Hardcore Holiday Ch. 04Hardcore Holiday Ch. 04


When I woke I was no longer in my room, I didn’t know where I was and I was strapped, naked to a bed by my wrists and feet. Lifting my head I looked around. There were no windows, the only light coming from a single, naked bulb above the bed, one door, without a handle, the bed I was strapped to and nothing else. The walls were painted in a deep red colour and were completely bare.

“HEY IS ANYONE OUT THERE?” I screamed at the door.

No-one answered and I listened carefully. I was sure I could hear voices, whispering, outside the door, I just couldn’t make out how many people there were.

“I SAID ANYONE THERE?” I called out again.

This time the door did open and light flooded into the room, causing me to close my eyes at the glare. Opening them slowly, to get used to the light, I saw a figure silhouetted in the door frame.

“WHY DON’T YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP?” The figure screamed back at me.


“You are strapped to that bed that’s where you are,” The figure said. “And as to who I am it doesn’t matter.”


The figure, which was wearing some type of bondage mask, walked into the room over to me and before I knew it I felt the sharp sting of something across my stomach, just missing my cock and balls.


Grimacing against the stinging I raised my head and struggled against my restraints.


Another slinging lash came from whatever the figure was holding, this time catching the end of my cock. I struggled even harder when another masked figure entered the room.

“That’s enough,” the second figure said to the first. “At least for the time being anyway.”

The first figure mumbled something and headed out of the room, leaving me alone with figure two.

“He does get a bit carried away,” the person in front of me said.

“What the fuck is going on?” I asked.

“That’s easy to explain.”

“Well go on then,” I said. “It’s not as if I am going anywhere.”

“Your friend Jackson made a threat to my friend and that couldn’t go unpunished.”

“Who’s you fucking friend?” I asked wondering what he was going on about.

“Franco that’s who.” He said.

I swallowed when I heard his name, remembering how he forcefully fucked my mouth, making me swallow his cum.

“Do you know what that bastard did to me?” I asked angrily.

“He did explain how there was a slight misunderstanding yes,” the figure said.


“He said you would say something like that,” the figure said. “Anyway things to do so I must be going.”

“You can’t just leave me here,” I said. “People will come looking.”

“Don’t you worry once problems have been dealt with you will be let go,” the figure said. “More than likely anyway.”


“Don’t you worry about them,” the man said. “And you will be looked after VERY well while you are here.”

The figure turned and headed out of the room, and I saw him whisper to the figure standing by the door.

“GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND LET ME FUCKING GO!!!” I called out, my throat hurting from all the shouting I had done.

Turning to look at me the two of them chuckled, before the light went out and the door slammed shut leaving me alone, strapped to the bed, naked and in the dark. I tried my hardest to break the straps holding me, but was soon exhausted, and no closer to getting free when light flooded into the room again.

Standing there this time was another figure, taller and better built than the first two I had met, and they had something in their hand, just like the one that whipped me had. As they walked towards me I froze, my eyes widening in terror.

The figure was holding a long bamboo cane in their right hand, but it was what they were holding in their left that caused my fear. Dressed totally in black latex the only flesh I could see was the figures large erect cock, and as konak escort they walked closer towards me they continued to stroke themselves slowly.

As they got close enough for to touch their cock, if my hands weren’t strapped to the bed, the figure rammed his cock hard against my mouth, revealing it to be nothing more than a large lifelike dildo. Taking it from his trousers and throwing it at me they burst out laughing at the look of fear etched on my face.

“Got you going there,” the figure said laughing.

“Just fuck off,” I said. “Leave me the fuck alone or get Franco in here.”

“I don’t know Franco,” the figure said.

“So what the fuck are you doing then?” I asked.

“Been told to make sure you don’t make loads of noise,” the figure replied. “So shut the fuck up or next time it won’t be a fake cock that gets stuffed in your mouth.”

The figure walked out of the room and slammed the door shut. As I lay there in the dark I wondered if Jackson and Mikey were back from town yet, and if they were concerned that no-one had seen me.

Then I began to think of the figure and, what I thought was, his huge cock. I had been absolutely terrified when I first saw him, and it, and was dreading him trying to force it into my mouth, or worse my ass. But the closer he had got the more turned on I had started to get, wondering whether I would be able to suck it all. Thinking about it again caused my cock to begin stiffening and, unable to do anything about it, I tried to think of something else, only when I did all I could think of was Mikey, Jackson and the wake-up we had enjoyed together, which just caused it to get even harder.

