He got what he deserved.He got what he deserved.


After ten years of marriage things had gone stale. It was that bad that if I was baking the bread I wouldn’t make a decent bread pudding. It was always the same in the bedroom department and getting really boring. Mike, my husband, was so predictable. When it came to sex he was a typical male, wanting things his way or no way. Adventure in the bedroom was a no no. We had married when I was eighteen, and Mike was my first and only. I longed to find out what it might be like with another guy. Although I really loved him I needed something more. It was time to strike back and hopefully find out if I was missing something.“Look, Mike, it’s time we spiced things up with our sex life, If we don’t then I want a divorce.”“What? You’re serious, you’re really serious? You mean it don’t you?” I could see that I had upset him by the dropped faced expression.“It’s been coming for a while now,” I quickly replied. We sat and talked about how we could spice things up. We spoke of bondage and spanking but he said he could never hurt me as he loved me so much, I even suggested having sex in public. “How about we have an open marriage? Let’s say for a year,” I suggested next. Again Mike asked how it might work and was it a wise thing to do, he just didn’t want to lose me. I then that told him how things might work, suggesting that we take turns every other week to find someone for sex. Adding we would always have sex at our home and the other would be present in case of any trouble. “Are you sure this would work?” Mike asked.“I don’t see why not it wouldn’t be like cheating would it.After all we would always be in the house while the other was with someone.”After a few moments Mike had agreed.I had got my own way at last as I always did. We decided that Friday nights would be set aside for our fun nights. We would go out together but sit apart, leaving the other to chat up who they wanted. The person not trying to pick someone else up was to remain sober acting as driver and introduced as the Lodger.Friday arrived, I decided to let Mike have the first night.We drove to a night club in the next town, not wanting to meet people from our own area. I sat at the bar ordering an orange juice while Mike was further down the bar and drinking his beer.Before long I noticed him start flirting with a girl. I would say she was about two years younger than me. Before long they headed to the dance floor soon getting close, his hands were soon wandering over her backside. To be honest I was finding it a turn on watching them both even finding myself getting damp in my panties.They finally arrived back at the bar Mike buying her drinks the flirting so obvious. Soon laughing and giggling as they got more raunchy. Mike was talking in her ear I guessed because the music was so loud.Before long the club was to close.As he whispered in ear her knee went up to his groin, with him dropping down on his knees.“You fucking pervert, what do you take me for,” she screamed at the top of her voice. Everyone’s eyes in the club were looking at Mike on his knees. A few seconds later the door staff were on him, throwing him out, his arm bent double up his back.I quickly finished my drink and went outside.Mike was just far enough down the road that I could catch him up without anyone realizing that we had been together.“What happened?” I asked as I caught him up.“She thought I was suggesting a threesome,” he replied sheepishly.We headed towards the car, me telling him how I had made my panties wet watching them both.I was still feeling horny as we walked past a row of shops when I dragged him into a doorway.“Make love to me now. I want you inside me!” I quickly lowered Escort Karşıyaka my panties putting them into my pocket, Mike looked around before raising my skirt and easing his cock into me. He fucked me hard, driving his cock in and out of my soaking wet pussy, he was so close to making cum. The shop’s alarm suddenly rang out!We ran a few hundred yards down the road before Mike needed to rest.A police car approached and an officer wound down his window, asking if we had seen anyone near the shop down the road.Mike quickly told them that a couple of guys with their hoods up had ran off in the opposite direction.They soon thanked us, driving off fast in the direction Mike had pointed.“That was close,” Mike said as we picked up our pace back to our car.We finally got home with no further worry before having a night cap then going up to bed.Mike was now a man on a mission fucking me like never before, his cock even felt bigger as I lifted myself up to meet his thrusts.“Fuck yes that’s good harder harder I want you so much!” I gasped as my body tensed.“Yesssss oh God Yesssss,” I screamed at the top of my voice.I had lost all control with a beautiful orgasm so intense, as at almost the same moment he shot his cum deep inside me.This was what I wanted this was what was missing sheer raunchy sex! After a while he pulled out rolling over to my side before cuddling me.