This was turning into a very awkward conversation. The girl in the next door apartment had as good as invited herself in for coffee. Normally that would have been fine, in fact more than fine. Hannah was single, in her mid twenties and good looking. She was slim with a nice figure and shoulder length brown hair. But as he was making the coffee, she’d seen a print out from a local mistress that he’d accidentally left on the coffee table. And to make it worse he’d annotated it with possible times and dates. Hannah was holding the paper in her hands as he walked in with the coffees. “She looks like fun,” Hannah giggled. He paused and composed himself. He had only seen the dominatrix once and had only tried very tame stuff. He was between girlfriends and it seemed like it might be fun. What was wrong with that, what was wrong with trying new things? However, that didn’t stop him feeling very awkward right then. “Let me tidy up,” Tom replied as he reached for the paper. “No, I’m interested in this,” Hannah smiled as she moved it out of his reach. This was bad, he really didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. “Do you like being tied up then Tom?” she asked. “I’ll try anything once,” Tom smiled back. Tom started to drink his coffee and tried to change the conversation. “Wow are these her prices?” Hannah explained as she read on. Tom shrugged as casually as he could and quickly changed the conversation. Later that evening Hannah sat in her flat looking at bills that she couldn’t afford to pay. She temped for various advertising agencies and the recession had meant that she hadn’t worked in over six months. She was close to being evicted from her apartment. She poured a glass of wine and looked out of the window. How could that mistress earn so much, all she did was tie people up. The mistress looked about 40, she was almost 10 years younger and much better looking. Why would Tom want to see her? He was a great looking guy who could get any girl he wanted. ‘Perhaps I could undercut her prices’, Hannah thought to herself with a nervous smile. ‘It might be fun and anyway it would be a way to get to know him, plus earn money!’ She finished her glass and jumped up to change. Tom put down his report and opened the door for the second time that night. Hannah stood there wearing a yellow summer dress that only reached halfway to her knees. Hannah smiled as she saw him glance down at her legs. “Perhaps I can undercut her price,” she opened nervously. “Sorry?” Tom replied. “Your mistress, I will do what she does for only a third of her price.” Tom watched as she blushed. She’d obviously been drinking and was fidgeting as she spoke. Being tied up had been fun and Hannah was certainly a sexy woman, but he liked the anonymity of seeing a stranger and letting a neighbour tie him up didn’t feel right. But then she really did look good in that dress. “But I’m not sure I’ll go again,” he replied, “it really was just to try.” She crossed her arms and started to look embarrassed. “I’m sorry,” she stuttered. He smiled as he watched her reaction, “OK, why not, that would be great.” “Really?” she asked wiping a few tears from almanbahis her eyes. As arranged, Tom knocked on her door at 7pm the next evening. “You look great,” he smiled as he again admired the yellow dress. “I bought these,” she smiled as she pulled out a pair of hinged handcuffs and a pair of foot cuffs. Both restraints were high security and could only be opened with a unique key, “I hope you like them.” Tom looked at the cuffs with slight fear. The dominatrix had mainly used rope which on the whole he’d managed to wriggle out of. There would be no way to wriggle out of Hannah’s cuffs. “They look good to me,” he smiled, “assuming you let me out again.” Hannah giggled, “Please take off your shirt and lie on the floor with your hands behind your back, please,” Tom was amused by the politeness of her request and by the way she struggled to lock the cuffs around his wrists. Although by the time she’s finished she’d locked and double locked the cuffs very tightly around his wrists. She then secured one foot cuff before passing the chain around the handcuffs and back on to his second ankle. Within a few seconds Tom was securely hog cuffed. “Not bad,” he said as he tested the cuffs and soon realised that there was no way that he’d ever be able to escape. Hannah watched him struggle in the chains, “Would you prefer it if you had the keys?” He smiled, “Hannah, I think that would defeat the points!” “OK, I’ll keep them.” He watched as Hannah perched on the edge of the sofa with her knees together and her ankles crossed and placed the keys into a pocket in her dress. She certainly was a unique dominatrix. “Let me know if you want me to unlock you,” she smiled as she brushed her dark hair behind her shoulders. He smiled, “Hannah, remember it’s you that’s in control here, I should stay locked up until you decide to let me go.” “Oh OK, sorry.” He smiled. “So what do we do now?” she asked innocently, “what did that other woman do?” “I’m not sure you’re up to what she did,” he smiled. “Why, what sort of things?” Tom paused, wondering whether to go on. “OK, well after she tied me up she left me for a while and I had no idea when she’d return. When she did, she gagged me with her panties and sat on my face. She then locked me in a chastity belt and then locked me in a steel cage. Tom smiled as he watched her reaction. “Wow!” “But don’t worry you don’t have to do that, not at the first session at least,” he smiled. “I want to.” “No this is good for today.” “I thought you said that I was in charge?” she persisted. “Well yes….” Hannah jumped up and stood above him, one foot either side of his head. “Any final words?” she asked. Tom looked up as she reached up inside her dress and slowly pulled down her knickers, letting the silk rub along her long tanned legs. “Wow, you’re….” were the final words he said before she stuffed her panties completely into his mouth. She made sure that his mouth was completely closed before wrapping duct tape tightly around his head. She then sat back down on the sofa with her ankles crossed. “Like that?” she smiled as she looked down at her manacled, gagged prisoner. almanbahis yeni giriş Tom looked backed completely amazed. That had been so sexy. He wanted to get up and kiss her, but of