Garden Pleasure Ch. 02Garden Pleasure Ch. 02


Chapter 02 — New World

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‘You don’t have to live like this, you know?’ David’s voice broke the silence in the garden; they were still lying on their ragged clothes.

Grace opened her eyes in the dark, her chest still rising and falling rapidly from the recent pleasure.

Her silence encouraged him to continue. ‘I mean the black dress and all. You have never loved Henry, so why to keep up this masquerade?’

She felt a sting inside, like her pride had been hurt. ‘Henry was a good man,’ she quickly retorted.

‘Yes,’ he nodded in the dark ‘He was. But he’s never been yours.’

Grace remained silent, lying immobile as if she wasn’t even there, his words burning in her head.

‘Look at yourself, Grace,’ he restarted ‘You are barely one and twenty. You have an inner passion that cannot be tamed by a mourning dress; especially if you’re wearing it for a man that never understood a single thing about you!’

She sighed, her awareness that his words were so true burned her inside; but what escape did she have?

‘You could always ask my father for my hand,’ she prompted quietly.

‘But you know it would not work.’ David shook his head, ‘He will never let you marry someone who bought a title, especially now that you are a widow and he has the chance to make another profitable match.’

Grace sighed louder, sad that their passionate escapade was finishing on a sad note.

‘You have a way out. My ship, the Constantin, will sail at the break of dawn.’

She gasped ‘You don’t mean that…’

‘I do,’ he stopped her ‘Establishing an office in New York has its advantages. The captain of the Constantin is waiting for me to leave and he is a dear friend of mine. There will be no talking, if that worries you.’

David paused and the silence of the night fell between them. He could feel her hesitation, she would ask him to make love to her one more time, and he would oblige, but then they would part.

Grace closed her eyes and felt like she couldn’t even think, let alone make a decision. Ideas were buzzing around in her head like flies, annoying her more than anything. For a moment she felt so small and useless.

Her voice broke the silence: ‘I’m coming.’

David turned, surprised, his eyes scanned the dark to see the contours of her body.

‘Yes, I’m coming,’ she confirmed ‘And I should start preparing everything, there is not much time left.’ She got up and hurried away, barely covering herself with her dress.

The last thing he saw of her were two round butt cheeks shining in the moonlight. His cock reacted, springing up fiercely, already recovered from the recent action.

His hand closed slowly on his member, holding it in a firm, yet soft grip. In his mind, images of her pale skin in the moonlight started to take shape. The image of the inviting roundness of her breasts prompted his hand to start moving along his cock in long, slow strokes.

How badly he wanted to taste one of those sweet nipples. Even though she had barely left, he wanted more. And he would have it.

He got up and dressed, tucking his hard-on into his pants; that would have to wait. He walked towards the house to see if he could be of help.

For the second time that night Grace sat and waited. Her mind raced, making lists of things she had just done and more lists of things she had forgotten.

Her hands moved restlessly in her lap, torturing the burgundy fabric of her dress. ‘Mourning is over,’ she thought.

She had left a note her personal maid would find first thing in the morning. There were money and letters of recommendation for the servants; the house would go back to Henry’s family. Everything almanbahis seemed to be taken care of, but she had so little time to think of everything.

It was dark in the carriage; David could barely see Grace on the opposite seat. She was nervously fiddling with the fabric her gown, the pale skin of her hands moving frantically. He felt a sting of guilt, and wondered if asking her to come with him on the Constantin wasn’t too much for little, quiet Grace, the woman he had fancied since he started to grow hair on his chest.

He had never known her as a woman of action; she was respectful, calm and considerate. She was also a beauty with desires that only needed being awakened. This he knew so well.

‘I can take you back.’ He immediately regretted saying so; another woman could never be the same as Grace.

Grace’s silence agitated him even more. Damn! He had never been that nervous around a woman.

She did not speak, but he felt her touch on his arm.

Her fingertips traced a path climbing up to his shoulder till she could reach for him, then she moved, and with a rustling of fabric sat beside him.

