Handyman Ch. 03Handyman Ch. 03


As I floated in the pool I felt like I was in a dream world. I was in the pool of a client, I had fucked his wife and maid while he was out of town. I knew I would wake up soon, or would I?

It was nearing noon, the sun was high and even after the big breakfast Heather (the maid) had fixed me I started to get hungry, maybe it was caused by the workout she gave me after.

She must have been a mind reader; it was only seconds after she brought out a sandwich and a beer to the pool for me. I stepped from the pool and walked to the gazebo to eat.

As Heather started to walk away I asked her, “What’s for dessert?”

She turned and smiled and went on into the house. I watched as she left, her hips swaying as she walked. She was so hot I felt my dick harden. I knew I needed to have her again. And just where was my host, Mrs. Hunter? I had no more finished my sandwich till I saw Mrs. Hunter (Angie) in the house talking to Heather. Then she turned and came outside and headed to the pool. She had on a white terry robe pulled tight around her. As she approached the gazebo she asked if I was doing well and if Heather had taken good care of me.

I stifled a smile and just said “Yes, very well.”

With that she kissed me pushing her tongue in my mouth and grabbing my dick with her hand.

Angie turned toward the pool not saying a word, as she walked away she let the robe slip from her shoulders to the ground. My jaw dropped, she had on a bright yellow two-piece suit that was barely there. The thong was splitting her cheeks, and as she turned slightly and I could see the top was just as tight, barely holding and covering her large firm tits. She slowly walked into the cool water and swam away. I watched her swim the length of the pool and was heading back when I got to the edge.

She looked up and smiled, saying, “I see you like my suit!”

My dick was ridged and pushing my shorts out. I stepped into the water hoping it would ease my hard, but Angie had other ideas.

She slid her hand up the leg of my shorts and gripped my cock firm and started stroking it. I eased further into the water and kissed her hard, then let my hands move to her tits causing her nipples to harden. As I teased them more I untied her top and tossed it to the side unleashing her fantastic tits. Taking each in turn I sucked and toyed with them making her moan. She had now worked my shorts down and off tossing them to the poolside, so I did the same with her bikini thong. She pushed me back to the steps just below the water line and straddled my waist sinking my cock into her. Slowly she rode me as the water splashed around us. She seemed to be in no hurry, just rocking back and forth on me, I was enjoying it a lot as I licked and pinched her tits. She rode me for what seemed like ten minutes then stopped and slid off swimming across the pool. There I sat with a stiff dick and a hot woman swimming away from me, what was she up too?

I watched as she swam the length of the pool, I pushed off to join her. When I was half way across she was there with me, teasing and splashing. We played and kissed in the middle of the pool sometimes sinking while kissing. Suddenly Angie dove deep in the pool and swam off. I watched her as she swam to the steps to climb out. She walked up the steps and stood there with her hand out stretched as if inviting me to join her. As I reached the steps I stood up and walked to the top, not even caring that I was totally naked, but then so was Angie. I took her hand and she led me inside the house and up to her room. Most of the water had dried off our skin but when the coolness of the air-conditioned air hit us it caused us both to shiver and my dick began to soften, and I could see her nipples harden. She sat me down on the bed pushing me back and sucked my dick back to life. Pulling off with a popping sound she worked her way up onto the bed straddling my chest and pushed her pussy in my face. I knew what she wanted and I gave it to her! I dove in and sucked and licked her puss till she was wet and wild. I did not let up and she had no intentions of letting me, grinding her slit into my face harder and harder till I felt her tense and thrust a few more times then she collapsed on the bed.

Her breathing was heavy and her tits were heaving, she had a great orgasm. She reached over to touch my arm and with panting breath.

She said, “Fuck me, fuck me now, hard!”

I had heard this before but not from her. She spread her legs and I could see her swollen lips were wet and wanting. I positioned myself on top and started to slide in slowly, but she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled hard, trusting me in deep. She looked into my eyes; she looked almost possessed as she said again with grit teeth,

“Fuck me hard now!”

