Gold digger wanted to get pregnant… against my will!Gold digger wanted to get pregnant… against my will!

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In my life, i’ve met some crazy ass women. Some of which were the good kind of crazy, and some who were the “crazy” kind of crazy. And as a younger guy, i used to think that a good mix of both was the perfect combination for me. That is until June of 2001.

I was a single guy during the first few months of 2001. And that’s the way i wanted it to be. However, being a horny 19 year old guy, i still needed to get out some frustrations from time to time. So one night out of boredom, I had decided to try an online dating service just for shits and giggles. I signed up, posted a couple of pictures, and went shopping for dates. I had always thought of online dating as shady, and kinda lame, but in those days in kind of was. This was before meeting someone online was considered acceptable.

As i was browsing through the list of women, some of which were real dogs, and some that looked too good to be true… i had come across someone named Amy. She was 20 years old, about to turn 21, 5’6″ tall, straight brown shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes to get lost in, and about 145 to 150 lbs. She wasn’t skinny, but wasn’t chubby either. In my opinion, she was fucking gorgeous, and looked as if she could handle a good hard fucking. She wore these thick rimmed glasses that somehow made her look naughty, yet innocent at the same time.

She was a student of archaeology at our state university (i’ll leave out the school name), and had her own apartment near campus downtown. After about a week of chatting online and over the phone, we had decided to meet up and hang out. So off i went, downtown, to find this chicks apartment. Upon arrival, she met me on her front step where we sat for about an hour talking, breaking the ice, and deciding what to do next. We had decided to keep it simple and stay in for the night and watch a few movies. At my age now, i know what that leads to. But at 19, i was fairly naive about what to expect.

We went inside and went thru her vast array of movies, say on her old hand-me-down couch, and started watching the movie. I don’t recall the movie chose to watch, but i remember we were talking throughout most of it… and ignored the movie completely by the half way point. She turned the movie off, and layed herself down on the floor face down next to me. At this point, i thought i’d make an attempt at being smooth, so i started bragging to her about my amazing massage skills, and how she’d melt into her floor after i was finished with her. Of course, i was bullshitting, but it piqued her curiosity enough for her to call me on it.

She raised her shirt to the tops of her shoulders, bra strap still connected. escort kocaeli She had picked out two lotions for me to use, one of which i remember vividly as smelling of mint. Even to this day the smell of mint makes me think of that night. I started to rub her shoulders, working my way down her back, and to the top of her ass. Eventually, i got the nerve to tell her to flip over onto her back so i could get her front side… you know… just to “even things up”. She rolled over without hesitation, and at this point i knew something was going to happen.

I started once again at the tops of her shoulders, down her chest above her breasts, and between her breasts. As i moved to her stomach area and started to move lower to the top of her panty line, i noticed her breathing starting to pick up. I worked my way back up her chest and between her tits, but this time allowing the tips of my fingers to slide slightly underneath the edge of her bra. Almost immediately, she arched her back, lifted her arms, and removed her bra. I was staring at her beautiful C cup breasts, with light brown quarter sized nipples… when i heard her say “Well, there’s only one place left to rub. So you might as well.

My hands began kneeding each breast gently, while purposely avoiding her nipples at first. I wanted to leave the clean of the minty massage lotion for i had planned on taking them into my mouth when i felt she was ready for it. And sure enough, as her eyes closed, breathing increased, and moaning started to escape from beneath each breath, i lowered my lips onto her mouth. She kissed me back, hard and deep. As our tongues swirled around each other’s, she would give the occasional pause and grasp onto my tongue with her lips… sucking on it while still flicking the end of my tongue with hers. I knew then she was quite talented with her mouth.

I lowered my mouth onto her nipples, and began to suck on her nipples. It was then that she lowered her hand into her panties, and started to rub herself. I could smell the unmistakable smell of warm, wet vagina escape from her panties… sending my one track mind into a frenzy. Within minutes, she would cum as i was alternating between kissing her mouth and kissing her nipples. Soon after cumming, she rose up in a hurry. I remember saying, “Are you ok? Is something wrong?”. She said… “No, it is getting kinda late though, and i have to work in the morning. I hadn’t planned on you being her this late.” Feeling slightly rejected, i passively agreed and rose to my feet.

