Graduation Celebration Ch. 01Graduation Celebration Ch. 01


My time as a high-school kid was over. The ceremony had been two days earlier, and I was now basking in the knowledge that from now on, life would be much better. No more hassling teachers, no more idiot jocks, making your life unbearable. From now on, life was going to be the way I wanted it to be.

I had already decided to go to State, because I was not exactly an overachiever and my parents weren’t exactly rich. I was real happy with that development. I had heard all kinds of stories about college, and I couldn’t wait to actually leave my small home town.

It was a sunny afternoon, about 2 pm, and I was sitting in our backyard, wearing trunks, sipping on a beer I had stolen from the fridge. My parents were not supposed to be back for another four hours, having gone to visit my aunt. Unfortunately, the family budget had never been enough to built a pool in our backyard, so I was basking in the sun and occasionally showering off the sweat.

As I was sitting in the lawn-chair, my eyes closed thinking about the good times ahead, I noticed something clicking next to me. I opened my eyes, and there was Shawna, our next-door neighbor, standing by the hedge that marked the border of ours and her backyard. Shawna and her husband Tom had moved into that house about ten years ago, just after they had married. She was now somewhere between 30 and 35, and she was looking fabulous. I had often wondered what it would be like to see her naked and when I was jerking off I even imagined her riding my hard dick. Well, dreams. I knew she was really happy with Tom, and he was a great guy, so in reality, she was nothing more than a nice next-door neighbor who sometimes came over for dinner. Oh, and they had a pool.

“Hey there, big man,” Shawna said, smiling, “I heard you’ve graduated! How’s it feel?”

I shifted a bit in my chair, so I could look at her without being blinded by the sun.

“Well, it’s great. I’m gonna be off to State in a few weeks, so I’m soaking up the sun in our backyard in order to look all tan…for the chicks, ya know?” I replied, laughing.

It made Shawna laugh too.

“So, I got an idea. Since you should be celebrating your graduation I think you should come over and use our pool. There’s no use for a pool if no one’s actually swimming in it. And if you want, I’ll make sure you won’t have to steal your dad’s beer anymore.” Shawna said.

She had read my mind. Of course I accepted, thanking her all the time while grabbing the towel next to me and looking for my shades, and went into her backyard. The pool was filled with crystal-clear water, and everything looked a lot neater than out backyard. So Tom was a banker-bigshot, but that backyard, it looked like a fucking imperial garden. While silently cursing my father for working in a silly super-market instead of some multi-national corporation and raking in thousands of bucks every month, I looked around for something to sit on.

“Oh, John, wait, the chairs are still in the shed, why don’t you help me to get them out!” Shawna said and walked towards the shed in the far right corner of the garden. As she was walking in front of me, I noticed for the first time that she was wearing fucking short pants. I mean, they were not just short, they were “fucking” short. It was difficult to not notice the base of her ass peeking out, and just in between I could see the outline of a thong, that, at the top of her pants, peaked out a bit, showing me a nice, white triangle. I had always been a sucker for visible thongs, but seeing it on Shawna was a bit strange. I mean, she was more like an aunt to me, so looking at those perfectly sculpted globes and seeing that thong in between made me feel uneasy. I averted my eyes, instead staring at her back.

Shawna had wonderful blonde hair, straight and almost touching her butt. In the gleaming sunlight, the reflection her hair caused was almost blinding me. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but that hair really looked great. And I’m not a fucking coiffeur, but it still intrigued me. In fact, all those visual sensations were getting to me, and I felt my dick stirring.

My alarms went off.

“You are wearing trunks. Don’t you fucking dare to get a hard-on!” was the text ringing in my head. I concentrated on not getting a fucking hard-on and once again averted my eyes, making sure they stayed clear of any visual representation of the body moving on front of me. Shawna was now opening the doors to the shed. She walked around to the lawn-chairs, one stacked over the other and grabbed the handles on one side.

“Take those handles over there,” she said and pointed to the ones I was standing next to. I did, and as I bent over, she bent over too.

“Fuck!” my alarms screamed, when my view brushed over Shawna’s nipples, exposed because of a rather loose shirt she had decided to wear without a bra. Alright, so I didn’t want to see them. Really, I would have loved to just carry those fucking chairs out onto their lawn, but no, fate made me look at Shawna’s jugs. They were beautiful. I mean, I knew that they şişli escort were not real. Shawna had told my mother and she had told my father during dinner, so I knew. But they still looked fabulous. Creamy, white skin and very pink nipples, jutting out, probably because of the chill in that shed.