After about twenty minutes of lying there with an erection that was aching so much my cock began to soften, just as the door to my room was flung open again. This time there was no gimp-suited figure standing there, with or without a fake, or even real, cock. This time standing before me, staring at my half-erect cock was Franco, and the smile forming on his lips as he looked my naked body up and down filled me with more fear than I had ever known.

“We meet again,” Franco said sneering at me, his eyes never leaving my body.

“Just undo these straps and let me the fuck go,” I shouted.

“Now why would I want to do that?” He asked. “Especially when no-one knows you are here.”

“Someone will come looking for me,” I said.

“You mean those other two cocksuckers?” He said. “I don’t think you can rely on them.”

“Why what have you done to them?” I asked concerned.

“Nothing too bad yet,” Franco replied. “Let’s just say they are in the same predicament as you at the minute.”

“Why are you doing this?” I asked the fear in my voice obvious.

“Because you sent those two to get me back for our…” Franco began. “…little misunderstanding shall we say.”

I stared at him, the blood in my veins boiling with rage, unable to believe what I was hearing.

“What fucking misunderstanding?” I said. “You forced yourself on me.”

“See there you go again,” Franco said. “Maybe the heat has sent you delirious.”

“It’s not the fucking heat,” I screamed. “It’s you and you delusions that everyone should let you have just what you want.”

Franco walked forward until he standing right at the foot of the bed.

“You really ought to be friendlier to me,” Franco said. “Especially as I came to over you a chance to get out of here.”

“And what do I have to do for that to happen,” I said sarcastically. “As if I couldn’t guess.”

Franco walked around to the side of the bed, and began walking towards my head and, as he did, he let his finger trace a light trail up the inside of my leg and thigh. Trying to block any thoughts out of my mind I closed my eyes tightly as his finger got nearer and nearer to my cock, which was beginning to harden yet again.

“It’s simple really,” Franco said. “You agree to have sex with me properly and you are free to leave this room.”

“And if I refuse?” I asked.

“Then I fuck you anyway and so do all my friends outside,” Franco said menacingly. “And you don’t walk out of here.”

“What manisa escort fucking choice have I got?” I said.

“I shall give you fifteen minutes to make your decision,” Franco said as he turned and left the room.

Lying there, naked, with just the single bulb above my head I knew Franco had me exactly where he wanted me. If I refused him and his gimps would do what they wanted anyway and, as much as I hated to admit it, I found myself getting hornier by the minute.

Eventually the door opened again and Franco walked back in, this time pulling the door closed behind his.

“I trust you have come to a decision,” he said.

“I guess so,” I replied.

“And what is your decision?” Franco asked.

“Just get the fuck on with it,” I told him.

“No not like that,” Franco said. “That way you could accuse me of all sorts of unsavoury things.”

Franco unbuttoned his shirt, took it off, and dropped it to the floor. Walking over to me he reached his hand forward and ran it over my chest.

“You have quiet an impressive body,” Franco said as his fingers brushed lightly over my nipples.

Trying to hide the fact that his touch repulsed me I smiled up at him. Taking my smile as a sign that I was enjoying his touch Franco ran his hand down my stomach, towards my semi-erect cock. I closed my eyes, just as Franco wrapped his fingers around my shaft and started to stroke me slowly.

Closing my eyes and trying to imagine the hand around my cock belonged to either Mikey or Jackson, I was surprised at how gentle Franco was being. There was no urgency, no aggression, no nasty name calling or shouting just the feel of a soft hand gently stroking my cock. I opened one eye and glanced around the room, making sure we were alone, before fully opening both of them and watching his hand slide up and down my thick, hard shaft. Watching Franco wank my cock I couldn’t believe it was the same person that had assaulted me in my room.

Using his free hand Franco undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor, revealing that he was wearing any boxer shorts and that his cock was hard and glistening with pre-cum. Looking at his cock I found myself desperate to taste it and, as if he had read my mind, Franco stepped forward and stroked his own cock as well as mine, the pre-cum dripping from the end.

Moving my head, as much as I could, I flicked my tongue out, desperately trying to taste the end of his cock. Smiling down at me Franco inched his cock closer and closer to my lips, and spoke to me softly but with just enough menace in his voice to know he meant what he was saying.

“Do anything stupid and you will never leave this room.”

I knew what he was getting at, once I had his cock in my mouth it would be so easy to just clamp my teeth down.

“Guess we have to trust each other then don’t we?” I replied.

