Girlfriend Rented To FriendGirlfriend Rented To Friend


Hello reader, the following story is true, and I am aware of the length, but I do believe it’s quality makes it worth the read.

One of my greatest turn ons is watching my girlfriend getting railed by another man. I have been going out with her for several years, and we tossed this fantasy around for quite awhile as she did not mind the idea of experimenting with other cocks herself. I was hoping to find someone whom neither of us had too close a connection to, in order to avoid any backlash, but she seemed to have her heart set on one of my closest friends.

I was completely against it at first, although jerking off to the thought made me rock hard, I feared that previously mentioned backlash. Fast forward a few months, and this friend of mine and I were over my house drinking a bit and messing around on the computer. My girlfriend happened to be on facebook and we started talking to her. The conversation quickly turned sexual, including us jokingly asking for a threesome. Soon enough she came on the web cam dressed half naked with a huge grin on her face accepting our invitation. My friend and I quickly deliberated as to whether or not we were being serious, I obviously was, and luckily he turned out to be as well.

We jumped to his car and drove over to her house in eager anticipation. Once we arrived we waited a bit for her to come out. When she did she still had that huge grin on her face as she looked my friend up and down knowing the reason he was there was to strip her naked. Since we were in a truck she naturally took the middle seat so she could be between the two of us. On the drive back we all made petty conversation.

Once we were about 10 minutes from my house things began heating up. We all went quiet and my girlfriend slowly moved her hand to my crotch which was undoubtedly rock hard. A few seconds later I realized her right hand was quite busy as well, massaging my friend’s bulge. At this moment I was in pure heaven. My long-term girlfriend was sitting between me and my best friend rubbing his cock,I couldn’t believe it was happening.

Then out of nowhere my buddy must have gotten real horny because he grabbed my girlfriend and shoved his tongue down her throat. She did not hesitate at all in completely abandoning me and kissing him back with the same aggression. I look over to see his hand going up her shirt and grabbing one of her tits as she keeps a strong grip on his dick. I rubbed her back seeing if maybe she would turn around, but it’s as if I wasn’t even there, all she wanted was to be alone with my friend which was so hot it almost had me cum right there.

My buddy was done with games, he grabbed the back of her head, pulled his sweat pants down, gaziemir escort and shoved her face towards his cock; as if my girl needed any extra motivation, she had been craving his dick forever. She engulfed him right away, I looked over and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my girl was bent over with my friend’s hand on the back of her head gagging and slurping on his dick. His eyes were closed and head tilted back indicating she was clearly doing a fantastic job. He pulled her head off, gave her another kiss and announced that it was “her turn”. He pulled off her pants and I simply watched as her panties dangled off of one leg and he leaned down to eat her out. She seemed to be in heaven too, I never thought I’d be watching my girlfriend less then an inch from me moaning from another boy.

I never wanted the ride to end, but we pulled up to my house and had to tell them to wrap up, because they sure as hell weren’t going to stop on their own. We ran up to my bedroom and I finally got to have my girl back. She turned to me and we made out for a bit, but my friend was not one to play games, he took off all his clothes in a hurry and began undressing her. He lifted up her shirt, undid her bra, slid off her pants, and while I was kissing her he grabbed her from me from behind with one hand on her tits and the other around her waist and his dick pressing up against her firm ass. He laid her on all fours and knelled in front of her as she sucked him off. I sat behind grabbing her hips and began fucking her. I loved looking up in front of me watching my girl blowing my friend and hearing her gagged, muffled moans.

Next I laid on my back and pulled my girl ontop of me; as she rode me like the sexy cowgirl she is, I noticed she could care less, her eyes were locked on my friend who was jerking himself off at the moment right behind me. He must have been staring at her soft perky tits bouncing because next he moved in and began sucking on her bright pink nipples. Knowing how I could never quite fully satisfy her by sucking just one of her tits, I saw the opportunity to make her happy and took it. I leaned up and suck her other tits as she continued grinding herself on my dick. I fell back and she fell over and grasped his long cock with her small cute, recently manicured hands. Right out of the corner of my eye I was watching my girlfriend jerk off my best friend.

