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Chapter 52 Rick woke up early Saturday morning and smiled. Charlie was nuzzled against him. He hugged his baby boy, who continued to snore despite the pressure of the hug. Rick gently rubbed his son’s shirtless back, as his mind wandered to the conversation with Billy from the night before. He was still upset with his middle son. Rick felt betrayed, as images of losing his boys kept coming to him in his sleep. His boys were his entire world, and it took almost losing the one in his arms to make him re-evaluate his priorities in life. Then Billy had to put all that in jeopardy by confiding in someone who was pretty much a stranger. He would’ve understood had it been Ry, since the two boys had been best friends and lovers, but to just tell Trevor without even consulting with him first was too much for Rick to deal with. All he wanted to do at that moment was hold the little one in his arms and let everything else pass him by, but he had another son to worry about, who also needed him. Grudgingly, Rick slid himself out of the blanket and away from the little heater next to him. After showering and getting dressed, Rick kissed his boy and left for the hospital. “Good morning, Sunshine,” Rick said, as he walked into Ry’s room. “Morning,” Ry said, trying and failing to sit up properly. “I brought breakfast.” Rick set down a container of biscuits and gravy. “If there was ever a doubt, I want you to know how much I love you,” Ry gushed as he pulled the foam box towards him. “The food here can’t be that bad,” Rick chuckled as he sat in a nearby chair. “Well, it’s not as bad as yours, but pretty damn close.” “Rude!” Rick said, mockingly. “Maybe I should take that back and get a refund.” Ry pulled the food away from his father’s playful grasp and said, “No! Mine.” Rick watched television, while Ry drifted in and out of consciousness, given the heavy pain medication he was on. Around lunch time, the doctor came in and gave another update. Ry was progressing very nicely and there was no sign of infection or any other such complications. “So, when will I be able to take him home?” “Monday, unless things somehow go south.” Rick shook the doctor’s hand and went back to watching T.V. His mind kept drifting to the pending conversation he needed to have with Billy and Trevor. He needed to make sure that Trevor wasn’t going to say anything about his relationship with Billy. Rick just couldn’t fathom Trevor’s supposed support of his sexual relationship with his son. “Why are you sad, Daddy?” Rick shook his head to clear his thoughts and looked at his eldest son. He nearly laughed, as it was very apparent that Ry was high from his morphine drip, not to mention that Ry only ever called him “Daddy” when he was intoxicated. It was very comical, but he knew that laughing would only upset his son. “I’m not sad, Baby. I promise.” Tears came to Ry’s eyes as he sheepishly asked, “Am I in trouble?” Rick’s heart broke despite istanbul travesti the comedy of the moment. He got out of his chair, sat on the edge of the bed and pulled his son into his arms. “You are not in trouble, honey. You’re my sweet, perfect boy. I could never be mad at you.” “Then why are you sad?” Even high on painkillers, Ry was too observant, Rick thought. He decided to tell his son some of what was bothering him, hoping to quell the boy’s fears. “Brenda wants to meet me for lunch tomorrow.” “Why?” Ry whispered in shock. “She wants to exchange property, so I said I’d meet her.” “You’re not dating her again, are you?” “No, Baby. I’m definitely not going to see her after the exchange if I can help it. Besides, I have all the love I need here in my arms.” “What about Billy and Charlie?” Geez, this kid asks a lot of questions, Rick mused. “I love them, too.” “Me too,” Ry said. “That’s good to know.” Rick kissed Ry’s head and gently rocked him, as the teen went back to sleep. “Daddy?” Ry asked a few minutes later. “Yeah, Baby?” “It’s okay, Daddy.” “What’s okay, Ry?” “That you love them more than me.” Rick started to tear up. He looked down at his boy and saw the sincerity and pain in his boy’s hazel gray eyes. Rick gently lifted Ry’s face and said, “Ryland Adam Barton. I don’t love you any less than I love your brothers. I love you all equally. No paper, court order or DNA test will ever tell me that you are not my son. You are MY son, and I love you with all of my heart.” Tears fell down Ry’s cheeks, which were softly removed by his dad’s fingers. “I try so hard to not get kicked out. I clean my room and cook, and I do all of my homework…I don’t want you to be mad at me and leave me alone like they did.” Rick gave a shuddering breath and did his best to hold his son tightly. He understood now that Ry wasn’t talking to him, but to some kind of drug fueled delusion. Ry had done the same before after surgeries, though they were rather comical and mostly incoherent. However, Ry