Giving Myself to the FamilyGiving Myself to the Family


This is my first story, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Mainly it is a work of reality and incest fiction, based on real life experiences, with elements of truth. All names are changed, and all are 18yo and older. There is a little religious blasphemy in the form of exclamation in the story, if this might offend please do not read.


So, who am I and which family members did I give myself too.

Firstly myself…. My name is Tina, I was 23 years old when this all started, I am a tall girl, long legs ample tits, slim but not skinny and although I say it myself I have a lovely bum.

Oh and I have a filthy mind.

As for sex, I am certainly no virgin, When at University you could say I was the “University bike” but I knew that the lads only wanted one thing and were not interested in satisfying me, only themselves.

My mum…. She is Mandy, a 47 year old good looking woman, no raving beauty, but good looking with a good figure. She is built much like me, but not so tall, slim, not skinny, but very shapely. She has a nice arse and tits, OMG! those tits, they are lovely, to my surprise still quite firm.

My dad…. John, 48 years old. He is tall, I guess that’s where my height comes from. He is a farmer so his work is physical and keeps him fit, still a good looking man, but starting to go a little grey now, I’m probably the cause of that. (Love you dad).

My younger brother and sister…. Fuckin hell! I didn’t know just how filthy and perverted these two could be. My sister is the beautiful one of the family, my god she is gorgeous.

My brother…. No Adonis but he has no trouble getting the girls, he keeps himself fit playing rugby at the weekends for a local team.

So how did my incestuous journey start?


I heard my dad in the bathroom, looking at my bedside clock it was 6am, normal time for my dad to be up and getting ready for work, even on a Sunday morning. Being a farmer work doesn’t stop at the weekends. I was awake now and needing to have a pee. Could my dad take any longer, seemed like he was taking forever and I was busting for that pee.

Oh my god! At last I thought, as I heard him leave the bathroom and go downstairs. I ran from my room to the bathroom in just a thong and a tight “T” shirt, pulled my thong down my legs, sat down and had a pee, fuck that was a relief.

I wanted a cup of tea, so wiped myself, pulled up my thong and went down to the kitchen.

Oh shit, my dad was still there, I thought I had heard him closing the door as he left. I should have realized, because there hadn’t been time for him to have got dressed, had breakfast and left. Now I’m standing here in just a thin clingy “T” shirt and a tiny thong that was struggling to hide my pussy lips and failing miserably. Do I stay or go? That dilemma was solved when dad said that it was all right to go in, despite the fact that he was naked, having just had a shower and decided to have a cup of tea before getting dressed.

I had not seen dad’s cock before, not properly anyway, but there it was and he didn’t seem to mind that I was walking into the room. I went to the kettle and switched it on to re-heat the water. Waiting for the water to boil, I couldn’t stop myself, I had to turn around deliberately to look at dads cock. I will not exaggerate and tell you that it was some enormous monster, it wasn’t, but in its limp state it was a good size, bigger than any of the lads I’d fucked at Uni. It was obvious that he knew I was looking at it, but did nothing to hide it. Little did I know then, that before too long I was going to have that cock buried deep in my pussy.

I made my cup of tea and went back upstairs. I don’t know why, maybe because of seeing my dad, but anyway, I stopped on the landing to look through the partly open door of mum and dad’s bedroom. My mum was lying partly covered on the bed; it was obvious that she was rubbing her pussy under the cover. She lifted one of her legs a little, the cover slid down, I could now see that she was gently rubbing her clit. Her pussy was smooth, not a trace of pubic hair, not that I could see from this distance anyway. I wanted to stay to see if she had an orgasm, but remembering that my dad was naked in the kitchen, I knew that he would be coming up to get dressed, so went back to my room with thoughts of my dad’s cock and my mum masturbating in my head.

My dad came up, got dressed and went back down. As I lay on my bed, I heard the back door open and close again, I heard the familiar sound of a tractor starting up, dad had gone.


Yes mum?

Would you be a dear and go down and get me a cup of tea please?