Alright, so I had seen those fantastic tits. No problem. I was going to ignore what I had just seen, and just go on, without sporting a raging hard-on. My concentration helped a bit, and when we had those chairs out and they were standing next to each other on the lawn, I had everything under control.

Well, until Shawna decided to get rid of her shirt. As I looked up, she had just pulled the shirt over her head, and what I had accidentally brushed with my eyes in the shed was now produced on a silver platter. That glimpse moments before was now like watching a movie-trailer before seeing the real feature. Her breasts really were awesome. Not too large, but still quite big, due to their rather “artificial” nature, they were perky as hell. Since Shawna was lifting her arms, I was able to examine the whole set. They were a fucking masterpiece. Not a single scar anywhere to be seen. Not at the base, nor at her nipples. Fucking fantastic.

Luckily, I was still standing behind one of the chairs, because my alarms had failed. My dick was at that very second filled with what I guessed were about two-thirds of my whole blood supply.

As Shawna threw her shirt onto her chair, she looked at me, suddenly surprised.

“Oh my god, John, I hope you don’t mind. But I really hardly find bra’s for my bikinis, they’re far too small. So I swim topless. I mean, you’re a grown-up, I won’t turn you into a homicidal maniac by showing you a pair of tits, right?” Shawna said and laughed, while starting to climb out of her shorts.

“Uhh…yes…I mean, no, no problem at all. Go ahead, I’m used to see tits all the time, believe you me!” I said, wanting to be funny, frantically trying to conceal the tent that had been erected behind my lawn chair.

Shawna laughed.

“Well then you won’t mind seeing a woman in a thong either, right?” she said, and dropped her shorts onto the chair. I glanced at her, trying to not look at her tits or at that tiny white thong she had just uncovered.

I just shook my head, Shawna chuckled and walked over to the edge of the pool. I was unable now to avert my eyes again and couldn’t help but to admire her perfect ass. Hell, that woman was a 30-something and had an ass I hadn’t seen on girls my age before. It was full, but not fat, and seemed to be as taut as the rest of her body. It hit me like a fucking baseball-bat:

Shawna had the body of a porn-star. Not a model, she was too curvy for that, and her face was prettier than any model’s I had seen before. She had top porn-star qualities. My dick was now definitely not under control anymore. My cerebral ability was far too weak to help me cope with this, so I decided only physical aid would help. Without looking left or right, I ran over to that pool and jumped right in.

When the cold water hit me, my body tensed, and when the water splashed over my head, I was feeling a wave of relief. Suddenly my mind was filled with nothing but pure relief. I was relieved to have evaded an embarrassing moment and I was relieved to have gotten rid of the heat tormenting me since I had stepped into our backyard.

When I surfaced, Shawna was gone. I turned in the water, scanning the surface for any trace, but couldn’t see anything. Suddenly I felt something on my butt. I spun around as quickly as I could, just in time to see Shawna surfacing right in front of me.

She was laughing, throwing back her wet, blond hair.

“Sorry, that was just too tempting. I saw you standing there and I had to surprise you!” she said.

“Well, had to be my butt, right?” I wanted to say, but instead just grinned awkwardly.

“You got me!” I said, while treading water and trying not to fall in love with that smiling face in front of me, attached to a body that was now floating in front of me. Shawna’s tits were half out of the water, as we were looking at each other.

“Quite refreshing, isn’t it,” Shawna said, “my nipples sure think so!” I looked at her breasts, and noticed those pink nipples jutting out of the water. I just nodded, and Shawna started to swim to the edge of the pool. She put her hands onto the concrete and pulled herself up a bit, so her tits and belly were now exposed, with her legs lazily treading the water.

“That doctor sure did a nice job!” Shawna said, and was now squeezing her own tits. I gulped, trying to look unfazed. “What do you think, John? I mean, you’re a man now, your judgment counts!” Shawna said and looked at me. I didn’t know what to say. I mean, I didn’t want it to look like I was coming on to her, but at the same time I knew that my silence would be suspicious. So I opted for a compromise.

“Well, I think Tom really is lucky to have paid for those!” I said.

Shawna chuckled, and nodded.

“Well, mecidiyeköy escort Tom really is lucky, you’re right. He’s a bit of a tit-fanatic,” Shawna said and kept massaging her tits, “and they feel absolutely natural. I don’t know exactly what’s in there, but it’s good stuff! Wanna feel?”