I pulled back and slammed in as hard as I could again and again. Each time she let out a yelp and hissed,


I pumped her so hard I thought I would break something, but she loved it and I did too. I kartal escort bayan was on the edge and could not stop, I told her I was going to cum and she wrapped her legs around me as I shot so hard in her I thought it would go clear through her. She started to scream and I felt her pussy grip my cock like a vise, pulling me in deep as she orgasmed again.

It took several minutes for us to calm down before I rolled off to catch my breath. Angie grabbed the sheet pulling it up on us and rolled over to her side pulling me with her. I snuggled up behind her and my wet dick pressed up between her ass cheeks as she placed my hand on her tit.

In a sleepy voice she said, “Next time you can have that hole,” and drifted off to sleep.

I too was worn out and feel asleep.

I woke a few hours later still holding her in my arms, not wanting to disturb her I tried to be as still as I could. But laying there next to her my mind wondered and so did my hands. I touched her softly along her arm and breast, feeling her nipple and firmness. Slowly working my way down across her flat belly to her thighs, I could not stop myself I had to explore her. I slid my hand between her legs and she parted them slightly. Her breathing had not changed so I knew she had not woken up. I dipped my finger into her wetness and played a bit. My dick grew hard again and I knew I needed to stop. As I pulled my hand away she touched it and placed it back between her legs. Hell I thought she was asleep. She pushed my fingers in and worked them till I could fell the mixture of our cream ooze out. My fingers were soaked, it was then she rolled over pulling my hand to her mouth and licked my fingers clean.

With the licking and the look in her eyes my dick was hard and pushing against her and she knew what she was doing. I could tell by the smile on your face. She then rose and kissed me deeply, I could taste our sex on her lips and liked it.

Then she said, “Lets take a shower” and she got up and walked to the bathroom.

I just laid there looking at her as she walked away from me, for an older woman she was fit, trim, and very sexy. I heard the shower start and got out of bed to head that way. I stepped into the bathroom to find it was huge; two rooms in itself, with two sinks, and a corner with a large mirror with a make up stand and stool. Off to one side was a short wall the hid the toilet. As I stepped through the archway that led to the bath area, I found it to be impressive in itself, a sitting area, large Jacuzzi tub, and a shower stall big enough for four people. The steam was rolling out fogging the room.

I opened the shower door to find her all soaped up and fingering her pussy, thinking to myself that she is never done, my dick rose. As I stepped into the shower she helped me into the water then started to soap me up lingering in certain areas. I cupped her tits and sucked them hard, then reached down and pumped two fingers deep in her pussy. I was starting to learn that she liked it a bit rough and was learning well. I spun her around bending her over and slammed deep in her wet cunt. She gripped the rail on the wall as I pounded in and out of her till I felt her lips grip me tighter and I knew it was time to let her have it. I pulled out so just the head of my cock was in her and slapped her ass hard. Being wet it stung causing her to scream and clenching harder on my cock, it was then I thrust into her again hard and shot my hot load deep inside her.

Her knees almost buckled as did mine, we both gripped the wall for support. As we stood up Angie turned to kiss me deeper then she had before, then we stood in the hot shower touching and kissing till we were both clean again. We stepped from the shower and dried each other off. It was then Angie told me to get dressed, we were going to dinner. I was puzzled as to what she meant, then I stepped into the bedroom to find the bed had been made and a set of clothes were laid out for me. Heather must have been doing that while we were in the shower. All the clothes were new, so that was what Angie was doing all morning while she was gone.

I dressed quickly and waited on her to come out of the bathroom when Heather came in. She looked me over and smiled then said that I looked very handsome and if I would follow her she would complete my attire. The clothes fit great but I still felt odd, I was used to jeans and tee shirts not dress shoes, slacks, shirt and jacket. At least I didn’t have to wear a tie. I followed Heather to a room close by and she handed me a gold ring with diamonds and a gold necklace, then pinned on a small red flower above my left jacket pocket. Handing me keys she told me to get the car and pull it around front, Mrs. Hunter will be there shortly. Then with a smile and gleam in her eye she licked her lips and blew me a kiss, turned quickly and disappeared down the hall.