Back down I went and came back a few minutes later with mum’s tea. She was still on the bed naked, but not playing anymore. I entered her room, I pretended to divert my gaze, but all the time wanting, xslot giriş needing, to see her naked body, but why? She is my mum for fuck sake. All right, she has a body worth admiring, but why did I have this lovely feeling in my body when looking at her laying there naked? I tried to put it out of my mind.

Put the tea down there darling and then take off your “T” shirt.

Mum! Why do you want me to do that?

Just do it, I want to see your body.

Why mum?

Because I have watched you so many times, wishing I could feel your tits and slide my fingers into your pussy. Now get it off and whilst you’re at it, take that thong off as well.

Mum! For fuck sake, I’m your daughter.

Yeah I know, but you enjoyed watching me through the door just now, didn’t you, and don’t deny it.

I couldn’t deny it, while watching her I had felt myself getting turned on and my pussy had been getting wet, but then of course I had to go to my room.

Come on then darling, get it all off, then come and join me on the bed.

I couldn’t help myself, god, I don’t know why, but I was going to let my mum see me naked, was I going to let her touch me? I didn’t know. Slowly I took off the shirt, I was teasing her, OMG what was I doing? I didn’t answer myself, I just carried on teasing her, I turned with my back to her and slowly removed my thong before turning to face her again.

Come on, come and lay here beside me.

It was as if I had no control over my actions, I climbed onto the bed and laid on my back, mum leaned over and started gently squeezing my tits and rolling my nipples between her fingers. They were getting harder and harder. She took one of my nipples into her mouth and started flicking it with her tongue, I was being really turned on and getting very wet between my legs. Why was I letting her do this to me, more to the point, why wasn’t I trying to stop her?

While mum was still sucking on my nipples I felt her fingers probing between my legs. Helplessly I spread my legs a little to give her better access to my pussy, her fingers were sliding between my now very wet lips, finding and gently rubbing my clit, alternating between that and pushing her fingers inside me. The feeling running through my body now was something I’d never felt before, certainly no boy had ever made me feel like this.

Mum stopped sucking on my nipple at that moment, much to my disappointment, but she pushed two fingers deep into my pussy, put her lips to my ear and whispered.

Did you like looking at your dad’s cock darling?

I didn’t answer her, but the thought of my dad standing there naked, allowing me to see his cock, knowing I was looking and making no effort to hide it from my gaze. Fuckin hell! Why was I thinking like this, why was I allowing mum to do this to me, why was I not trying to stop her? Again she whispered in my ear.

Your dad would love to fuck you.

That should have brought me to my senses, but my mum had two fingers deep inside me and was getting aggressive with her thumb on my clit, I was loving it. I should have been put off by what mum had just whispered, I should have stopped things there and then, but this feeling now rising in my body, a feeling I had never felt before, was taking over, taking control of my mind, at that point mum could have done whatever she wanted. Yet again, she whispered in my ear.

Cum for your mummy.

She didn’t need to tell me to do that, an orgasm was already building in me, I had images of my dad fucking me and now “mummy” not mum, I felt so dirty and was loving it.

I was now starting to shake “mummy” was rubbing harder on my clit now, an orgasm was building sending waves of pleasure coursing through me, I screamed out,

Fuck me mummy! Fuck your little girl!

She put her mouth over mine and started kissing me, not a mum daughter kiss, but a passionate lover’s kiss, our tongues met and twirled around each other. Again, no boy has ever made me feel like my mum was making me feel right now. We stayed with our mouths locked together, devouring each other, stifling my screams of pleasure, until my orgasm subsided.

I now lay there like a drowned rat, I was sweating, my hair was clinging wet to my face, I was trying desperately to understand what had just happened. Again mum whispered.

I’ve wanted to do that for so long, did you enjoy it darling?

Fuckin hell mum! I think it was obvious that I did, I had thoughts of dad fucking me in my head and then you said “mummy” instead of mum, I felt like a dirty whore and I was loving it.

You were my little girl, “mummy” was how it felt, at that moment you were my little girl, it wasn’t a conscious decision to refer to myself as mummy, it was just the heat of the moment. Now get out of my room and go take a shower, before xslot your brother and sister wake up, if your screams haven’t already woken them.

