Getting ComfortableGetting Comfortable


Another story about our lives together.

“Chuck, why don’t you get comfortable?”

A cold flash of fear went through me. Why did Lee have to do this? I knew the answer, of course: just because he wanted to. He loved to see me squirm and he knew what was going through my mind. We had company, a friend of Lee’s from out of town, and that’s why I wasn’t “comfortable” already. We’d been out to dinner and were now home, just relaxing while he and Lee did more catching up.

To Lee, comfortable meant naked, at least for me. At home I was almost always naked except for some sort of bondage, even if it was just a lead attached to my cock ring. I like being naked. It’s comfortable and Lee would often touch me, slapping my ass, sucking my cock, pinching my nipple, or even just stroking his hand along my skin. It reminded me of how much he loved me and it made me feel sexy and attractive. I didn’t really mind being naked around other people. It was easier if they were naked too and sex was in the air, but even without that, I could handle being naked. But “getting comfortable” meant stripping, and I couldn’t go to our room to do it. It had to be done right there in front of God and everybody.

I realized that the conversation had stopped. John must have seen the reaction on my face, even if he didn’t know what it was about. I’ve always wished I could hide my reactions, but I can’t. They always pop out on my face, so John surely knew something was going on between Lee and me as I sat there frozen, staring at my hand as it rested on the arm of my chair.

Embarrassment overwhelmed me. The thought of taking off my clothes in front of someone I barely knew had me frozen. Combine that with the fact that Lee had told me to do it, and it would reveal too much about me, about my kinkiness. It wasn’t that I was going to refuse, that would have been easy. What had my heart pounding in my chest was the knowledge that I would do it! And John was someone I had just met that evening. He certainly knew that Lee and I were lovers, but I figured he didn’t know anything about the details, that Lee was dominant and I was submissive, or that we sometimes played with other people and I submitted to them, too. I didn’t even know for sure that he was gay, even though he was clearly gay-friendly since our gestures of affection in the restaurant hadn’t evoked any negative response from him. But taking off my clothes and revealing my sexual nature to him was something that was almost more than I could do.

I must have blanched at Lee’s “suggestion,” because now I felt the blush come rushing up my neck and flooding my face as my erection began. I could feel myself beginning to shake from the tension inside of me. How was I going to do this? How could I possibly stand up there in the living room and take off my clothes while John watched and wondered – especially since I knew my cock would be fully engorged by the time I was naked?

“Chuck!” Lee’s voice broke the silence, and I looked quickly at him. His previously relaxed face had begun to harden and I knew he was losing patience. “Did you hear me?”

I closed my dry mouth and nodded, looking at the floor to avoid his eyes, my heart pounding in my chest.


My breathing was ragged and I was shaking like a leaf, but I turned my head to John and said, “Wou…” I had to clear my throat and try again. “Would you please excuse me for a moment?” I could see the questions in his eyes, but he nodded.

Slowly, I began to stand up, wanting to run away and hide, or sink into the floor, or just disappear altogether. But none of those things happened to save me. I looked desperately at Lee, hoping for a reprieve that I knew wasn’t going to come. He gave me a satisfied smile, and as I walked past him towards the shelves by the entrance he reached out and quickly fondled my already hard cock.

“Chuck’s a little shy,” I heard him tell John.

“Oh really?” John replied, “he hasn’t seemed shy to me.”

“Well, I should say he’s shy about some things, his body for one.”

I wanted to scream, “Lee, how could you?” I was embarrassed enough to be about to strip there in the room while Lee and John carried on their conversation, but having Lee talk about it while it was going on was almost more than I could bear. I was alternatingly cold then hot, I was shaking so badly I could hardly walk, I had an erection that was so hard it was painful, and Lee was telling John about my most personal feelings!

I stood facing the shelves and pulled my sweater up over my head, remembering as I did that I still had some welts across my back from earlier, and nearly collapsing from the realization that they would be visible to John as I folded my sweater and set in on a shelf.

