Getting Even with TeresaGetting Even with Teresa


Teresa was a tease, I never liked her. I thought she was hot, I’ve been with her, but I never liked her. She’s been to my parties before, she knows the expectations of being a female at my parties, but she always insisted on being the prude. It’s bothered me. She, in and of herself, is an annoying person, but she has the right to be annoying at her own leisure, she is entitled to be a cunt as she sees fit.

She doesn’t, however, have the right to take that annoying cunt act of hers and bring it to my parties.

The last straw was a couple of months ago. One of my clients brought her, and though I rolled my eyes at seeing her, I was glad to see him, he’s always paid me well for my services, and he’s a reliable gentlemen who never makes me feel too much like a whore when I pleasure him. I invited him, Jeremy, to the party, but not Teresa.

Initially I let it go, there were about a dozen of us, and we were having a really good time. The coke was cut and on the mirror, the booze was flowing plentiful, and my better ladyfriends and I were slowly getting our gentlemen for the evening in the mood. I remember vividly, I was on my knees, giving Darryl head, I was getting so wet feeling his thick black cock in my mouth, my head bobbed slowly, he rested his hand behind my head and moaned for me as I sucked him deep into my throat. I was getting into it, and I felt Darryl squirming and about to cum, when…

“Dammit Teresa, if you didn’t want to fuck, why did you come to a god damn orgy?”

Jeremy was apparently making out with Amber because Teresa was complaining. There’s too many people in the apartment, it’s making me claustrophobic. Olivia always brings coke, she’s just asking to get busted. I didn’t come here for all these guys to paw at me. I want to play with the ladies but they get so sleazy when they drink. I would love you to fuck me in public if no one said anything. Don’t cum inside me, I think I’ll start ovulating tomorrow and I don’t want anyone knocking me up.

Just on and on. I didn’t blame Jeremy for getting pissed at her, but I wished they’d have their spat outside and let us enjoy the feeling of drowning in pleasure, in sin, in drunken orgasmic nirvana.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Teresa is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known. She’s slender, brunette, with large dark eyes and freshly-enhanced breasts, and because of her recent surgery, her back hasn’t yet adjusted, so she’s constantly walking with her shoulders back and her back arched to compensate. She’s incredibly sexy, and she’s spent a lot of money and spent a ton of hours in the gym to make herself that way. I’ve had the incredible pleasure of making love with her, of tasting her soft pussy, of listening to her high-pitched whimpers when I made her cum, of feeling the firmness and almost spherical roundness of her perfectly new breasts as we kissed.

She’s just really fucking annoying when it comes to these parties. She’s perhaps the hottest woman in town, so I’m not surprised when one of my clients shows up with her, she and I have always shared gentlemen and made lots of money from their lustful generosity. But at some point, her prissiness destroys the eroticism, and it pisses someone off.

So, this time, I had a plan. The moment Jeremy yelled at her, I put it in effect.

“Darryl baby,” I whispered to my gentleman as I raised my head and released his cock from my mouth, “I’ll make you cum so hard if you promise me you’ll cum in a cup.” I stroked his thick, hard, cum-filled cock gently as I whispered, and I watched him strain and listened to him moan for me, knowing he was already on the verge of exploding on me.”

“Nnnnhhhyes Oliviaahhh, nnnhhhhanything you want babyhhh, just finish me and make me cummnnhh.”

I smiled sinfully as him as I returned the head of his cock to my mouth and jacked him off. His fuckmoans grew louder as the pleasure rose in him. I used my drool to lube his cock as my little white hand fisted his large black manhood.

Darryl arched and shook and moaned as his cock thickened and pulsed in my hand and mouth, and with a loud, masculine UUHHNNNGG he started to cum in long, thick ropes of semen.

I tasted the first spurt of mancum and then pointed his cock to a used 52-ounce ThirstBuster cup I had originally purchased at Circle K. This morning it held Diet Coke with a shot of energy booster, this evening it contained Diet Coke with a larger shot of Jack Daniels, and now it was filling with cum. Darryl moaned as I jacked him off, shooting wads of cum into the cup, as if I were milking him, emptying his balls. He gripped the cushions and grunted as I pulled more cum out of him than he thought possible, and even when he fell back and gasped in exhaustion, I continued to fistfuck him, getting the little dribbles out of him. My god, his cock was enormous and so hard, like black steel, I so wanted to sink myself down gaziemir escort on it and grind on it, but my desire to teach that cunt Teresa a lesson was slightly greater than my desire to get my brains fucked out. Such a thing almost never happens to me, nothing ever disturbs my need to get fucked deeply and thoroughly by a long, thick, healthy cock; I must have really been pissed off.