course he couldn’t. Hannah caught the look in his eye which only turned her on even more. F**k he was sexy. But hey, so was she, she’d just stuffed her panties into a guys mouth! Hannah stood up, took the keys from her pocket and dropped them between her breasts. “Try to get out of that,” she purred as she rubbed her hands down her dress and back up her legs and under her dress. She saw that she was trembling and very turned on. Only yesterday she had been afraid to talk to this great guy, now he was her prisoner and she could do anything she liked to him. Tom watched as she blew him a kiss and walked out of the front door with nothing on under her short dress. She closed the door and Tom heard her lock it behind her. He had no idea where she was going or how long she’d be. She had left him completely helpless, he couldn’t move and couldn’t call for help. He imagined her walking down the street, her long legs striding out, her short dress blowing up as she walked. *** Tom’s image of Hannah confidently striding down the road, giving lucky passers by glimpses of her tanned thighs, and possibly even more, as her short summery dress moved with her body, were completely wrong. Unknown to Tom, Hannah was sitting on the step outside her door with her legs crossed, nervously sliding one high heeled shoe on and off her foot, trying to manage all of her nervous excitement. She felt the keys between her breasts. She had chained up a sexy guy in her apartment and he was now her helpless prisoner. She’d even gagged him with her panties! She took some deep breaths. What else had the other mistress done to him? Sit on his face? That would be fun, she could certainly do that. Lock him in a cage? That might be harder. Lock him in Chastity? she liked the idea of that, but how would she do it? Hannah stood up, pulled her dress as far down her legs as it would go and walked down the steps to the street and headed for the nearest ‘adult’ shop. Tom heard her footsteps fade into the distance. This wasn’t how he’d expected things to turn out, but it was certainly fun. He’d never really noticed Hannah before, but now the image of her in her yellow dress standing above him was all he could think about. The only slight problem was that Hannah had locked the cuffs too tightly. In her innocence she had squeezed the cuffs until they would go no further. Although she had made no mistake in double locking them securely in place. There was no way he was going to escape without the key. Blood was still flowing, but his wrists and ankles were starting to ache. Tom tried to bring his cuffed hands from the back to the front, but couldn’t get them around his butt. Still, after much effort he was able to get to his knees and start edging his way across the lounge. He had seen Hannah take the cuffs from a drawer in her bedroom, perhaps she had left a spare key there. He peered into the open drawer only to see Hannah’s underwear. He smiled as he saw various almanbahis giriş panties and bras, mainly in whites, flowery pattern and pastel colours. Not the wardrobe of a typical dominatrix. He couldn’t see a spare key and with hands cuffed behind his back could only use his face to search the drawer. Her scent was beautiful and he lost himself for a few moments with his face buried in material. However there was no spare key, Hannah must have taken them all with her. Knowing that there was no way to get free from the overly tight cuffs, he crawled back to where Hannah had left him, laid down and waited for her return. Hannah checked the street and quickly ducked into the sex shop. Heart pounding, she started to search the shelves. “Can I help you love,” the guy asked, wondering what this woman, who wouldn’t have looked out of place in an English summer’s day picture postcard, was doing in his shop. “I want to buy a chastity thing,” she replied while avoiding his gaze “For you?” he asked. “No! For a guy.” “OK… what about this chastity cage?” “Yes, I’ll take it.” she quickly replied. After a few more questions, Hannah left the shop as quickly as she could with her eyes fixed securely on the pavement. She reached her apartment and waited by the door composing herself. She checked that the key was still in her bra and ruffled her long brown hair out around her face. He’d told her that she had to be in charge, she was going to try her best. Hannah unlocked the door and walked in with her sexiest walk. “I see you haven’t managed to escape from my handcuffs,” she smiled as she knelt down on the floor next to him and tucked her skirt in modestly around her. Tom turned over on to his side and looked up at her beautiful, but uncertain face. “I’m going to put you in a chastity, umm, thing now,” Hannah announced without much authority. She then held up the heavy steel chastity cage. Shit, if the cuffs were anything to go by, this was going to be painful, Tom thought as she started to undo his jeans and slide them down over his hips. Hannah touched his penis very gently and smiled to herself. Tom studied her face intently as she spent the next ten minutes fitting the chastity tube on his dick. The cage fitted him tightly, but she was so gentle that he hardly felt any discomfort. He finally heard a small click which was immediately followed by a more confident smile across Hannah’s face. Only then did she look at him. “How does it feel?” she asked as she peeled off the duct tape and pulled her wet panties from his mouth. “I wasn’t expecting a steel chastity cage,” he replied. “Too late now,” she smiled. The dominatrix had locked him in a plastic chastity device, but whether it was because this was steel, or because it was an amateur locking him inside, this time it all felt scarier. “Perhaps I should hold the key this first time,” Tom suggested. Hannah smiled and shook her head, he was obviously just testing her again. “This key belongs to me,” she purred. She sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs. “How does it feel?” she asked as she played with the padlock key. “Tight, particularly when I’m watching you in that dress.” he replied “Go on, see if can get an erection.” she smiled. He laughed, “Hannah, I would have one right now if it wasn’t for your cage!” “Wow, you really can’t use it, can you?” she purred as she ran the key between her lips.

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