Harassment Backlash Ch. 02Harassment Backlash Ch. 02


Wendy woke as a voice called. “Wakie, wakie Wendy, your body is needed for someone’s sexual gratification.” Wendy blinked at the bright screen above her and saw Judy’s face smiling at her. “Turn off the lamp your pussy must be hot enough by now.”

“What time is it Judy how long before I get out of here?” The screen went off leaving her in the glow of the lamp again. She turned it off and waited for what seemed like a half an hour until the door finally opened. The red light was turned on and the heat lamp removed. The motor came on and she was raised and her head tilted down. Two pair of hands began stroking and fondling her thighs and buttocks. A woman’s mouth, she thought, made contact with her vagina and licked it with long deliberate strokes. She jerked violently each time it touched her clit. The woman stopped and began whispering to the other person. Somebody else licked her, this time she knew it was a man; she could feel his stubble on her thighs. He continued licking with out touching her clit, while squeezing her buns.

She could hear moaning and slurping; the woman was probably sucking to arouse him. He stopped and the motor hummed again, lowering her slowly. She could feel the woman at her side reaching across her stomach, guiding his penis into her vagina. They kissed noisily as he penetrated her and stopped. She then heard the woman whisper for him to wait until she got into position. He grasped and pulled Wendy’s tits hard maintaining his penetration. A shaven pussy suddenly pressed down and churned on her face. She began licking it carefully and the movements slowed. The woman was now also clutching her tits squeezing them even tighter. He began stroking her slowly, anchoring his motions with her tits. It hurt a bit but his rod, which she again imagined as being Judy’s strap on, felt good and even better when he picked up the pace. Suddenly he let go of her tits and grasped her hips. He rammed her hard again and again and grunted loudly as he spewed his hot semen into her body.

“Help me cum honey please.” The woman said. “Kiss me honey, feel my tits. She is good honey. Oh. She is eating me good but I need … umm.” Wendy poked her slender tongue into the orifice above her and twirled it vigorously. The woman’s contractions told her that a flood was imminent. His penis was locked in deep and holding while his wife hands squeezed her tits in time with her pussy contractions. ” All right whore open wide … I’m oooooooh, going to fill … aaaah your stomach. Oooh I love you honey. Oooh she eating me good. Ummmmmmh.” She wasn’t kidding, this woman was a gusher, and her discharge flooded Wendy’s mouth and face.

The woman rose off Wendy’s face for a few seconds to give her time to swallow, while the juices still dribbled on her face. She opened wide and sucked hard as it pressed down again. She relished the feel and taste of the female juices on her face, swallowing the remaining gourmet juices in the manner of the consummate connoisseur, as an intoxicating rush rocketed through her body. With the help of a woman, she had for the first time experiences an orgasm, with a barbarian’s penis in her vagina.

The couple kissed passionately while Wendy savored her climax. She dismounted while the barbarian unsheathed his weapon. He came around, straddling her face and the woman guided his now semi erect rod into Wendy’s mouth. “Clean it slut and swallow.” Wendy still soaring at the top of the world sucked vigorously on his sperm laden weapon as the couple kissed and caressed each other.

The door opened and Wendy felt the douche entering again. “Were you two satisfied,” Darlene asked?” She’s not bad at all, Darlene, The man said. “She got us both off.”

“Well that’s what the slut is here for friends.” The couple left while Darlena finished the douche and then washed her face and crotch. Wendy asked again how long but Darlena just repositioned the heat lamp and left without saying another word.

She wasn’t sure but she thought she’d been asleep when the door opened again. A bright light came on and Darlena entered with the other woman. They were both naked and while Darlena pushed a button bringing Wendy to near a vertical position, the other woman knelt on the mattress in front of her. Darlena then parked herself on the mattress in front of the woman who began to caress and kiss her feet. Darlena maintained eye contact with Wendy as her feet; legs and then thighs were covered with caresses and kisses. She turned around and her cheeks got the slobbering treatment as well.

