Haunting of Gorsehead CottageHaunting of Gorsehead Cottage


Down the corridor Lynn knew something was watching her and waiting patiently for her to go to sleep. She just needed to stay awake a few hours and it would be dawn and she would be safe. The beautiful 200-year-old cottage had sounded like such a good deal when she bought it. Hand carved shutters and a beautiful rose garden growing in the backyard. The kitchen was spacious and nice for cooking. Things had been going great but the first night she’d planned on spending the night she had forgot something in her old apartment and left before dark. Then when she got back to the big city, she’d stayed another week tying up details for her move…The first day back in Gorsehead she’d gone to the gorgeous thrift shop and found the wooden bed frame. It was over two hundred years old and had all kinds of intricate carvings in the wood. The shop keeper claimed it was original to her cottage and surely, she’d want the beautifully carved bed. Something in Lynn was hesitant but Lynn loved a good deal and who would say no to a solid wood bed frame that was king size for 60 dollars.

Finally, two nights ago Lynn spent the night in the two-story cottage that she now owned. It had started off innocently enough going to bed and laying in bed with the old wooden bed frame holding her new mattress and the odd dream about a handsome man. Laying in bed Lynn dreamed he got into bed with her unaware that she was in the bed. He had put his hand over her mouth and asked her a bunch of questions she didn’t understand and finally both fell asleep. Lynn woke up not very well rested and it was raining outside which never helps. So, Lynn brushed her curly black hair until it shown and put some green eyeshadow to accentuate her clear blue eyes. Maybe it was a strange dream. Going to bed early should help.

The house was mostly empty, but Lynn strayed up to the attic and found a book about the house and local legends. Apparently, it was haunted, and the female ghost was said to appear to the inhabitants of the house only at night. Laughing to herself Lynn read about the exploits of the former owners of the house. A man who swore he had sex with the lovely ghost every night, how a charm was used to control the ghost to make her appear and pleasure the owner of the house nightly.

It made Lynn relax to think it was a female ghost and not a male ghost. The attic contained lots of treasures and Lynn decided to clean it out and donate the items to the local historic society on the third night she was there. A dresser sat in the attic. The dresser had a locked drawer that Lynn opened by prying it open with some tools. Inside the dresser Lynn saw a beautiful sparkling emerald necklace and she just couldn’t resist. So, Lynn put the necklace on and went downstairs to make dinner.

That was when things began to change, and Lynn discovered she couldn’t get the necklace off because when she tried to take it off the fasteners were stuck, and it was too small to get over her head. The next night she felt like she was being watched when she was in the corridors of the house, she felt like someone was watching her. In bed she’d get into bed alone then awaken to a man touching her. The first night a blond-haired man woke her by rubbing her breasts and kissing her. When she tried to push away, he held up the necklace she was wearing and suddenly she felt very weak and couldn’t move. The paralysis seeping into her from the necklace. As she lay there, he slipped his hands into her vagina and rubbed inside of her. Wanting to move she found she couldn’t and worse yet could feel his penis thickening against her leg. Carefully he got on top of her and the next thing he said shocked her.

“I Fast link was told about the ghost of this cottage that she is the slave of the master of the house and he may be served in every way by the ghost that haunts this cottage. I invoke my right as master of this house.”

Lynn struggled to move to say something only to feel his hard thigh between her legs as he wedged her legs open and she could feel the tip between her legs as he shoved into her. Once inside he held her by her soft curly hair and Lynn could not move her face away from him kissing her and rubbing himself in her. All night he fucked her, and Lynn could not utter a word as her voice was held silent in the necklace. The next night Lynn went to sleep after taking a sedative and was woken up when a middle-aged man began rubbing her between her legs and then rubbed himself up to her tight anus. His large dick being rammed painfully up her anus woke Lynn up completely and she felt tears coming down her alabaster cheeks.

Lynn at this point was quite afraid and so as she stared down the corridor, she was certain someone was watching her. Running to bed Lynn collapsed only to find herself laying in the arms of another man who smiled when she laid down in bed unaware right next to him, he’d been laying in the bed waiting for her.