As we stood in front of each other, i said “Well, it’s been fun. I hope we can do this again soon.” We walked to her door… she kocaeli anal yapan escort kissed me, i kissed back… continued kissing… still kissing… when suddenly she pushed me backwards onto her steps leading to her bedroom. “I can’t let you go without saying thank you”, she said. As i was sitting on her steps, she unbuttoned my pants, lowered them to my feet, and dove into my cock. In one plunge, she went from tip to base, and never stopped deepthroating me until i unloaded. I could tell she had done this many times before, because not a single gag was heard.

Within 5 minutes i was ready to cum. Out loud i said “Here it comes baby…”…. and she pulled my cock from the depths of her throat and wrapped her lips around the head. My cock was visibly spasming as loads of cum shot into her mouth. I could even hear her swallowing each load as another would simultaneously fill her mouth. I came hard and long, and when i finished, she took me from her mouth and said, “Wow. I had to gulp that one down.”… and smiled. I left smiling as well, and couldn’t wait for the next time i saw her.
After about a month of dating, and having lots of amazing sex, i started to notice some things about her that were starting to bother me. For one, she wouldn’t put out unless i had spent some money on her that day. Whether it was a nice dinner, or a new outfit, i started to feel like her sugar daddy. So, reluctantly, i started to make myself more and more elusive. That was until she was being evicted from her apartment, and had to move into a different one. The first person she called is, of course, me. In tears, she said, “I don’t know what to do! I can’t tell my family i got evicted! I don’t have anyone who can help me.” So, being the sucker i was, i offered my help and my truck.

I spent the next day helping her move. Load after load of her stuff. And by the end of the day, i was exhausted, frustrated, and angry at myself for doing this for her. I think she could sense my anger though. After unloading the last load of stuff into her new apartment, i remember taking a break on her floor. I layed down on my back, looking at the ceiling, resting my aching muscles… when i noticed her lay beside me. She put her leg over my stomach, and her hand on my chest…. and with her lips at my ear she said to me, “How can i thank you for your help?”

In a sarcastic tone i replied, “Ha! About the only thing you can do is fuck me, but only if you do all the work.” Without hesitation, she stands up, gets completely naked, izmit yabancı escort takes off my pants, and puts my sweaty, salty cock into her mouth. Immediately i began to grow in her mouth. Once completely hard though, she climbs aboard, positions my wet cock toward the opening of her pussy, and lowers herself. Once i was balls deep, she began moving foward and back, grinding against me with my cock buried inside of her.

Eventually my adrenaline overcame the exhaustion of the day, and i threw her on onto her back so i could have control. I remember holding her knees against her chest as i rammed my cock into her as if to punish her for the shit i went through during the day. I remember covering her mouth, muffling her screams as i reminded her of the flithy slut she was. “You’re my whore tonight. I bought you with my hard labor, and i’m gonna take what i want from you”. She agreed with every word, muttering the words “Yes…”, and “Anything you want…” all the while.

As a man, we always feel like we should ultimately be in control of things. It’s something primitive that’s locked into our male brains. And at this moment, i felt like i was in control, and that i was invincible. How wrong i was. I can still remember fucking her with her head butted up against the wall, and her legs up in the air. And i can remember saying that i was close, and that i was going to cum. And i can remember her reply with the most terrifying thing i had ever heard….. “I want you to cum in me”.

Amy wasn’t on birth control. She reminded me of this fact several times, and i had often pressured her into getting on it. For one, i love filling a warm pussy with my seed. And two, it’s a lot more relaxed. But she had always been wishy washy on the subject, claming that she was “allergic”, or that she couldn’t afford it, etc. etc. etc. So, hearing those words come from her mouth sent a shot of fear through my bones.

I didn’t wanna stop fucking her for fear of losing my orgasm. My plan was to pull out, and blow my sticky load on her face. I wanted to punish her for what she said. But as i got to the point of no return, it happened. Her legs wrapped around my ass, giving an iron grip, and forcing me to stay inside of her. Cum started to release from my cock, filling her fertile pussy. As i finished, she released her grip. WIthout a word, i got up, dressed, and drove home thinking about what had just taken place.

Nine weeks later came the phone call. “Im pregnant”, she said. I replied with, “Yeah, no fucking shit.” We had a long conversation that ended with her explaining that she “Felt vulnerable”, and that she was just “Acting on instinct” because she thought i was “An amazing guy, and wanted me in her life. Blah blah blah. In my eyes, she’ll always be a gold digging slut who wanted to trap me with a baby. But damn, she could suck and fuck like no other.

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