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Kim and I have been married four years and we have no kids, Kim is sterile from a STD she picked up as a young girl that went unnoticed. I’m 27 and Kim is 26, I’m six foot and 185LBs with brown hair and Kim is five foot five in. with blond hair. Kim’s figure is vary nice and her best fetcher is her ass it’s nicely rounded, but she is no raving beauty, I still think she is beautiful.

As far as sex go’s we still fuck four to five nights a week but for the last six months we both have been board with what we do, she dose have her orgasms but only when I give her head witch I always enjoy. Kim gives me a blow job two or three times a week and swallows and will even suck me after I cum in her pussy, cleaning my wet sperm covered cock. So that’s where we are in our marriage, board and looking to try some thing new, but Kim didn’t want to try any thing I could think of.

Then one day on the way home from work I noticed the neighbor’s car at a small mom & pop motel out on the edge of town. coming home I told Kim about it and she got real excited and parked her self in front of the window to watch for her to come home. The neighbors are in their late 30’s one son is in collage, she works part time and he works in the city and comes home around 7:00 so she has lots of şişli bayan escort time to play around. When she came home she parked in the driveway and stepped out of the car she was dressed to turn heads and her shoes where five inch stilettos with little straps across the toes and around the ankle.

I asked Kim way she didn’t have shoes like that to show of her pretty feet, all she said was her feet where ugly.

The next day Kim text me to let me know she was at the gas station up the road from the motel and that her car was there again. When I got of work I met my wife at the station to see who comes out of the room. What a surprise we got when two black men came out with her and again she was dressed super sexy. and again I asked Kim way she never dressed like that. Kim got in her car and drove home and as I drove home I noticed the neighbor’s car at a grocery store so I stopped also. In the store I grabbed a cart went looking for her she was buying some frozen diners. I came up behind her and said hi she was startled to see me I said you’re dressed to go to a party. It was obvious she wanted to get away all she said was she just felt like dressing up and I stepped closer I could smell sperm, her panties must be soaked. I asked her what her perfume was because şişli escort it’s so strong and her face turned red then I said oh you already had the party. Leveeing the cart I just walked out to my truck witch was parked next to her car.

When she came out I said when I make Kim’s pussy smell like that I like to eat her out to a orgasm, her reply was Jim doses and will do that when he gets home Jim being her husband. I said ” you guys are pretty wield”
” yes we are both BI are you”
That’s to bad you are missing out on a lot of fun”
” I like fun but that’s getting out there”
” If you change you mind there is a web sit call Adult Fun fuckers”
” thanks”
and with that started my truck up and drove off.

At home I told Kim about what happened and she got really excited and went to find that web sit. when she found it, it was real easy to register. We had a lot of fun going through the sit and looking for the neighbors profile, we found it and was shocked at all the stuff they did and pic. they put on their profile for any one to see. When she said they where Bi sexual she wasn’t kidding, there was a video of him sucking a cock after it was pulled out of her sperm filled pussy Kim ask me If I could do that, I lied and said no way but I had fantasized mecidiyeköy escort about doing it. then she said lets do ask a question answer a question
” ok are you sure you want to go there”
” Yes I’ll start off, did you ever do any thing sexually with a black boy when you where a kid “

” yes you know I experimented the same as you did”

” my turn did you do multiple partners”

” yes I told you I was pretty wield just out of high school “

“did you ever do it with guys when you where older”

” No I did think about it once when I first got out of the navy “

” Did you do black guys”

” Yes there was three or four maybe five “

” did you do any black girls “

” no there was one I could have but I couldn’t get past the hair “

” do you want to do partner swapping “

” no lets just look at the porn sit and see what others are doing “

” ok lets see if we can get the Johnsons’ to friend us and find their friends only pick’s ” ( The Johnsons are the neighbors Ann and Jim )

So we got back into the web sit and started to play around making up a profile for us then we registered three more one for each of us and an other just to screw around with. Then we sent out some friends request, the Johnsons and most of their friends and wrote messages on their groups.

By then we where both so fucking horny we went to bed and fuck like it was are wedding night again

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