He smiled and said, “Ghost of the cottage I request you pleasure me all night”. Then to Lynn’s horror she found herself being laid down on the bed with him shoving his hands straight into her panties. Removing her panties, the man flipped her onto her hands and knees and began fucking her. Her poor body trembled as he pressed past her vaginal lips and rubbed for what seemed like hours.

“Oh, you know you like it you’re so wet and responsive. You take my dick and come so often under me. Ask for more and beg to be fucked.” The strange man said as he dipped his thick fingers into Lynn’s dripping pussy.

“Oh please. Don’t stop.” Lynn found herself saying when he rubbed her clit and then stopped to make her beg for him to fuck her.

The man continued and laid on top of her working his way between her thighs and into her tight warm sheath. His penis filled her, and his balls slapped her vaginal lips as he fucked her and she rubbed against him.

Finally, after a night of being used by the strange man Lynn woke up alone in bed.

As time went on Lynn tried to avoid the bed and going to sleep but the men who had owned the house in the past held onto the necklace she wore and used it to invoke their right to her soft body. Sometimes even during the day Lynn would see the men appear out of nowhere and find herself being touched or fondled in the dark places of the house. Lynn tried to get the necklace off but it wouldn’t come open and when she fell asleep in a chair would wake up in the bed to a man that wanted to rub inside her. The more she fought it the stronger the house seemed to get at making her pleasure the men that had owned the house before. Walking into a dining room before dinner she saw a man who had been in the shadows suddenly appear and in his hands was a horse whip. Lynn tried to back away but he caught her and bent her over the table and used the whip to spank her until she bared herself to him. Letting him ride her on the table and pinch her thick nipples. As he began stuffing her body with his thick hard dick to Lynn’s horror, he talked to her.

“Pleasure me you whore I’ve read about your love of a man’s penis and insatiable desire to cum. I’ll punish you just the way you want and need.”

“How is this possible?” Lynn asked trembling as the man rubbed her pussy lips with three of fast links his big thick fingers. Somehow a mistake had been made.

The man made no response instead forced her lips to his cock as he fucked her mouth rubbing his dick between her pink lips.

Lynn tried to take the necklace off, the next day and the necklace tightened from a necklace into a tight collar that was like a second skin around her neck. That night while she laid in the bed a strange man with brown hair and blue eyes appeared in the bed then began stroking her large plump nipples as he held her tightly forcing her mouth down over his long thick penis. She tried to lick his glans rubbing her tongue over him repeatedly His weight pinned her when he wrapped his legs around her soft body so she had to continue to suck him while laying trapped between his legs. His thick white cum hit the back of her throat but he did not release her. Instead he rolled over so that Lynn lay on her side as he pulled a curtain and there hanging on the wall was a painting of her on the wall. In the picture she was naked and laying with her legs spread open on the bed and wearing only that necklace a large ring nestled to her clit. Words under the picture read “I give myself to the master of the house, please use and punish me as you see fit, I love to be punished.”

“so, it’s with pleasure that I punish you” said the man as he rolled poor Lynn onto her stomach and rubbed his penis into her soft wet depths. As he penetrated her the man began licking her ear and pinching her big plump nipples. Lynn cried as he forced her to come under him not once but all through the night pumping into her and spanking her til her bottom was red from his hands.

The next day Lynn tried to leave the house by going out the door and found herself transported back to the bedroom in the shadows. As she stood in the shadows, she felt hands touching her face and rubbing between her legs til she began to rub against those strong hands as they touched her clit. Feeling the form of someone behind her she didn’t dare turn around to see someone there. As strong male hands pulled her back, she felt an unmistakably large bulge rub against her bottom. Her pants were unzipped and lowered as she was bent against a dresser and then he rubbed not against her pussy but her tight anus. Fear bubbled through Lynn as she found his hands rubbing between her legs. Lynn felt fingers biing into her hips as he shoved slowly into her resisting anus. The size of him causing tears to form in Lynn’s eyes as her sphincter was painfully stretched and he pressed until his sack rubbed against her. The pain was an agonizing burn as he rubbed deeply inside her but he flicked his fingers against her clit until she came rubbing back against him. His lips kissing her neck and leaving his mark on her. Finally, he spewed all his cum into her bowels. Turning around when she could no longer feel his deep penetration of her Lynn found nobody there.