was scared and insecure with his standing at home and with Rick. It hurt him to see his son doubt his place and the love they had for him. It was made worse by the revelation that Ry’s drive to succeed was to prevent any future neglect he might experience. “Baby,” Rick said, trying to suppress his own sobbing, “I will never leave you. I promise. It doesn’t matter how bad you are. You’re my son, Ry, and I will never stop loving you, okay?” “Are you sure?” “I’m one-hundred percent certain.” “I love you, Daddy,” Ry said, gripping Rick as if he was struggling to stay afloat. “I love you, too, Baby.” “Daddy?” Rick sighed and said, “Yeah, Baby.” “If I tell you something, will you promise to not be mad at me?” “Sure, Baby, what is it?” Ry hesitated then, with absolute seriousness, whispered, “I’m high as fuck right now.” Rick couldn’t help himself. He blurted out a very loud laugh, which caused Ry to jump a little. He hugged and kissed his son, then said, “I know, Ry.” “How did you know?” Ry looked shocked, as if Rick was looking right through him with x-ray vision. “Fathers just know these things.” “Whoa,” Ry said, and Rick could see his poor child’s mind being blown by the revelation. Now that’s the boy I remember, Rick laughed to himself. “So you know…everything?” Ry whispered again. “Pretty much,” Rick said, wanting to take full advantage of the situation. “And you’re okay with it?” “Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” “Because Charlie’s my brother.” Rick stopped laughing. Clearly he missed something. “What about Charlie?” Ry had difficulty focusing on his dad as he said, “Me and Charlie.” “I’m sorry, Buddy, but you’ve lost me.” Ry tried concentrating harder and said, “I’m in love with Charlie.” Rick laughed again. Wow, these must be some serious drugs, he mused. “Does Charlie know this?” “No,” Ry said, a little kadıköy travesti crestfallen. “I haven’t told him. I had a dream that we were married and have a son named Quentin.” “So I’m a grandfather, huh?” Rick chuckled. “I’m serious,” Ry exclaimed, annoyed, barely able to hit his father. “Okay, okay, touch guy.” “Is it okay if Charlie and I get married?” “He’s only 10, Buddy.” “I didn’t mean now,” Ry said, as if explaining the situation to someone who also was high. “Maybe you should propose to him first before planning the wedding, don’t you think?” “Duh, obviously,” he said. “But aren’t I supposed to get your blessing first?” Rick’s heart melted it. “Yes, you have my blessing to marry your baby brother; however, maybe you should ask him out on a date first, don’t you think?” “That’s a good idea, Daddy. You’re so smart,” Ry said, very sincerely. Rick stifled another laugh and kissed his son, who fell back asleep. By the time dinner came along, Ry was awake, alert and didn’t remember anything. Rick wanted to poke fun, but decided that ignorance was bliss. He chose to stay the night with his eldest, which conveniently allowed him to put off talking to Billy and Trevor one more day. He wasn’t mentally prepared to have that conversation just yet. The next morning after making sure Ry was alright, Rick went to the house to shower and get ready for his meeting with Brenda. As he pulled into the driveway, his stomach lurched. Billy was home, and it was late enough in the morning that Rick was sure his son would be awake. Sure enough, both Billy and Trevor were in the living room waiting. Rick awkwardly said hi and headed to his room, where he took a long shower. He grabbed the box with the few remaining possessions Brenda had left behind, including a broken DVD, and went downstairs. “We need to talk about this,” Billy said, half demanding. He knew he was being immature about it, but Rick didn’t know how else to cope. However, he also knew he had to face the boys sooner or later. He set the box down by the door and sat in his chair, facing the teens. “Are you going to report me for having sex with Billy?” Rick asked Trevor point blank. Rick and Trevor ignored the look of shock on Billy’s face. Trevor replied, “Nope.” “Why not?” Trevor shrugged and said, “Billy said you never forced or coerced him, and he never forced or coerced you. There’s no abuse going on, so I don’t see a point in reporting you.” “How can I trust that you won’t report me? What’s to stop you from doing it if or when you and Billy break up?” Keeping eye contact with Rick, Trevor said, “We both know that there’s nothing you can say or do that could feasibly keep me from reporting you; however, I have no reason for doing so. I could’ve done it already, and you know what. If I were like Justin, I would’ve already reported you, but I’m nothing like him. The way I see it, Billy cheated on you with me, so I’m the other man in this dynamic. I have no right to be jealous or upset. Billy didn’t have to tell me, but I’m glad he did. I prefer honesty despite how uncomfortable the truth might be.” Rick nodded. He, for once, admired Trevor’s