had she touched him?

Her mind drifted with no focus except that of how unbelievable her body felt right now.

Although Cara called out Adam’s name, all she could see was Gabriel. Now, he was stroking his cock in front of her again, his hand encircling it and sliding up and down its length. She could feel the pull of his hand go from base to head. She could feel the pleasant pressure his hand imposed as it slid back down. It was as if it was physically happening to her. What was Gabriel’s was now hers.

Cara shook her head from side to side. She could not string one complete thought together.

Relief washed over her as her hips began to move. She was dancing, but he was inside of her. When her eyes gradually opened, they immediately closed but not before they rolled back in her head.

She was fully awake now and Gabriel was between her legs. The feeling was amazing and she was coming. That tortuous climb toward her climax had complete control of her. She was breathing hard and her legs were trembling. And, he was doing it to her with just his hand. The thumb, slick with her juices, glided over her sensitive clit. The unhooded, pink, solid nub reached for his touch as she arched her back. His fingers worked themselves into her, pumping while her desperate pussy grasped at them. The feeling was overwhelming. She tried to draw her legs in and tighten her thighs, but Gabriel had her leg pulled up so that she was open wide for him.

“Please,” was the only word that slipped through her lips. Did she mean please stop or please continue?

Cara felt as if she were floating. Gabriel grinded himself against her and she moved her hips in small circles. His chest was solid at her back and she moved into it, wanting to be even closer to him. That was a mistake. It only brought her closer over the edge she was already teetering on.

Suddenly, his exquisite ministrations ceased. He let her leg go and slid his arm from around her.

Cara let out a child like whimper.

Gabriel’s voice was thick at her ear. His large hand wrapped itself just beneath her chin and over her throat. “You want me?”

Once again, “please” was all she could manage even though the voice in her head was screaming “don’t”.

“Say, I want you Gabriel.”

Her response was immediate. “I want you Gabriel,” she pleaded.

His hand ran over the flowing curve of her hip and traveled leisurely down the back of her firm thigh. Then, his hand hooked itself around the flesh and raised her leg up just so; she felt the cool air hit her swollen, wet folds.

“Fuck me Gabriel.”

“Oh Gabriel,” she gasped, “fuck me.”

Cara was Adam’s, but at that precise moment nothing felt more “right” then having Gabriel inside of her. When she felt the torrid head of his large cock force its way inside her, she closed her eyes and groaned with pleasure. Warm contentment flooded her body with his progression. When he finally went as far as he could, she caught her breath. The pain and the pleasure were inseparable. When he almost pulled it completely out, she begged once again.

“Please,” she begged when Gabriel cruelly pulled himself almost completely out, his head teasingly poised at her entrance.

When he plunged back inside and her walls clutched at his cock, she violently came. Her juices flowed so heavily, she felt as if she had wet herself. The slurping sounds her sex made filled the room as Gabriel worked his magic, continuously pumping in and out of her and increasing his pace.

“Fuck.” She was so wet and it felt like pure heaven to Gabriel. He could feel the contracting and release of her passage way as she rode out her climax. If she kept this up, he would not last much longer.

Without giving her an opportunity to recover, he pulled himself out and moved Cara from her side to her stomach.

Not wanting what she was feeling to stop, Cara responded by spreading her legs and raising her bottom up to meet him. She could feel his muscled abdomen pressed against her ass as he took his position and drove into her. The force of his sex drove her deep into the mattress. She clutched at the sheets, holding on tightly.

Gabriel felt as if he would explode looking down at that perfect round ass between his hands. And that’s when he knew her body was made to be fucked Ataşehir Esmer Escort by him. Her full hips flowed perfectly into that narrow waist. He could see those two dimples at the bottom of her back. He knew that those flawless round breasts where bouncing with every thrust. Tightening the grip on her hips, he growled out his pleasure as her hot brown body tightly sheathed his dick. He looked down to watch his lighter shaft enter than reappear, wishing he could lick down the valley between those curved cheeks. He knew that her chocolate skin had to be as sweet as it looked.

He bent over and bit her.