Will we do this again mummy?

Mum didn’t answer. Fuckin hell! I was calling her mummy, but I liked it, I was wanting to do it again, I was wanting to do the same to my mum.

I got off the bed and headed for the door, my legs feeling a bit week. As I reached the door, I turned and whispered just loud enough for her to hear.

Does dad really want to fuck me?

Yes, he does darling, like me he has wanted to for a long while, ever since you turned eighteen in fact.

Why specifically when I turned eighteen I was asking myself? I stood in the shower as if trying to wash away what had just happened, but it had the opposite effect, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to happen again. I felt so dirty, it was so wrong, but that just seemed to make it more exciting, I really was feeling like a dirty whore and yes, I loved it.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about nothing else. I wanted it to happen again. My dad was also in my thoughts, mum had told me that he wanted to fuck me, but wanting to fuck mum was one thing, but fucking my dad! That was something completely different, or was it? I couldn’t get that thought out of my head, I wanted him to fuck me.

OMG in the space of a few hours I had turned from being an innocent young lady, to being an incest whore, the problem with that, is that it thrilled me, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. I got through so many pairs of knickers that day, my cunt seemed to be permanently dripping.

Yes the word “cunt” had taken the place of pussy in my thoughts, thoughts that had turned from being dirty to being downright filthy and perverted.

The day passed slowly, mum occasionally giving me a wink as she squeezed past me at every opportunity.

I had a job interview in the afternoon, I know I’m not going to get the job, I couldn’t concentrate on what they were asking me, I just kept seeing my dad when looking at any of them. Anyway, I put that interview down to experience.

When I got home mum had dinner ready, dad was home as well and winked at me as I walked past him.

Fuckin hell! Has mum told him what we did that morning? At the table she sat opposite me, she had removed her shoes and started running a foot up my leg and smiled at me. Jesus Christ! It was all I could do to stop myself from leaping across the table to get to her.

After we had eaten I joined her in the kitchen, with the excuse of helping her clear away the dishes, I pushed her into the corner and asked her, had she told dad?

No, I haven’t, but he does suspect something, he knows that I want you as he does. You left your thong on the floor this morning, he saw it this evening when he went up to change. He didn’t say anything, but I know he suspects that something happened, but don’t worry about that, he would be delighted, I’m not going to tell him though, he will work it out soon enough.

Thank you mum, can I come to your room again in the morning?

Let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings.

She put her hands behind my head, pulled me closer and kissed me full on my mouth, it felt so good, but we couldn’t stay like that, we had to part. I would have to wait until the morning and hope I could go to her room again.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully, I went to bed at about 11pm, but wasn’t able to sleep, I wanted to find out just how much my dad really wanted to fuck me. I laid awake for most of the night, but had set my alarm for 6am just in case.

I heard dad in the shower, taking ages as he had done yesterday, I was hoping that when finished he would go downstairs naked again. I waited for a while and then followed him down, I had put on a clingy “T” shirt, but this time I didn’t wear a thong, I was going to let dad see my cunt.

Knowing that I was going to do that and with thoughts of my mum and dad fucking me, I had been playing with a vibrator while waiting for him to go down. Glancing at myself in the mirror as I left my room I smiled, I could see my cunt was very wet, my wetness leaving a glistening trail down my leg.

Now at the kitchen door, my thoughts running riot in my head, I was suddenly unsure if I should do this, but didn’t give myself time to dwell on it, I just walked in. Dad was naked, I walked slowly over to the kettle giving him every chance to see my wet cunt and hopefully see that my wetness was running down my leg, I switched on the kettle, turned round and leaned back against the worktop, standing with my legs just a little apart, so he could see how wet my cunt was. He was trying not to let me see that he was looking, but he was and I could see his cock now standing to attention, although this time he was trying to hide it a little, unsuccessfully I might add.

