Getting Busy – AuntiesGetting Busy – Aunties

Double Penetration

This is just a sexy little story that I did for the 750 Word Project 2023.


Cindy’s heart pounded wildly as Angela’s hand slipped beneath her dress. Angela leaned in and gave her an enticing little kiss.

“Hello kitten, have you missed me?”

A shudder ran through Cindy’s body. “Oh yes. I’ve missed you so much.”

“That’s good, sweetie.” Angela purred as her skillful fingers found Cindy’s wet little slit. “I’d like you to tell me a story.”

Cindy whispered with wide eyes. “What … what story?”

“The story of how your lovely nephew seduced you. How a twenty-year-old, fucked his sexy old auntie.”

Cindy’s heart skipped a beat. “H-how do you know …”

Angela’s wicked smile said everything. “Pillow talk, baby. He told us and now I want to hear it from you.”

Cindy’s eyes were wide. “He’s adopted, he’s not really a …”

Angela’s lips pursed and kissed her again. “I know baby. Tell Auntie Angela the story.” She whispered as her fingers slipped into Cindy’s slick pussy.

Cindy’s head rolled back and she leaned heavily oral yapan gaziantep escort on the laundry room’s folding table.

“Okay, okay.” She panted. “I had dinner at my sister’s. The four of us had a nice time and I drank too much. So, I stayed the night in their guest room.”

Angela licked her earlobe and hummed into it. “Mm-hmm.”

“Between the booze and … other things. I got … horny. I started masturbating.”

Angela began squeezing her breast through her dress. “Yes, you are my horny little kitten, aren’t you?”

“Y-yes. After a few minutes, I felt another hand slide under mine, stroking my pussy.”

“It was our lovely young Ben, wasn’t it?” Angela whispered seductively.

Cindy nodded. “He was standing at my bedside. He was … naked. He stood next to me, with his right hand rubbing my pussy. And his cock … his beautiful hard cock was there. Right there.” Cindy trembled and Angela felt her pussy flood with her juices.

“Had you been thinking about him?” Angela urged. “Was that why gaziantep oral yapan escort your pussy was needing attention?” Her hand slid into Cindy’s pussy faster, making wonderful wet noises.

Cindy’s eyes were wide. “Yes. Oh yes. He was … is such a handsome young man.”

Angela gave her tit a firm squeeze. “And what did you do with that hard cock, sweetie?”

Cindy closed her eyes. The memory still made her wet today, years later. “I took it in my mouth and I sucked it. Oh, how I sucked it. It was so hard, so good. He put his hand gently around my head and held it. He whispered to me how much he wanted me. How beautiful his Aunt Cindy was. How he had longed to touch me.”

Angela smiled. “Yes. He can be quite … persuasive, can’t he?”

“The … the way he looked at me. With his cock in my mouth. Such a look. Such adoration, such love.” Cindy whispered.

Angela released her breast to stroke her cheek, as her slick fingers began to swirl around Cindy’s engorged clit. “Did you let him cum in your mouth, gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan sweetheart?”

Cindy mashed her lips together, breathing heavily, and nodded. Angela leaned in and kissed her deeply.

“That’s my very good girl. Then what happened?”

Cindy stammered, “H-he c-climbed up between my … legs and leaned over me. He began s-sucking on my breasts.”

Angela purred. “And such lovely big tits, who could blame him, hmm? He put his cock in you, didn’t he? You fucked your dear, sweet nephew.”

“Yes!” Cindy moaned loudly, lost in the euphoria of the memory and the orgasm that was building within her. “Yes, he slid his wonderful hard cock in me and fucked me! He fucked me hard! It felt so … so good. He was magnificent! His dark eyes, his muscles, his sexy moans.”

Cindy’s orgasm rolled through her and her body flexed as she came up on her toes. Her mouth gaped as she moaned. Angela grabbed her tightly and kissed her deeply as she came. Cindy moaned into her mouth, trembling. When her knees got weak, Angela held her, their eyes locked on one other. Between gasps, Cindy finished her story.

“He fucked me until I came twice, then filled me with his cum until it spurted out between us.” Cindy’s eyes filled with happy tears. “He held me after and we slept together until morning.”

Angela stroked her hair. “Such a good Auntie. He speaks of you with such love. And he has made my sister-in-law, so happy.”

Cindy smiled contentedly. “I’m so very happy for them.”

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