Just at that moment, Cara peaked once more. The bite only added to the intensity of being possessed so completely. The air she had been holding tight in her chest expanded and then escaped her. The sound she made was feral.

Immediately, Gabriel’s strong arm slid underneath her waist and drew her up, angling her ass even better. His other hand firmly planted itself on the bed as he leaned into her and pushed himself into her without mercy.

Cara grunted in union with every thrust.

Her eyes opened ever so slightly; that is when she saw Adam. He was fully dressed in a white hooded sweat shirt and jeans. His hood was pulled over his head and partially shaded his eyes. The sight of him was fleeting as she once again lost herself in what was happening to her body—what Gabriel was making happen.

Transfixed, Adam watched every movement from the same chair that Gabriel had watched him take Cara from last night. It was beautiful sight to see. Gabriel’s body hunched over hers, his muscular ass flexing and releasing as he pulled in and out of Cara. His body was one well defined muscle, long and sinuous. It alone was enough to turn any man or woman crazy with lust. Gabriel, fitting so perfectly around the soft, unbelievable curves of Cara’s, was a fluid, exquisite work of moving art, surreal. From the activities of last night and the sweat Gabriel was working up now, his dark hair glistened and the usual waves were more like curls that slightly fell into his face. He was almost animalistic in pursuit of his release. And yet still, she came in spite of his rough treatment. Adam almost expected him to grab her around her neck forcing her head back. He almost wanted to see him do it. The base aspects of Gabriel’s nature were as enticing as everything else about him, if not more so.

When Gabriel let himself come, his body tightened and he pulled their hips flush as he poured himself inside her.

“Fuck,” Gabriel yelled, drawing out the word almost in anger.

Cara’s body shook beneath him, a reaction induced by the feel of Gabriel’s hot cum shooting past her cervix.

Adam was wearing a broad smile. It was clear to him that Cara thoroughly enjoyed being with Gabriel. And Gabriel…Well, it was obvious what he was feeling. Gabriel had waited to come, relishing every moment inside of her. He only did that when he did not want the sex to end. Adam had even hated to see it end. That look on Cara’s face made him want to strip off his own clothes and make love to her too.

It had been hard on Adam to leave her this morning. He had unwrapped her body from around his own and placed her close to Gabriel. Cara had instinctually wrapped her arm across Gabriel’s chest. Adam had not been sure how Gabriel would react to her in the light of day. He had not expected him to still be in the bed with her. He definitely had not expected them to be having sex.

Gabriel rose all the way up on his knees and pulled her up with him. He held her close to his chest, one hand firmly cupping her breast. Her back was wet with his sweat. His lips found the curve of her neck. He bit her again, licking then kissing his special spot.

“You liked that didn’t you,” he whispered in her ear.

Cara’s body hummed with satisfaction, but she also felt shame. Her eyes were closed and her body was limp in Gabriel’s arms. She wondered how she must have looked to Adam lying underneath Gabriel. Even now, she was certain that she looked wanton. Her dark curls were wild and her body covered in sweat. She could not believe that Adam just sat there and watched her give herself to Gabriel like that. He had to think that she was a cheap whore.

Had he heard her beg?

“You had to work for that one,” she heard Adam tease Gabriel as he stood up from the chair.

“Fuck you,” Gabriel returned burying his face in her hair.

“I don’t think you could right now,” Adam laughed and leaned in close to Gabriel.

Gabriel shifted and kissed Adam fully on the lips.

Adam could not resist the urge and ran his hand down Gabriel’s back. He felt the need to touch his lover.

Cara was exhausted, but she was not deaf. They were joking about her. Was this a game to them?

“Let me go,” Cara demanded through tight lips, attempting to pull herself away from Gabriel.

Gabriel released her and removed himself from Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort behind her. She felt the bed shift and immediately missed his warmth, but welcomed the separation. Cara fell forward and tucked in her legs beneath her. That was the last of her strength, there was nothing left.

Adam moved up so that he was lying on his side, facing her, his head resting on his hand. “Baby, are you alright?” he questioned in earnest, rubbing her back with his other hand.

