Gorgeous Sister in Law fulfil all desiresGorgeous Sister in Law fulfil all desires


A few months ago, my sister, my only sister in law ( Nora) suffered through a bad patch with her Husband. They had been married for many years, but their relationship had been going south for a while. So she came to stay with my wife and I during that time, not wanting to be in the house alone. Now, my sister in law was a knockout; gorgeous brunette, 5’4″ 135 lbs (enough to give her some curves, which is what I like), long smooth legs, a nice subtle tan, and a robust large C/small D rack. She looks a lot like my wife, only a few years younger and a little slimmer. My wife and I enjoyed a healthy sex life, if a little infrequent for my liking (par for the course for married men). I was still getting it a couple times a week normally, and was perfectly content. One of the ways I’d sometimes fill in the time in between was pumping off fantasizing about my wife’s hot sister. I’d been fantasizing about fucking her for years, though I knew it’d never happen. I didn’t know what she thought of me (in that way); but really it didn’t matter. We got along fine, and over time I did become fond of her, pretty much thinking of her as an actual sister (not just sister in law) in many ways. She came over with her suitcase on a Sunday afternoon, and I met her at the door. She greeted me with a huge smile and a kiss way closer to the lips than usual, but I thought nothing of it. She’d been acting slightly more “affectionate” I suppose since her breakup, but nothing outside the realm of brother/sister relations. The three of us made small talk while I carried her suitcase through the house, and we got her set up in the guest room. We caught up a bit, and then made dinner; we closed out the night watching a movie; I ended up in between them on the couch. My wife rested her head on my shoulder, and after awhile Nora did the same with my other shoulder; my wife didn’t seem to mind TOO much, do she did give an odd sideways glance at one point. Again, I thought nothing of it (other than a slight stirring in my pants brought on by the sustained physical contact with the ‘forbidden fruit’ so to speak. Neither of them noticed said stirring, to my knowledge. We retired to bed; my wife and I in the master bedroom, Nora in the guest room. Having work the next day, I just went right to sleep. My wife on the other hand took the first couple days of that week off to spend time with her sister. My wife always got up early to go to the gym (I could never bring myself to do that; I generally would work out after work). Faraway through my muddled sleepy head, I heard her alarm, and rustling through the dresser drawers, bathroom sink, etc. But then surprisingly after a few minutes, she crawled back into bed with me. This was not unprecedented; she and I have enjoyed a little morning extracurricular activity from time to time. I reached over and stroked her smooth thigh. It was hard to see since the sun hadn’t really come up yet, and it was still dark in the room, but despite that I quickly realized she was naked. She pressed herself up against me, nuzzling my neck. Blood continued to rush to my rod until it was straining against my shorts (which were all I was wearing). She quickly took care of that, removing the shorts. I closed my eyes as she dove under the covers, first cupping my balls, then licking the entire length of my shaft, from my balls all the way up to my cut helmet head. I mumbled “C’mon, you sure we should do this, with your sister in the house?” She mumbled something inaudibly around my shaft, which she had just now taken into her mouth. She sucked me for a few minutes, then moved back up and nibbled my ear. I reached escort down to her mound, brushing it across her ample tits. What I found was a little surprising; she was completely smooth around her pussy area, which was rare. She usually left a bit down there, complaining that shaving it smooth irritated her, and itched. She claimed shaving it smooth during our honeymoon at my request halfway ruined sex for her that week; whatever haha. But it looked like I was lucky today! I probed for her clit as she let out a small gasp. She was already soaking wet! At this point she was ready to stop messing around. She swung her leg over me to straddle me, and positioned her hot vagina over my rock hard member. I squinted into the still near-darkness as I saw her dark silhouette reach down and guide my rod to the opening of her now dripping wet cunt. She worked it in slowly at first, a moan escaping her lips. “Quiet, she can probably hear us!” I hissed. She ignored me and continued to rock slowly, feeding more and more of me into her until I was buried to the hilt. She began riding slowly, gradually picking up speed. I was now thrusting my hips up to meet her. Wow! This felt amazing. Her tight sheath worked my rod, and her smooth mound