“As you can see, he doesn’t have anything to be embarrassed about,” Lee continued, which caused another flood of embarrassment. nişantaşı escort I was so flushed now that I felt feverish

“No, he looks good to me,” John replied, evidently going along with this little display.

I kicked off my sandals and grabbed the shelves for balance as I bent down to pick them up, knowing that I was displaying my ass, but thinking that was better than my face right now. Standing back up, I took a deep breath before reaching for my belt buckle. This was it! I was going to strip naked right there, with this man I’d just met watching me. I realized that I had broken into a sweat, and then, all of a sudden, I groaned and stumbled, catching myself on the shelf to keep from falling. I had just remembered that I still had the words “Space Available” written across my ass cheeks! If I dropped my pants now, John would see them first thing. If I turned around first, he’d see my face and hard cock.

“Chuck,” Lee said, “is it raining?” That was the code phrase Chuck used to make sure I was okay.

I turned my head and looked at Lee. His face showed some concern. Was I going to be okay? I took a deep shaking breath and knew that in spite of my embarrassment I was intensely aroused, and that this was one of my most potent fantasies. I closed my eyes a moment and nodded my head.

“Then turn around and face the room,” Lee instructed. That tone of voice was intense, but it was familiar, and safe. It meant that Lee was in charge and all I had to be concerned about was doing as I was told. Nothing else mattered. It was as if a wall had been constructed around me and Lee was the only other person that existed. I was still about to be exposed to a virtual stranger, but that fact faded in importance as I wrapped myself in Lee’s domination.

I lowered my gaze to the floor as I turned and reached for my belt buckle. I never wore underwear around Lee so as my pants opened I would immediately be visible, though my erection already showed as it pushed against my pants. I undid my belt and opened the button on my pants. Then I took another deep breath and undid my zipper. I was wearing dockers instead of jeans so I just let loose of them and they fell to the ground, leaving my cock waving in the air. I stepped out of them, picked them up and folded them before putting them on the shelf with the rest of my things.

“Come here,” Lee said, and I went to stand beside his chair, facing John, my face and chest crimson. He had the decency to blush too. “Turn around and show John your back.”

As I turned, Lee took hold of my cock and gently squeezed it a few times, making me pant and thrust into his hand. John must have seen the muscles on my ass clench and loosen with each thrust, but at that moment I was aware of nothing in the world except Lee’s hand around my cock.

“Well, John, what do you think?” Lee asked.

“Uh, he does look very nice.” It was clear by his tone that John wasn’t too sure of what was going on.

“Chuck, tell John about yourself and our relationship.”

I stared at Lee, not sure I had heard him correctly. Did he want me to tell John about my submission? Did he want me to reveal the things I had done for Lee, things that were still burned into my memory by the agonizing embarrassment they had caused? Did he want me to relive the pain of all those experiences once again?

Then I realized that was probably just what Lee had in mind. Making me tell someone about being submissive and how it all had felt would be an exquisite torture. The shaking I had been doing turned suddenly into a shudder, almost a spasm, and I leaned heavily on Lee’s shoulder to keep my balance, although Lee had me so off-balance it was probably fruitless.

“John,” Lee said, “toss me that pillow, would you?”

Lee let loose of my cock and caught the pillow, dropping it on the floor beside his chair. “Turn around and kneel on that,” Lee told me and I decided that it was a very good idea. I wasn’t sure I could stay upright with all the flood of emotions raging through me. So I turned to face John and knelt beside Lee with my cock still aching for more attention and throbbing with every beat of my heart.

As I looked at John, I could see that he responded physically to the situation, but also that he didn’t really understand what was happening. I guessed that dominance and submission were well outside his experience and I nearly panicked. What would a vanilla guy think of me when I told him that I liked to be put in sexually embarrassing and degrading situations; that I liked it when Lee told me exactly what to do, how, and to whom. How could I tell him that, at parties, I liked to be bound and gagged, naked, erect, and available to anyone who wanted to touch and play with my body; that I had offered my ass to countless people to be fucked, even women with strap-ons; or that I was ecstatic when my face was buried in şişli escort someone’s crotch, kissing, licking, sucking. Cock or pussy, it didn’t matter, just as long as I could lose myself in giving them pleasure. The fear of saying all this to someone and the need to do as Lee told me battled within me.