Her hand moved down his chest, making the erection in his pants grow wild, and prompting him to forget his worries once and for all.

‘No,’ she whispered to his ear ‘It is so difficult to leave everything behind, but you are right; I could never be free here.’

Feeling the conviction in her voice, David finally relaxed, and lay back in his seat. He wanted to take her badly but there would be time for that later.


Dark, it sure was dark. Grace looked at the quiet ocean under the ship and her eyes moved quickly to the few lights still visible on the coast; they would soon disappear.

By now, she knew, the servants must have found the letter with the instructions she had left, and her parents must have been informed.

‘Father will be furious.’ she thought, but consoled herself with the though that she had made sure to keep her destination a secret. If she hadn’t, she could see someone being sent after her, maybe a future husband she was yet to meet.

That part of the ship was quiet enough; she could hear the voices of the sailors working in the bow, distant from her favorite spot, and sheltered enough from everyone’s prying eyes. In the pale-colored nightgown she was quite visible, even in the dark.

‘Regretting something?’ David’s voice broke the silence, and she turned to see a shadow against the few lights of the ship.


David’s hands touched her waist and he immediately felt the tension growing in his pants once again ‘Good, you know I want to teach you a couple of things tonight.’

Grace’s eyes widened in the night; her nipples hardened in anticipation. He felt her excitement matching his and his hands cupped her breasts under the thin muslin of the gown. He fumbled to lift her nightdress high enough; Grace gasped at his audacity.

The wind helped, and in a moment she was naked from the waist down, the breeze cooling her legs, and David’s hands igniting fires that would need the whole night to burn out.

His fingers gently explored her inner folds. Loving his touch, she closed her eyes and let her head fall back, resting on his shoulder. She relaxed in his arms, and gave up to the tingle that started growing deep inside her.

David moved with expert strokes to awaken her excitement himself; she was so wet his fingers were covered with her juices and her body felt so hot against his in the ocean breeze.

He felt her muscles clench around his fingers and he stopped moving. Grace opened her mouth to protest but his lips covered hers in a deep kiss, and his tongue played a dance with hers, taking hold of all her thoughts.

Blood rushed to her head, she felt like vanishing in his arms, as almanbahis yeni giriş if that burning flame of passion could take both of them away.

David watched her closed eyes with a smirk; in the light of the moon her pale skin shone brightly. Her eyelids opened slowly and her eyes analyzed his smirk, then she opened her mouth to talk but he stopped her ‘Wait, there’s more to come tonight.’ and holding her hand he guided her into the bowels of the ship.

The wooden deck welcomed them with a squeak. Being the shipowner, he had right to a passenger cabin, which was smaller than the Captain’s cabin. The door closed behind them, and David’s hands touched Grace’s waist, encircling her in a hug. Then he slowly removed her nightclothes. His lips approached her ear and he whispered ‘And now your lesson begins…’

With these words, she let him bend her over on the bunk bed. The light of the single oil lamp painted shadows on Grace’s skin, and fully exposed Grace’s bounty before his eyes. Her furry mound protected her moist swollen lips. She was so excited — the glistening wetness at the entrance of her cunt was just another sign of how eager she was.

His cock pushing up fiercely in his pants, David smiled, ‘Not long before you have your relief,’ he thought.

A probing finger touched her cunt lightly, tickling her dark hair and exploring the soft folds of skin around the sweet opening.

‘Ah, Grace, you would be every man’s dream…’ he whispered

‘Take me.’ She sighed.

‘Not quite yet darling, there’s more to come.’ He smiled.

His finger plunged deeply into her cunt, reaching the deepest he could go; Grace arched her back against his finger. He licked his fingers clean; she was so arousing he felt his pants would explode. David started tickling her cunt. Inebriated by her feminine fragrance, his tongue whirled rapidly around her clit and explored her slit.

Grace thrashed in search of relief from the powerful pleasure, but he did not let her go and grabbed her by the hips.