With my cup in one hand, I placed my free hand over my cunt, gathering up my wetness, I walked over to dad, pre-cum now seeping from his cock, I placed my wet hand around it, rubbing the end with my thumb. Now lubricated with his own pre-cum and my wet hand, I gripped his cock tightly and slid my hand up and down his now rigid shaft a couple of times. I moved in close and kissed him on the cheek, telling him quietly that it looked delicious. I was so tempted to get down and take it in my mouth, but instead left the kitchen and went back upstairs, turning and smiling at him as I went.

Stopping on the landing to look in through mum’s bedroom door, I saw her again naked on the bed, she whispered that I could come back in a little while, she blew me a kiss and waved me away, whispering to wait until dad had gone.

Sitting in bed drinking my tea, I couldn’t get my dad out of my head. I had held his rigid cock in my hand and stroked it, OK it was just for just a few seconds, but dad didn’t say anything, he hadn’t stopped me or react adversely to my touching him either. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter, my wetness was running slowly down my arse crack and on to the bed sheet.

For fuck sake dad, hurry up and go to fuckin work. He was in the room with mum for what seemed like ages, or was that my imagination. I was certainly getting impatient.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard him going down stairs and out of the back door, I heard his LandRover start and go off, presumably out to the barns, probably to feed the animals, whatever, I didn’t fuckin care, he was gone, that was all I cared about right now.

Mum’s bedroom door crashed against the wall as it burst open when I ran into the room.

Fucking hell darling, where’s the fire!

In my cunt!

Well slow down and get yourself up here, then we’ll see what we can do about it.

I want to taste your cunt mummy.

Please don’t use that word darling.

What word, cunt or mummy?

“Cunt” it just sounds so crude, your daddy would love it though, he likes me talking dirty when we’re alone. Did you enjoy holding his cock this morning?

Oh god, he told you did he?

Of course he did.

Yes I did, but it was only for a few seconds, it was so hard, I had let him see my cunt and how wet it was, sorry mum, my pussy.

That’s better darling, you do know that you have made your daddy want to fuck you even more, don’t you.

Yes mummy, I am hoping so, I could think of nothing else all night, thoughts of you and dad fucking me together.

That’s what you want is it darling?

OMG mummy, yes it is, that is why I did it, it was an invitation, but I don’t know whether or not the invitation has been accepted, maybe I had been too subtle?

I would hardly call that subtle darling, but yes, it was accepted. I suppose that I should warn you darling, your dad likes to play rough, so if that’s not what you want, you had better say so now.

I am assuming that you know it will happen mummy. Will it?

Oh yes darling, if you want it to, it will, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

OK, so in what way does he like to get rough, is it just a bit of spanking, or is it more?

Mmmm, spanking yes, but hard spanking. He also likes to tie me up in all sorts of ways, usually blindfolded, he will then spank me and abuse me in various ways. On one occasion I had been tied up, blindfolded and left like that while your dad went out and came back an hour later with others who he allowed to abuse me. I was never actually fucked by any of them, just finger fucked and abused.

Fuckin hell! Were you happy to let that happen mummy?

I didn’t have any choice, I was tied tightly, unable to do anything about it.

So is that all they did?

Well not quit, I was untied and thrown on to the bed. All had gone quiet, there wasn’t a sound, it was an eerie feeling, my hands were again tied but this time to the bed head. To cut a long story short, I was then fucked, it was not gentle and loving, just raw and animal like, I was then just left there, in eerie silence. It must have been an hour before your dad came back and untied me.

Christ mum! Are you all right with that. Who were the guy’s that abused you, how many of them were there?

To this day darling, I don’t know, your dad has never told me. I know that at least one of them was a woman, I could tell that by the feel of her hands and her perfume, even before she sat on my face.

So who fucked you, was it dad?

I have always assumed so, I know the feel of his hands and his smell, but there was no sound, it was as if someone had flicked a switch and turned the sound off.

Jesus Christ! Didn’t you ask him?

Yes, of course I did darling, but he wouldn’t confirm it and never has.

You don’t seem too worried about it, did you enjoy it?

Yes, I loved it, I trust your dad, I know he won’t go too far and cause me any extreme pain or injure me in any way.

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