Granny’s TimeshareGranny’s Timeshare


Granny’s TimeshareFor the past 5 years my friend Sam and his grandmother Barbara have been taking a trip to Vegas for 2 weeks to just hang out and enjoy life. Barbara has had the Timeshare for about 10 years and used to go with her husband Sam’s grandfather Fred before he passed away. This year Sam invited me and my grandmother Alice to join them. I thought it would be a great time to get granny out the house and since the Time Share is already paid for that makes it even better.My granny Alice is 72 and Barbara is 75 so they have a lot in common. Sam and I are both 38 Sam is married and his wife is ok with him taking these annual trips. My girlfriend was ok with me going since I was traveling with my grandmother.I told my granny Alice about the trip and she got very excited. She said it had been a while since she’s been to Vegas.I hope to get me some while I’m out there Alice said laughing.. Me too I said laughing. Meanwhile Barbara and Sam were talking about how fun it’s going to be to have Alice and I along on the trip. Sam turned to Barbara and said “Grandma, are we sharing a room, or will you and Alice share a room, what’s the plan?”Barbara said, we’ll figure that out once we get there. So the next day I let Sam know that me and Alice would be coming along. Sam then told me about the sleeping arrangements. Said the Timeshare is only a 2 bedroom each room with just a queen size bed and usually he and his grandmother would have their own room. I looked at Sam and told him “well my granny Alice is hoping to get some dick while she’s there, maybe you can help her out laughing… Sam smiled and said, I’d fuck your granny all night. Alice is very sexy for and old gal. She has a very nice body, saggy tits with all white short hair. Then I said, “if your going to fuck my granny, I will be fucking your grandma Barbara in her ass. Barbara also in very good shape shorter than Alice she’s about 5’2 120 pounds. That evening we all load of the car and leave for Vegas. Sam starts off driving. kaçak iddaa My granny Alice hops in the front seat and me and Barbara are in the back seat. I told Sam that I was going to take a nap in case he get’s tired and wants me to take over driving. Barbara was delighted cause with me along she doesn’t have to worry about driving.2 hours into the ride and I start to fall asleep. Trying to get comfortable, I lean over towards Barbara and lay my head on her shoulder. Barbara gently places my head on her lap and starts stroking head and rubbing on my shoulder.Barbara was wearing a short dress, so I got to lay my face on her leg flesh and I put my hand on Barbara’s knee and start to rub her thigh.Sam looks in the rear view mirror and see’s that I’m laying down. You ok bro? he shouts. Barbara goes’ “shshshs” let him rest, he’s in good hands. Then Alice looks over to see her grandson laying in Barbara’s lap. Alice say’s I guess it’s Vegas Rules right! Barbara said that’s right girl… As a matter of fact this is going to be how we share rooms. Me and your grandson and your with mine. Alice smiled and said, alright then girl laughing… Sam smiles and looks over at Alice.. Alice takes her hand and starts to rub on Sams crotch while he’s driving. Sams dick starts to get hard and then he puts his hand between my granny’s legs and starts rubbing on her.Alice too is wearing a short skirt, She takes Sam’s and rubs it across her pussy. Sam puts his 2 fingers in my Granny’s pussy. I hear her moaning in the front seat. I sit up to to make sure I’m not tripping.. Look up front and yes Sam is reaching over finger fucking my granny in the front seat.I zip down my pants and pull my dick out, Barbara starts stroking it, then lean her down towards my hard penis and put my dick in her mouth.. Now Barbara is sucking my dick in the back seat. Sam see’s this and says, Ok im ready for you to drive now. We pull over at a rest stop, I’ve put my dick away and get myself ready to drive. Barbara say’s Alice we kaçak bahis can switch too. Alice gets out the car and pulls her panties off. Said, won’t be needing these for the rest of the trip.Sam pull his pants completely off, then gets into the back seat. Barbara looking in the mirror waiting to see what they are about to do. Sam lay’s across the back seat and Alice get’s on top of him. Sam is fucking my granny Alice in the back seat on our way to Vegas, Barbara is so horny now, she takes my dick out and starts sucking it while we drive.Barbara opens up her blouse and pulls her titty’s out, I too want to fuck, but only have 45 miles to go, so I push down on the pedal to speed up. in the meanwhile Sam is back there fucking my granny real good. I’m saying to myself, just wait til we get to the room, I’m gonna fuck his grandma real good to.About an hour later we arrive at the Timeshare. Sam is passed out with my granny on top of him. Barbara wakes them up so they can get dressed and we take our luggage to the room. Sam leads my granny Alice to his room and shuts the door. Barbara and I go to her room strip naked. I couldn’t wait to put my dick inside Sam’s grandma. Standing up naked, I turn Barbara around and have her touch her knees, while I slide my cock inside her warm gray haired pussy. She was thrusting her hips shoving my cock deeper into her pussy and loved how she wanted my cock to fuck her faster and deeper. I had my dick buried in that tight pussy fucking her like a teenager and had never felt anything so tight and so wet in a very long time. I was sucking and biting her tits and nipples as I fucked her harder till I blew a load deep in her. I kept my cock in her as my hands and mouth ravaged her big tits. I could feel my cock getting hard again and then I turned her over and on to her hands and knees with her ass in the air. I began to kiss and lick her ass cheeks and bite them. Then I spread her cheeks wide and found her asshole and began to lick it and suck it before I shoved illegal bahis a finger in her ass and two in her cunt. Then I got behind her and placed my dick to the opening of her asshole and pushed the head in. She was so tight and she felt so good. Slowly I shoved my cock in inch by inch still fingering her wet cunt. I rubbed her ass with my other hand and gave her a couple easy slaps than I began to push in deeper. My dick was balls deep I went wild on Barbara, fucking her harder and harder as I finger fucked her cunt and she was now moaning and screaming as she wanted more and more. Her ass was so tight around my cock it was almost choking me and I just wanted fuck her all night.Back in Sam’s room he eased her back on the bed and knelt between her legs. Sam kissed his way up to her pussy. He kissed the sides of her pussy then started to lick his way from her ass hole up to her pussy. He moved up and started to suck her clit and flick it with his tongue. Now she was humping her hips up into his mouth. They moved up on the bed and she straddled him. She took his cock in her hand, lined it up with her cunt and eased down onto it. She was so wet that in one movement he was all the way in. For maybe a breath she just sat there then she started moving her hips and fucking Sam. Sam pulled his knees up some and soon was able to match her rhythm. He grabbed her tits and pushed his cock all the way in my granny Alice started to cum and Sam pushed as deep as he could and filled her cunt with his cum.She collapsed onto Sam’s chest and he just held her close with her big soft tits against him. After a while his cock started to soften and she moved over to lie beside him. They cuddled and he ran his hands up and down her back and kissed her neck. They moved so that he was against her back. He had his arm over her and was just lightly running his hand over her tit and mostly the nipple.She pushed her ass back into him. His cock was in the crack of her ass and felt so good he got hard again. My grannies pussy was so wet from her juices and his cum it slipped right in. He just held her and gently, slowly moved his hips to fuck her. She had another small orgasm and they fell asleep with his cock inside her.

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