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The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Lisa had made a pair of Harem trousers, or a Harem dress. I wasn’t quite sure which description was correct but whichever was right the garment looked great on Candice’s slightly pregnant body. I’ll call it a dress. I called it a lot of other names as well!

The material was a heavy black jersey with a silky feel. Candice’s feet protruded through the leg holes and if she didn’t pull the dress up around the waist the cloth between her legs dragged on the floor. Hitched up, the space between her spread legs made an arc of clothing that wiggled as she walked. The mass of material around her waist concealed her growing bump and hung down in flowing folds almost to her knees, if I could have seen her knees. The top was ruched elastic with several drawstrings, particularly at the waist and bust, and two wide shoulder straps.

One evening we were sitting side by side on the settee. Candice, wearing the harem dress, was watching a girly movie and I was bored, so bored that she noticed. In an advert break Candice spoke.

“George,” she said, “why don’t you strip for me?”

“OK,” I replied, “But why? You want to watch this.”

“I do,” Candice said, “But you don’t have to. I think you can enjoy yourself without distracting me too much. giresun escort You like kissing my breasts, don’t you?”

“You know I do.”

Now Candice was pregnant her breasts were beginning to grow larger. I liked exploring the changes and sucking at them.

“Then strip for me, please?”

I stripped. As I did, Candice unfastened the waist drawstring, slid the shoulder straps of the dress off her arms, then unhooked and removed her bra. Once I was naked she leant forward and eased her feet inside the dress. She held the bodice well away from her breasts.

“Climb in.” She ordered.


“Climb in. There’s plenty of room for you in here.”

There was. I slid my body inside her dress. I kissed her.

“Put your feet through the leg holes.” Candice ordered.

I couldn’t. My feet were too large to get through. Candice leant forward, loosened something, fed one of my feet through, tightened again and repeated on the other foot. When she had finished I was kneeling in front of her with my bare feet protruding slightly.

“Down you go!”

Candice pushed my head between her breasts. I settled blissfully in her cleavage, not noticing that she had pulled the dress up behind me. My mouth opened to accept a large part of one breast. I felt Candice fit her bra over the dress and fasten it again. My head was clamped against her breast, my mouth gagged with soft perfumed flesh.

I stayed there for perhaps half an hour. I had no real idea of time passing because I was in complete darkness, my gölbaşı escort senses swamped by Candice’s flesh and perfume. I felt the bra being unfastened and removed. Candice pulled the dress slightly open. I blinked in the light. I was barely aware that the movie had finished.

“Time to descend, George.”

I knew exactly what she wanted. She lifted herself so that she was perched on the back of the settee. Her legs spread to welcome my face as I extended my tongue to lick her. As I entered her lower lips a leg crooked behind my head to pull me deeper. I licked, kissed, nibbled, and sucked as her body became warmer and warmer. I tried to bring up my fingers. They were stopped by a firm hand through the dress’s material.

Eventually she started shuddering. I knew that I had reached the point at which I should keep doing exactly what was arousing her. I hadn’t heard the television for some time. Either the movie had finished or her legs grasping my head had deafened me.

Suddenly my head was released. Candice’s legs pulled away and upwards. My mouth sought to follow her retreating pussy but her hand shoved my head back down. There was a flash of distant brightness as Candice’s feet left the dress and then blackness returned.

“What?” I started to say. Candice’s hand forced a fold of the dress into my mouth before pushing my head up into the bodice. The top of my head jammed against the end, my face swamped in the black material which contracted to form a hood I couldn’t escape. A band of material held my chin from göztepe escort returning downwards.

Candice swung my legs up on to the settee before slamming her body across mine. She pulled at the waist drawstring, trapping my lower arms. Another drawstring tightened just above my elbows. I thrashed my legs and feet as she tied more drawstrings. I arched my back but she sat on my stomach.

“Stop wriggling!” she ordered. “You’re helpless!”

I was. I couldn’t see. My hands, although free, were useless with my arms firmly held at my sides.

“Why?” I tried to ask. All that came out was a muffled grunt but Candice seemed to understand.

“Why not?” was the reply. “Lisa told me how to use this dress. I didn’t believe her but as you can feel, it works. Now…”

Candice unfastened the drawstring above my head. She turned the hem down, revealing my eyes. As I looked, her naked breasts descended to cradle my head between them. My mouth was firmly jammed full of material.

“Go to sleep,” she ordered. “There’s a soap episode I want to watch. You hate it. You can’t see it. You won’t hear it. You won’t disturb me, and when it’s finished I want some action. So sleep now.”

She pulled her bra down. Her soft breasts covered my ears. She was right. I couldn’t hear anything except her or my heartbeat.

If only I could think of a way to satisfy her as much as she does me, while I watch a film she doesn’t like. But every time I try, she brings me to a peak in minutes. I miss the film and end up with her grabbing the TV remote.

She stroked the top of my head. I couldn’t resist, gagged and enveloped by her harem dress.

When the soap episode is finished she’ll expect me to let her ride me while I do all the hard thrusting.

I’ll just relax and let Candice watch what she wants — again.

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