Already accustomed to the temperature of the water, my dick was once again reacting to the sensations my brains hammered into his direction. Beautiful porn-star like woman massaging own tits, offering to cop a feel. Yep, any dick would have given in, not just mine. My conscious was telling me a totally different story though. Neighbor of ten years, married, aunt-like, asking for advice on bodily matters. Fuck, I didn’t know what to do. Should I just stand there, turning this whole thing into another awkward female related situation, or should I simply tread over to Shawna and grab her tits, probably qualifying me for jackass-hell.

Shawna obviously didn’t like waiting, so she pushed herself off the edge of the pool and came towards me. Before I could react, she had grabbed one of my hands and put it on her right tit. I was close to spurting into my trunks, when I felt the smooth surface of her surgically enhanced breasts. Little drops of water were sparkling on them, while Shawna moved my hand over her nipple. It felt hard, but rubbery, instantly swelling even more under my touch. I didn’t dare looking at her.

“Come on, John, don’t be shy, squeeze them a bit!” Shawna urged me on. Hesitantly, I put a bit of pressure onto my fingertips, but that wasn’t enough for Shawna. She squeezed the hand I had on her tit. She was right, it felt absolutely natural, well, as much as I was able to judge. It didn’t just feel all natural, it also felt horny. It felt so horny, I was actually thinking about whipping out my dick and fucking those tits, but my conscious was still alert enough to evade such a drastic measure.

“Well, you want a beer?” Shawna suddenly asked, and just then I noticed the innocent expression on her face. Damn, she was showing me her artificial tits. There were definitely no other thoughts behind this.

I nodded quickly, pulling away from her breast. Shawna turned around and pushed herself out of the pool, giving me another porn-star worthy look of her perfect ass and her thong covered pussy.

When Shawna was in the house, I quickly got out of the pool too, sat on one of the chairs and covered my trunks with my towel. I heard the phone ring inside, and was glad Shawna would not come back during the next minute, giving me a few moments to relax and get everything back to normal. I closed my eyes and thought of the fat ass my chemistry teacher sported, trying to kill any sexual notion inside my mind. Just as I was seeing Mrs.Green’s fat ass in front of me, something ice-cold touched my belly. I jumped, the towel flying off my lap, exposing the still reasonably sized tent that once were my trunks.

Shawna was laughing and holding her side as she stood there with a bottle of beer in each hand. Suddenly her laughing stopped and I saw her staring at my crotch. She wore a rather surprised look, and after a second, raised her eyebrows and said:

“Well, John, you seem to have had some enlargements too, haven’t you?” I turned, looking for the towel, but Shawna was faster and before I had any chance to reach it, it was dangling down her hand.

“Looking for this, big boy? Don’t need to, because there’s nothing you can cover I haven’t seen before!” she said, starting to laugh again. Out of options, I joined in, mustering a nervous laughter. I was sure my face must have been red as a tomato, and looking at Shawna, whose tits were shaking as she was laughing her ass off, didn’t exactly make my dick back off.

Shawna handed me a bottle of beer.

“No need to be ashamed, big boy,” she said, “I of course know how easy young guys are excited, and frankly, I’m glad I can still do that to a hunk like you!”

I started to be proud. She had just called me a hunk, something I’d never have called myself. But, who was I to disagree?

Shawna was now standing in front of me with a grin, that also seemed to bear some pride in it. Right then, I would have loved for her to just come over, whip out my dick and suck it until I’d come in her mouth. Well, she obviously didn’t really think so, but instead turned to sit on her chair. Oh, aunt-like, I remembered.

The two lawn-chairs were standing in such an angle to another, that I was able to actually see between her legs, since Shawna was sitting there with a knees pulled up to her breasts. I didn’t want her to notice my staring, and put on my shades.

“Uh, John. Those were your folks on the phone a few minutes ago. They tried calling at your house, but when no one answered tried it here. They said they have wound up in some kind of family-crisis and will not be back until tomorrow afternoon!” Shawna said.

“And well, since Tom is somewhere in Florida, sorting out all kinds of things with their franchise, we’ll be able to hang out all night. Sound cool?”

Sound cool? No, did not sound cool. Sound fan-fucking-tastic! I was going to hang out with Shawna, drink beer and maybe cop another feel of that body. My reply was a bit less evocative than my thoughts:

“Uh, sure, cool!” I said, smiling dumbly.