It was too much. I could barely breathe, let alone tell this man all those things. It was bad enough that he knew I did what Lee told me to do, and that I got an erection doing it; that my cock was still fiercely erect, visible even though I was sitting on my heels to make it less prominent. But Lee was not going to let me off the hook. He took a perverse pleasure in putting me on display to others. We’d been together long enough that I could tolerate having my body exposed, but now he wanted to open and display my soul to the world too, and I was a mess!

“Kneel up,” Lee commanded, breaking in to my roiling mind. I had no choice but to obey so I raised my ass off my heels and presented myself to John.

“One hand on the arm of the chair, and the other behind your back.” I was grateful that I had one hand to help keep my balance.

“Tell him.” There could be no more delay, no more resistance.

“I am a submissive, a slave to Master Lee’s will…” As I began to tell my story, I kept making furtive glances to John’s face, trying to judge his reaction to what I was saying. I could see his incredulity at first, but it didn’t change to disgust as I feared it would. Instead, I saw some sort of understanding growing on his face, and, incredibly, acceptance. With that, the floodgates opened and I poured out my story, holding nothing back.

By the time I had finished, I was exhausted, emotionally and physically. Lee was always sensitive to my moods and needs, especially when he was controlling me, and he must have seen the fatigue as I turned to him when I was done.

Looking into my eyes with a great affection, Lee said, “You did very well, Chuck. I’m proud of you.”

Oh how I lived for those words! I felt the refreshing warmth of his approval wash through me. Then I heard John say softly, “That was beautiful, Chuck,” and I felt whole and complete once again. And exhausted.

“Go lie down and take a nap,” Lee told me, and as I got up, I discovered how stiff and sore I was from the whole ordeal. I went in to our bed and fell deeply asleep almost instantly.

Sometime later I jumped as I felt a finger trace the welts on my back. I had been slowly waking up from my nap and didn’t know anyone was there.

“Sorry,” John said, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I took a quick breath and said, “You didn’t hurt me at all. I just jumped because I didn’t know you were there. Go ahead and touch me all you want to. I like it.”

With that, John resumed his light tracing of my welts, and I just lay there enjoying the sensation of his fingers on my skin. His touch drifted lower and then he took my ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed them both. I moaned in pleasure and arousal.

“You have room in there?” John asked, referring to the label across my ass.

“Yes, Sir, I do, as long as Lee gives his approval.”

“Very nice,” John said, and I glowed at the compliment.

“Is he awake?” Lee called from the hallway.

“Yes, he is,” replied John as I scrambled off the bed. I looked at the clock and realized I must have napped for almost an hour and I felt refreshed.

As John and I returned to the living room, Lee asked me, “Do we have anything for dessert?” I nodded. “Would you fix us some, please?”

“Sure,” I replied, and turned for the kitchen.

We visited more over dessert with me on the floor next to Lee. Now that John knew my whole story, I was comfortable there, naked and relaxed. After I had cleared the dishes, Lee said to me, “John’s been here for several hours already and you haven’t welcomed him properly.” The words stung, even though I didn’t “welcome” guests unless Lee told me to.

I went over to John and knelt on the floor in front of him. Kneeling like that always brought a stirring to my cock. “Please Sir, may I offer you our hospitality?”

“I’m not quite sure what you mean. You have both made me feel very welcome already.”

“Thank you, Sir, I am glad that you feel welcome here.” Then I took the deep breath this always required when doing this to someone new, “I would like to suck your cock if I could.” As I said it, my own cock rose rapidly in anticipation.

The surprise on John’s face quickly changed to eagerness, “Yes, that would be very nice, thank you.”

I put my hands on John’s thighs, watching as the fabric at his crotch began to be pushed outward. Then I slid my hands up his legs and gently rubbed him through his pants. He seemed to have a nicely sized cock, and it was already getting hard.

I looked up at John and said, “Thank you, I’m going mecidiyeköy escort to enjoy this.”

