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This is a “true” story, which began when I was 35 years old, just divorced. The divorce cost me everything; house, car, bank account, leaving me with the clothes I packed in my suit case.Thinking, that there was nothing else that could happen was a mistake … the job I had for almost 10 years, gave notice that they were going out of business. The company gave everyone 2 weeks pay and I was out of work. Finding a job was impossible, no one was hiring … I finally found a job, but the company was in Chicago, 50 miles from where I lived. I used the last of my money to move there and get a studio room.I worked the night shift from 4 p.m. to midnight, always looking for overtime, which was rarely available. One morning, I was in a diner having coffee looking at the “want” ads hoping to find either a better job or a part-time job, when a guy sitting isvecbahis next to me interrupted me and started a conversation. “Having any luck?” he asked.Responding with a “No” and adding that it is hard finding anything. We began talking, with him asking if I was new to Chicago …. I told him yes, and then began to let him know about my struggle. Here I was talking to a stranger about my “lousy” life, but not knowing anyone, it felt good to at least talk about it.Finally, after about 15 minutes of me “ranting”, he introduced himself … his name was Paul; in turn I said, “Nice to meet you, I’m Anthony.” We spoke a little more, then Paul said he had a meeting to go to. Just before leaving, he gave me his business card and wrote his cell phone number on it.”Give me a call later.” I said I work the 2nd shift, which will make it difficult isveçbahis giriş to call. Anthony said, “Call me when you are done … I’m a night person, so I’m always up.”I did call him after work, and was surprised that he answered on the first ring … he said he was happy I called.”What are you doing now?” he asked, and before I could answer he asked if I wanted to meet for a drink or coffee if you like. I told him a drink would be fine, actually after the day I had a drink would be what I needed.Paul was already at the bar when I got there … sitting at the end of the bar. Anthony, what would you like … a scotch on the rocks. After putting away 3 drinks, and feeling relaxed, Paul started talking about his life, some bad relationships, including his failed marriage. He said he gave up on women … all they know how to do is drain you isveçbahis yeni giriş emotionally. “Now,” he said, “when I need some “relief”, I pay for the attention.” I found myself agreeing with him about bad relationships, and laughed about paying for it. Paul laughed, and said, “Now don’t take this wrong, but I don’t always look for a woman … be honest with you men know how to take care of me better; I don’t consider myself “gay” but what goes on in Private is my business.”I was embarrassed and he new it, but I said, “You are right “it’s your business.” After a couple more drinks, I began asking him more about his “private” life. I was not a unaware of what goes on, but never experienced anything. Paul began by saying, “I’m not making love to a guy … no kissing, things like that, but I do enjoy a nice getting ‘blow job”; and in the right mood, even more adventures.”Now, with all the drinks I had, he had my attention.”How do you meet these guys, pick them up on the street?” “Hell no, I’m not looking to get caught by the cops, or get robbed or get some disease …

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