bounced against me again and again. She was having an orgasm, as I felt her become even wetter, working my dick even more furiously. I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me, planting a deep kiss on her. She was feisty today! I could feel it all building toward my best orgasm in months. This was a passion I hadn’t seen from her in awhile, and I was loving it. I palmed her tits, and found nipples harder that I ever remembered. This was fantastic! I took one into my mouth and bit it lightly, eliciting another gasp. This drove her over the edge into her second orgasm. She wasn’t quiet with this one. I was thinking between that, and the now loud slapping of our slick pelvises, Jillian HAD to be able to hear us. As this continued, I no longer cared; this was the best sex I’d had in a long time, and I groaned my approval as I felt my balls tighten. As my wife reached her third orgasm, I began cumming violently, depositing my seed deep within her. “Yes!” I exclaimed as I continued to fill her up with my warm spunk. She kept slamming me and didn’t stop until she had put herself over the edge of her fourth orgasm; by that time my rod was milked dry, and began to soften. She pulled herself off of me. I squinted over at the clock, as the morning sun was now starting to come through the window. “Heh, no gym for you I guess; you missed your workout class.” After a pause, she said “Huh?” Light coming through the window a bit more abundantly now, I looked up at her face. It was still tough to make out, but…. “OH FUCK!” I exclaimed. It wasn’t my wife looking back at me, it was Nora confusion on her face. “Get the fuck out of here!” I yelled, as I all but threw her out of bed. “But…” she stammered, “I thought you…” I was livid; I had essentially just been raped by my sister in law. No wonder about the strange behavior, and the couple odd physical characteristics I noticed. “Get out, now!” I roared. She skittered away, hand between her legs as my cum leaked out and dripped onto the floor. “Fuck. …What have I done?” I said aloud once she had left the room. I looked at the clock again; my wife would likely be home from her workout class soon, and I needed to leave the scene ASAP. I jumped in the shower to wash away Nora’s sex (as if that were possible). I managed to get ready and get out before my wife made it home. Nora was in the kitchen making coffee as I was leaving; bayan escort she held a mug out to me; I ignored her and slammed the door. ‘Not now,’ I thought; had to figure out what the fuck I was gonna do. The work day CRAWLED. Needed to get the fuck out of there… but then go where? Back home to my wife and sister in law? Return to the scene of the crime? After I had calmed down a bit, my mind started to wander, thinking of the amazing sex I had had that morning. My dick grew bigger at the thought… after all, fucking my sister in law was my number one fantasy; and it had been fulfilled, like it or not, willfully or not. My wife was beautiful in her own right, but her sister just took that and brought it up a notch across the board. What a body she had, curves and proportions distributed just the right way, younger smoother skin, and (as I had noticed) a slightly tighter (and smooth shaved) pussy. It was undeniably wrong, but I had to admit that was possibly the best sex I’d ever had. Maybe there’d be another chance to be alone with her later this week.. ‘NO’ I told myself… ‘STOP’. What the fuck was I thinking? I had just fucked my wife’s sister, inadvertently pissing all over our marriage vows, and now here I was thinking about finding an opportunity to do it again? No. This had to stop. Despite my best efforts, I had a sort of half erection all day at work, unable to get my smoking hot sister in law out of my mind. I staggered through the rest of the day until quitting time, failing to get any real actual work done along the way. I drove home, heart pounding. I walked in the door to find them sitting on the couch watching TV. My wife greeted me with a hug and a kiss. Clearly she, to this point, had no knowledge of what had gone on in our bed that morning. Moving to the bedroom, it appeared Nora had cleaned up after us and made the bed (which I had not done in my haste to get the fuck out of there). Good. My wife’s cell phone rang. Shit. I had forgotten that she had a conference call for work that she needed to participate in today from 5:30 to 6. She went into the study to take the call, leaving me alone with her sister in the living room. Jillian went to the kitchen, and I sat down on the couch. I changed the TV channel to something sports related (not that I could really focus on anything at that moment). She came back with two beers, handing one to me. “Thanks,” I grunted. I opened mine. She smiled sweetly and asked me to open hers for her, “I need my big strong man to open mine for me,” she said. “YOUR big strong man?” I