Happy Birthday! Pt. 04Happy Birthday! Pt. 04


I let out a sigh hearing those words again. You saw the way I reacted, and your eyes lit up as you smirked. You knew what you did to me, and I was helplessly yours. Still…I worried about Scott having disappeared. I started to turn to see if he’d returned or if I could see him out past the door. You caught my face and made me look at you again. Your face had darkened as you held mine. “When you’re with me, you’re with me. Don’t think of anyone else. You are mine now.”

Your tone was curt and hard. I knew not to disobey. I nodded, and to make it perfectly clear that I understood I began moving my hips. Flexing down as I moved up your shaft and then flexing up as I moved back down. I could see the pleasure on your face as your eyes rolled up and a loud groan left your lips. I smiled to myself, elated at the pleasure I was giving and taking. You grabbed my thighs with a quickness that startled me, and I stilled my motions. You lifted your head from the pillow, my pillow, and with a penetrating stare you told me, “and I’m yours, Jules. I’m all yours.” I loved how my name sounded on your lips. It had been years, but I’d dreamt of this for so long. It was surreal hearing you say it now.

I crashed down onto you. Kissing you fiercely as you wrapped your arms around me passionately and held me to you. I started moving my hips again and moaned into your mouth. I broke our kiss and placed my hands on your chest to get a different angle. I could feel I was close with how sensitive and sore you and Scott had made me…

I heard it before I felt it. That sharp sting of your hand on my ass. I hadn’t meant to, but a moan escaped with the contact. “Hey!” I chided.

“You weren’t following the rules,” he said knowingly with a hint of amusement.

My face was already flush, but now it was beet red as my eyes bulged slightly in disbelief. “How…”

I felt your body move under me as you laughed at the redness of my face, at my disbelief, at who knows what else, but you stopped when you saw me pouting. You moved to sit up and I grabbed and held onto you as the movement jostled me. You were still hard in me as I sat up on you, your face only inches away from my own, my legs now wrapped around your waist. You caressed my back as your eyes searched my face. “You were thinking about him. You had to be punished. Do you understand?” I bit my bottom lip and shook my head yes. You ran a hand through my hair and told me, “good girl.” I felt myself shudder around you and you closed your eyes, enjoying it as much as I was.

I tried moving myself on you, but my Didim Escort range of motion was limited in this position as you held me close, and then your lips were on mine. Pulling my body flush to yours, our warm and sticky bodies colliding, sliding together as our tongues mimicked the motions. You were taller than me but here, now, on your lap, our eyes were nearly level with one another. My taut nipples ached as they pressed into you, the metal reminding me why it was there. You began thrusting into me, lifting me up and down on your cock, and I groaned from the effortless pleasure as you held me. Your momentum began to build, and I leaned backwards, propping myself up with my arms as your thrusts became harder and deeper. My breasts bounced up and down in front of you with the force and I threw back my head, my hair falling down to the bed in wild and tangled waves.

Your mouth found one of my nipples. I closed my eyes, too lost in the ecstasy of it all to take in anymore stimulation. You bit down, hard. I gasped as my eyes popped open and I felt myself squirt all over you. I inhaled sharply. I was aware you’d planned on making a mess, had been determined to do so, but unsure about how I felt about it. Until your mouth came back up to mine, kissed me, and uttered those words again. “Good. Girl.” You said the words differently this time, needing to assure me of their honesty.

I didn’t know how much more I could take. I could feel my pussy swelling from the anomalous overuse. I wouldn’t mind this regularly, but…I stopped my thoughts, as much as I had enjoyed when you spanked me, I truly didn’t want any thoughts other than of you on my mind.

You moved to the edge of the bed and stood up with me in your arms, still full with your cock. I tried to hide my surprise that you could move me around like this. Of course you noticed and seemed to take it as a challenge and began thrusting into me, moving my body up and down on your cock. I held onto you for dear life, biting down onto your shoulder. You said my name, “Jules,” in a husky tone and I could tell you were getting close too.

You gently laid me down on the bed and pulled back. As your cock slid out of my swollen pussy I pouted again. There was something in your eyes when you saw me upset to not have you in me that reminded me of fire. You wanted all of me, you wanted to consume me. You stooped down between my legs and lost yourself between my lips. I screamed from the jolt of pleasure as your tongue explored me. You pulled back just before I came. I was out of breath and Didim Escort Bayan a little frustrated at the halting sensation.