stoicism, but a part of his mind was still panicking. “I love Billy, do you?” Trevor thought about it and said, “Not in the way you do or mean, I think. With that said, I don’t want to be with anyone else and have no plans to be anytime soon. I don’t care if you two still retain your relationship, as I’m sure you would whether I consented or not. “Mr. Barton, I’m honestly not someone who is easily bothered. It takes a great sense of injustice or suffering to make me give a flying fuck. Clearly, you’ve broken the law by having sex with a minor who can’t legally consent, but I don’t give a shit about the law, as that age of consent is highly arbitrary. There are plenty of adults who either can’t consent due to mental defects, or shouldn’t because bakırköy travesti they’re morons and their genes shouldn’t spread anymore than they have. “I’m a very apathetic person when it comes to the affairs of others. There are only two reasons we’re even having this conversation: 1. Billy asked me, too, to settle your mind, and 2. I’m dating your son, and his life affects mine. If he and I weren’t dating, I would’ve shrugged and said, ‘Cool. You do you.’ If we never have another conversation like this again, I’d be just fine with it. So, officially, Billy and I are in an open relationship, with you as his other boyfriend, and I’m cool with it. Can you be cool with that?” Rick was taken aback. He finally saw what Billy had tried to tell him. “I’m cool with that,” he said. “Cool,” Trevor said, and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Billy looked at his father, waiting for some kind of reaction. “Well?!” “I like him,” Rick said, and he honestly meant it. “I do too,” Billy said, relieved. “Are we good?” “We’re good.” They stood and hugged. Billy kissed Rick on the lips, but Rick hesitated. “I think we need to take this slowly.” “Don’t let me stop you,” Trevor said, giving a thumbs up and heading upstairs to Billy’s room. Rick’s mind was reeling as he drove to the diner. He was hoping that his meeting with Brenda was going to be easier than the roller coaster of emotions he had dealt with all morning. He saw her car parked near the entrance and could see her sitting in a booth next to a window overlooking the street. A part of him was hoping that she wasn’t there, so he could just go home. Rick found a parking spot far from her car. He took a few settling breaths, grabbed the box and went inside. Rick walked past the hostess and sat across from his ex. “Here you go,” he said, shoving the box towards Brenda. “Hi Rick,” Brenda said, with a sickly-sweet, sarcastic tone, “How are you doing? I’m fine, Brenda. How are you? I miss you terribly.” Obviously annoyed, Rick spat, “I think we both know I will never miss you, so where’re my things? I want to get this done and over with.” “Can I get you anything to drink?” The waitress said to the couple. “I’ll have an orange juice,” Brenda said. “I won’t be having anything. I’m not planning to be there that long.” “Rude,” Brenda said, and she ordered Rick a coffee. To Rick, she said, “It doesn’t have to be like this, you know.” “What do you want, Brenda?” Rick demanded. “I’m really sick and fucking tired of your games.” “Fine,” Brenda said. She lifted a small box next to her and passed it across the table. “Make sure everything is there.” He really wanted to just go, but decided to check the box. Rick opened the flaps and his heart nearly stopped. On top of the pile of random belongings was a small, gray box. He reached in and pulled it out. Rick lifted the lid with shaking fingers. Inside he saw a man’s gold engagement ring. He looked up and saw Brenda had moved out of the booth and was on one knee. Out of fear, he let his instincts take over. Rick hastily stood and started to back away when a loud voice yelled from behind him. “NO!” Charlie shouted. Rick spun on the spot, unable to see the evil look on Brenda’s face. “Charlie!” Rick managed to say. “YOU’RE A LIAR! YOU SAID YOU WEREN’T WITH HER ANYMORE!” “Calm down, Charlie,” Brenda said, with glee in her tone. “Come and join us. Your dad was about to accept my proposal.” Caught in total confusion, Rick said to Brenda, “What the fuck are you talking about?” He looked at the sobbing boy by the head waitress. “Charlie, it’s not what it looks like!” “I HATE YOU!” Charlie screamed and ran from the building. “CHARLIE WAIT!” Rick shouted as he shoved his way towards the door. “RICK!” Brenda yelled. “I’M PREGNANT!” Instinctively, Rick stopped, looked back and couldn’t tell if she was telling the truth. He threw the ring at her and said, “Have an abortion. They’re free.” Unfortunately, it was the wrong thing to say, as several men stood and tried blocking his exit, offended at the way he had treated Brenda. By the time Rick got outside, Charlie was nowhere to be found. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 53***

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