Give Me the Pink SlipGive Me the Pink Slip


Colby smiled as he watched Fanny reading her magazine. The light from the lamp shined on the sparkles in her blonde hair. Fanny’s full lower lip curled as she scoffed at something in the article.

“So are you excited about tomorrow?” Colby asked, smiling.

Fanny raised her chin and regarded Colby with half lidded eyes. “What’s happening tomorrow? Are you finally going to wash the drapes?”

Colby bit his lip. “No, Fanny, tomorrow we’re going riding on Chelsea, remember? You promised, and it’s been such a long time. Tomorrow’s our big day!”

Fanny shook a Marlboro Light out of her hard pack and put it between her glossed lips, and looked at Colby. Her husband jumped up and grabbed a lighter, and ignited the cigarette.

He caught a glimpse of Fanny’s full cleavage, the heaving white mounds curving over the tube top outlined by the little open button down shirt, and his penis surged. But the little cage’s cruel bars pulled against Colby’s soft skin.

As Fanny often contemptuously put it, his “Lubriderm epidermis” This, because Colby had jerked off so much and so often with Vaseline, Lubriderm, and various other creams, and his dick was now super soft.

Last year, when Fanny had finally agreed to lock Colby into a chastity cage, the jerking off had gone from daily to once every eight to ten days, unless Fanny was feeling romantically generous. But it had been Colby’s fantasy, and it surrounded the chemistry around his tough, but gorgeous spouse.

Colby loved being Fanny’s submissive, but he also enjoyed being the sexy, tough guy who swept Fanny off her feet in the old days. He wasn’t a full time biker, more of a weekend warrior, though the Demon Spawn let him be a member because he serviced their machines.

When Fanny had caught her first boyfriend cheating, and then he began pushing her around, Colby had rescued her, listened to her, and taken her around on his cycle, and eventually charmed Fanny into his bed.

And what a luscious body! He’d had a picnic in bed with Fanny, and enjoyed hanging around with her, istanbul travesti playing cards, going for ice cream, and attending games at Buttermilk Stadium.

But a big part of Colby’s fascination with Fanny was how intense and dominant she looked. Sometimes she’d strut around in a tiny white tee shirt that cupped her breasts, and tight jeans and engineer boots.

Then there were nights where Fanny wore (as she did tonight) a miniskirt and fishnet stockings and high heels. Fanny had laughed the first time Colby had asked her to hit him with a belt.

“All right, take off your clothes” she’d said in an amused, semi bored way. Had Fanny done this before?

Later, as she held him in his arms, listening to him weep (Fanny had a great softball pitching arm) he’d told her about his dad keeping a strap on the wall of their kitchen, and Mommy’s ever present spatula.

At first they just did it now and then, and sometimes she’d tie his hands over his head and sit on his face until he’d licked her to a couple of orgasms…and then she’d ride his cock so they both had a final one.

Eventually, Fanny had noticed the best sex was when she sat on Colby’s face, and that she didn’t have to fuck him afterwards. She’d play with his balls while he jerked off, and that seemed to fascinate him, the obsessive submission.

Fanny found that locking clothespins on Colby’s nipples and getting him to kneel on the floor and lick her endlessly while she watched “Project Runway” and various reality shows was a lot of fun, too.

Sometimes, when Colby annoyed her, Fanny would unzip his pants and pull out his penis and whack it with a coat hanger, and this curtailed his poker nights and the drunken binges with his buddies.

And then the day came when Colby found Fanny in bed with Hiram, the guy who had treated her so badly. Fanny explained that it was just sex, and much as she loved Colby, he was not enough for her.

“Hiram is not really up for relationships.” Fanny said, as Hiram had laughed, drinking Colby’s beer. anadolu yakası travestileri “He fucks around too much, and I need a nice guy in my life. More of a brother, is how I think of you, Colby.”

Colby had wept in front of them, which had greatly amused Hiram…

As things had changed a bit, Fanny decided at some point that she really didn’t want to have sex with Colby at all. He could clean her out if he liked after she’d had a dirty weekend, but really, she wanted him just for stability in her life.

Fanny had found that sometimes she had to use her belt on Colby’s bare ass (which she kept on the kitchen wall, like his Dad used to) to ensure he kept up with chores and still respected her, since she wasn’t going to use sex as a reward.

And Colby got quite turned on by the idea that his beautiful girl was cuckolding him. He couldn’t believe that was the case. But on the other hand, he really missed his time with Fanny.

Fanny though, didn’t think of Colby as much of a man. When he was especially good to her, Fanny would order Colby to put on stockings and a garter, and high heels, and she’d lock the clothespins on.

Then Colby would stand in front of her, naked but for this rig, and Fanny would play with his cock as she sat on the couch.

Colby was not supposed to cum when she did this, as it was nasty, so he’d try to hold off as long as he could, and then she’d let him jerk off, kneeling on the floor in front of her.

When he had an “accident” in mid-hand job, Fanny would truly beat the shit out of him!

But Colby still missed being a guy-guy sometimes, and finally Fanny had agreed to go riding with him, on his beloved cycle that he called Chelsea.

It had taken a lot of favors, and Colby had actually put money out so Fanny and Hiram could go to Aruba for a week, but it had made Fanny feel somewhat generous.

But now she was acting like she forgot that they were going to ride, him with her on the back, like the old days. istanbul travesti Colby squinted at Fanny.

“Colby, I know you want to do this tomorrow” Fanny smiled. She put her magazine down and patted the couch next to her. Colby came and sat down, feeling somewhat like an appreciative lap-dog.

Fanny leaned close, and her perfume enveloped Larry, and her breasts swelled forward, heaving. It had been a long time since Colby had been allowed to touch them. It had been quite a while since Fanny was undressed in front of Colby!

He was really hoping that they could get laid the old way after the biking trip.

“Colby, I love you, baby. I think you should give your motorcycle to Hiram.”

“What?” Chelsea? He’d had Chelsea so long!

Fanny put her hand on his. “I know you love riding, but let’s face it, you’re not really that guy, are you? I mean, not anymore.”

“What do you mean? Because sometimes I clean the house in the French maid’s uniform? That’s just kinky!”

There was a knock on the door, and it opened and Hiram came in. He grinned at Colby. Hiram came over and took Fanny by the arm, and she squealed and jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist, and they had a long kiss.

“Did you ask him yet?” Hiram’s tongue licked Fanny’s ear and she squealed again.

“Yeah, give me a minute.” Fanny looked down at Colby and her eyes narrowed.

Colby stood up. “Fanny, I want Hiram out of here. And I’m not selling him my goddamn Harley.”

“Sell it? Shit I wasn’t plannin’ to buy it” Hiram let Fanny down.

This was ridiculous. Colby could easily kick Hiram’s ass.

But he felt immobile.

“Colby, go into the bedroom and take off everything and put on your stockings and high heels and get back out here, and we’ll discuss it.” Fanny smiled as she said this, and Hiram was overcome with hilarity.

“Fanny-I’m not-“

“Colby, go change, or I’m going to take the strap off the wall now-“

“Fanny, this is MY HOUSE.”

“And I’ll let Hiram hit you with it.”

Colby bit his lip. He felt his cock almost pop the cage.

He spun on his heel and walked into the bedroom, and felt himself sobbing, trying hard not to, of course…

“And bring out Chelsea’s pink slip” came Fanny’s voice. “Tomorrow while Hiram and I go riding, you can finally clean those damn drapes, Jesus you’ve been putting that off too long!”

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