Grandma , Me AgainGrandma , Me Again


I walked in the house via the back door and could hear my grandma crying out in the basement “No Master. I won’t do it again. Please don’t hit me again. I’ll be good.”

“You fucking old bitch. I’m tired of coming home from work and finding you drunk. Alcohol is what killed your daughter and the only reason I still let you live here is so your brothers know you have a roof over your head.”

I went down the stairs to the basement and found grandma with cuffs on both wrists and ankles and secured to a wooden frame in the shape of an “X”.

She was completely nude and there was a puddle at the bottom of the frame. It was obvious that she had been fastened to the frame and had pissed on the floor.

Master daddy, dressed only in a black garter girdle, black full fashioned stockings, and one inch heels was holding a soft leather crop in his hand. He had obviously whacked her a few times as her big teats were red and her belly had red marks on it too.

Suddenly, without any warning, the water began dribbling out of her gray haired cunt lips and running down her thighs. Then it turned into a waterfall and went straight to the floor.

“You fucking old bitch. Did you ask me if you could piss again?” Master daddy asked her. He whacked her wet cunt twice and she flinched both times.

“Who in the hell is bringing you liquor? I’ve told every tavern and cab driver in town that you are not to have any liquor except what I give you to drink. Did Frank stop by this afternoon and have a bottle for you? Did he ask you to suck his cock too?” daddy asked.

“Frank stopped and had a bottle for me. I thought he would want to fuck me, but he only wanted me to suck his prick.” grandma replied.

“John, take this drunken bitch upstairs, get in the shower with her, scrub her good and then get her dressed. If you want to spend extra time washing her hairy cunt or sucking her nipples, that’s OK.” he said.

Master unfastened the cuffs from both her arms and ankles and I could see he was beginning to get excited as his cock was beginning to get erect. I took grandma by the arm and guided her out of the basement and upstairs. We went up to her room on the second floor and as we were going up the stairs I noticed how long her gray cunt hair was and how firm her buttocks were. Both cheeks were a little red where daddy had smacked her but she would be alright.

We went into her bedroom and I guided her to her rocking chair. She sat down and I told her she had been naughty. She looked at me through her glazed eyes and I wasn’t able to determine if she knew what I was saying to her or not. Suddenly, she just pulled my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and began playing with my nuts and cock.

“Agnes, you old motherfucker. If you want to suck my cock go right ahead, but I am going to get in the shower with you and play with your big teats and hairy cunt. Before we go back downstairs, you might even have had my cock buried in your cunt.” I told her.

She took my cock, peeled the foreskin back over the helmet and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked very gently on it and I got an erection immediately. She then began sucking on it with more force and playing with my nuts at the same time.

After a few minutes I told her to stop and get in the shower. As she pulled herself out of the chair, I pulled on her long nipples and helped her up. She was still drunk enough that I think she didn’t feel much pain as I pulled them.

I helped her put on a shower cap so she didn’t get her hair wet. It was a large walk in shower that could accommodate six or eight people at a time. There was a doorway, but no door. The sidewalls were about six feet high to prevent water from splashing out onto the floor.

As Agnes stepped into the shower I reached down under her cunt and pulled her long lips a bit then told her to turn around and face me and spread her legs wide apart so I could play with her cunt. She immediately told me she needed to piss again. I told her to go ahead and I would play with her hairy cunt while she peed.

Suddenly I felt a warm liquid on my hand and knew she was peeing. It began slowly as a trickle, but quickly turned into a raging torrent. My hand was causing it to divert to her ass and run down her thighs getting them all wet. Suddenly it was over and I took my hand and wiped it through her hairy cunt a couple of times.

With my other hand I picked up a nipple and rolled it around on my fingers until it began to stiffen. Then I put my mouth on it and began to gently suckle it, She had very long nipples so I was able to put my mouth on it with no problem at all. Agnes took her right hand and pulled my head closer to her so I could keep nursing her. She told me it felt good to have her teat suckled.

“You know daddy has a milking machine for women don’t you? I think it might be nice if I put your nipples on the suction cups and let the machine milk your big teats. Perhaps it will enable you to begin lactating again and give me some milk.” I told her.

“I üvey kız kardeş porno might enjoy that.” she replied.