“Mmmmhhh, thank you baby.” And with that, I stood up, cup in hand, and started making the rounds.

Teresa apparently went to the restroom, so I had a few minutes to gather more cum from the many gentlemen in the room.

There’s Andres, he just married Jacqueline and they were still “honeymooning”. I adore Jacqueline, she’s a tiny Latina girl with shiny brown eyes, beautiful hair, and tits larger than her little body can handle. She’s a couple of years younger than me, she had a plan for becoming a nurse in a few years, she doesn’t plan on being a prostitute her entire life, and I believe her when she tells me her dreams.

Right now, she’s bent over the couch as Andres fucks her ass. I don’t think Andres is going to last very long. He’s a nice guy, but in over his head with Jacqueline. His hands are on her tiny waist as he pumps her beautiful petite ass full of his cock, he’s moaning almost as loud as she is.

I tenderly pet Jacqueline’s ass as I gaze up at Andres. “Please, baby,” I ask him with wide eyes, my naked body shivering as I listen to my girlfriend’s hot whimpering, “please give me your cum.” His eyes widened at the strangeness of my request, but every man in this room has been with me at least once, he knew I had something good in mind.

With a grunt he pulled out and fisted his cock wildly. Jacqueline fell to her knees and whimpered in orgasm, she rubbing her pussy lips and came on her hand as her ass ached from the hard fucking she just had. I cradled her angelic face and gave her a soft, delicate kiss. Watching us making out on the floor was too much for Andres to handle, and he jerked off frantically, finally letting loose his cum into the cup I had set on the coffee table. His head tilted back as he gave it to me. “Thank you, my love,” I whispered to his wife, knowing her pussy occasionally belonged to Andres, but her heart belonged to me.

I stood up and touched Andres’s rugged face with my fingertips, a more tender Thank-You than a verbal one would be. At least one more good ejaculation into the cup, and I’d have enough mancum to get even with Teresa.

I see Jeremy has progressed further with Amber. She was on her knees, hungrily pleasuring him with his mouth as he enjoyed her, closing his eyes, letting Amber do what she does best. She commands $300 for every blowjob, she’s THAT good at it, and as her head bobbed and she moaned on it, she was coaxing the cum from his balls and making his cock lengthen and thicken.

I sat with Jeremy as my girlfriend sucked his cock, and I kissed his mouth. “Did Teresa piss you off too, baby?” I looked into his crazed eyes as he moaned a yes in reply. In his lust, his hands latched onto my breasts as we kissed and whispered to each other. “Help me get back at her, baby.”

“Nnnnhhh, anything for you Oliviaaahh, nnnhhhh I just wanna cum.”

With that, I knelt next to Amber and shared his cock. I licked the shaft and, simultaneously, frenched with Amber as we both devoured his dick. He squirmed as the pleasure was more than he can handle. He arched and struggled to keep his cum inside him, but I wasn’t having it, I wanted it. I cupped his balls and tugged and squeezed them as Amber and I made out, his cock between our mouths.

Jeremy yelped hotly and started confessing his love for Amber and me as we pleasured him. “Ohhhgod girls, I love you two so very much, nnnnnhhh I want you both so bad.” Apparently the notion that Teresa was just in the other room no longer mattered to him.

“Nnnnhhhh, cum on my tits babyhhhh.” Amber pressed his throbbing manhood between my breasts and squeezed them together, giving Jeremy something to fuck. He moaned as his hips bucked. “MMMmmnnhh, that’s it babyhhh, nnhhh, cum on me.” A few thrust later, and Jeremy’s mind was blown, his cock shooting warm cum all over my neck and chest.

I gazed into Jeremy’s eyes, still moaning as he shot strings of cum all over my tits. “Mmmnnhh, thank you so much babyhhhh”. My Amber took a credit card from her bag and used it to wipe the mancum from my chest, removing it and putting it in the cup.

“Please, girls, please let me fuck you.” Jeremy sounded desperate, but his words quickly returned to helpless moaning as Amber resumed sucking his cock. I got what I needed. Now I just had to set the cunt up.

