Dan Taylor stepped out of his truck into the warm sunshine of another glorious southern California morning. As he took his road bicycle out of the back and prepared it for the ride–checking tire pressure and loading his equipment– a large SUV pulled up behind him. He glanced up to see a pretty young woman get out and go around the back to get her own bike.

“I’ve never seen her before,” Dan thought to himself. That was not unusual. The club was always accumulating new riders. But Dan had reached that age where he had become invisible to young women. That had been a blow to his ego, because all his life he had been good with the ladies. Now, if they were under 30 he might as well be a tree or fire hydrant.

Not that he hadn’t kept himself in good shape. When his doctor told him he shouldn’t play basketball with the boys anymore, he started jogging. After his knees went bad and his hip started to ache after each run, he turned to biking for his workouts. He rode with the bike club twice a week and got to the gym as often as possible. But he was 52, and no amount of exercise could change that.

Which is why he was so surprised when the young woman approached him.

“Hi,” she said, “I’m Goli.” She pronounced it ‘golly.’

Dan stared at her, not quite sure she was talking to him.

“I’ve never been out with this club. What do we do?” she asked.

“Oh, uh, well, we just meet over there,” Dan replied, pointing to the parking lot at the university, “and then we join whichever ride we choose.”

“That sounds easy enough…what is your name?”

“Oh,” Dan said foolishly, “I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Dan Taylor.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said as she shook his hand. Her grip was firm, warm.

“What kind of name is Goli?”


“Really? What part?”

“Tel Aviv. But I’m going to college here.”

“What are you majoring in?”

“I’m only a freshman so I haven’t really decided,” she said, “I’m leaning toward political science.”

“Wow,” he thought, “brains and beauty.”

“Great,” by now Dan was ready to go, “Shall we ride?”

They pedaled over to the meeting point and Dan introduced her to the other riders. She was friendly and outgoing, so different from the women he usually met in Los Angeles. Dan surreptitiously checked her out, being careful not to let her catch him. She was 5’4, with long auburn hair that she kept in a pony tail. Her eyes were a sparkling green and she smiled easily through her flawless teeth and succulent lips. Her full breasts were covered by a wife beater t-shirt and an overshirt that she tied at her waist. Her tight biking shorts accented her perfect bubble ass that gave way to shapely and muscular legs.

They left on their ride and Goli was full of questions about biking. Dan answered her questions patiently, mildly surprised at the amount of knowledge he had accumulated. They fell into a brisk pace but soon, her bike started making a noise in the gears. When they stopped for a break at the 15 mile mark, Dan used his tools to adjust her derailleur. Goli was very interested in the whole process and watched closely over his shoulder as he worked, so close that Dan could feel her firm young breasts against his back and savor a tantalizing trace of her perfume.

The problem fixed, they continued their ride. Goli seemed taken with Dan, laughing easily at his jokes and genuinely interested in his life. Too soon they reached the college where they had started. Now it was just a matter of crossing campus to the parking lot.

But campus roads were a mess, having been torn up for a new sewer system, and neither Dan nor Goli saw the uncovered trench across the road until the last second. Because of his riding experience, Dan was able to react immediately, braking and turning his wheel to avoid the trench. Goli was not so lucky. She hit her brakes but the front tire slid into the trench, pitching her over the handlebars. She landed on a sidewalk, sliding on her hands and cracking her head into a huge pump in the road.

Dan jumped off his bike and ran to where she lay, prostrate and motionless on the sidewalk. He rolled her onto her back, checking her pulse and breathing. Her fractured helmet had done it’s job, probably saving her life, and her gloves had protected her hands when she landed on them. Her knees were skinned but nothing seemed to be broken. Dan carefully removed her smashed helmet and examined her head—no lacerations, no major contusions. He checked her pupils and found them to be reactive. He tore off his shirt and soaked it in water from her bottle, using it to clean and cool her face.

“GOLI! GOLI!” he shouted at her, “GOLI, CAN YOU HEAR ME?”

She moaned and turned her head slightly. “GOLI! WAKE UP GOLI! GOLI CAN YOU HEAR ME?”

By this time students were coming to his aid. Someone called campus police and they arrived just as Goli opened her eyes. Dan stared intently into her face.

“Goli, look at me.” Dan said as he examined her eyes. “Can you hear me?”

