Greek Love Pt. 01Greek Love Pt. 01


Once upon a time I had an interesting experience with a few friends of mine, we were very close friends in those times and supposedly straight, however, that day we all surrendered to our carnal desires and revealed a new aspect of our friendship.

Our story begun at my friend’s house, in a small room at the top where we gathered with the gang to watch football games and play together. A place made by men for men, not a big deal, just a few chairs, a table, a sofa, the TV and a humble sound system. One day, I was with Ralph’s brother and his cousin wasting time there and Ralph appeared with a porn videotape that he brought from a friend’s house. He was very excited and when he told us we got excited too so, he suggested to watch it together and of course we agreed.

The first scene in the movie was about woman getting gangbanged by several guys, I don’t remember exactly how many but I estimate about six to eight guys. She was getting a lot of dick, she was sucking one big white cock with her mouth, a lot of saliva was flowing out from her while the man was pounding her face merciless. At the same time, she was stroking one cock with each hand and riding another one, moving her ass in circles and up and down.

While I was watching, I could kocaeli escort felt my cock getting hard inside my pants, at the same time, I noticed Ralph taking his cock out and he was hard as a rock. He was horny and he didn’t concern about us but when he started to masturbate, his brother Max asked him to stop doing it, but Ralph was too excited to stop. I was in shock looking at the movie with my cock hard and my friend besides me masturbating himself.

Ralph came up with a strange suggestion, he asked me for permission to let him rub his cock against my butt. I was looking at that woman enjoying all those huge dicks, she had her asshole gaped for all the dicks that she had taken in it. Inside me, I was wishing to see myself as her, the idea of being like that woman suddenly emerged in my fantasy and I agreed to Ralph’s request but I told him that I would kept my undies on during the act.

We hang a blanket to divide the room in two spaces in order to keep some ‘privacy’. Ralph and I stepped into the small room, he took off his clothes very quickly and he approached to me and took of my pants and shirt, leaving only my undies on. He took my hand and put it on his dick, and then he instructed me about how to squeeze it.

I just did what he told kocaeli escort bayan me to do. I grabbed his cock by the shaft and started to squeeze it as he was telling me, but after a few minutes I began to stroke it. I was playing with his masculinity in a natural fashion as if I knew what I was doing. I moved my hand up and down repeatedly, all the way from the base to the tip of his cock, it was soft and warm to the touch but it started to get hard as I masturbated him. I was enjoying and feeling more confident, when Ralph kindly asked me to kiss his cock. Of course, I did it immediately and after some light kissing, I finally put his thing in my mouth and started to explore its shape with my lips and tongue. I felt his balls and taste the bittersweet outcome from the tip of his cock while I was sucking him.

After a few minutes, he asked me if I would let him penetrate me and I just answered “yes”. I turned around and kneeled before him, and then I put my hands on the floor to get in all fours. He put his cock between my cheeks over my undies and rubbed it against the fabric, it felt so damn good that after a few minutes I asked him to do it over my bare butt. He agreed and took off my undies, then put his hands on my cheeks and spread them apart izmit escort exposing my asshole, and then, he rubbed his cock between my cheeks and all over my bare ass. My cock was hanging soft and flaccid, in a useless state. At that point, I was craving for Ralph’s cock, he spanked me a couple of times and spat on his cock and over my ass to lubed it, suddenly I was all wet dripping saliva. I remember the moment when I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my asshole, it was like a light tickling at first but it turned in a painful sensation while he got deeper and deeper. When the wide part of his cock penetrated into me, I felt an acute pain as if something were splitting me in two parts. It was very painful and I begged him to stop but he was too excited and didn’t listen to me. He was doing what he wanted with me, he practically raped, pounding my ass hard while I was moaning and passively enjoying it.

Surprisingly, after a few minutes of torment, it began feeling better and better until it turned into a delightful sensation. He made me feel naughty and dirty as I have never felt before. The most exciting thing was that there were two guys listening to us and smelling our sexual scent from the air. They heard absolutely everything we talked, they heard me doing all those things and my moans. When Ralph ended I was still horny and I ready for more action. I was naked in the room with three horny guys, freshly fucked and horny. I was begging for more, what else could I do?

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