“That was fucking great.” “It might not have worked out at that club but that was worth it,” Mike gasped.He just couldn’t believe how wet I had got his hand playing with my pussy as we chatted. He soon got round to not wanting to be hit between the legs like that ever again. My face dropped hearing those words he obviously had noticed. “Don’t worry I wont spoil anything for you,” he said.“I think I could get quite used to you seeing others I liked what it did to you Denise.”“That’s if you still want to go through with it?” He always said I was his one and only.“Only if you’re sure,” I quickly replied.“Oh yes I’m sure sweetheart,” we soon fell asleep.Mike was only a once a night guy ever. I dreamed about having sex with a stranger.The week couldn’t go by any slower before Friday was finally upon us.I spent hours getting ready for that night, choosing a petrol blue dress from my wardrobe that had never been worn.I had bought it to try to get a reaction from Mike but he just never got to see it on me, he told me it looked tarty when I had shown him it. The sides of the dress were laced being one that you couldn’t wear any undies as they would show. My nails were colour co-ordinated to match, as were my four inch strappy sandals and handbag. I removed my wedding ring putting it on my dresser, before applying my makeup and admiring myself in the mirror.Mike was right, it did look sluty! But that was exactly the look I wanted if I wanted to find a guy for sex.We picked another club. Mike worried about going back to the one last week I couldn’t blame him for that. We parked up and walked to the club making sure to keep a distance apart, he went in first so he could see how any guys might react. Igot to the bar and ordered my usual vodka and tonic water.I seemed to be soon surrounded by various guys coming up to the bar ordering drinks, most said hi making small talk with me.It wasn’t long before a very good looking guy came up and asked if I was alone.I explained that my lodger was there and we had come together although we weren’t a couple, It was just more convenient that he could drive me.We chatted a while as he plied me with more drink before he finally asked me to dance. I soon accepted and he lead me by the hand onto the floor.As bornova escort we were dancing his hands were roaming around then onto my bum, as he tried to guess if I had any panties on.My body was by now all of a tingle with his soft touches.“Wow no panties,” he whispered in my ear while grinding his leg tight between mine.“My name’s David.”“Denise,” I whispered back nibbling on his ear lobe as I did.“If you don’t mind me saying you’re gorgeous,” he quipped.I smiled before realizing that I could now feel a bulge in his trousers. We talked more openly getting more intimate, with me having a feel of his cock giving him a little tease as I did.We got back to the bar with him buying me more drink. I soon took the plunge and kissed him passionately, my tongue exploring every part of his mouth.The club was about to close. “Fancy a night cap at my place?” I winked at him as I said it.“What about your lodger?” he asked.“Oh he’s ok he won’t disturb us, he’s a guy who takes no notice of what I do.”“If you’re sure then yes,” he agreed.I introduced Mike as my lodger before we all walked back to the car, I climbed in the back with David.On the drive home we were both kissing and touching, with me noticing Mike glancing in his mirror. Of course I played up even more knowing he was watching.We arrived home and entered the lounge with me asking Mike to fix us a drink before he went up to bed. Mike soon brought our drinks then made his excuse to go up to bed, saying good night to us both as he left. I just hoped he had gone into the spare room and not into our bedroom. We drank our drinks in a more hurried fashion, both knowing what the other wanted. I sank onto my knees right in front of him, unzipping his trousers and lowering them along with his boxers.At last I could see his raging cock so much bigger than Mike’s. I licked it’s length a few times before I lowered my head bobbing in a steady rhythm. I sucked and teased his cock enjoying the different taste as opposed to Mike’s, while he reached over me unzipping my dress as best as he could. I stopped sucking his cock a final little flick of my tongue on the tip, before standing up letting my dress fall and stepping out.“Wow, you look even better naked baby that‘s for sure.I want to lick that shaved pussy of yours right now,” David said expectantly.