Haunted House Ch. 01Haunted House Ch. 01


Holy shit. Why did I ever agree to come in here?

I looked around at the dark room, with floorboards ripped out of the floor. The sheer curtains were destroyed, pulled down, half torn. The couch had holes and even looked like it was decaying. Don’t even get me started about the old TV box; the glass was cracked and broken.

The drafty house was getting me cold, as I came here only with a lacey black bra and matching panties. Oh and 5 inch heels. With my hands tied behind my back and a penis gag in my mouth. I absent mindedly sucked on the overly large penis, with no choice but to keep my mouth shut. I didn’t want to keep going.

Narma kept pushing me in though. “Keep going slut, you fucking agreed,” she whispered into my ear.

Emily wrapped her hands around my waist, kissing me through my gag. “Don’t worry, babe, you’ll survive the night,”

Bitch. Fucking bitch.

I knew it was my fault though. I was drunk the night before Halloween, playing strip poker with the sorority girls. They all knew that I was bi. Drunk. Wanted a night of sex, sex, and more sex.

And soon, while I was drunkly losing, we were placing bets. High bets.

“There’s a haunted house at the edge of the town, Nana, girl.” Kasey purred. She seductively pushed down her bra strap after losing a round. I was so hot, like a bitch in heat, while she licked her lips. Oh gosh, those lips that I want to push mine into. “What do you say, the loser goes in and stays there, for the night?” Her idea sounded sexy. Clearly, I wasn’t thinking straight.

“Sure, Kasey,” I slurred, eyes still glued to her ample chest, “Loser stays the night!”

“That’s not all,” Mandy added, pouring herself another drink, “The frat guys will be there too, spend the night together, in a haunted house…” Our laughs sounded off the walls, a fun game of bets.

Round by round, I was losing more and more of my clothes, until I finally pushed off my satin panties, leaving myself exposed, drunk, and horny.

“Nana, girl,” Emily said, rather shocked, “I believe you’ve lost.” She recounted all my bets along with it. Two sexual acts with Kasey, in front of the rest of the girls. One night stand with a frat guy, of their choice. Sex in public. Brazilian wax (even though I keep my pubes neat and tidy). Seducing two frat guys into spending the night with me (what the hell was I thinking…) A night of being tied up and spanked, by the rest of the girls I lost to. Oh, and that haunted house dare, which was the next day.

Damn being drunk. What the hell was I thinking?

Inside, izmir escort my head was disappointed with my actions and answered myself. You weren’t thinking, duh.

The girls egged me on, pushing me further into the dilapidated room. I wobbled on my heels, shakily moving into the room. The cobwebs were everywhere, brushing against my feet. The place seemed so eerie, almost like a scene from out of a movie.

Shut up, Nana, you did lose to them. Suck it up and get this over with.

“Frat guys should be here soon, ready to satisfy that hungry lil’ pussy of yours.” Kasey said, giving me a wink.

“Yeah, we know exactly what they’ll do to you, whore,” Mandy egged on, “In fact, we gave them a list.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be filmed,” Kasey added, moving to me, “So the world will know how much of a little slut you really are.” Her hands wrapped around my body, slipping under my bra. She grabbed my nipples and twisted them roughly, laughing while I moaned into my gag. The fake penis pushed deeper into my throat.

“Girls, who has a vibrator to shove into the whore’s pussy?” Kasey asked. I cringed and my cheeks flamed scarlet. “We all know how wet she must be, “

Kasey’s fingers dove between my legs, and roughly played with my clit. The satin rubbed exquisitely against my button, and I grinded against her fingers. Oh, oh!

I closed my eyes, and let the feelings run up my spine. I shivered.

“Look how wet the slut is!” Kasey said, condescendingly mocking me, “Already so wet and ready,”

“She would even cum for a stranger,” Mandy snickered, and passed a large, thick, pink vibrator to Kasey, “Clean it up after you’re done with it, bitch,”

Kasey roughly pulled my panties away from my pulsing sex. Her lips engulfed my clit, savagely feasting on it until I was swaying in my heels. She shoved my legs further apart, and shoved the vibrator deep into my pussy.

“Only the highest setting for the whore,” someone shouted.

I screamed as Kasey pushed the settings higher; my pussy convulsed violently around the thick vibe.

Emily moved from the crowd, and hugged me from behind.

“Oh lemme help you, Nana,” she purred into my ear, “You look like you’re a bit tied up at the moment.” She laughed, and pulled up my bra. Her fingers viciously pinched my sore nipples. Her lips went to my neck, sucking hard at the pale skin.

Oh! I’m gonna cum…

My head fell back into Emily’s body, letting her mouth suckle. The gag slipped deeper into my throat, like I’m deep alsancak escort throating the gag.