exclaimed. “I’m spoken for.” I opened her beer, handed it back to her, and then proceeded to down half of mine straight away. She sipped hers and sat down on the couch next to me, a little too close. I edged over, but she sidled up close again. She was dressed in a low cut blouse and a knee length skirt. They’d been out downtown shopping earlier I guess, and she hadn’t changed out of that outfit. Despite myself, having her this close to me was once again exciting me on a carnal level. She looked absolutely stunning, as always. My hand inadvertently fell onto her smooth tanned knee, and I jerked it away. “What the hell were you doing this morning?” I asked her, trying unsuccessfully to push her away. “What the hell were you thinking?” She replied, “Come on, you obviously enjoyed it.” She had nerve. “No shit, but I thought you were my wife. If I knew it had been you, you would have been thrown out of the room immediately.” I struggled to keep my voice down so as not to be heard by my wife. She smirked and reached over and grabbed my crotch, which escort bayan was at roughly three quarters attention, despite my best efforts. I slapped her hand away. “Come on now,” she said, “I’ve seen how you look at me sometimes, like you want to fuck me.” I replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re a beautiful girl, that’s all. But you’re like a sister to me, and you ARE my wife’s sister, so end of story.” She sighed, “Well fine, have it your way; I just thought we could enjoy each other a little; my sister says you and she only do it once or twice a week; I figured I could help.” She sure as hell had nerve. “You dumb slut!” I hissed. “What the fuck were you thinking? You go behind your sister’s back to take advantage of me without my knowledge, desecrating our marriage in the process, and you think that’s just fine? No consequences? And now you’re back for more??” Great; now she was crying. I was about to blow up at her again, but looked in her eyes and saw a genuine angst. A genuine pain. She sobbed, “I know. I shouldn’t have. I know. It’s just… Well I thought you knew it was me…” I rolled my eyes, but now I couldn’t help but feel a slight amount of real concern. What was her deal? She continued, “But anyway, I know it was wrong, and I know she’d want to kill us, but… Well since my breakup I’ve been miserable, especially after the way he treated me at times towards the end; coming home drunk, waking me up, then holding me down while he fucked me as I cried out for him to stop. Made me feel like a filthy sloppy, used up whore.” I sighed; how could I really be THAT mad at her; I know she’d had a rough go of it the last several months. I’d heard a lot about it from her and her sister. At that moment my anger shifted more towards her ex-fiance than her. That fucking prick. She went on, “So what I really needed was someone who could treat me right, love me as I deserve to be loved… I needed it after the way I was degraded by… him.” I said, “But Nora I thought you were my wife while we were doing it; how does that fulfill what you say you needed.” She replied, “Because even though you thought it was for her, I could feel the love and desire, and it was everything I hoped. It IS slightly disappointing that you didn’t know it was me, but I felt all the feelings I needed to feel.” “Alright Nora ” I said. “I’m sorry you’re having a rough time, and I’m glad I could help, but that needs to be the end of it. The line must be drawn here. This has gone far enough. This stays between you and I, and is never to happen again, clear?” She flashed a look of disappointment, but then noticed again the bulging tent in my pants. “Your penis doesn’t seem to agree with you,” she said. I groaned again, as I guzzled the rest of my beer. “Jillian…” And then she was kissing me. I half heartedly tried to push her away, but as she rubbed my dick through my pants, I knew it wouldn’t be that easy. I broke the embrace “Jillian…” I said. She whispered, cutting me off, “I want this. More than you know. I NEED this. Please. You’re the only man that I trust, and I REALLY need to be with you right now.” Another tear formed and ran down her cheek, and my heart melted, even though I knew how wrong this was. I loved her dearly as a sister, but I was also wildly sexually attracted to her; and this made for a chaotic mass of emotions. I brought her to me and wrapped her in a tight hug. ” Nora , you know I love you, right? But really that’s as a sister. And… I’m married… Your sister… How could we do this to her?” She said, “I know; I feel badly about it, but I think if she really knew how I felt she might understand. And like I said,” a smile played across her lips, “I know she’s not giving it to you enough.” She clasped my hand as I kept my other arm wrapped around her. She sighed as I held her to me. I felt awful on many levels, but…

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