Goodbye GirlGoodbye Girl


I’m sitting on my balcony sipping a glass of wine. If the truth is told, I may have sipped one glass too many, but who’s counting! As I sip I’m looking forward to my flight tomorrow into East Midlands. Tom will be there to meet me……he always is. I make this trip twice a year, and he does the same in the reverse direction to visit me here. I’ve probably replayed all the events hundreds of times in my mind. I can’t be certain, but I don’t think I’ve edited anything out. Who knows after all this time? Twenty five years……it hardly seems like ten! It all started at home in Harrogate……my parents’ wedding anniversary, and they were having a bit of “a do” with friends and relatives. I had finished 6 th Form after the A-levels and was now waiting to go to college. We had house guests for the weekend, including Tom who was up from Nottingham. Tom and Daddy, he was a year or so older, were very close. During the afternoon I took the dogs for a walk. Tom chose to come with me. We were enjoying the walk, talking of this and that. As a fully-paid-up member of the Stroppy 17-Year Olds Union , I was doing my “everything’s wrong with everything” because I’d had a lousy date the previous evening. My boyfriend at the time, Callum (son of friends of my parents) had been an absolute git and I had stormed off. Perhaps I should add that I wasn’t without blame. In fact, it was probably me who was the cause of it all…..but I wouldn’t ever admit to that publicly! Tom asked why it had all to be so dramatic. Me, dramatic? As if! But I did end up telling him that last night was supposed to be when we were going to “do it” for the first time. I’d totally frozen, had gone rigid. Then I’d stormed off. Was I frightened about the consequences, istanbul travesti he wondered? I said I’d thought of that and had been on the pill for some 2 months. I was able to say things like that to Tom because he understood me……unlike some……bloody Callum, for instance! He stopped walking, turned to me and suggested maybe he could help me sort it all out. I think I had replied something along the lines of “It certainly needed sorting out”. We discussed it no further and returned home with the dogs. In the evening we all went over to the hotel where the thrash was being held. Who were the very first people I saw as I entered? Bloody Callum’s parents! I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. This wasn’t lost on Tom. Mine was a face like a wet blanket, and a mood to match. I half expected Callum to pop out of the woodwork. An hour or so into the evening Daddy came up to me. Tom had explained I’d had a bit of a run-in with Callum. He realised I was rather embarrassed by his parents being there, and suggested I might like to go home in a taxi. I jumped at the chance and was in bed and asleep when everyone else returned. At breakfast Daddy drew me to one side and told me they had been wondering if I was wanting to keep a low profile for a few days. If I wished, I could go and stay down in Nottingham with Tom for a few days, and he would drive me back up to Harrogate the following Sunday. I thought about it a little, and decided to go along with this suggestion. We left after lunch. It’s about a 2 hours drive to Nottingham. The drive down was pleasant. Tom chatted, told me we’d sort it all out, and not to worry. He assured me I’d feel much better about it all very quickly. I had my doubts, istanbul travestileri but didn’t voice them. Tom said it was all a matter of confidence and trust, and if these are not right at the time – disaster. Great! We got to his place and he carried my things up to the little front bedroom. He came back down the stairs saying perhaps it was time to really start talking this through properly. First, however, his suggestion was that I have a nice warm bath and a good soak to relax me. He ran it for me. As I went in to the bathroom he called up the stairs. “Why don’t you leave the door unlocked? I’ll come up and sit on the edge of the bath. We’ll chat. Although I was really nervous at this, I did agree, albeit hesitantly. He came up and he did sit on the edge of the bath. I was sitting in the water, arms wrapped around my knees, striving to hide myself. He said nothing about that. But we did talk……quite a bit. He also asked if he could soap my back and shoulders. I let him do so, it was really relaxing. He said my skin felt nice. That was a nice thing to say. We talked all the while about confidence and trust, and the need to feel some genuine attraction. He then went downstairs, told me to get myself dried and dressed, but asked me to leave the water in. He would have a bath in that too. The bathroom door open he left open. He called down to me: “Come up and sit on the side of the bath, just like I did. Talk to me a little more.. He was sitting like I had done, hugging his knees. I was surprised to see that his shoulders were hairy. I quite liked that, actually. The soapy water from my bath covered him and I saw nothing untoward. I also soaped him like he had done to me, and I found travesti istanbul it surprisingly relaxing to soap his back. It made it so much easier to talk. As the water cooled he asked me to go and fix some coffees. Then, he got out and came downstairs wrapped in a bathrobe. We sat together on the settee with our coffee, his arm loosely around my shoulders, his fingers gently kneading my shoulder. Imagine how startled I was when he looked me straight in the eyes, saying “I’m now going to go upstairs because I’m not going to sit around in this bathrobe. I shall hold your hand, and you’re going to come with me. When we get to my bedroom I shall go in. If you don’t choose to follow then that is not a problem at all. If you do, I shall enjoy feeling that lovely back again. I know you will enjoy it too, and more besides.” By the hand he led me up the stairs. At his bedroom door he let it go. My heart was pounding . “This is me” he said, and went in. The next I knew I found myself in there as well trying to be super-confident with a “This is me as well!” I’m afraid it didn’t quite come out as confidently as I might have wished. Tom was the first man ever to undress me. His hands were large and strong. They caressed and stroked wherever they wanted. His fingers probed and squeezed where he chose. They were assured and reassuring at the same time. His fingers felt warm, soft and purposeful. And those fingers were the first to enter my pussy and prepare it. They pressed my lips together and then opened them out, slipping a little between the outer lips to make my juices start to flow. They beckoned within me as if inviting me to come out and meet him half-way. He still wore his robe, and placed a pillow beneath my bottom to raise me. He arranged me so that I lay comfortably, my legs falling naturally slightly apart beyond the pillow. He gradually transferred more of his weight onto me on the bed, and I felt so small beneath him. But at the same time I felt safe and secure there with him.

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