Georgetown ParkGeorgetown Park


Lisbeth was bored. She idly went through the motions of straightening the shelves of the upscale boutique where she worked on this dreary Thursday morning. Lisbeth was twenty-four and she married less than two years ago, having come from her native Denmark as an au pair originally. The Georgetown lawyer to whom she was married treated her as a trophy wife, insisting that she escort him to his many social events, but once they got home, the middle-aged partner became icily cold to Lisbeth, precluding any carnal activities. Yes, she was painfully bored. And horny. The only perk that she enjoyed in this job was the generous discount provided to the employees which allowed her to purchase the short skirts that she so adored.

Carolyn was bored. She idly went through the motions of balancing the previous days’ receipts, a daily mundane task in her role as store manager. Carolyn was forty-eight, married for twenty-six years now, and had only been intimate with two men in her life. The Leesburg real estate maven to whom she was married barely had time for her anymore, not that eh ever really did. it was always about him, his career, his golf game. Carolyn suspected that he was having an affair with that new, young big-titted broker that had recently joined her husband’s firm, and she had ben considering her own extra-curricular options more fervently in the last few weeks. Yes, Carolyn was painfully bored. And horny. The only perk that she enjoyed in this job was the generous discount provided to the employees which allowed her to purchase the short skirts that she so adored.

John was bored. He idly went through the motions of patrolling his shopping center before the mall opened to the general public this morning, as he did most every morning. John was thirty-six, and engaged to be married in the next year to the wealthy debutante, Yvonne Davisson, but he had to admit to himself that he was having second thoughts. True, Yvonne was the heiress of the wealthy Davisson fortune, but her constant socializing in the inner rich-and-beautiful circles of Northern Virginia caused her to add perhaps twenty pounds in the last six months, and worse, Yvonne had always been the proverbial cold fish when it came to sex. He was seriously doubting his resolve to go through with the upcoming nuptials. Yes, John was bored. And horny. The only perk that he enjoyed in this job was the fact that there were so many gorgeous women frequenting the mall, both as employees and shoppers.

Lisbeth looked up from the racks to see John walking in the common area outside the store’s windows and smiled to herself. She had always harbored a fantasy about the middle-aged store manager, perhaps twelve years her senior. There was a tingling beneath the short beige mini-dress she wore, and a small spot of moisture began to seep into the crotch of her pale yellow thong.

Carolyn looked up from her books to see John walking in the common area outside the store’s windows and smiled to herself. She had always harbored a fantasy about the middle-aged store manager, perhaps twelve years her junior. There was a tingling beneath the short brown mini-skirt she wore, and a small spot of moisture began to seep into the crotch of her black silk thong.

John peered into the store’s windows and smiled to himself. He had always harbored a fantasy about each of the two store employees, one so young and sexily demure with those Scandanavian features, and the other so mature and classically beautiful with that streak of balçova escort gray hair on her temples, always impeccably attired in a sophisticatedly slutty fashion. There was a stirring in his trousers as he couldn’t decide which woman would be the hottest lay, but a man could dream such dreams.

Lisbeth looked at Carolyn. Carolyn looked at Lisbeth. This was the day their plan was going to become reality. They smiled, and Carolyn nodded. She walked to the entrance of the store, her heartbeat racing, and waved to John, gesturing for him to come in. On cue, Lisbeth disappeared into the back stock room, her heartbeat racing, and she grabbed the small step ladder. John walked tentatively toward the store where Carolyn awaited him in her latest sexy attire, his heartbeat racing, trying in vain to cover the growing intrusion beneath his suit pants.

“Good morning, John,” Carolyn greeted him as she took his hand and eased him through the entrance doors. “We’re having a little maintenance problem in the back room, a leak of some kind, there’s some excess moisture. I was wondering if you could come in and give us a hand?”

John reached for the small walkie-talkie that he always wore on his hip when he was out of the office. “Sure, Carolyn, no problem. Let me call Tony, my operations guy, and ask him to come up and take a look.”