I went to the kitchen and fumbled through the junk drawer for a moment… Aha, there it is. I pulled out a turkey baster, I used it once when it was my turn to cook Thanksgiving Dinner karabağlar escort (it became my only turn, as the feast was apparently so bad, no one asked me to try again). It was long and thick and phallic, and if used under the right circumstances, I believed I could convince someone it was a dildo. I smiled fiendishly as I pulled the rubber hand part off, poured the mancum into it, returned the rubber, and held it in my hand for a moment, feeling its girth, feeling the warmth of the semen inside it. I squirted a little into my hand and thought, this just might work.

I came back to the living room. The orgy continued. Layla had taken over for me with Darryl, and I pouted a little as I watched her bounce on that beautiful black cock of his, that beautiful black cock I had taken the trouble to suck to its full length and thickness, I was wet at the thought of it being inside me. Andres and Jacqueline had resumed their nuptials as she was riding him on the couch. Amber relentlessly sucked Jeremy’s cock as Peter was pumping her pussy from behind. All seemed well, everyone was fucked up and getting fucked, all involved were high and drunk and cumming.

That’s when Teresa came out of the restroom, still clothed, still bitching up a storm. Jeremy, who is that bitch you’re with? Jeremy, I want to go home. Jeremy, I promise to pleasure you in the car if you leave now. Jeremy, I just bought this dress, I don’t want it ripped. Jeremy, I don’t want strange men groping my new tits, they’re still too firm and tender. Poor Jeremy, he just wanted a little pleasure, whether it came from Teresa or not. She may have been the sexiest woman in the room, but she had no idea how able she was at killing the eroticism of an orgy.

“Mmmhhhhteresaaahh,” I said to her on my approach, cutting her off from Jeremy, leaving him to Amber’s capable talents. “I didn’t know you were here, babygirl. It’s been so long.” I could taste her wetness in my mouth, and I shivered a little as I gazed down her deliciously perfect body.

“I’m sorry, Olivia, Jeremy’s taking me home.” She spoke in a beautiful pout, perhaps genuine in her uncomfortability, but as annoying as it was sexy. I wanted to rip that gorgeous black dress off her and molest her in front of everyone, but I remained cool.

Touching her soft face, I said what I had to say to make her stay. “Don’t leave just yet, babygirl, I heard you just had your boobs done. Don’t you want to show them to me?” I arched just a little as I said that, showing her my own implants.

I smiled sluttily into her eyes, and she returned the slutty smile. “Okay, Livie, but in private.” She took my hand and let me back into the restroom with her. I felt her shiver through her hand, she apparently remembered the time we made love, it apparently meant as much to her as it did to me.

She giggled a soft, sexy-as-hell giggle to me as, in the confidence of privacy, she cupped her new fake tits and moaned softly. MMmmmhhh, I remember that feeling, the hot feeling of cupping my new fake tits, the sensation of the implants pressing up against your ribcage, the fullness, the gentle ache, nnnnhhhh I remember it so well.

As she felt herself up, I reached behind her, my mouth so close to hers, not yet kissing her, holding myself back, as I unzipped her dress, letting it fall around her waist. The annoying goddess was topless and smiling whorishly at me.

“What size are they?” I asked, it’s the obvious question to ask.

Teresa took my hands and guided them to her gorgeous chest. “Guess.”

I gave them a firm squeeze and almost came on myself, shivering, choking back the need to moan and cum as I groped them. I watched her as she gave into the groping, tilting her head back and offering a soft gasp.

“36D?” That’s my size, 36D, and I figured they were about the same size. My god, these breasts feel amazing. Why did she have to be so sexy alone with me, why did she have to be so annoying in the party room? Part of me wanted to forget my vengeful plan, give into her beauty, and make passionate love with her again, but I knew if I did, she’d just come back to another party and do the same prissy dicktease shit again.

“Nnnnnnnnho, babyhhh, double D.” She moans her response as she caressed my forearms, encouraging me to play more.

“Mmmhh, I bet Jeremy likes them very much.”

“Jeremy paid for them. But you’re the first to enjoy them.” On one hand, it was hot to hear that, and a little flattering, knowing I’m the first to feel the goddess up. But I felt bad for Jeremy, I know these things cost a lot, he must really love her. Then again, he was letting Amber suck his cock and tittyfucking me a little while ago, love is apparently a relative term.

I rolled her nipples with my fingers and listened to her whimpering reaction. I was literally shaking in lust as she fondles my hands, moaning, making kemalpaşa escort me squeeze them, making me make her cum where we stood.

“Uuuuhhnnn, fuck me Oliviaahh, I beg you.”