The tease of holding his length must have been too much for her because she pulled herself off me and took him back into her mouth. I moved out from underneath her letting her enjoy the cock she really wanted. I moved my face closer while jerking myself to get a close up of his long dick fucking her mouth and her karabağlar escort lips tightly wrapped around him reluctant to let go. My buddy began getting a little rough at this point. He quickened his pace and began degrading her. All of a sudden I was hearing him say things to her like “swallow my dick bitch” and “You like that slut?”. I was in disbelief viewing my best friend talk to my girlfriend of 3 years like this, and loving every second of it. My girlfriend would try muffling her answers back over his cock, occasionally sliding it out to give him a kiss and answer clearly.

Next they kissed their lips locked and they began making out for awhile. My girlfriend was moaning over his tongue as he touched her all over. He then laid her down, spread her legs, and knelt in front of the bed. My girl looked down and her eyes lit up. I could tell when he began eating her out because loud, pleasured moans started escaping between her lips. I decided to quiet her down a little bit by leaning over her and stuffing my cock down her throat. As I was moving over I saw the look in her eyes, she was having an incredible time. Without wasting much time I held my dick over her lips and she did the rest. After only a few moments I was ready to cum, unable to hold it any longer I blew in her mouth and she swallowed it all up. I got off of her and she was grabbed toward the side of the bed by my friend who was still on the floor. I felt more like a prop at this point, he was clearly the focus of her attention. I could only get sucked if his cock was done with her mouth and he allowed it, I absolutely loved that she saw herself as his property.

They began making out some more, much to my surprise that my friend didn’t seem to care that I just came a thick load in her mouth. Even though I already had blown my load, I was still captivated watching her naked body wrapped around his while they’re tongue ran around each other. They quickly switched positions, my girl was now the one on her knees and my buddy was sitting down on the bed with his legs spread and dick straight up in the air. She took him back in her mouth with her ass sticking out, my friend must have noticed because he leaned over and gave her ass checks a strong spank; completely unphased she continued blowing him.

My friend asked me to leave since he was having trouble cumming, taken off by first I looked at my girl still on her knees bobbing her head on his cock like it was her job not even paying attention. She honestly didn’t give a fuck whether I stayed or left. Still turned on although not hard, I decided it was best to leave the room and let him have his fun with her. As I was leaving I saw him place a hand ontop kemalpaşa escort of her head and tell her she’s going to be blowing him all night. She didn’t seem to have the slightest problem with that. I closed the door behind me and walked away. I was simply pacing around, hearing the occasional moan and a lot of kissing sounds. I could only imagine what he was doing to her in there. My best friend had kicked me out of my own bedroom so he could have his way with my girlfriend and dominate her in peace. The thought of this instantly made me rock hard once more. I walked up to the locked door to get a better sense of what was going on. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my girlfriend was moaning his name and panting in exhaustion and all I heard from him were grunts. Was he fucking her? His cock was considerably longer then mine, I wasn’t even sure she could handle his length. Nonetheless, I’m sure she wouldn’t have a single complaint taking him in up to the balls. Next she seems to calm down and they began kissing each other. Then she must have taken his dick back down her mouth because I heard a muffled “mhm!” after he asked whether she likes his cock. My girlfriend loves being roughed with and talked down to in bed, taking demands from her fantasy boy must have had her pussy soaking; and knowing she was completely submitting herself to him only made me harder.

I must have been standing there jerking off for half an hour and they didn’t show any signs of stopping or even slowing down. I assume he must have fantasized about having her just as badly as she had him. I went over to the next room and laid in the bed still jerking myself to the occasional noises that echoed over. I eventually fell asleep. I was woken an hour and half later by my girlfriend dress half-assedly. “Are you awake? We’re all done” she told me with a smile on her face.

I’ve always wondered what went on that night after I left the room. She did tell me that he wasn’t fucking her, he was fingering her. She also told me that they spent a lot of time making out and sucking him off, and that he was standing up while she squeezed his cock between her tits a bit and went back to blowing him until he came in her mouth. She went on for awhile about how tasty his cum was. That was something I wish I had seen, the entire time I was anticipating watching him glaze her face and tits in cum right in front of me. And although he blew in her mouth, it still would have been hot giving her a nice kiss as he did after I came. And although we agreed he wouldn’t, I still dream about watching her ride another boy’s cock or bent over and fucked senseless by someone else.

My buddy and I are still good friends, and my relationship with the girl is still going strong. We have yet to repeat our adventure, though we are planning to attempt it again, unsure of our guy friend’s willingness. I know you may be reading this far in the future, but we are contemplating inviting him over tomorrow, as I still have yet to see her facialized by another boy 🙂

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