Carolyn reached into John’s waistband and pulled the radio from his belt loop before he could use it. She grabbed the device and turned it into the ‘off’ position. She looked at John sternly. “We were really hoping this matter could be solved on a Mall Manager level, John.” He looked back at Carolyn, a hint of hopeful recognition beginning to form in his brain. Carolyn spoke again, “Some personal attention?”

Carolyn took John by the hand and led him into the rear of the store, as John watched and admired her swaying hips and sculptured legs as he trailed behind. John had heard the rumors that inevitably went through any shopping center, much as they would in a small town, that Carolyn was experiencing some marital difficulties. John thought to himself, “If my wife looks like this when she’s approaching fifty, I don’t think I’d ever leave the house, I’d be banging her all day.”

Carolyn swung the door open to the stock room, and John’s musings of his future sex life instantly became forgotten. Perched on the top rung of a step ladder there stood Lisbeth, sticking her head through an opening in the drop ceiling, her tight skirt rising almost to waist level, exposing her bare ass cheeks ensconced in only the sheerest of a wispy yellow thong, her labia visibly protruding through the folds.

Carolyn watched John’s startled reaction as his eyes glued to Lisbeth’s crotch. Lisbeth stood on her tip toes, which caused the skirt to rise even higher, and the thong to pull even more tautly into her pussy lips. Carolyn grazed her body against John’s now, as she craned her neck upwards, nuzzling close to John. She whispered in his ear, “Oh, my, my, it does look like Lisbeth is getting wet up there, doesn’t it? I’m so glad we solicited your expertise.” Carolyn still held John’s hand snugly within her own grip. “In fact, I’m afraid I may be getting wet myself. Maybe we should close the store for a bit, as a safety precaution, and make sure we plug these leaks? Do we have your permission, Mr. Mall Manager? I’ll put a sign on the door that we’ll be closed for some…… “, Carolyn hesitated, searching for the right phrasing. karşıyaka escort


John gathered his wits and composed himself quickly, seizing the opportunity. This was not going to be a normal Thursday morning, after all. “Permission granted, Carolyn, and you did the right thing by seeking me out. This area is obviously in no condition to be open to the public, we’ll need to explore.”

Carolyn hurried to the front of the store to place the “Be Back in 5 minutes” sign on the door, knowing that this review would take far longer. After all, one can’t be too prudent in matters of public safety.

While she was gone, Lisbeth attempted to climb down the ladder, but instead, John grabbed her by the hips and held her in place on the top rung, and he eased his head underneath her skirt and began to take the thin strands of string on the side of her hips in his mouth and gently eased the fabric down Lisbeth’s creamy white thighs, using only his mouth, lips, tongue, and teeth. Carolyn heard Lisbeth’s throaty moans even before she walked back into the stockroom, and nearly gushed as she saw the incredibly erotic sight of John three steps up on the ladder, his face buried beneath Lisbeth’s skirt, bracing himself with his hands as the thong began to fall down Lisbeth’s open legs, the smell of her clean, sweet sex now permeating through the small room.

Carolyn applauded the scene. “Oooh, hands free, that’s a wonderful way to investigate, John!” She walked towards the ladder and her face was now on a even level with John’s crotch and she lowered her own mouth to the bulge in his pants, licking it through the material. “But, I think it’s time we used your other tool.” With that, she unzipped him and his huge member bounced free, nearly smacking Carolyn in the cheek before she engulfed it into her warm mouth.

Only Carolyn was aware that there was a hidden, pin-hole sized closed-circuit surveillance camera in this stock room’s drop ceiling, designed to record any potential backroom employee theft. On this particular occasion, however, the camera provided a birds-eye view of the sight of John standing on the bottom rungs of the ladder, Lisbeth’s juices cascading down his face as he licked and tongued her sopping, delicious pussy, while Carolyn hiked her own skirt up to finger-fuck herself as she sucked enthusiastically on John’s swollen, purple cock, the purple mushroom head impossibly large, barely fitting into her tight mouth.