I stopped sucking her nipple and told her we needed to get showered. I turned the water on and it came cascading down over us. I took the fragrant soap and told Agnes to spread her legs wide apart. As she did so, I took the soap and began washing her hairy cunt and lips with it. I even slipped the bar inside her vagina a bit and lathered that up too. Then I washed her back and legs and finally went up to wash her big teats. I took them one at a time and carefully washed them paying close attention to her nipples.

Agnes then took the soap from me and proceeded to wash my cock and nuts. She peeled my foreskin back so she could get the glans nice and clean and then slipped the soap through to my ass. She turned me around and washed my back and legs and then I rinsed off.

I got a large fluffy towel from the linen closet and unfolded it and began wiping her dry. I paid particular attention to getting between her legs and wiping her hairy cunt dry. Legs and armpits followed until she was completely dry.

She took the towel from me and dried me off except for my cock and balls. She decided to have a little snack and got on her knees and stuck my flaccid cock in her mouth. It didn’t take very long until my flaccid cock was quite erect and filled her mouth up good.

I wanted to blow my nuts off in her mouth, but I told her we needed to get dressed and go downstairs so Master daddy could see her. Her nipples and buttocks weren’t red anymore, so I figured she wasn’t hurt too badly.

I got a pair of dark sheer stockings, a black eight strap garter girdle, a black cut our bra, and a pair of sheer black Directoire Knickers for her to put on. She wanted to know why she had to wear a bra and I told her that Master wanted to see her aureole and nipples, but also wanted her teats held in place. She slipped into the garter girdle and pulled it up so it covered most of her ass. Then she sat on the bed and pulled her stockings on which went clear up to her cunt lips, followed by the DK’s. I slipped the bra straps through her arms and pulled it up so I could fasten it in back. We put her teats in each cup making sure the aureole and nipples were sticking out of the cut out portion.

“What are you going to wear?” she asked.

“Almost the same thing you’re wearing.” I replied. “By the way, did Frank stop over this afternoon with a bottle of whisky for you?”

“Yes. He came over about two o’clock and had a pint of Canadian Club. We had a few drinks and then I sucked him off and he left. I guess I had too much to drink and passed out. Master found me and took me to the basement and fastened me to that horrible device and began whipping my pussy and teats.” she said.

“You should know better than that.” I said. “The next time you do that Master will put a catheter in your pee hole and a bag around your thigh. Then he will suture your fucking cunt lips closed for three or four days. You won’t be able to fuck Frank and probably won’t feel like sucking his cock either. Why do you think Margaret had six rings in her labial lips? Every time he sutured her up, he used those openings to do it.”

“He wouldn’t do that to me.” Agnes replied.

“Well, he did it three or four times to your daughter

when she was fucking Frank. He can be a mean bastard when he wants to be. Just don’t do it again.” I told her. “Now let me go get dressed.” I said

“I want to watch you. I watched you when you were a little boy and wore our corsets and nylons. Now let me watch you slip into a garter belt and hose.” she said.

Agnes came into my bedroom and watched intently as I got out my sheer black garter belt with eight straps, chocolate brown full fashioned stockings, and sheer white DK’s. I pulled on my garter belt, then sat down and folded my stockings, one at a time and slipped my feet into them. They came about three fourths of the way up my thighs. Slipping into the DK’s and pulling them up kept the welt of my stockings from showing. Just the effect I desired.

Agnes said “Oh you look like a sissy boy except I know you are a real man. I love seeing your prick through the material of your DK’s darling. I may need to suck it in a minute. You are so naughty.”

I slipped into my one inch pumps, told her to get her shoes, and we went downstairs. Master daddy was sitting in the living room waiting for us. He was still in the same attire he was wearing when he was whipping Agnes.

“Did you get the whore all cleaned up? I see she looks a lot better than when you took her upstairs.” he said.

“Sit down and listen to me Agnes. You are welcome to stay in the household, but if you do, you are going to be my slave and whore as well as John’s. If I tell you to suck my cock, you simply say “Yes Master” and do it. If John wants to fuck you, you say “Yes Master” and spread your cunt lips wide open to receive his xnxx porno prick. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master daddy. I understand and I do want to stay. I promise to not drink anymore unless you or John give it to me. I’ll be a good slave.” she replied.