“Then what are you waiting for let’s go to bed.”David followed me up the stairs patting my bum on the way. I took a deep breath as I pushed open the bedroom door hoping Mike wasn’t there. Thank god he wasn’t a relieved smile now on my face. I climbed onto the bed not even removing my shoes. I wanted him bad!He stood at the foot of the bed his cock so hard, before he kissed my feet and licking his way up the inside of my legs. I parted them more as he got up to my thighs, I was shaking with excitement and desire.He flicked his tongue over my pussy, as I pulled myself open. He licked me deep before he pushed my hands away and using his own. His tongue licked my labia and I started to moan which seemed to make him lick harder, the odd gentle flick reaching up to my clitoris. I was in heaven as my moans got louder. My body soon tensed as I screamed out with joy as my pussy exploded my orgasm intense, my juices running down towards my ass. David now worked his way up my body not rushing his kisses and licks, my whole body shook in the tingled state I was in. He stopped to nibble on my very erect nipples he had me in such a state, I wanted him inside me. He worked up to my lips kissing me deeply and I could feel his cock probing at the entrance to my pussy.“Please-please fuck me,” I begged.He eased into üçyol escort bayan me before getting into a good rhythm, my finger nails digging right into his back. He pumped into me hard as I raised my hips wanting more meeting each thrust. My pussy was stretched more than it was with Mike’s he was also a lot wider. My juices were running out of me freely, my whole body was shaking with pleasure. We wantonly fucked, my obvious joy could be heard as I screamed out in total ecstasy. This guy was good. David suddenly stopped deep inside me saying,“No-no-no not yet, turn over.”He withdrew his cock and stood up, as I got on my hands and knees on the bed. He soon was behind me ramming his huge cock deep inside me once more. I pushed back onto him meeting his thrusts as often as I could, he was driving into me fast. His hand reached around me as his fingers entered my pussy before he was playing with my clit.As he pumped his moans were now as loud as mine.I screamed out once more feeling the streams of cum inside me as he shot jet after jet. Another orgasm had taken me totally by surprise.We lay and cuddled on the bed for a while before David announced he had to leave, he had an early start at work in the morning. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement!We went back downstairs so he could dress, with him handing me his business card telling me to call him and soon. I let him out the front door still naked, before he apologized once more for having to leave. We kissed passionately once more, before he disappeared down the road towards a taxi office a few streets away.As I got back to the bedroom Mike was already on the bed his cock rigid.“I loved listening to that baby tell me what you did?” I told him in full detail all the things we had done. Mike could take no more, fucking me hard. Unfortunately he didn’t last long before he shot his load into my soaking wet pussy. He pulled out not long after before rolling over once more, quickly falling asleep as he cuddled me.The next morning Mike came up with an idea, why didn’t I look on the Internet and try to find someone to join us for sex he wanted to watch me being fucked.During the week I trawled through the many sites trying to find someone suitable.Many just seemed like total perverts just reading some of the messages. Eventually I chanced on a website, but it was all couples wanting to meet other couples. I mentioned it to Mike and was surprised when he said, “ok fine but I only want to watch I don’t want to be involved.”“But what about the women,” I asked.“Well how about finding a girl who wants to pleasure you?After all it would be something different for you to try.That’s if you want to?Mind you just the thought is making me hard.”I looked through the couples and wrote to a few, explaining about Mike wanting to watch only and that I had never had sex with another woman before. After I had finished, I got to work on Mike’s stiff cock giving him a blow job again. With him soon shooting his cum after just a short while, leaving me once again frustrated by his neglect.A few days later I started to get replies along with pictures of the couples. Most were naked and asking for mine in return. I read through the various mails until one that stood out from the others it read,Hi Denise, Thank you for your response to our post, we both find you intriguing, is your hubby your cuckold? We are both the same age and I’m the same size as you. My hubby likes to watch me dominate a girl before I make him fuck her. Nothing too heavy just a little bondage with me maybe a few toys used, lots of orgasms along the way first and maybe some light spanking. But that’s before I allow my hubby to fuck you with his eight inch cock, of course we keep everything light hearted as we can and it would be no strings attached. Please let us know if interested. Mistress Carol and slave BillI sent back a reply naively asking her what a cuckold was, soon receiving a reply telling me more.

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