Carolyn watched the erotic sight from below as Lisbeth’s beautiful, small, round globes tightened, and then convulsed as she exploded into a massive orgasm from John’s tongue licking her clit, and she suppressed a giggle as Lisbeth emitted a string of unintelligible curses in her native Danish language. Realizing that John’s cock was twitching in her own mouth, his orgasm rapidly approaching, she released her mouth from his lap and sat down in the swivel chair next to the desk, spreading her legs lewdly, moving her thong to the side, fingering her dripping twat, and now serving as an impromptu choreographer for this display of sexual aerobics.

With her free hand, she continued to tug on John’s thick cock and she instructed Lisbeth, who was still panting on the top rung, “Get down here, darlin’, and let this big tool of John’s attend to your leaking, my dear. I want to watch first, and then fuck it myself.”

Lisbeth scurried down from the steps, loving Carolyn’s instructions, yet Lisbeth çeşme escort had some ideas for improvising of her own. She knelt down on the floor on all fours, lifting her ass in the air so that John could have full and unfettered access, but just as John guided his cockhead into her swollen snatch, Lisbeth grabbed the handles of Carolyn’s swivel chair so that Carolyn’s cunt was now directly in front of Lisbeth’s face, and she buried her head deeply into Carolyn’s exposed pussy. Carolyn groaned at the unexpected twist of her sweet, young employee’s chutzpah, her pussy now being orally administered to by a woman for the first time in Carolyn’s forty-eight years.

For John’s part, the view of Lisbeth eating Carolyn only escalated his own excitement, and he rammed into Lisbeth’s vise-like gash, her vertical vaginal smile, with all his might.

Carolyn screamed as she shot warm cum into Lisbeth’s mouth.

Lisbeth screamed as she shot warm cum onto John’s huge cock, buried deeply in her hot cunt.

John screamed as he withdrew his cock from Lisbeth’s tunnel and aimed it at Carolyn’s face, splashing her with stream after stream of warm drippy cum.

Lisbeth rose from her knees, John’s cock still dripping small stands of semen, and she lifted her face to Carolyn’s to lap at the cum on Carolyn’s chin, cheeks, hair, and neck.

Carolyn convulsed in small orgasmic after-shicks, and watched as her young associate next moved her face and took John’s still turgid member between Lisbeth’s lips.

“Stay right there, Carolyn,” Lisbeth cooed in her eastern European accent after she released John’s shaft from her lips. “This tool hasn’t plugged your leak yet. I’m going to make sure it’s steel hard for you, boss.” Lisbeth sucked on John’s cock urgently, all of her pent-up desires now fully on display, and Carolyn caressed her own pussy in anticipation Of John’s cock entering into her once it was permitted to escape from Lisbeth’s oral assault.

Lisbeth looked up at John after a few minutes of frantic, expert sucking, convinced that he was as hard as he could be, and placed his cock head at the entrance of Carolyn’s pussy. “Now fuck her hard, Mr. Mall Manager.” Lisbeth crawled behind John, preparing for the big ending, the plot twist. “While I lick your ass hole.”

For the next twenty minutes, John gave Carolyn the fucking of her life, unaware that this was only the third cock that Carolyn had ever had inside of her. Lisbeth dictated the speed and urgency of the action by alternating between inserting her hot tongue in John’s anus and sucking on his scrotum while he fucked Carolyn.

Not completely satisfied that her task was complete, however, at one point Lisbeth grabbed Carolyn by the ass, held her thin butt in the air, and spit warm saliva into her brown-puckered hole, inserting a warm finger as Carolyn wailed, her sphincter penetrated for the first time. Lisbeth next took John’s glistening cock head, covered with Carolyn’s juices, deep in her mouth, still kneeling below him, as she now prepared to watch John penetrate the older woman’s forbidden tunnel. “Fuck her ass, now, John, fuck her pretty virgin ass hole.”

So he did.

Carolyn again came hard on John’s cock as she felt the glorious sensation of anal sex for the first time ever.

John shot a second load of hot, sticky seed deep into Carolyn’s bowels, where it would seep from her anus for the rest of the day.

Lisbeth fingered herself to several heated orgasms as she watched from only inches away as Carolyn’s dark channel expanded to accept John’s thrusting anal assault.

The store remained closed all morning. From that day forward in Georgetown Park, the trio was not bored any more on Thursday mornings.

And Carolyn has all the tapes to prove it.

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