He gave a little groan and said, “So am I.”

I returned my attention to his growing cock, still gently rubbing it through his pants, imagining what it would look like and how it would feel in my throat. I leaned in and kissed it, catching a whiff of his manly scent. It intoxicated me and I pressed my face harder into his groin, reveling in the feel of it. Pulling back a minute,I glanced up to his face and saw that his head was already tipped back, eyes closed and mouth open, so I slid my hands up and began to undo his pants. I reached into his waistband and he raised his hips so I could take his pants and boxers down.

His cock looked beautiful to me, and mine throbbed as I took his in my hands. It was already fully hard and I lost myself in the feel of his skin sliding up and down his cock. His soft skin slid easily up and down over his hard shaft. After a few strokes I leaned forward and licked the very tip. He moaned and I had to resist taking him deep into my throat because there were other things I wanted first. I let go of his cock and knelt back onto my heels. John looked down to see why I had abandoned his cock. I signaled him to wait just a minute as I slipped off his shoes and socks, running my hands up his calves as far as I could under his pants. Then I reached up and took hold of the waistband and dragged his pants and boxers off of him.

His legs were moderately hairy and I bent over to rub my face over his calves, beginning to lose myself in the sensations. I nuzzled and licked my way up his legs, enjoying the slightly salty taste. About halfway up his thighs I pushed his knees apart and began to concentrate on his inner thighs. I licked every inch of that softer skin, slowly working my way toward his crotch, letting the anticipation build for both of us. As I approached his balls I moved outward around them. I slid my hands up the outside of his legs so I could slip his shirt up and out of the way, but at some point, as I had been focused on his legs, he had unbuttoned it and his firm belly and chest were already exposed.

With a little moan of pleasure I continued kissing and licking his skin slowly working my way up his front. I got to his belly button and pretended to fuck it with my tongue, giving it little jabs and then swirling the tip of my tongue around in it, but I was too impatient to spend much time in any one place. As I licked my way up his chest I felt the tip of his cock against my belly and gave a little extra wiggle of delight at the contact. Then my chest was against his stomach and the heat of his skin against mine was incredible. I ground myself against him as I held his arm up and plunged into his pit. I love the taste of good clean sweat and I eagerly rubbed my face in him and licked until I had gotten every bit of the taste of him. Then I went to the other side and buried my face there. It was such a rush. The feel and taste and smell intoxicated me and I stayed there until the only thing left on his skin was my own saliva.

I began to lick his nipples, but John pushed my head back down to his groin. I opened my eyes and just looked at his beautiful cock and balls for a moment before opening my mouth wide and putting it around the head of his cock. I tried not to touch him, just surround him for a minute, letting him feel the warmth before I actually closed my lips onto his cock. His hand on the back of my head told me he didn’t want to wait any longer so I closed my lips around him and slowly slid my mouth down his cock. Fortunately, his cock was normally sized so I managed to get all the way down it until my face was mashed into his curly black hair. I stayed there, stimulating the base of his cock by moving my head around until I had to breathe. Then I slid just part way back and breathed heavily through my nose as I worked my tongue around his cock and took shorter strokes up and down him.

As I worked his cock with my mouth I used my fingers to play with his balls. They were already pulled up fairly tightly so I knew he wouldn’t last too long, so I rubbed the area behind his balls, pressing on the root of his cock. I could feel him begin to tense up as his orgasm approached so I sucked harder on his cock and slid my finger even farther back and played it around his ass hole. He was grunting now and thrusting into my mouth and I felt satisfaction flow through me knowing he was going to cum.

Finally, his hands tightened on my head and held my face tightly against his pubes as he fucked my face as hard as he could. I relaxed my neck and let him have full control of my mouth until he cried out and I felt his contractions as his cum shot into my throat. I kept massaging his perineum, milking him as long as I could until he collapsed back against the couch. I backed off his cock a little so I could breathe and laid my head on his leg, making gentle movements with my mouth, just enough to continue his pleasure as his erection subsided.

I lay there, holding his soft cock in my mouth, and realized I had gotten comfortable.

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