Her izmir escort eyes focused and she looked confused, but managed to nod at Dan.

“Good. Do you know who I am?”

She thought for a few seconds, “You’re Dan,” she said, “What happened?”

“You took a fall from your bike,” he said, “Do you think you can stand up?”

“I think so.”

Dan helped her slowly get to her feet as the campus cop held her other arm. She took a step and her knees gave way.

“We better take her to the infirmary,” said the cop.


Half an hour later, Dan was pacing in the waiting room as they released Goli. She walked slowly into the waiting room with a doctor.

“How is she?” Dan asked the doctor.

“She’ll be all right. No broken bones or signs of a concussion. Just a few bruises. She’ll probably have a headache and be sore for a few days,” he said, “Are you her father?”

Goli and Dan exchanged glances.

“No. A friend.”

“Oh, well she should go home and soak in a hot bath to relieve the soreness,” said the doctor, “but someone should keep an eye on her for a while. Don’t let her sleep for the next couple of hours, just in case.”

“Okay, thanks,” Goli said.

Dan helped her outside to her SUV that he had brought around from the parking lot. Both bikes were in the back.

“I’m going to drive you home and ride my bike back,” he said, “is there someone who can stay with you?”

“My parents are out of the country and my roommate went home for the weekend,” she said, “but you don’t need to stay, I’ll be okay.”

“Goli, you heard the doctor,” Dan said, “you can’t be alone right now. I’ll stay with you for a while…if you want me to.”

“No, you’ve been so nice and I’ve been nothing but trouble…”

“Nonsense. Besides, I’d only go home and worry about you.”

She smiled at him with those huge green eyes. “You’re very kind.”

Dan helped Goli up the steps to her small apartment. It was a typical student apartment, cramped with bedrooms and bathrooms separated by a living room/kitchen area. He sat her on the sofa while he drew a bath. As he was adjusting the temperature of the water, he heard a noise behind him and turned to find Goli there taking off her clothes. She stripped off her overshirt and wife beater, then her bike shorts leaving her only in a skimpy sports bra and thong panties.

Seeing his shocked expression, she said, “What’s the matter Dan?”

His eyes wandered over her luscious breasts, the hard nipples doing their best to get out of the cloth prison. He gazed hungrily at her legs, long and delectable save the bandages on her skinned knees, and her beautiful, heart shaped ass.


“You look like you’ve never seen a naked woman,” Goli said, as she stripped off the bra. Her breasts bounced free, standing enticingly on her chest, as stunning as Dan had envisioned them.

“Never one as beautiful as you.”

Goli blushed. “Thank you,”she smiled at him as she pulled her panties off, “is the water warm enough…Dan…?”

He realized he was staring directly at her bush. The hair was fine and very light brown. Below it, her deep pink pussy lips stuck out enticingly, slightly damp and guarding their treasure.

“Uh, getting there,” Dan replied stupidly, “you might want to give it a few minutes to warm up before you get in.”

Meanwhile, his dick had risen to full proportions and was becoming painful in his bike shorts. Goli noticed the bulge and smiled.

“Why Dan, is that for me?”

“Um, well, um,” he stuttered, “It’s because of you…”

“Since we have a few minutes, why don’t you let him out?” she said, “Looks like he might need some air.”

Dan stared at her open-mouthed. Could this young, beautiful creature really be talking to him?


Dan pulled down his bike shorts, kicking them into the corner. Goli crossed the room to him and took his cock in her hands.

“Oooh ,” she cooed as she slowly stroked his dick, “what a nice zain.”

Her hand snaked behind Dan’s head and she pulled him down for a deep, passionate kiss. Her mouth tasted faintly of honey and her jasmine perfume was making his head reel. Finally realizing that this was no fantasy, he returned the fire of her kiss as his hands found their way down her naked back to her smooth, firm ass. She sensuously exhaled into his ear, licking and biting his earlobe as he kneaded her butt cheeks. His hand found it’s way to her pussy and he began exploring her wet lips.

“Wanna fuck me Danny?” she moaned into his ear.

“Oh god, you can’t imagine how much,” he breathed back at her, “but why would you pick an old guy like me?”

“Why not? I want to thank you for your help…”

Just then his finger found her clit and her breath caught in her throat with a gasp.

“…and because you turn me on.”