She rotated her shoulder away from him. She was so give out; even that movement was not enough to move his hand away.

“Cara,” he almost pleaded. His voice was low and intimate. He realized now that he had been insensitive. That joke with Gabriel should not have happened. His excitement had been misinterpreted.

“Cara,” he said again, resisting the urge to take her in his arms. He settled for just rubbing her back soothingly.

After quite some time, she finally whispered softly. “Where did you go?”

“You know that I swim every morning, sweetheart.”

She sounded so small. Adam moved the damp hair from her face, so that he could get a better look at her. Cara had never looked more beautiful to him. Her entire body glistened with a sweaty sheen. Her eyes were heavily lidded and her iris’ sparkled like pools of dark water. Her lips were swollen and faintly parted, a rich deep peach color. He moved in and laid a gentle kiss on those lips. He hoped that she would not be angry with him. It was important that she was not. So much was riding on her response.

What he desired for all three of them was not impossibility. As far as he was concerned, watching the two of them together was all the proof he needed.

A freshly showered Gabriel stretched his wet, naked body out as he walked around the bed, drying his face off with a towel.

“Do you want me to do something?” He could see that Adam was a little worried.

“Run some bath water for me,” Adam told him.

Gabriel left the room for a moment, returned and sat on the bed beside them. He wanted to touch her too, to somehow continue the connection they had shared earlier, but he did not.

He shook his head. Her body was something else. To be inside of her had felt incredible. He hoped that he had not hurt the poor girl. That had not been his desire. Sometimes he knew that he could get carried away. Last night it would not have bothered him, but this morning seemed somehow different.

“I have her,” Adam said possessively. “If you are finish with her bath, start breakfast.”

“Oh,” Gabriel said, lifting one eyebrow. He was not all that comfortable with what he was seeing. The way Adam was looking at her and playing in her hair was irritating. And now, Adam was pretty much dismissing Gabriel. Gabriel walked down the hall mumbling. Since when in the hell did he “start” breakfast. It was just like he thought it would be with this girl, complicated.

It seemed like forever before Cara let Adam wrap his arms around her. Adam was relieved as she unfurled and leaned into him for support. When he felt it was right, he lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the huge bathroom. He settled her into the tub, undressed and fitted himself behind her. Cara leaned back and let herself relax in his arms.

“Haven’t you had enough water for one day?” She attempted a joke, which made Adam smile. She was giving him a little reprieve.

“I want to pamper you,” he teased.

Adam was gentle, bathing her in silence. He let the sponge cover every inch of her body, as well as his hands. Her dark chocolate nipples rose, distending in response as he massaged her delicious breasts. Her skin was so soft and silky under his touch. When he asked her to lift her arms, she simply obeyed. Between her legs, it was the same. There he let his hands linger. He loved feeling every part of her, every curve and crevice. He loved the way she looked against his pale skin. She was beautiful. He washed her hair and watched it shrink into long dark spirals.

“I have to braid it and let it dry,” she told him shyly as he dried her off. “Or, it will be a mess to comb later.”

Adam watched as she braided her hair. The way she stretched her arms up and tilted her head, fascinated him. Every movement her naked body made only reminded him of last night. His cock was hard. He could not remember the last time a woman had this affect on him. He honestly had no recollection. He had dated girls in high school and even college. He enjoyed them. But, his main interest had always been men. After college he dated men exclusively simply because he could without having to hide anymore.

Gabriel, on the other hand, was quite different. Adam felt that earlier in Gabriel’s life, he really had not come to terms with the fact that he enjoyed men as well as women. Adam did not doubt that Gabriel loved him, but he also felt that Gabriel’s desire for one was sometimes stronger than the Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort other. Gabriel had however basically changed his whole life for him. Before Adam, Gabriel had long term monogamous relationships with woman. Between relationships, he slept with men. He just considered himself highly sexual. It was during one of those hiatus’ that Adam met Gabriel. Adam knew he was doomed. He fell in love with Gabriel immediately. Gabriel was an easy man to love, if he would let you. And, at that time he did not want Adam to love him. He made it clear and out of mercy ended the relationship.