Wendy began to squirm in her bonds as Darlena got on the mattress on her back with her thighs spread. She moaned quietly at first as the other woman proceeded to give her a sensual massage. Wendy continued to squirm as her vagina took on an animated life of its own, thirsting and begging for attention. Darlena focused her eyes on Wendy’s crotch throwing seductive kisses at it and then at Wendy face. Wendy jerked desperately generating a metallic rattle in the structure bonding her. The görükle escort other woman positioned herself between Darlena’s thighs and kissed them both passionately before finally burying her face in her vagina. She let out a loud shriek as she was tongued, gazing lustfully at Wendy who shook the metal structure again, moaning like an abandoned puppy. Darlena continued to blow her loving kisses, as she threw her thighs around her lovers churning head while fondling her own breasts.

Darlena shook ecstatically as she savored her orgasm, never loosing eye contact with her tormented captive. Wendy suddenly stopped her struggle, trying then in vain to imagine that she had also reached a climax.

The two women now reversed roles and Darlena returned the massage to. Wendy watched, feeling like a jilted fifth wheel, as the other woman, now making eye contact relished Darlena’s fingers skillfully returning the titillating passion so willingly provided.

She sighed in frustration wishing for anything to touch her starving vagina. The crazy thought of a fly landing and buzzing around her clitoris struck her. The woman’s eyes were focused on it as she licked her lips teasingly. She lifted her hips high as Darlena positioned herself between her thighs, blowing a seductive kiss to Wendy before she, accompanied by an exaggerated slurping sound, landed her parted lips on the shaven mound.

Suddenly the monitor came on showing a close up of Judy’s fingers manipulating her vagina. “Oh Wendy.” She moaned, “I’m all by myself. I wish somebody was here.” The woman on the mat was moaning her climax as Judy masturbated that inviting but unattainable vagina on the screen.

“Oh Judy, oh Judy, I’m so sorry for the harassing you, please forgive me now.” Wendy pleaded as she struggled in her bonds shaking the metallic structure, then wailed pitifully while closing her eye to ease her frustration. Judy added her moaning climax over the speakers to the sounds coming from the floor in front of Wendy. Two voices resonating in orgasmic pleasure plus one in frustrated agony, all combining and then slowly abating until the room fell silent. Then darkness, as the monitor shut down and the two women left the room turning off the lights.

Wendy gasped for air in the dark, her chest heaving and her hearth pounding. She turned on the lamp and discovered that her body was soaked. She licked the salty perspiration around her mouth and felt the streamlets running of her forehead. She was stupefied by her own reaction to the experience she’d been through. Once a female lover had accused her of being a nymphomaniac but she had always considered that a jaded comment from a sex partner who resented her preference for multiple sex partners.

She was uncomfortable being left in a nearly vertical position and for the first time called her help.

Darlena appeared sleepy eyed a few minutes later, dressed in a housecoat. “I forgot Wendy, that is not very comfortable, upright like that.” She released her from the contraption. There is a bathroom through that door where you can shower if you like. You can go to sleep then in here on the mat.”

Wendy stretched her stiff body. “What time is it Darlena?”

“Four-thirty. I’ll come and get you at seven so you and Judy can make it to work on time.”


The atmosphere in the office the following day was totally changed. Judy acted as if nothing had happened while Wendy behaved as if she’d been born again. The conversation was polite and business oriented with no hints of sexual innuendoes.

Despite her faultless behavior, Wendy waited nervously for another invitation from Judy. She wondered how many times, and with how many people she would be required to submit. Judy said nothing during that first day and not until just before quitting time Friday afternoon, handed her an envelope.

“There are two invitation inside Wendy.” Judy placed it on Wendy’s desk and rushed out of the office without another word. She opened the fateful missive finding two cards, each with her name, an address and some instructions. The first was for tonight, Friday. The second was for Saturday night. On both cards she read that breaking this appointment would cancel the original agreement for Judy’s pleasures.

She knew the first address to be an exclusive high-rise residential block in the East End. The second looked like a place in the suburbs. Wendy arrived on time that evening. A woman’s voice answered the numbered buzzer in the Lobby and unlocked the electronic door. She rode the elevator to the twenty-third floor and knocked on the unit door. A diminutive Asian beauty her own age let her in. “Welcome to our home Wendy, I’m very happy to see you. My name is Dorita. I must ask you to undress here in the hallway before I introduce you to my husband.

Wendy stripped completely; handing her clothes to Dorita, who hung them neatly on hangers in a closet. “Oh you are so beautiful and oh so tall,” she said, her eyes lighting up in her sweet görükle escort bayan face. “Come with me now but first, my husband is a military man and very strict. You must pretend you are a private in the army and oh, I’m a sergeant. Just a little game OK? When you stand in front of him you stand to attention, salute and wait for orders, like this.” She demonstrated, snapping her heels stiffly. “You try it now.”