“Tomorrow we are going to Princeton to a lingerie shop run by a close friend of mine and outfit you with some new clothing. These will be items you will wear every day around the house. Most of the time you will not be wearing panties or DK’s so you are accessible to us, but sometimes we will tell you to put a pair on. John will take care of your personal needs like showering, washing your cunt, and other things. Do I make myself clear to you?” he asked.

“Yes Master. I understand. If I need to pee, will John help me and play with me as I go? she asked.

“Exactly. He can play with your cunt or clit or pee hole if he wants to. Tonight you are going to sleep with me, as you will most nights and I’ll fuck you two or three times. You’ll not wipe your cunt after I shoot my semen inside you, but will put on a pair of black briefs. I want to make sure your crotch is soaking wet by morning.” daddy told her. “After I leave for work, you’re John’s to do with as he wants.”

“If John or I come home and find you passed out because you’re drunk, I will put the ball gag in your mouth, strap you down on the dining room table, insert a catheter in your bladder, pierce your long cunt lips in three or four places and suture your cunt shut for several days. When I remove the sutures, we will put rings in your cunt lips, so if it happens again, I’ll suture your cunt through those holes. Is that clear you old whore”?

“Yes Master, perfectly clear. I won’t get drunk anymore unless it is with you or John.” Agnes replied.

“Did you suck John’s cock this afternoon? Did you make him blast a load of semen in your mouth?”

No Master. I sucked his cock, but he told me to not make him climax.” Agnes said.

“Good. Then we can have a couple of cocktails, smoke a cigarette or two, eat some dinner, then play with you.” Master said.

Master called out for dinner and it was delivered within thirty minutes. Agnes had to take turns playing with our cocks as she ate. When she finished , she went to her knees in front of Master daddy and took his entire prick in her mouth. He had turned his chair so I could see her sucking him off and it didn’t take very long for him to become erect. Suddenly, she turned to me and took my cock in her mouth and brought me to an erection.

“Now I have to piss, so take me to the side porch and pull my DK’s down and watch me flood the sidewalk.” Agnes said.

We went out the side door and Master took her knickers off. Agnes spread her long cunt lips wide apart and proceeded to piss all over the sidewalk and steps. She peed for about two minutes, then told Master to slip her knickers back on her legs and pull them up.

We went back inside, cleared the table, had a glass of brandy and cigarette, then went to the living room. It was getting late and Master told me to go up to my room and that he and Agnes were going to go to bed. “She is going to get fucked three times tonight and will have her cunt flooded with my baby batter.” he told us.

I went upstairs, waited five minutes, then went back down stairs. It was evident that Master daddy was already fucking grandma. She was hollering at him “Fuck me you cocks man. I need all your prick in me.”

“I’m giving you my entire cock you old whore. You fuck better than your daughter did. I’m not quite sure what Frank saw in her other than she was an easy lay for him. As drunk as she was everyday I don’t know how she could fuck. Now let me spray your cunt with some hot pollen.”

Agnes hollered and said “You filled my cunt up your big prick. Now let me suck your cock and clean it off.”

I knew that was the first of what would be three or maybe even four times that he would fuck her tonight. I went back up to my bedroom and went to sleep.

I went downstairs about eight o’clock in the morning and both grandma and daddy were in the kitchen. Grandma was sitting in a chair at the table and daddy was fixing breakfast. Grandma’s wrapper was open and I could plainly see that she was wearing sheer white briefs rather than the DK’s she had been wearing last night. As I moved in front of her, she spread her legs open, grinned at me, and pointed to the crotch of her briefs. It was soaking wet and not from having been peed in. Grandma held up three fingers to let me know Master had fucked her three times during the night and wouldn’t let her wipe her soaking wet cunt at all.

She closed her legs and smiled at me silently mouthing “I want some of your cock after he leaves for work this morning.” I smiled back and nodded my head up and down indicating I could do that.

About that time daddy turned around and told us that breakfast was ready. His cock was still swaying back and forth as he wore only his garter girdle and zenci porno stockings and pumps.

We ate breakfast, smoked a cigarette, had another cup of coffee and Master told us he needed to go to the office for the morning. “Just be ready to suck my cock when I come home you old bitch.” he told her.

