Goldcrests and GlitterGoldcrests and Glitter

Asshole Lick

Weaved wicker abuses my buttocks’ soft flesh, abrades my spine, pinches behind my knee. I’m slumped. I’m splayed. I’m balanced en pointe on a single toe, my Lloyd Loom chair no refuge from her exploring mouth. Each shudder, each tremble, each grind of my responsive hips sparking slithers of pain running through my offered flesh. My glazed eyes gaze, barely seeing beyond the single glazed panes before me. Fluttering shapes dance, fire sparks on dun, white flashes, güvenilir bahis golden sparkles, flitting branch to branch, flitting frond to bud. Goldcrests; regulus regulus. Her tongue dancing through my naked, sundered peach, running betwixt my fronds, flitting at my bud. Paint splatters messily decorate my fingers, glitter sparkles glinting on my skin in the winter half-light as my varnished and chipped nails entwine themselves. Gloss hair, smooth and güvenilir bahis siteleri sheened tickles at my digits, caresses at my thighs. Cinnabar and cinnamon strands stroking at my fingertips as entrapped they press and guide.Her firelight hair betwixt my legs, her firestarter tongue buried amidst my sopping sex, flitting frond to bud. Eyesight hazy in the dusk deluged with strobing fire sparks on dun.Clinging fingers; their glitter glinting, engulfed iddaa siteleri within her flame tresses; entwining themselves in abandonment. Mouth agape; panting, moaning, whimpering; my swan-neck exposed, stomach ripe, trembling in abandonment, submitting to her insistent attentions as consumed and devoured I quiver arrested and helpless.Lids lead-weighted, barely held apart, lashes fluttering ecstatic and uncontrollable. Feathers flapping madly as they dart from twig to branch, from frond to bud echoing the wild insistence of my palpitating, unquenchable desire. All sense gone, everything conjoined, nothing left but fire sparks and glitter as she ploughs my glistening furrow. And I cum.          

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