Wendy Saluted and Dorita shook her head. “Try again your body must be like a ramrod.” Wendy tried again getting a cautious nod from her sergeant. “OK now, at ease private.” She demonstrated spreading her feet holding her hands behind her back. Wendy copied the posture and Dorita nodded. “Now my husband’s rank is Captain and you will answer, yes Captain when he speaks to you. And oh, you never speak unless spoken to. OK.”

“Fine,” Wendy said, after all what could a little discipline hurt she thought. After her experience strapped in that metallic monster, this should be a breeze.

She followed Dorita to a large living area where her husband was sitting at a desk reading a magazine. Dorita told her to stand in front of the desk.

“Sir,” Dorita said, snapping to attention her self. “The new recruit is here, Captain sir.”

“Very well sergeant,” he said without looking up. Wendy was looking at a very handsome male in his late thirties sporting a typical army haircut. He continued to read for a few more minutes and then rose picking up a riding crop, which he locked smartly in his armpit.

“Attention private!” He barked. She was she thought but stiffened even more. “Shoulders back, flatten that stomach, tuck in your chin!” She followed his orders suppressing a giggle. This was ridiculous, if he was going so have sex with her why didn’t he just get on with it.

“Do you find me amusing private?” He touched her buttocks with the riding crop pressing it into her flesh.

“No Sir.” She suddenly didn’t find it funny any more, when the cold realization flashed through her mind that he could beat her with that thing. She had agreed to do anything to get Judy’s body. If she walked out of here to save her skin the deal would be off. “No sir,” she repeated. “I’m sorry Captain.”

“That’s better. What’s your name private?”

“Wendy Nelson, Sir.”


“Twenty-five, Sir.”

“Reason you’re here?”

“To submit my body for sex, Sir.”

“What kind of sex and with whom?”

“Any kind and with whoever you say sir, Captain Sir.” He removed the riding crop from her butt and positioned it under one of her breasts, lifting it slightly.

“At ease private.” She spread her feet as he fingered her breast with one hand and palmed her vagina with the one holding the crop, his face displaying no emotion. “According to my report you have only had lesbian experiences until your assignment in Judy’s home a few days ago. Why?”

“I had only been attracted to females until then, Sir.” He removed his hands and stood back.

“About face!” She turned remembering to do it like she’d seen on television, stamping her feet.

“Sergeant, take the private and yourself for a virginal cleansing. You have three minutes! Step on it!” The women saluted and marched out as he returned to his desk.

Dorita stripped herself in the bathroom and they stepped into the shower soaping their crotches using the hand held shower to rinse. “What are we going to do in there Dorita. I mean what kind of sex?”

“I don’t know Wendy all we can do is march back in and salute. He will tell us when the time comes.”

“Do you think,” Dorita handed her a towel. “Do you think we will make love, I mean you and I.” Dorita smiled expectantly looking wistfully at Wendy’s body.

“I hope so, you have a great body.”

“So do you Dorita,” she smiled back at the tiny woman while they both dried. “Does he use that riding crop, you know, for discipline?”

“I’m not allowed to talk about that, let’s hurry back in there; time is up. March behind me and then salute in front of the desk.” He glared at them rising from his chair, holding the riding crop with both hands and flexing it while they saluted rigidly. He looked at his wristwatch.

“Your are thirty seconds late Sergeant! Explain the failure of your mission?”

“Sorry Captain, I did the best I could. This recruit is green but I take full responsibility and will suffer the penalty.”

“Very noble of you sergeant,” he flexed the crop on way and the other and then let the business end fly slamming it down on the desk. “Well private Nelson, do you think that is fair?” Wendy stared nervously at the leather device in his hand and gulped while a vision of Judy’s body flashed in her mind.

“No … I mean of course not sir. It … was my fault too. I’m sorry Captain, sir.”

“Sergeant, put your hands on the desk.” Dorita obeyed bending over. “Private, ditto.” You have a choice of course of breaking the agreement with Judy’s common law partners, if you leave bursa escort now.” Wendy closed her eyes and visualized Judy, smiling seductively while caressing her own luscious naked black body. “What is your choice, private?”

