Subject: Going the Distance Greetings, dudes. Been stroking my dick to the amazing stories on Nifty since 1999, so I figured it was about time to do my part. I’ve been writing dirty family stories on my Tumblr � a4f101.tumblr � for a few months now, and I’m sharing them here with you too. There’s more there, too � more stories, from me and my likeminded buds � so come check it out. Hit the Story Time link at the top for more than 250 dirty tales, all by me, with the pics that inspired them. You can see this story, and the pic that inspired it, here: http://a4f101.tumblr/post/110311918819/ This story is an original work of fiction, copyright me 2015. I own it, and all legal rights to it. If you’re not of legal age in your jurisdiction to be reading it, do us both a favor and come back to it when you are. Love to hear from you guys. hoo. And hey � Nifty is an incredible, free resource. Changed my life, and probably did the same for you, this amazing treasure-trove of fantasies. If you can, please support them with a donation � even just a few bucks. Nobody pays for porn anymore, sure, and that’s why we keep losing incredible resources like Handjobs Magazine. Don’t let the Nifty Archive be another. Somewhere out there, a kid is just discovering this site. Having his world rocked, and his dick raised. You and me, we were kids like that, once. Let’s keep it going, for them and for fty/donate.html ***** Nobody understood it. Not our friends, for damn sure not our family. But we knew this was it for us, who we had to be, so we bailed on the whole damn thing. Got away from everybody, so we could be together and see the world, find some new place where we could be who we wanted to be, and fuck the rest of the world. We landed in Paris, walked straight downstairs to the train station at Charles de Gaulle, and locked the door to our sleeper as the train pulled out, smiling at each other, hands squeezing together, an ocean between us and our former home. gaziantep escort It felt like the start of our journey, and our smiles turned into a soft, lasting kiss, lips moving together as we slipped out of our clothes and squeezed into the little fold-down bed. Both of us needed the sleep, the redeye in from Kennedy was bumpy and uncomfortable, but spooned up to Paul’s big, warm, muscular back, our thick legs entwined, arms rubbing softly, easily, there was no question of closing our eyes just yet. The swell of his big, beefy ass against my steadily thickening cock, the way he shifted against me as he turned back again for another quiet, soft kiss – the slow, steady rock of the train was soon matched by an unhurried, rhythmic flow of our hips as I slid up inside him. Our tongues entwined, my hands rubbing his meaty pecs, the muscled swell of his thick stomach, the feel of that big, thick cock of his against my knuckles as I dug my fingers into the warm, thick fur of his bush. I fucked up into my big brother strong and slow and deep, the way he’d always liked it, my hand wrapped round that slow-leaking dick, kissing him slowly as I stroked and fucked his brother come out of him. Watching him lick his own seed from my cupped hand as I sped up my thrusts, feeling his muscle ring clench around the thickness of my cock, I moaned his name and came, flooding him with my thick, pent-up load. Sleep came entwined in each other’s arms as the train rocked us afterwards. We made our way around the world a little at a time, slow trains, boats, planes, inexpensive hotels. Probably my favorite was Japan, this cool little guesthouse in a little town in Kyoto. Totally unlike anything else we’d experienced so far, most of Japan had been. There was a hot spring bath, and making out with my brother in it the first night was the most singular experience of my young life so far. Naked, wreathed in steam in the cool mountain air, just exploring each suriyeli escort other’s mouths and bodies, tongues and lips and hands dancing, stroking, probing, caressing. They’d given us identical grey kimonos to wear, and Paul couldn’t keep his eyes off me. Maybe because I was darker-featured than him, more of Mom’s genes I guess, but with my recently-cropped thick dark hair, paler skin, all clean-shaven, god he was so into me that night. Sliding his big hands up inside the kimono, up the big, powerful muscles of my thighs, rubbing my quads, watching my cock arc up between us and push through the folds of the garment as he teased my body, and kissed me. Just like in the hot spring, deep and thick with tongue, sharing his spit with me, our lips smacking together in long, intense, lingering slides. Then he slipped the thing off my big shoulders, leaving me naked, achingly hard under his gaze, big hands just squeezing me all over. My shoulders, my pecs, my biceps, all the big, thick, hard muscles I still had left over from my wrestling days. But older now, big and naturally thick and beefy, just like my big bro was. We felt good against each other, moving steadily, interlocked intimately. Especially when he untied his kimono, revealing that big, thick uncut cock, leaking a steady flow of his precum, then pulled me into him, my muscular thighs wrapping around the thickness of his waist, tight and close, slipping my arms around his beefy lats as he wrapped the folds of the kimono back around us. It was staggeringly intimate, our bodies meshing into one slowly grinding, sweating, moaning unit as he reached down to part my thick, furry cheeks, rubbing his cock over my ring, teasing me deep like his tongue in my mouth was, painting me with his juices before slowly slipping it up inside me. He kept the fabric wrapped around us both as best he could, until the heave and strain of two big, beefy men’s bodies got to be too rus escort much, finally pushing the whole thing off us both as he pushed up on his knees, powerful quads bulging as he came and came, hot, thick powerful jets spurting up inside me. My cum was already frosting our heaving stomachs, all the way up to our pecs, and when we eventually disentangled, we were a mass and mess of sweaty, sticky flesh, laughing like we always did after an especially good session together, still trying to get our breath back to normal. We slipped back into the hot springs, and slept entwined on our pushed-together mattresses like babies that night. Making love as we explored around the world, a little at a time, growing even tighter, closer, more deeply in love the whole way. Forgetting about where we’d come from, just looking for the place we wanted to be. Working when we had to – tending bar in Prague, teaching English in South Korea, bouncing at a rowdy Irish bar in Dubai. Making friends, building a new network, looking for that place to land and stay awhile. It wound up being Amsterdam, a tiny attic flat in a slightly seedy district, but plenty of work and opportunities and new friends to meet. We could be openly together, looking just different enough that we could call each other `Bro’ in an affectionate, loving way, and people would assume it was because we were big, young American dudes, and that’s what big, young American dudes called each other. Life was good there, felt settled. Three months into our stay, we were walking along one of the canals one night, hand in hand, when he asked the question. Asked me to be his in the ultimate way. Fuck, I’d been thinking about that, imagining it for years, really. It had been my most secret fantasy. Erotic, and romantic, at the same time. Since even before we’d become a couple, brothers and lovers, back when we were just fuckbuddies calling it bonding… hell, even when we were teenagers and just messing around. But now it was real, super real, and Paul was blowing my mind as he slipped a ring on my finger. We’d made Amsterdam our home, and now my big brother was making me his, and it looked like finally, we’d found a place to be brothers together, the way we both wanted to be.

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