GF from many years ago #3GF from many years ago #3


GF from many years ago #3Here’s another one:I feel as if we have been having sex every day for almost a week. I’ve been cumming everyday after reading your notes and listening to your very hot voicemails at night. I do love listening to you and I so want to do this together with you soon, very soon. I would tell you how much I want to take your hard cock deep into my mouth, close my lips tight around the end as my tongue runs up and down the shaft and tip. Your moans deep and wanting. I would slowly and tightly move my mouth up your huge cock and circle the head with my tongue. This time instead of you being on top, I am as I turn around to suck your cock and you kiss my pussy. My tongue now running up and down the front of your hard cock and I’m sucking your cock so hard as some of your juices are coming out of the tip. I’m licking the back of your long shaft from the tip to the base to your balls. I moan as I slide my mouth down your cock again, how it fills my entire mouth and down my throat. Ohhh… You’re licking my clit as your hands are holding to my ass. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter as you drive your tongue deep inside me. I groan heavily as I thrust my hips towards your tongue. You’re driving me wild as your fingers probe deep kaçak iddaa into my pussy and ass. You’re teasing me to where you plan to drive your hard cock into later, I know. Maybe both if I’m good. You’re spreading the lips of my pussy so that you can lick and suck my clit harder. Oh that feels SO GOOD. Your cock is so hard and big now that I slide myself up and slowly ease my pussy down your cock, still on top of you but my back facing you. You reach for my breasts to pull me back a bit as I hump you hard, up and down, up and down, gyrating my hips as I go down and up. Your hands squeezing my nipples with each thrust down your shaft. Your hands are on my hips now and you are helping me go down and up your huge cock. I move my hand to feel your wet cock as I slide up and down, feeling your hard shaft and your tense balls. Oh you love that… as I am grinding up and down feeling you too. You push me on all fours as you get behind me rubbing your hard cock up and down my ass and pussy. Teasing me. You ram your cock deep into my pussy as I moan telling you not to stop. You stroke in and out of me and then before I knew what happened, your huge cock was deep inside my ass. So tight your huge cock feels working its way deep in and out of me. I start kaçak bahis bucking against your body to let you know that my ass is now relaxed and able to take you in deeper and harder. Oh I scream and moan as you grab my breasts to push in deeper. We are humping so fast it’s a blur when we both cum hard and loud. Your cum running down my ass and down the lips of my pussy. You continue to slide your cock in and out of me and leave it inside me as I lie down on the bed with you on top of my back still so nice and hard inside my ass. You kiss my face and massage my shoulders as I just breathe deeply and sigh that you are with me. I lead you to the shower where we both give us other a warm and sexual massage. It feels so good just having the water beating down on me as you rub your hands all over my body. Caressing my breasts and playing with my nipples. I caress your hard cock as you press me against the cool tiles. My legs spread open a bit as you take your hard cock and rub it back and forth against my clit knowing that drives me wild. You press your body against mine, kissing my mouth, neck and breast. I love what you’re doing to me and I feel I am going to cum so hard. You keep rubbing and rubbing and I do cum. My moan comes from my throat. I illegal bahis am on fire. You continue as my breathing gets heavier and I cum again. Oh, don’t stop… I love what your doing to me… please don’t stop… I moan into your ear. You make me cum so many times, I don’t want to keep track because I just love that you keep making me cum. But now I push you down to the edge of the bath as you sit, I kneel between your legs, hungry for your hard cock in my mouth. No playing now. I engulf your huge cock whole deep into my mouth. My sucking is making loud noises which makes you harder. You feel how tight my mouth is sucking on your cock, as you hold onto to my head as I pump hard and fast up and down your cock. My mouth just never stopping as I suck you and lick your shaft. I can feel the cum swelling up as I drive my mouth hard down your cock. I moan as your cock vibrates in my mouth letting me know how much he loves me sucking him. I lick your cock slowly from the bottom to the top as I hold him with both hands, caressing your balls. You watch my tongue just stroke your cock up and down and then my lips just slowly slide down your huge shaft. You can’t take it anymore and shoot your cum deep inside my mouth. I suck your cock until each drop is my mouth and slowly swallow it down, never taking your cock out of my mouth. I keep sucking you, so gently now, lick the shaft and the tip. You and I hold each other as I kiss your mouth, loving every moment we’re together.

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