I was in a daze or a mind controlled state, I did what was asked of me. I went to the garage to get the car only to find yakacık escort a large black Hummer waiting instead of the Jag. I just laughed, not much else could surprise me now. I got in and started it up and knew it was new by the smell and mileage. I pulled out front to wait for Angie as instructed. While I waited I could not help but to play with the extras and stereo system, and I did not even see Angie approach the door, cause when she opened it I jumped making her laugh.

As She climbed in she looked at me and said, “That will be the last door I open myself tonight right?” I knew what she meant and nodded yes.

Angie was wearing a full-length black leather coat so I could not see what was underneath, and she could see the look in my eyes knowing I wanted to look. She instructed me as to where to go as we drove seeming to take roads out of the way and backtracking at times. Was this to confuse me or someone else I don’t know but when we arrived at our destination I was lost. I pulled up to the front and a valet opened Angie’s door helping her out, I just stepped out and handed the keys to him. Then it hit me, I knew this guy from somewhere so as he handed me the ticket I turned quickly away taking Angie in arm we walked off. As we walked up the large entryway I was not sure if it was a restaurant, country club, or private home, either way it was very nice. When we approached the front entrance the doors opened and greeted by what I guessed was a doorman,

he said, “Good evening.”

He closed the door behind us and took Angie’s coat as she removed it then handed it to a girl in a side room. It was then I was able to see what she had on. It was a stunning short red dress with two straps that went over her shoulders then crossed in the back with a vee in the front showing off her tits and cleavage. I was too stunned for words, and besides you can’t speak when your tongue is hard. Angie took my arm and we continued on. As we walked through the place I noticed Angie nod to several people and smile, so she had been here before, but with her husband or others, I felt uneasy with this and she sensed it gripping my arm a little more firmly.

It was quite large and well adorned with paintings, chandeliers and sculptures, not the kind of place I would ever hang out in. Angie seemed to be parading me through the place making sure people saw me on her arm; I was more like a show thing now that I look back on it. As we approached a doorway she turned to me, kissed me and told me to relax, don’t worry about anything and just be myself. The look on my face said it all, just how was I to relax and be myself in this place? It was if she could read the look in my eyes and took my hands holding them to her breasts and said again,

“Relax and be yourself and everything will be fine.”

Well, now I was really nervous, then she kissed me again and gripped my cock through my slacks till it was hard then turned and walked into the room with me in tow.

Ok, so there I was with a hard dick in my pants in a room full of rich snobs and with the wife of one of there’s. I could feel their eyes upon me as we made our way though. Nervous, No I was past that and then some. The room was not that big but held about seventeen tables set for four each with candles and flowers at the center. In the background I could hear music playing soft jazz I think. Angie led me to a vacant table and we sat down aside each other. I was glad just to sit down and look around till the waiter came to get us drinks. Angie spoke up and ordered us both a double shot of scotch and a beer chaser, it was then I looked at her and smiled. She knew I was uneasy.

By this time I noticed that no one was looking at us, they seemed to go on with there evening ignoring us which helped me at the time but puzzled me later on. The drinks arrived and we ordered dinner, or should I say Angie ordered for us. Not that I am complaining it’s just odd for me to not speak for myself. And what seemed odd was she knew what I liked, seafood. She had ordered a seafood feast from what I thought, oysters, crab legs, scallops, shrimp, and calamari. Plus she ordered more drinks.

Angie lifted her glass to me for a toast; I joined her and finally settled down. It was then that a couple approached our table and seeing Angie and stopped to say Hi. They both gave Angie a quick kiss and went on chatting. I really did not listen to there conversation; I was too busy checking them out. He was an older gentleman in his late forties, I guessed and she was a stunning early thirty well built blonde dressed to kill. My stare was broken when I heard a word about me, but by then the conversation was over. As they said there goodbye’s they hugged and kissed Angie, then the woman turned to me and kissed me full on the lips, reaching down and gripping my package at the same time. My cock grew in her hand even though I was shocked, as she pulled away she said,

“Nice” and turned to Angie whispering in her ear. hürriyet mahallesi escort

Then the couple walked off to their table. She never did introduce me to them. I turned to Angie with a puzzled look, but she just smiled and said,

“It’s fine, enjoy yourself”.