That’s when I took the turkey baster, pushed it up under the hem of her dress, and pressed the tip to her soft pussy lips.

“NNnnhhh, what is that Livie?”

“Just a present I had waiting for you, Teresa.”

She released a scalding hot moan as she squirted all over my fingers, giving her just the tip of the baster.

“I’ve wanted you forever, Livie,” Teresa moaned as she slipped into orgasm/confession mode. “You’re the best fuck the gods ever created. I’ll ditch Jeremy if you’ll fuck me.”

As flattering as it sounded, the more she talked like that, the more I felt pity for Jeremy, spending all his money on Teresa so a hot girl could look even hotter, and she’s willing to leave him high and dry. I pushed the baster deeper into her, listening to her, feeling her tremble.

“Nnnnnhhh that dildo feels so good inside me Livieeehhh. Uuuuhhnnh”

I started working the baster in and out of her as she leaned against the vanity. I knelt and kissed her little clit as I fucked her with the plastic kitchen utensil, my fingers on the rubber, waiting for the right moment to squeeze.

Trying to sound as sexy as I could, I asked her, “How much have you had to drink tonight, babygirl?

“Nnnnnhhh, a few shots of tequila, I’m pretty buzzed, why?”

“Is the room spinning?”

“Mmmhhhyes, starting to. The booze and you are fucking me up pretty good.”

I pushed the baster deep into her and stood up, pressing my tits against hers, kissing her deeply as she trembled, overwhelmed by alcohol and orgasm. She was so fucked up and about to be more so.

“MMMnnnhhhhh.” Her hand felt between her legs, and she felt the rubber. She ground her hips against the baster as she held it inside her, giving into me, into the lust, cumming so hard as we made out in the bathroom.

I really did, I almost pulled myself back and ended the seduction, almost pulled the baster out of her, almost left her, but before I could break the kiss and end the magic, I touched her fingers gently as she pawed at the baster, and then, before I could stop her, she gave it a firm hard squeeze and shot herself full of mancum.

“Nnnnhhholiviahhhh, that’s it babyhhh, shoot your cum into me.” Strange to say on so many levels. I supposed she was in some sort of deep hallucination daze, some deep fantasy dreamland, where she had this desire for me to have a cock and fuck her with it, a futanari fantasy starring me.

So I went with it.

I pulled the baster out, about a third of the cum gone from it. “Turn around, babygirl.”

Obediently, she bent over the vanity, showing me her incredible ass, she worked so hard in the gym to make that ass so voluptuous, she was giving it to me so easily.

I put one hand around her waist as I pushed the baster cock back into her pussy.

I wish I could have pulled away from this and watched her get fucked. I gave her several deep thrusts of it, listening to her as she came hard on it. Then I pressed it deep into her body and fondled her clit for a while, making her shake and babble helplessly. It’s all I could do to keep myself from pulling out and devouring her pussy, I know how it feels against my mouth, but I didn’t. I just kept on with the erotic charade, making her whimper in orgasm over and over.

And then I decided to end this the way it was supposed to. “Mmmmhhhteresahhh, squeeze my balls and make me cum.” I had to, knowing she would, alleviating a little bit of the guilt in all this. Without thought, she reached between her thighs as she shuddered in deep orgasmic bliss and touched the rubber handle, massaging it with her fingers. I moaned along with it, going with it, deepening the fantasy for her. I watched as she grasped it and, with a series of clenches, squirted the combination of Darryl’s, Andres’s, and Jeremy’s cum deep into her body.

With that, she fell to her knees and sobbed, completely drunk and overwhelmed by orgasm.

“I’ve needed you to fuck me like that forever, Olivia,” she cried as she curled up on the floor, me standing over her, both of us naked and wet as fuck, only her trembling in orgasm. I watched her for a moment as the fucking and the alcohol finally took her over, and she passed out on the bathroom floor, so full of tequila and cum.

I locked the door behind me as I returned to the living room. I did what I could to forget what I did to her; I did a couple of lines of coke and let Darryl fuck me to oblivion.

About three days later, still in a drug/sex/alcohol-induced funk, I woke up to my cellphone ringing and a very angry Jacqueline.

“Livie, I love you, I want to be with you always, but don’t you ever invite that cunt Teresa over again. She just accused Andres of fucking her when she was passed out and getting her pregnant.”

I have no doubt Teresa will abort the fetus, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get an angry call from her as well. But I also know the annoying cunt goddess will be in my bed again, the next time she’s drunk and needs her Livie to fuck her.

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