“Great. So let’s catch a few rays before we start planning our nightly activities!” Shawna said, turning onto her back, fully exposing her tits to the sun – and me.

I took a sip from my ice-cold beer, absolutely at ease with the world. Here I was, next to a pool and a very, very attractive woman, half-naked, and could drink beer without having any parents cracking down onto that kind of easy-going life.

So Shawna and I did bask in the sun. We actually soaked up three hours of sun, drinking one bottle of beer after the other, and soon we were cappuccino-colored and drunk.

We were just sitting and talking about the latest developments on the music-market, when suddenly Shawna got up and said:

“John…I think it’s time for a last swim!”

She was swaying a bit as she got up, and the blonde, long-dried hair was framing her beautiful face. I was hard again, but I didn’t care anymore. I knew Shawna was drunk, and I knew she didn’t mind me having an erection in her presence.

“So John, I wasn’t really honest, when I told you I normally swim topless. In fact, I normally swim stark-naked. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll do that now!” Shawna said, and again my reaction-time was way over par, as Shawna simply slipped out of her tiny thong, exposing a carefully trimmed, and otherwise smooth pussy.

“Well, John, I like to keep a bit of a landingstrip so the guys always know where to land!” Shawna said, chuckled and jumped into the pool. I was quite a bit less inhibited then as I was a few hours earlier. So without hesitating, I jumped up, threw off my trunks and dove into the pool.

When I opened my eyes after surfacing, I saw Shawna floating on her back. She was chuckling, as she saw how I was ogling between her legs, not caring anymore that she could get angry if I went too far.

“John, I bet you’re already sporting one of those hard-ons you tend to get, right?” Shawna said.

“Yeah…wanna feel?” I was getting bold.

Shawna smiled, and I was sure she’d wave it off, when she suddenly said yes, and came towards me. When she was standing on front of me, I could feel her breath on my skin, and my dick just grew another inch. Without even a flicker, Shawna grabbed my dick.

“Wow…!” was all I could say, as her hand wrapped around my dick. There was nothing shy and hesitant about her movements. In the next second, her mouth was on mine, our tongues sliding out to meet the other. All my considerations regarding married “aunt” Shawna were forgotten, as I wrapped one hand around her right breast and the other around her butt. Shawna was now furiously rubbing my dick, while I was squeezing her body and exploring her mouth with my tongue.

Her tits felt so fucking fine, with that hard rubbery nipple poking into my hand, and her butt that felt like I had imagined it would feel. Soft, but still perky.

Suddenly Shawna broke our kiss, backing away a bit, forcing me to take my hands off her body. What the hell was she up to?

“I don’t want to waste time in here, let’s move out, big boy!” Shawna said in a matter of factly manner and pulled me, while tugging on my dick, out onto the lawn.

On the lawn, Shawna turned around. She didn’t seem to be that drunk anymore, she rather seemed quite fucking horny. She took a step towards me and gave me a wet kiss. Trailing down my neck and chest, she was soon right in front of my cock.

“You know, I’ve been dieing to do that since I saw you the first time wearing those trunks!” Shawna said and smiled up at me. Who was I to disagree? She really looked like I had just given her a really nice little pony, the one she had wanted forever.

I let out a little groan as Shawna wrapped her warm lips around my cockhead. The feeling of her warm, wet mouth around my hard dick was bliss. Flashes of past experiences with girls from high-school flickered through my mind, that awkward girl Jessy almost biting off my dick or Nicole, the high-school slut, choking on my dick in the men’s toilet and vomiting on my shoes. “Hell, ” I realized, “I have never actually gotten my dick sucked well!” Now, Shawna was doing something she quite probably had had a lot of practice doing.

While keeping steady eye-contact with those beautiful blue eyes of her, Shawna let her tongue slide from base to head of my dick, coating it in a sheer film of saliva. Opening her mouth wide, she was now swallowing two thirds of my dick, until she actually made contact with the sensitive skin. It was the most spectacular feeling I had ever had. I groaned and my knees almost gave in, I was just too fucking horny. That beautiful woman kneeling in front of me was sucking my dick like a fucking pro, and I was getting the inkling that maybe she even was a pro. I mean, fake tits, pornstar ass and baby blue eyes paired with long, blonde hair. Wasn’t such a wild guess, was it? And well, I never actually knew what she was doing all day except hanging out at the pool.

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