Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 04Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 04


Everybody knows that big girls love two things. Some good food and a hard dick. Not necessarily in that order. Especially big black females from the hood. My name is Rose and I am a big black woman of Haitian origin living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I attend Brockton Technical College and I major in Nursing. When I’m not in class, I’m chasing the grub and the dick. They are what can only be considered my ruling passions.

How else would you explain the situations I get myself into? I was hanging out with my friend Brian when all of a sudden, I felt the need. We were eating at this Chinese restaurant located near the campus. I was chowing down on a delicious plate of shrimp-fried rice with orange chicken, egg rolls and pizzas. Yeah, I was having a good time.

Across from me, Brian was doing his thing. Drinking from a bottle of Patron. Brian is a six-foot-tall, big and beefy black man who plays football for Brockton Tech College. I am glad they added varsity football and wrestling for male students this year. Brockton Tech College currently sponsors Men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, lacrosse, golf, swimming, football, wrestling and volleyball along with Women’s softball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, swimming, field hockey, volleyball, lacrosse and tennis. We experienced a male shortage a while back. Now, men made up fifty one percent of the 9800-person student body. Which means more fun for me!

I looked at Brian, suddenly feeling quite horny. He was a big dude, which is cool. I like my men to be on the thick side. He’s bisexual, which doesn’t bother me in the least. He has a certain almanbahis şikayet appreciation for big beautiful women, which is a commendable trait in any man. I stand five feet ten inches tall and weigh two hundred and eighty pounds. Yes, this big black woman has just confessed her weight. I don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks and I’ve got nothing to hide. I’m a big black woman with a thick body, enormous jugs, wide hips, thick legs and a gigantic bubble butt. What can only be described as a ghetto booty down in the hood. And men love me for it. I am finding out that a lot of men out there like us big women. That’s more than okay with me, if you catch my drift.

As I looked at Brian, I found myself very hungry, for something other than food. I reached for his hand, looked him in the eye and flat out told him. Brian stared at me, and blinked. I smiled. Guys are always shocked to see how freaky I really am. Yes, women like sex too. Especially big women like myself. We’ve got voracious appetites for all that life has to offer. I told Brian I wanted to suck on his big black cock and lick his balls until he screamed for mercy. The big and tall black stud stared at me, shocked. I grinned. So, what did he think about my offer? He said yes, on all counts. I smiled. Taking his hand, I led him to the ladies room. I closed the door behind us, and we got busy.

Brian leaned against a wall and I knelt before him. I looked at the big and tall black football stud. He looked good enough to eat. I unzipped his pants, and noticed with satisfaction that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. That is more than okay by me because I only almanbahis canlı casino wear underwear when I have my period. I don’t want to leak all over the frigging place, you know. I grasped Brian’s cock in my hands. Oh, my. Now, that’s what I call a big black dick! Brian’s cock was both long and thick. Just the way I liked them. He was also uncircumcised but that didn’t bother me in the least. I like all kinds of dicks. As long as their owners know how to use them.

And Brian certainly knew how to use his, as I soon found out. I took that big cock of his into my mouth. I licked his dick head after gently pulling back the foreskin. Oh, my. I like the way Brian’s cock smells and tastes. No two men smell or taste the same. Some taste okay, others take great, and a few taste phenomenal. Brian definitely fell into that last category. I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth, until I found myself gagging. When you’re in gagging territory, you know you’re dealing with a major size dick.

I fondled Brian’s big balls and stroked them. He moaned in pleasure and urged me to continue what I was doing. I worked my magic. In no time I had gotten Brian’s dick hard as a piston. I continued to suck on his tool like a vacuum cleaner on a carpet. Until the big black man finally came, spreading his manly seed all over my face. Many females say they don’t like it when a man cums all over their faces. I’m not one of them. I absolutely love getting cum all over my face.

Afterwards, I wanted to try something else. At this point, Brian was down for whatever. I got on my hands and knees, and spread my gigantic black butt almanbahis casino cheeks wide open. I exposed a very obvious target. I briefly looked at Brian’s face, and smiled as I noted shock on his features. Yeah, he couldn’t believe his luck. Most women don’t like anal sex. Once again, I’m not your average female. I get down in a variety of kinky and creative ways. Anal sex happens to be one of them. Brian grasped my butt cheeks and gently pinched them. Then, he pressed his cock against my backdoor. With a swift thrust, he went inside me.

I gasped as Brian’s big cock popped into my booty hole. His cock felt huge inside my ass. As Brian began fucking me, I reached between my legs and fingered my pussy. I was all wet down there. Anal sex gets me excited. Brian gripped my hips and thrust his cock deep into my ass. I grunted as he slammed his dick into me. He was all force and all power at first. Just the way I liked it. Rough anal sex is my preference when it comes to backdoor action. It is quite intense but can feel so damn good it ought to be illegal. Brian pumped his cock into my asshole. He smacked my big booty and fucked me like anal sex was going out of style. i squealed and begged him for more. He continued to fuck me until he finally came, flooding my asshole with his cum. I screamed as an incredible orgasm rocked my booty. That was so damn hot!

A few minutes later, Brian and I exited the ladies room. The other patrons had heard of and security escorted us out of the place. I smiled and held my head high as we left. Brian smirked the entire time. Some of the male patrons gave us high-fives. I blew them a kiss. What can I say? I felt like a star. I wish more people, especially women, felt the way I did about sex. It’s the most natural thing in the universe. Meant to be enjoyed at least once a day because it makes life worthwhile. Anyhow, I got to go. Brian and I have to get to class. Peace.

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