Adam always remained hopeful though. That glimpse of forever with Gabriel had spoiled him for anyone else. Those were hard times, running into Gabriel at clubs or sharing mutual friends. Gabriel never gave him an inch. Gabriel hated the idea of playing with someone’s emotions. He was adamant about that. He never lied to seduce or pretended to be anything other than what he was, to male or female. Gabriel prided himself in that. He never wanted to hurt Adam. But Adam, he refused give up. He felt like he knew Gabriel best. Gabriel was the prize that sat on a shelf he ached to reach. When discrete indiscretions led to entire nights, Adam knew he had won Gabriel from whoever else was in his life. Adam felt sorry for the heartbroken, but not sorry enough to give him back.

Adam loved Gabriel completely and it only grew as their relationship did. He knew Gabriel’s strengths and knew his weaknesses. He loved Gabriel for both. The first time they had brought a woman home it had been somewhat of a game that Adam had initiated. He was ashamed of it now, but at the time he could not help himself. A woman had come on to him at a bar. He had let her flirt with little response. But when she laid eyes on Gabriel, the woman had lit up. Adam was amused by her reaction and encouraged her on. The idea that they were a couple only seemed to turn her on even more. She wanted to fulfill a fantasy, to go home with them, to participate in their lovemaking.

However, when Adam watched Gabriel fuck her, what Adam saw changed everything.

Gabriel was the love of Adam’s life. Adam knew that he was faithful and he would have not participated if it had not been for Adam’s goading. Gabriel would have remained faithful for the length of their relationship. “The length of their relationship,” he repeated to himself. That phrase said everything to Adam. Adam did not want it to one day end because he was blind to Gabriel’s needs. He’d do anything in this world to make Gabriel happy.

So, every blue moon…

Now he had found Cara. She was someone that Adam wanted too. Cara was perfect for them both. Adam knew that she was scared right now. He was confident, however, that this would work. He sincerely believed that Cara needed them too.

Cara looked at Adam wearily. He wrapped the towel around his waist praying that she would not see him so hard for her. After Gabriel, she definitely needed a break.

“You look like a little girl,” he teased, lifting one of the two braids that graced her shoulders.

To Cara Adam looked like the child, caught with his hand in the cookie jar. She had seen what was beneath that towel. But, his beautiful blue eyes were so calm and clear, she felt like she could just relax and swim in them.

Adam needed to shave, but you could hardly tell unless you were close, with his hair being so blond. He grinned boyishly. His square jaw and chin gave him that masculine edge. Otherwise, Adam’s beauty would have been too feminine. His good looks only complimented the beautiful heart he possessed. She needed to remind herself of that now. Adam was her friend. They had known each other for over a year. During that time Adam had never lied to her. He had never used her. He was always there to help her in any way he could, always encouraging. She adored him. Yes, there had been times when she had fantasized about him. She would imagine Adam making love to her or doing the normal little things that lovers do. Sometimes when they were together she could even fool herself into feeling like they were a unit. Never did she believe that it could possibly happen in reality. He had a lover, another man that he adored.

Then, why the hell was she here?

She asked herself if what happened was what she wanted. She had to be honest and admit that it was. The moment it became possible that she might have Adam, she had jumped at it like a bitch in heat. But, what would happen now?

Adam gave Cara one of Gabriel’s dress shirts to put on. He liked the way it fell over her curvy behind. The thought of her nakedness underneath made his dick ache even more. He still had problems getting the picture of her and Gabriel out of his mind or how she felt in his hands last night. Although things were not going quite as he had planned, she hadn’t asked to put her dress back on or leave. That was a good sign. He wasn’t ready for her to leave. Maybe she wanted to stay for a while. He laced their fingers together as he led her to the kitchen.

Just before they stepped over the threshold, he turned to her and brought the back of her hand to his lips. “Smile please,” he warmly requested.

She attempted a smile.

“You’re making me feel like I stole something.”

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