He Shares His Wife with MeHe Shares His Wife with Me

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He shares his wife with me

(This story is real, no names will be shown and all our dates have been online we have shared some private pictures but no physical contact has been made so far. All role plays.)

Not long ago I met a married woman in the Lit. chat rooms. She was not there looking to have an affair, with her husbands permission she was there looking to find a man to satisfy her desires and fulfill some fantasies she has. Her screen name caught my eye and I sent her a whisper, she replied to it and went to private chat where she told me of what she was there for and if I would talk to her husband and convince him to let me be her Lover. I added him to my friends list and sent him a message, I told him his wife had given me his screen name and where I had met her. He then started telling me how much he loved her how he was able to provide her with everything except for one thing, he could not satisfy her sexually. When they had sex and he climaxed he would roll off her and fall asleep while she was left frustrated and never achieving an orgasm of her own. So after talking about it he gave her permission to go to the chat rooms in search of what they were looking for. Someone to satisfy her sexually for her to explore her darkest fantasies to let go of her inhibitions without regrets, resentment or repercussions. So batıkent escort he asked me if I was interested in being the man who would satisfy her sexual desires, I agreed to be her lover, after all it had been a fantasy of mine to be with a couple in which the husband shared his wife with me. So we set up a date for Us Three to get together and explore our darkest fantasies.

When the date arrived she and I talked a little before her husband joined us, she was excited, anxious, nervous but happy the day was here. For me I had the same feelings she had except I also hoped I would be able to satisfy her, make her have an orgasm or two on our first date. As for how her husband felt about seeing her with another man for the first time (I can only imagine) so I will let him say how he felt on that first date.

The first thing she wanted to explore was Anal sex, and for me personally hearing the words “Baby, fuck my ass” are like music to my ears. So our first date was set up for me to take her anal cherry. We met in the room and talked a little, they both expressed their love for each other, he offered her to me to use for my pleasure as her lover and pleasure her as well, and she surrendered her body to me for me to use as I pleased and as often and as long as I wanted to. We toasted beşevler escort the start of our online relationship and started our first date together.

He undressed her in front of me and brought her over to me , turned her around bent her over in front of me and said “This virgin ass is yours tonight”. She pleasured me orally for half of the night, she eagerly took my cock in her mouth making me cum once while I prepared her ass for my penetration. As I played with her tight anal entrance she kept sucking on my cock caressing my balls and stroking me till she had me hard again, I wet my fingers with her dripping juices and fingered her ass some more , loosening her up , letting her relax, she brought me to the edge a couple of time but I held back, I wanted to cum deep inside her tight ass. When she felt she was ready she looked at her husband with passion in her eyes, she told him she loved him very much thanked him for letting this night happen and asked him if her lover could fuck her ass right then. He looked at her told her how much he loved her and gave his permission saying yes my love he can take your anal cherry. She turned and looked at me, her eyes glowing with desire said “Fuck my ass baby, I am ready for you”. She got on all fours and I got behind her, I ran my cock büyükesat escort between her wet pussy lips to get the head wet with her juices and lined up the head to her tight rear opening. Applying a little pressure I am ready to penetrate her for the first time and her husband drops out of the room. We stopped and she said I will be right back, I have to go talk to him. I waited but didn’t hear from her again that night, it would be a few days before we talked again but I could imagine what was going through his head.

Oh to be so close yet so far.

The first few dates didn’t end well. And I can understand why. For a husband to watch his wife get fucked by another man for the first time can not be an easy thing to see. (Even if its online as many of you may know it can feel very real at times.) But I am a patient person and I let them take their time deciding what they wanted to do and not have any regrets after wards.

(for those of you that are thinking about inviting a man into your intimate life, talk about it and make sure that is what the two of you want before diving in so neither of you have any regrets)

Over the past few months we have had this ongoing relationship and thing have been erotic, exciting and very pleasurable. We are not having an affair she and I are never together without her husband knowing. She would never do anything to upset her marriage. We have spent a few nights alone, but her husband has always been there when our date starts and will give us permission to be by ourselves. That is how we want it to be and this relationship would not work if he didn’t approve of it. And I would not have an affair with her behind her husbands back.

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