You walked over to your pile of clothes without saying a word, leaving me there, dripping, open and exposed, on the edge of the bed. I stared after you, worried I’d said or done something to make you leave. You came back with a small, beautifully wrapped present. It fit easily enough in your hand. It was wrapped in a metallic rose gold paper with gold ribbon. “Happy Birthday, Jules.” You handed me the box as I sat up, my mouth more than slightly open in disbelief. You leaned down to kiss me and then stood back up. Your cock, now at eye level, shining with our juices, the scent of our fucking filling the air.

“I thought this was my present?” I motioned to the bed, and you covered your mouth, trying to stifle another laugh.

“No. Not from me anyways. This,” you gestured towards the bed with your eyes, “this was something I’ve wanted for a very long time. Sometimes we have to wait for what’s ours, other times we have to make it happen. Now, please, open your gift. I want to see if you like it.”

I had a million questions but now wasn’t the time. I looked up at you coyly before my eyes moved down your body, ending on your throbbing wet cock before turning to the gift and opening it. There were two items. The top was a small, rounded piece of glass with a rosy hued flower embedded into it. I adored glass artworks like this. It reminded me of a Gerber daisy, and I was smitten. It was attached to a delicate rose gold chain. “I love it! How did you know my favorite color? Or my favorite flower?!”

You smirked at me, your arms across your chest. “Lucky guesses, I suppose.” I looked at you sideways, not believing you for a second. I laid the rest of the gift down to put the necklace on immediately. I fumbled with the clasp for a moment, and you came closer, taking the necklace from me. You leaned over me and fastened it, your cock nearly brushing my face. You started to step back, and you froze as I grabbed the base of your shaft and began sucking your cock. You groaned as you grabbed my hair. The salty taste of us together was exhilarating.

“Jules…” You were speaking through gritted teeth, having difficulty with pulling me away from you. “There’s more…” I let go and you slid out of my mouth reluctantly. I picked up the box hurriedly. As much as I loved what I’d already unwrapped, I just wanted to be done and get back to us. Not that I wasn’t grateful, but my body needed yours.

I picked Escort Didim up the other item. I was surprised at the weight for its size. I took off the pink tissue paper. It was an elongated piece of glass with a blue tint with one flat bulbous end and another, longer, tapered and bulbous end. There was a flower in the flatter of the two ends. It was a mirror version of the flower from the necklace. I blushed realizing you’d gotten me a gorgeous butt plug with a matching gift. How long had they been planning this? I looked up to see a gentle smile turn into a dirty smirk. “Did you really get me a matching necklace and butt plug?!” You quirked your eyebrows as a broad smile came over your lips. I began laughing but quickly stopped seeing the hunger in your eyes.

You came down to me and kissed me, pushing me back against the bed. It wasn’t a whisper, but they were words meant only for me. “Whatever comes of this all. I want you to remember this night.” I was speechless and you kissed me again, passionately and with a sense of urgency. You broke the kiss and asked, “shall we?”

I smiled and rolled my eyes, but then nodded vehemently. I’d do anything to have you back in me and I’d let you do anything to me at this point. You took it from me and placed a hand on my backside as you turned me over. The weight of the necklace made me smile as it moved around my chest. I never wanted to take it off.

You found my dripping wet pussy first. The glass was cold as it entered me, and it sent a tingle up my spine as I knelt there on all fours. I moaned as you worked it in me, careful to make the largest part of it hit just the right spots of me repeatedly. You moved a finger into my ass and began moving that back and forth as well. I let out a short scream, all the stimulation becoming too much again. “August, I can’t–“

“You can. Trust me.” You said it with such authority, but I still wasn’t sure. I felt like I was about to collapse and implode or explode or maybe impossibly all of them at once. When you felt the plug had enough of me on it, you gently worked it into my ass. I groaned from the mix of pleasure and tingle of pain. When you were happy with the positioning, you rubbed my ass as you admired your work with your gift. You began rubbing my pussy and it really was too much as you began to focus on my clit.

“AUGUST! Please?” I begged as my voice cracked. You bit my ass, letting your teeth drag over my skin for a moment before I felt you behind me. you leaned over me, your chest resting softly along my back, one arm on the bed as another grabbed my breast, your middle finger seeming to have a gift for finding my pierced nipple instantly every time.

You nibbled on my ear, the heat from your breath shaking me to my core as you whispered, “now I’m going to show you how this is supposed to be done…”

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