“Good enough for me.” Dan thought as he pulled his head back to look deeply into her eyes. He thrust alsancak escort a finger into her blazing pussy and she dropped her head back and moaned, then turned to him with a look so hot he thought he’d lose it right there.

She smiled wickedly and bent her head to bite his nipple. Trailing feather-light kisses and licks down his chest and stomach, she knelt before him. Her smoldering eyes locked on his as she licked and kissed the head of his throbbing cock. She lovingly bathed his seven inch tool, licking the purple head with her tongue and teasing his shaft with slow, luxurious licks and kisses.

This girl knew how to suck a cock.

Then suddenly, she engulfed his dick with one stroke and Dan felt the head hit the back of her throat.

“Oh…oh…oh…Goli” he whispered, barely able to catch his breath. His hand wound itself into the auburn strands of her hair.

She slowly withdrew only to plunge down again on his delirious cock. Dan thought his knees would buckle as again and again she drove his fevered dick as far into her mouth as she could. One hand caressed his balls while the other held his ass as he fucked her face with his shaft. He had to brace himself against a wall to keep from collapsing right there.

She paused long enough to spit on his cock and one of her fingers, which she began to work gently into his ass.

He felt that familiar sensation as the cum started to boil up from his balls.

“Goli…I’m gonna…”

She drove the finger into his ass, massaging his prostate as she took his dick to the base.

With a desperate cry, he began to cum.

“AHHHH…..AAAHHH….AAHHH!” he bellowed helplessly as she held his cock in her mouth. He actually saw stars as stream after steaming stream of thick, hot cum blasted from his pulsing dick, making his eyes water and his toes curl. Her throat worked as she swallowed his cream, then took his cock out of her mouth to clean it with her tongue.

“You cum a lot,” she said, smiling up at him.

Dan slowly slid down the wall to sit on the floor, still trying to get his breath under control. He looked at the Israeli temptress smiling mischievously before him, and knew he had to take her. He stood and swept her from the floor into his arms, putting her on the small counter by the sink.

Goli slipped her ass to the edge of the counter, ready for Dan to fuck her. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit, tapping it on her erect pink clit and making her moan with need. He kissed her deeply, invading her sweet mouth and dueling with her bubble gum tongue. She tasted of cum—his cum—and it made him even hotter to think of it.

She tried to slide forward to capture his dick with her pussy, but Dan had something else in mind. Grabbing her hands in one of his, he held them above her head as his tongue licked her ear. Again she groaned and tried to slide onto his cock, but he would have none of it. Slowly he licked the velvet skin on her neck and ribs as his other hand teased her nipples with feather touches. Deeply he inhaled her scent, jasmine and aroused woman, as he tasted the alabaster skin around her nipples, slightly salty with sweat. She whimpered with frustration and arousal and arched her back toward him. He licked all around her dark brown areoles while starting to rub her pussy, his fingers teasing the opening and his thumb on her clit. She was whining now and moving her head side to side.

Without warning, Dan bit her nipple and thrust two of his fingers into her liquid pussy. Instantly she came with a loud scream, her body humping his hand, her eyes alive and wild. He waited until she was on the downside of her orgasm when suddenly his fingers curled inside her cunt, stroking her G-spot and his thumb pressed on her clit as he bit the other nipple.

Her eyes, which had closed in post orgasmic bliss, flew open and her mouth curled in a soundless scream as her body stiffened.

“OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD…”she shreiked as she came again.

Dan backed off her clit, knowing it would be sensitive after two such powerful orgasms. He licked and sucked her nipples gently as her breath returned to normal and she hugged him tightly to her breast.

“How did you do that?” she panted, “I’ve never cum like that.”

“I know how you feel…I’m glad you liked it.”

“Please…fuck me now?”

“Patience princess, patience…”

Dan began kissing his way down her flat stomach while separating her thighs with his hands. Her soaked pussy gave off the pungent, exhilarating scent of her arousal. She smelled, well, like a woman.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Savoring this moment,” he said, planting little kisses on her mound, “Just relax.”

“No, you can’t…it’s not…”


“It’s not…clean…”

He looked up at her. “Has anyone gone down on you before?”


Dan smiled at her as he ran his tongue up the length of her wet pussy lips. She shivered as she stared at him, her buca escort face a mask of passion.

“Hang on,” he said.