Going back to the attic she read about the five different men that owned the house and how the first man had been rumored to be a warlock. The journal outlined how the pretty ghost was said to haunt the house and pleasure any man who owned the necklace. Lynn trembled in fear and turned when she heard a noise. There standing before her was the original owner of the house his eyes black and glowing with desire as he looked at her.

“You’re the original owner of the house?” Lynn said as she couldn’t help but notice how hot he was and burnt with lust when he touched her cheek with the back of her hand. Feeling a wet warmth between her legs as her pussy dripped for him.

“Yes, and you’re the descendant of my cheating wife and my brother that I have waited so patiently for. You look just like her and I will own you in every way. It is so fitting it should be so and I stand here to tell you what I’ve wrought. You will pleasure all the men I’ve chosen to share you with and to own this house and be their slut. Make no mistake you belong to me but are a whore just like my wife and will give yourself to the men I choose as you love having so many different men touch you between your legs. I will hear no argument on that as the pain your ancestress caused was what eventually killed me. I am locked to this house also. You are going to haunt this house and every man who owns that necklace may use your holes like they would any common whore. Should you entice one of them to love you and remove the necklace you will be free to be their wife. Yet each man will know and read about the pleasures you have given, as a requirement to inherit this house was to keep a journal of their times with you in complete detail, so all will know you for a whore. All have seen the picture of you begging for punishment and pleasure. Should you not give pleasure to any man who owns that necklace or fail to cum for them during sex I will punish you by piercing you between your legs. Now put your hands against the wall I want to punish you myself.”

As Lynn did so the warlock approached with his hardened dick and began to spank her after rubbing his hands all over her trembling body and pulled down her pants to reach her bottom. Taking a leather whip from the wall the warlock began beating her butt and then to Lynn’s dismay the whip hit her tender mound not once but multiple times seemingly at random. It also bit into the sides of her breasts. In agony Lynn cried and writhed from her punishment yet still she wanted to feel his hot touch against her bare skin. The warlock then fed his thick penis into her wet dripping cunt despite the pain and continued still to spank her as he fucked her. As he fucked her, he called her his slut and whore that he would bend her to his will and asked her if she liked fucking him. Needed him to fuck her, didn’t she? Lynn crying as she held his thick 12-inch shaft rubbed to the hilt inside her said that yes, she needed to be owned and penetrated by him. That she would submit to his touch and he would give her body to the others when she longed only for him. Calling fire into his hands he marked Lynn on her clitoris so that when the necklace was touched it felt as though she was rubbed there constantly by him. Lynn fell in that moment very much in love with the Warlock wanting to please him and so she gave herself up to doing as he ordered her to do.

Lynn’s body and soul were locked to the house and to the pleasure of the men who used her. When she failed to cum for one man after this occurred because it wasn’t him, the Warlock appeared and pierced her clitoris after touching her until she begged for him leaving her wet and dripping before he pierced her hard knub. Her clitoris was constantly stimulated by the thick ring he forced her to wear in her clitoris and enchanted so that she wanted and begged for a man’s touch and penetration.

Although they derived much pleasure from her soft 38 D tits, large nipples, tight anal passage and hungry pussy none of the former owners wanted to marry a slut for all of them called her that. Having read all that was done to her they all concluded her at worst a whore and at best a slut. All noted that she came easily for them multiple times, delighted in being fucked and had a whore’s piercing in her clitoris that made her especially responsive when they touched it no matter the pain, they inflicted she appeared to cum every time.

Lynn lost her heart to the Warlock and despite her submissiveness to him and love his desire for revenge ruled him.

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