By now the drinks had relaxed me just enough that I could do as she asked and besides it was cool as hell getting kissed and fondled by another woman while out with “your” date and she approves. I started to ask her about her friends when dinner arrived. And Angie ordered a bottle of wine to go with dinner.

As we ate we flirted and fed each other now and then enjoying our selves completely, so much so I was unaware of the band setting up in the corner. As we finished dinner, the band had started playing. I was surprised to hear such a mix of music and several people got up to dance. Angie grabbed me by the hand we stepped to the dance floor. Now I may not be the best dancer out there but I can step to most anything, and surprised Angie when I did. We danced two songs then went back to the table for more wine. It was then the woman from before approached the table. Angie then introduced her to me as Susan; I politely stood and took her hand as Angie asked her to sit down. Susan sat next to me across from Angie and they started chatting as if I were not there. Then Susan asked Angie if she could take me to the floor, when I heard that I looked at Susan and then at Angie, both had a devilish smile. Angie stood up walked around the table to me with her hand out helping me up, kissed my deeply then leaning close to my ear whispered,

“Have fun,” then placed my hand in Susan’s.

Susan winked and blew a kiss to Angie and led me to the floor.

We finished the song that was playing then a slower song started. I held Susan closer and started dancing; as we did Susan asked in a seductive voice,

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

I said’ “Yes, very much, what’s not to enjoy?”

I asked her, “How long have you known Angie?”

She said, “Not long but we have become very close.”

It was the smile on her face and tone in her voice that made me smile, then Susan ran her hands down my back and gripped my ass pulling my crotch tight to hers and kissed me, longer and harder then the kiss at the table. She could feel the bulge in my slacks grow and as I looked around to see if anyone was looking, she said,

“Relax, we are all friends here,” and kissed me again.

I relaxed then maybe too much, kissing her back and running my hand up to her right breast gripping it firmly through her dress. As she broke the kiss I thought she was pissed, and then she smiled, not saying a word led me off the floor to a room to the side. It seemed more like a closet but bigger. No more had she shut the door Susan was on me, kissing and pulling at my clothes, it set a fire in me and I helped her and pulled at hers, till she spoke,

“I need your cock now!”

OK, so I am at a fancy dinner with a hot older woman that has been fucking my brains out for the past few days and now I am in a closet with her friend getting naked while she is in the other room, what the hell am I thinking?

I am not, I am just enjoying myself, and I am not going to stop now! By now Susan was naked as was I, she dropped to her knees and sucked me down to the balls. She slurped me and gripped my sac till I thought I would pop, but she knew and stopped. Standing we kissed and I felt her firm tits, not as big as Angie’s but firm, hot and large nipples. I took time to suck them as I reached down to feel her pussy. What I found was one hot wet hole, ready for cock. I spun her around and pushed deep inside her till she let out a low deep groan. I pumped her slow at first then felt her hand rubbing her clit, so I increased my speed and reaching up gripped her tits. Her breathing was heavy and I was close, so I stood up grabbed her hips and started to slam into her hard. She was closer then I thought and pushing back on me harder having a thunderous orgasm. As she bucked several time more on me I could not hold out any longer, and she knew it, she pulled off me spun around and took my dick in her mouth as I shot my load. She was good, did not miss a drop. As I caught my breath she licked me till I was clean then dipped her fingers in her honey pot, she shared her nectar with me. We cleaned each other up and dressed then walked back to the table. Angie was not there and I got worried, but Susan touched my leg and told me it was fine. She then showed me that there was champagne at the table and three glasses, as she poured the glasses full Angie arrived at the table and kissed Susan full on the lips, smiled and kissed me also. As she sat down she said,

“You both taste so good!”

We all took our glasses and Angie looked at Susan and said’

“See I told you he was good.”

I did not know if I should be shocked, scared or thrilled, but they both seemed happy. The three of us drank champagne quickly then Angie said it was time to go. Susan kissed us both and disappeared as Angie took me by hand and led me to the door, getting her coat she talked to the doorman then we walked out. I knew I could not drive and she was to drunk also, so as the hummer pulled up I said,

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