He left his attire on but put on a pair of trousers and socks and shoes along with a sport shirt and left.

“What are you going to do with me this morning?” Agnes asked me.

“First, I’m going to get the douche bulb out and wash the inside walls of you semen soaked cunt. I may have to do it two or three times, but you will enjoy it.” I told her.

“I haven’t had a douche in years.” she replied. “It may feel good if you don’t get the water too hot.”

We went upstairs to the bathroom, again with me gazing at her gray cunt hair and firm ass. She was pretty amazing for being sixty.

I found the douche bulb in the closet, took the nozzle off, and filled it with warm water. “Now lie down on the shower floor and let me put this fucking nozzle inside your cunt. Then I’m going to squeeze the bulb and wash your cunt out. If the water is too warm let me know. If it’s not warm enough, let me know too so I can make it warmer.” I said.

She spread her legs apart and pulled her big cunt lips open and I gently inserted the nozzle in her cunt.

“Oooohhh. That almost feels like a long cock.” she said.

Suddenly the water came pouring back out of her cunt along with strings of sperm filled semen that fell down onto the shower floor

“He certainly filled your gaping cunt up with semen.” I told her “It’s pouring out of your cunt as the water drips out. Now let me fill the bulb again and rinse you out a second time.”

Once again I inserted the nozzle into her cunt. This time the water was just a little warmer, but Agnes told me it felt good. Less semen came dripping out this time and I thought one more rinse would have her nice and clean. Suddenly, I felt something warm and wet on my forearm. I looked to see what it was. Well, Agnes decided she needed to piss and her stream was now going past my arm about three feet away.

“I’m sorry. It was all the coffee I drank for breakfast and I couldn’t hold it in anymore.” she said.

“It’s OK. Now stand up and spread your feet apart. I’m going to take some of this very fragrant soap and wash your cunt and belly with it. Then we are going to your bed and I’m going to begin by eating your gray haired pussy and your long clit. I’m going to eat you until I have you screaming at me about how good it feels and how I am making you climax all over the place. Then I’m going to nurse your nipples, and finally give you another good fucking spilling my hot semen in your soaking wet cunt.”

Agnes stood up and spread her legs. I lathered a washcloth and began washing her long cunt lips as well as the area around her thighs. Then I lathered up the fur on her belly and gave that a good washing. I rinsed her off, then dried her off and took her by the hand and led her toward her bedroom.

When we got to her bedroom I made her sit down in the rocking chair, unfastened her wet stockings, and peeled them off. Then I dried her feet and ankles and got a different pair of stockings for her to put on.

“I’ll put these on after you eat my pussy.” she said.

So I told her to spread her long cunt lips apart and I went in with my mouth and tongue. I found her rather prominent clit and latched on to it and sucked it gently for a few minutes. Agnes began to wiggle in the chair and I knew I was getting her excited. I moved my mouth down her slit until I found her large pee hole and began to suck on it, trying to slip my tongue inside it.

“You big cunt eater.” she said. “You sucked my clit and got me all excited. Now I’m ready for your cock to fuck me, so let’s get into bed. But let me put my stockings on first.”

She got them on and fastened the garters and climbed onto her bed. We cuddled for a few minutes when she finally said “You know I am your fathers mistress don’t you? I’ve been bedding with him since your mother and my daughter passed away four months ago. He’s fucking me on a regular basis, which means almost every night. But, I was naughty and got drunk, so he has passed me to you. Now let me get your cock all hard so you can stick it in me and fuck me good.” Agnes said.

She stroked my cock which was fully erect in thirty seconds and said “Now I’m going to pull my cunt lips apart and you slide that long cock inside my cunt as far as you can. If you get it all the way up to my cervix that will be even better. I want you to make me climax a few times and then blow your nuts off inside me. When I’m done, I’ll finish up by sucking your cock all clean.”

I got between her legs, looking at all the grey hair on her belly and cunt as I did so. She spread her long cunt lips wide open for me and I eased my prick inside her cunt. She was nice and wet and it slid in as far as I could get it.

“Oh. That’s it you big motherfucker. Just give me as much of that cock as you can. You feel a little different than Master does. Maybe a little longer or a little thicker. Just slide it in and out of my cunt so I can climax, then I’ll let you know when I want your baby batter spewing away inside me.”

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