She bent over, white knuckling the edge of the desk. “I’ll stay sir,” she bit her lip waiting to meet her leather. She heard a whish as the crop flew its course and winced with the shock created by a loud smack on flesh. Dorita let out a muffled cry her cheeks having been the first target. Wendy waited for the next slash while listening to a grandfather clock ticking. She counted fifteen seconds wondering why he was waiting, then a swish and pain stinging in her own flesh. She let out a loud squeal and stood up covering her buns with both hands.

“Position private! This will add one whack to your punishment! She bent over again breathing deeply and waited, counting twenty grandfather seconds before a swish followed by Dorita’s muffled cry drowned out a tick. Two more followed in quick succession, both received by Dorita’s buttocks.

“Stand sergeant! About face! Attention! You may respond.”

“Thank you sir! Thank you for my justly deserved punishment.”

“At ease sergeant, you may present the private’s flesh.” Wendy could feel Dorita’s Body touching her side and then her small hands delicately caressing and kneading her cheeks. Her hands felt extremely erotic, sending waves of pleasurable feelings throughout her body. She began to breathe deeply with anticipation forgetting for the moment about the forthcoming leathery pain. Dorita’s hands eventually moved away from the two spherical targets and then gently clasped her hips. She imagined her sweet oriental eyes looking up at her husband in an unspoken: she’s ready Sir.

Wendy didn’t hear the swish or the sound of the leather on her flesh; she only felt the sting making her gasp. Dorita’s magical soothing fingers returned, somehow driving the pain out of her consciousness. Then the fingers returned to her hips as the tick tock tick tock of the grandfather clock progressed to the next stinging sensation. Strangely, she didn’t mind now as long as those ten magic fingers were waiting. The leather stuck, leaving a line of pain quickly extinguished by those ten adept angels of mercy.

She was breathing deeply now relishing Dorita’s ministrations, which were now becoming more erotic with an occasional finger venturing in to her crack. The tick tock tick tock became a pulsating feeling in her crotch and she knew that precum was lubricating her vagina. Dorita’s hands slowly moved back to her hips and she could feel her lips touching the flesh, kissing and licking where the leather would kiss for the fourth an last time. At least she thought so, Dorita had received three so she would get three plus one for covering her cheeks. Tick tock tick tock she counted thirty and still nothing. Dorita’s gentle fingers continued to massage her hips. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

“Whack! Whack! Whack!”

Wendy gasped louder with each leathery encounter, the pain forcing tears. She automatically attempted to stand but Dorita, despite her size clamped her down and then moved her fingers followed by her lips towards the stinging flesh. She could feel Dorita move to her knees behind her without her fingers or lips loosing contact with her burning skin.

“Lower your head to the desk private, and you may speak.” She lowered her head as ordered and wondered what he wanted her to say. Then as Dorita’s soft full lips contacted her vulva she remembered her thanking him and she replied.

“Thank you sir,” a slender tongue began twirling between her inner lips. “Thank you sir … sir for disciplining … thank … oh, ooooh … you … oooh sir.” She climaxed trembling with pleasure her burning flesh only adding to her sense of satisfaction.

She couldn’t believe it, was there a latent masochist somewhere in her psyche? Dorita stopped licking her, moving away and his penis rammed into her vagina. He proceeded to pump as his hands replaced Dorita’s on her hips. She noticed Dorita’s walking out of the room, returning a minute later with towels just as he ejaculated. He pulled out and stood back and Wendy assumed that Dorita was wiping his member.

“Stand private! About face!” Dorita was pulling up his pants, doing the zipper and belt. “At ease. You may thank me now for allowing you to satisfy me.”

“Thank you sir, for coming inside me.” Dorita finished with his pants and got on her knees in front of Wendy, wiping her crotch with a towel. He walked behind his desk and sat down.

“About face! He stared at her as he leaned back placing his feet on the desk. “I take it that you have always been the dominant force in any of your lesbian relationships. Correct?”

“Right Captain, sir.”

“The Sergeant as you probably know is the submissive type. She thrives on authority. I’m therefore promoting you to corporal for the night. You have my permission to use her body, the way you usually handle your lovers, for the next thirty minutes. There are only three rules of engagement; you cannot kiss her on the lips, you will perform on the carpet there for my visual pleasure. – He pointed at a thick white bearskin rug – and you will not utter a word during the act. Any questions?”

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