Guitar FreakoutGuitar Freakout


Sandy and Tammy could still hear the faint strains of the guitars on the beach as a few of their friends were butchering the Ventures’ “Walk don’t Run.” They had done a decent job with “Pipeline,” but somehow without the beat of the drum driving the rhythm, they just weren’t making it happen.

“Do you think they know anything else or will they keep killing that song?” Tammy asked.

“Yeah, it’s a real guitar freakout. Actually I’m kind of glad they only know those two songs, I’d hate to see them destroy something really good like the Beach Boys or something.”

“Or a Paul Revere and the Raiders,” Tammy replied.

“Oh you’re just nuts about Mark Lindsay.”

“What about Fang?”

“Oh come on Tammy, Fang just plays guitar, and I’ve see you drooling over Mark,” Sandy said.

“Yeah, he is dreamy, but guys aren’t like that, that’s why…” she didn’t finish.

Sitting down next to her friend, Sandy put her arm around Tammy. She wanted to finish what she had said, but didn’t want to make things uncomfortable. They had seemed to be drawn closer and closer together as they watched their friends pair up into couples as they started dating. Now, after wandering away from the group on the beach, they found themselves alone in one of the beach shacks the surfers often used.

Turning her head a bit, Sandy kissed Tammy on the cheek and as her friend slowly turned her head too, şişli bayan escort they kissed, lightly at first, but then Sandy slipped her tongue into Tammy’s mouth. They had kissed before, but they were quick kisses stolen in the moments their other friends were looking away. Now, they just kissed, both frightened, but excited.

Sandy continued kissing Tammy, their tongues sliding between each other’s lips, while moving her hand up inside Tammy’s blouse. Sliding up over top of her bathing suit, she squeezed lightly and when Tammy didn’t pull away, she moved her hand under her friend’s top feeling her nipple slide between her fingers.

“Should we be doing this?” Tammy asked. “They may come looking for us, I mean the music stopped.”

“If the music stopped then they are probably doing exactly what we are doing.”

“What are we doing?”

“We are doing something that feels right. It feels right doesn’t it?” Sandy asked.

“Yes,” Tammy answered, backing away from Sandy as she unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled off the top of her bathing suit. She paused, waiting for Sandy to do the same. They then embraced, feeling their naked breasts brush against each other. Pulling apart, they playfully pushed out their breasts, touching nipples. Finally, Sandy leaned forward and slid her mouth over Tammy’s nipple, sucking it lightly while running the palm of her hand over her other nipple.

Tammy şişli escort leaned back on the cot as Sandy remained on top of her, sucking and licking her nipples while moving her thigh between Tammy’s legs. Hearing her friend breathing heavily, Sandy continued, lightly squeezing Tammy’s breasts while moving her hips and grinding herself against Tammy’s thigh, while pushed her thigh against Tammy. When Tammy lifted her hips pushing back against Sandy, she quickened her pace, feeling the pleasure almost run through her body.

They continued grinding against each other, as Sandy rose up and stared into her friends eyes. Somehow they both knew this is exactly what they wanted, exactly what they had been searching for throughout all those dates in high school, the seemingly pointless fumbling with the boys. Now, both about to head off to college they were discovering something, something they seemed to have been searching for almost nineteen years.

Feeling the pleasure overtake her Sandy moaned loudly and said, “Oh Tammy,” as she came, pressing against her friend’s thigh.

Sandy paused her movement, but when Tammy pleaded, “Please don’t stop, I’m almost…”

Sandy pressed against her friend, leaning a bit on her thigh as she ground against her friend. Tammy responded by lifting her hips, actually lifting Sandy up off the cot a bit. Tammy then closed her eyes and fell back onto mecidiyeköy escort the cot, gasping. Opening her eyes, she grabbed her friends head and pulled it down where they locked in a kiss.

After a few minutes Tammy broke the silence whispering, “Sandy, I didn’t know it could be like that.”

“I thought I knew what it would be like, I mean I felt something with some of the boys when we messed around but, well, this is so different.”

“I hear music,” Tammy suddenly said, sitting up straight.

“We better be getting back,” Sandy said, handing Tammy her top. “I can’t wait until next week. I’m going to miss you.”

“But I’ll be right there with you.”

“We’ll be together, but not like this, not like we want,” Sandy replied.

Touching her lover’s cheek Tammy said, “Just be patient, one day, one day we will.” She leaned forward and kissed Sandy on the forehead. “We better get going.”

They both quickly pulled on their tops and blouses and then peeked out of the shack. No one was around so they slipped out of the door and then walked back toward the group on the beach. “They must have the radio on because that is real music I hear,” Sandy said.

Wandering back into the group of friends, Sandy sat on the other side of the fire from Tammy. The others were all sitting together in couples singing to the songs on the radio. Tammy heard it first, the chimes as the beginning of the song, and as the radio played “Cherish” by the Association she looked over to Sandy. Staring into each other’s eyes they sang, “Cherish is the word I used to describe all the feelings that I have hiding for you inside.”

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