“Oh, Nana, are you gonna cum for me, dear?” Kasey asked, “I don’t think so, bitch!” She turned down the vibrator, and resumed sucking my clit. I moaned, frustrated, into the gag. The incessant tickling at my pussy walls weren’t enough to get me off, but still dragged out my arousal.

Soon I felt something pressing into my ass.

“Slut, you want something up your ass too, don’t you?” Emily asked loudly, “I just happened to have a red strap-on, from yourcloset.”

“You’re such a naughty girl, Nana,” Narma said, she had a flogger in her hand, and whipped it in the air, “And naughty girls get punished,” My eyes wandered in fear, in lust, in desire. Everyone was watching, filming me, my debasement in a haunted house. I moaned in want. My orgasm was building, but I couldn’t cum. I felt so delirious, my head lolling about their sexual ministrations.

Oh gosh, I’m such a slut. Oh I’m such a fucking slut!

It feels so gooooood…

Emily’s hands moved from my breasts down to my waist.

“She should be blindfolded,” someone shouted, “I bet she’ll get off so hard on that!”

Narma took out a sleep mask from her pocket, and slipped it over my eyes. The world suddenly turned dark, and my senses intensified. Already hypersensitive, the room suddenly felt several degrees warmer.

“Suck bitch, I want you to suck on that gag harder,” Emily whispered in my ear. “Harder, like you mean it, whore,” My cheeks hallowed, as I did what they told. Emily started sucking harder on my skin, sure to leave a hicky.


The whip cracked against my breasts, and I screamed into my gag. Each lash dully ebbed into the rest of my body, turning into a pleasure that aroused me beyond sanity. My pussy convulsed, and threatened to release. The low vibrations in my pussy couldn’t get me off, but oh, I so wanted to.

Amidst the sexual fire around my body, I felt a cold, wet intruder in my back door.

Oh no, oh no, please no!

Emily drove the dildo up my ass roughly, tearing through my sphincter.

I was suddenly so full. My pussy, my ass, my breasts, my mouth was so full. Every orifice was stuffed and used. I felt so cheap, but oh so good. Every sensation was driving me closer and closer to the sweet release that I desperately wanted. All the sensation channeled to my pussy, where a firey orb threatened to explode.

“Look at the slut, she’s gonna cum so soon,”

“She buca escort still deep-throating that 9 inch gag,”

“Nana’s such a kinky whore; imagine what her teachers would say…”

“They’d want to fuck her too, that nasty pussy of hers.”

So close. Oh gosh…

I flushed at such comments, flaring up higher and higher.

Inside, my pride shriveled at such lewd comments, still believing I was a good girl. But inside, I knew I loved the humiliation. I loved the attention and I was up for more.

I moaned into the gag, spreading my legs further.

“I bet she’s turned on by all of us watching.”

“We should send this to all the frat guys.”

“After this, the guys are going to have their turn,”

“Yeah, they could replace all these toys with their dicks.”

Oh gosh. So close.

The thought of the frat guys fucking me after this went straight to my raw pussy. My knees shook, sensations flooding my bloodstream.

Emily’s strap one was rubbing against the thin wall separating my ass and my pussy. The vibrations were pulsing against the red dildo. I shudder and clench the plastic toys inside of me. My moans are muffled by the huge black dildo in my mouth. The sensations are all channeling inside my stomach, a coil that’s threatening to release at any moment.

And then it stopped.

“NMPHHHH!” I yelled into my gag. I was so close.

I felt the gag being ripped out of my mouth, with Emily’s strap on replacing it.

“Here, bitch suck on the mess you made,”

She slammed the dildo roughly into my mouth, fucking my mouth harder and harder.

The flogger hissed against my breasts, cutting into my abused skin. Harder. Harder.

Kasey ripped the vibrator from my pussy and inserted her tongue instead.

The sensations gathered again in my stomach. The coil ready to spring suddenly.

I screamed into the dildo, Emily still fucking my mouth, as I saw white lights behind my eyes. I arched my back and convulsed violently around Kasey’s sweet tongue, my juices rushing out like a raging river.

“Oh what a slut…”

“She’s such a whore…”

“I’m gonna need a raincoat.”

My body kept going. I was used and fucked so cheaply, in front of a crowd of sorority girls.

As the ministrations slowed, the penis gag was reinserted into my mouth.

“The guys are here, Nana,” Kasey said. Her hands ran up and down my just-fucked body. I shuddered, and leaned into her touch. I didn’t want her to leave. My body craved more. Wanted more attention.

“Have fun, Nana.” I heard the girls leave, and in their place, were guys who stepped in heavily. The floorboards creaked, and I felt a muscular arm snake around me. My breath shook from my last orgasm, and I felt my pussy spasm at what’s coming up next.

“So, guys, what should we do with this slut we found?”

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