Glass ElevatorGlass Elevator


It was dark that night, overcast and starting to rain as we walked past the employs leaving the Space Needle. One of my friends from work was on guard duty so sneaking in wasn’t a problem. Lazy bastard is always asleep…

The anticipation was thick. So was the smell of sex. Neither of us could wait. Halfway up I hit the emergency stop button. No alarm, and the night guard was sound asleep.

I pinned you against the wall kissing and biting at your neck. Our hands pawing at each other. You wanted my cock so bad. But I made you ache for it. I opened your long over coat. I wasn’t sure what you were wearing. I knew it wasn’t much but I was surprised to see you naked. I kissed down your body and started to eat you glistening pussy. Sucking on your clit, nibbling a little. Your moans turned me on as much as your taste. I kissed my way back up. That was for me. You know I love how your pussy taste. But no more Mr. Nice Guy. Not tonight.

I pulled out my hard cock, pinned you back to the wall and lifter one of your legs as high of the ground as I could. There was no gentle. I forced my cock right in you. matadorbet I know I went to deep when I saw you cringe and gasp. You love it though. Having your pussy filled with my hot young cock. We fuck deep like that for it seemed like hours. My cock stretching you pussy wider going deeper with each passing minute. My back was bleeding I was fairly sure from your scratching. And explaining away the bruises on your neck might be hard the next day.

My mouth was preoccupied with biting your neck and face to berate you with a slurry of filthy names like normal. I knew you’d listen when I told you.

“If you want this cock in your ass get on your knees you fucking whore!”

Like a dream there you were in the middle of the glass elevator looking out over the sound on all fours with your ass in the air. I knew you wanted it rough tonight. I wasn’t sure your orgasm count but I knew it was at least three. No asking, no preparation. I slid my cock straight in to your ass all at once. You let out a little yep as I felt my cock pop all the way in your ass. You even tried to pull away but matadorbet giriş my cock just went deeper. I reached forward and pulled your hair back. Your head naturally followed. God the sound you made while my cock was filling your ass. It was like a symphony of erotica. The things we said, the way your ass gripped my cock. I’ll never forget.

“You like that don’t you, you slut. You like getting your ass fucked like some kind of street walking whore.”

“Fuck me deeper daddy, I’m so close to cumming.”

And I did. You were moaning ad thrashing an ecstasy. My cock making your ass cum even harder then your sweet pussy had. You calling me daddy was enough to send me to the edge. After your orgasm was starting to fade I pulled my cock out. You sighed. I knew you weren’t finished and could have several more but it was my turns.

I grabbed the back of your head and got you up on your knees. My cock just came near your face. With out a word you sucked it into your mouth. Like fluid motion once I felt your tongue starting to twist around my head I started to fuck your face. I heard you gagging a bit as I slid down your throat. I’d pull off for you to take a breath before I’d shove my cock back in and start fucking your throat again.

“You like the way your ass taste on my cock? You fucking disgusting bitch. Suck your ass off my cock!”

My balls were getting heavy. They were aching as the bounced off your chin. I pull out form your throat arced my back. I saw your eyes light up as I started grunting. My hand aiming my hard cock right at your face. The first few shot arched over your head and hit the glass. But the rest glazed your face. My hot cum pooling by your nose in the corner of your eyes. It ran down your face. You tried licking what you could off your face before I shoved you towards the glass wall.

“I know you aren’t going to waste any are you? Fucking cum guzzling slut.”

I could have cum again right there.

“You know I’ll do anything for your cum…” and longer pause”…daddy…”

You leaned in and licked the wall clean. Your fingers in your pussy. I heard you orgasm as you were licking my cum of the glass wall.

After a few minutes we dressed. I didn’t let you clean the cum off your face tough, only out of your eyes. The cab driver was speechless. And the blowjob on the ride home was almost as good as the romp we just had.

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