We stared at each other for a few seconds before Franco got as close to me as he could, and I opened my mouth to accept his thick, hard shaft. Holding my head still Franco began thrusting his hips back and forth slowly, fucking my mouth. After a few minutes he pulled away from my mouth, kicked his trousers fully off and climbed on to the bed with me.

Once he was on I expected, no desperately wanted, him to continue sucking my cock but instead he swung one leg over me so he was sitting on my thighs, our cocks lying against each other. Reaching down he took hold of both our cocks, in one hand, and start to wank them simultaneously before stopping and turning to face away from me.

I wondered what he was up to but that soon became clear as, without saying a word, he shifted on to his hands and knees and held his cock inches away from my mouth. Unable to grab his cock, due to the wrist restraints, I lifted my head but was only able to get close enough to run my tongue around his balls.

“You have to lower yourself I can’t reach you fully,” I said before running my tongue over what I could reach again.

Franco turned his head and looked at me before shifting his weight, his cock finally coming in to reach of my eager mouth. As I opened my menderes escort mouth, and took the full length of his hard cock to the back of my throat, Franco began to suck mine vigorously. With my head lifted and his cock in my mouth I could see, through his legs, his head bobbing up and down the full length o my shaft and that just turned me on even more. I really wished my hands were free as I desperately wanted to play with his tight little ass, it looked so gorgeous.

As Franco continued to suck my cock I felt his hands running down my legs towards my shackled feet. Without stopping Franco deftly undid the buckles, releasing my legs. I stretched and bent them, enjoying the freedom when Franco reached under my knees and lifted my legs as high as he could. Letting my cock fall from his mouth Franco bent down further and began to flick his tongue over my tight hole, almost causing me to cum right there.

Eventually he stopped rimming my ass and went back to sucking my cock, and I felt his fingers start to run over my wetness, that he had\ caused. Slowly he started to insert his middle finger into me, wriggling it around once it was in, trying to find my g-spot. I ground my ass against his finger, trying to help him and, as soon as he came into contact with what he was looking for I lost all control.

Thrusting my hips upwards, burying my cock as far into his mouth as I could, I began to cum. Stream after stream of my thick, white, milky cum erupted from the end of my cock, Franco sucking and swallowing as fast as he could. Once I was completely drained Franco climbed off me, leaving me desperate to taste him as well, and walked to the end of the bed, still stroking his hard cock.

Once at the end of the bed he climbed back on, between my legs, lifted them onto his shoulders, and guided his cock towards my ass. Thanks to his tongue and finger my ass was ready for him and, after nudging my hole a couple of times, Franco pushed the thick, purple head of his cock into me, causing me to gasp.

Slowly, at first, Franco began to thrust his hips back and forth, driving his cock gently into my ass. Once I felt his swollen balls hit my ass he began to thrust faster and harder. The look on his face told me he wasn’t going to last long, and I pushed my ass onto him as best as I could, trying to help him reach completion.

After a few more thrusts Franco grunted, and I felt his cock twitch inside my ass. Ramming as hard into me as he could, causing me to gasp loudly, Franco began to fill my ass with cum, thrusting with each twitch, until he was completely drained. Finally Franco stopped his thrusting, totally drained o cum, sweat pouring from his forehead and looked down at me.

“See I can be good for you,” he said. “Better than those other two.”

I had to admit that he had been better than good, I had expected him to be rough and aggressive, and also that he was a lot better than I could ever have imagined. With his cock still inside my ass, softening slowly, he lowered his body onto mine and reached above my head. Slowly he undid my wrists, setting me free, before sitting up again.

“Promised you could leave and I meant it,” Franco said. “However there is no point looking for the other two.”

“Why what have you done?” I asked.

“Nothing…yet,” he replied. “But you have to understand that you are now mine.”

“You what?”

“Every time I want you I expect you to be willing and ready, no matter where you are.”

“And if I’m not?” I asked.

“Just make sure you are,” Franco said with a hint of menace. “If you do what I say and want the other two will be fine.”

Franco then pulled his soft cock from my ass and got off the bed. Sitting up I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, and looked at him.

“Why are you like this?” I asked. “You can be a really nice man you’ve just proved how gentle you can be.”

“That doesn’t matter to you yet,” Franco said. “But maybe one day you will know everything, now get dressed.”

Franco shouted towards the door and it opened. One of the gimp suited guards walked in, carrying my clothes and handed them to Franco.

“Here get dressed and go to reception,” Franco said. “I will meet you there.”

He then walked out of the room and I hurriedly dressed, before he changed his mind. There was no way I was going to do what he wanted, now I was free, but I had to pretend, at least until I found Mikey and Jackson.

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