He licked up and down her slit, loving her little moans as she gripped the counter. He slipped her shapely legs over his shoulders as his strokes became deeper and longer. He pushed her knees up to her chest and ran his tongue town to her asshole. She squealed and gasped as he pushed his tongue in and fucked her with it.

“What…what…oh…ohhh…”she moaned.

Dan slipped two fingers into her dripping slit. Instantly her head jerked back and she cried out as he began pumping in and out of her while rimming her asshole. He wiggled his fingers inside her steaming pussy, rubbing her G-spot as his tongue sought out her clit.

He gave it a long lick, which brought another moan from her as she grabbed his head with both hands, pushing his face hard into her scorching twat. Dan locked onto her erect little bud, biting and sucking it while inserting a third finger into her.

Suddenly, Goli’s young body jerked like she’d been shocked. Her mouth opened and her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling.

“OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD,” she screamed as she pushed Dan’s head deeper into her pussy, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH…..AHHHHHHHHHH.”

Her body jolted spasmodically, out of control. Her legs waved helplessly above Dan’s back as her juices flowed from her pussy onto his face and ran down her ass.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she shrieked as another wave of orgasm wracked her nubile body. Her hands released Dan’s head and flailed feebly across the counter, vainly seeking something to grasp.

He stopped sucking her sensitive clit as she bucked and writhed. Giving her pussy one final kiss, Dan raised his head, tightly hugging her legs as she rode out her orgasm. When he felt her breathing come under control, Dan looked up Goli’s torso, across her trembling belly and heaving breasts. Her exquisite face wore a look of amazement, her mind unable to process what had just happened. In that moment, Dan thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“That was…I’ve never felt like that,” she said slowly, as though trying to sort through her feelings, “I felt like I could die.”

“The French call it ‘La petite mort,’ the little death,” he replied.

“I’ve heard. Now I understand why.”

As Goli looked down at Dan resting his head on her pubic bone, she noticed that the bathtub was full almost to overflowing.

“Uh oh, Better let me up,” she said, disentangling herself from him.

She hurried to the tub and shut off the water. Kneeling beside it, she reached to pull the plug and let out some water. Just then she felt Dan behind her. He rubbed his newly hard cock up and down her drenched slit.

“Oh my god,” she purred back at him, “you’re ready for more?”

Dan said nothing but plunged his stiff shaft halfway into her tight pussy. She groaned and slumped forward, her head on the edge of the tub. Slowly he withdrew to plunge halfway in again. She moaned and arched her back to him as he continued this action at a leisurely pace.

“Come on,” she hissed, “give it all to me.”

“Give you what, Goli?”

“You know.”

“I want to hear you say it,” he said, punctuating the sentence with a fast thrust.

“Your zain.”

“In English.”


Dan buried his dick in her with one mighty thrust. She growled and pushed back at him, raising her ass higher. He grabbed her hips and gradually picked up speed, withdrawing all the way, then slamming into her molten sheath. She steadied herself against the side of the tub and looked over her shoulder at him as he took her, relishing the power he was fucking her with. Her liquid pussy sucked at him, trying to imprison his pistoning cock. Juice ran down his balls to the floor as he pounded the helpless beauty.

She was whining now, and grunting each time his tool bottomed out in her abused cunt.

Dan looked down at her perfect ass, hardly believing he was boning this exquisite woman. He spit on her asshole and slipped his thumb inside, drawing a surprised groan from Goli. He began moving it in and out of her ass in rhythm with their fucking. This brought her to a new level of passion and she thrust back against him even harder.

Dan snaked a hand under her and started playing with her clit. Goli was panting now, and growling as he pounded her. He grabbed her hair, pulling it brutally back while using the other hand to twist her nipple, and that did it.

Her fourth orgasm swept through her entire body, every cell and nerve crying in ecstasy as she screamed out her joy, so loud Dan was sure her neighbors would call the police. Her pussy clamped down on his cock even tighter, her juices flowing freely as he pistoned into her harder than ever.

Her orgasm triggered his and he, too, shouted to the rooftops as he blasted the inside of her cunt with his sizzling cum. Feeling him come brought another orgasm from her, body shaking uncontrollably.

She laid her head on the side of the tub, struggling to catch her breath. He collapsed panting onto her back with his cock still in her. Neither moved for a moment as they felt each other’s bodies recover. Dan wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly and feeling her heart beat.

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