David stood back; his eyes ran over his lover’s smooth thighs. Hell, Grace seemed to become more beautiful every time they made love.

He caressed her buttocks, and his fingers moved gently where Grace couldn’t even imagine, her most shameful place. His finger started circling rounds and round her puckered hole and she gasped with emotion, being torn between stopping David from his shameless intentions and enjoying the darts of pleasure shooting through her body.

‘Yes dear, Grace…I know you like it’ David turned to retrieve a bottle of oil from a shelf, giving Grace time to catch her breath ‘David, we shouldn’t…’

‘Shhh’ he silenced her ‘You’ll discover a new world tonight.’ And after having oiled his fingers he returned to her back hole.

He touched her center that reacted with a relaxing for a moment. David’s tongue returned to her slit while his fingers circled around her asshole. Spread open in front of him, she was a magnificent vision; for a moment David thought he could come in his pants like an adolescent boy.

Her ass twitched with his touch, clearly ready to accept more. He was totally willing to give it to her. His index fingers pushed in the center and penetrated her ass with one fluid motion.

‘Oooh’ Grace sighed in delight, unaccustomed to the totally new feelings darting through her body.

‘Oh yes dear, see what you have missed all these years?’

Grace did not reply, but remained immobile, trying to control her own body.

He retired his finger, and starting to circle once again with two fingers this time, he lowered his head to her pussy once more. With another swift movement, he plunged his two fingers deep into her ass, spreading her further.

He loved the feeling of his fingers inside her; she was so ready almanbahis giriş for him now, but he wanted to remain still for a moment to let her get accustomed to the feelings to come. He slowly withdrew his fingers, catching a glimpse of the pink walls of her ass that would soon welcome his cock.

The oil having lubricated her ass, it was now glistening in the light of the oil lamp and totally ready to welcome him ‘Take me.’ She whispered, barely in control of herself.

‘Yes, now yes.’ He replied.

Standing back he removed his clothes quickly, letting them fall to the wooden floor of the cabin with a rustle of fabric.

David moved closer to her ass and caressed her thighs, already imagining them shaking behind his blows. Closing a hand on his cock he guided it against her puckered hole and applied gentle pressure. Grace sighed and wiggled a little, but he cooed her and caressed her back while applying steady yet gentle pressure to her hole.

He felt her entrance giving way slightly, his cock was doubtless bigger than his two fingers, and for a moment he wondered if she would be able to take it, but Grace, mighty Grace, she was a woman made to make love, there was no doubt about her skills.

Grace felt his hard shaft pushing softly at her ass, and losing all inhibition, she clawed at the bed sheets under her, and pushed against his shaft. Her ass spread around the girth of the head of his cock, and she felt like it would never stretch enough to let the big shaft. She moaned ‘It’s…’ panting from the effort.

David caught up ‘Big, yes it’s big. My big cock is slipping up your asshole, Grace, do you like it?’ He paused, still only halfway into her ass. ‘Say it Grace, do you like it? Has Henry ever fucked you this way?’

She bit her lip in that limbo of pain and pleasure, and yelled, ‘No, no. He never did this to me, and I like it. Fuck my ass David, fuck me!’ while pushing against his ass. For a moment, her behind went numb, flooded with the feelings of his cock popped right inside her ass.

David stood still with a grin, enjoying the view of her hole stretched around his shaft.

Grace was wordless with the new sensations, her backdoor violated. She loved it. She had never felt dirtier, yet she was enjoying every minute of her reproachable behavior.

Very slowly, David pushed further inside to complete his penetration of her bowels. Her ass seemed to want to follow his cock, stretching a little further until his balls touched her cunt.

Grace moaned hard ‘Fuck me, please take me now…’

David smiled. ‘I am happy to comply, milady.’ He grabbed her hips, withdrawing slowly from her tight ass. It seemed like it would close forever if he left it, so he shoved his cock back in, and Grace panted, clawing at the bed sheets even harder.

He did not let her wiggle away, but instead kept hammering deeply at her hole, moving ever faster. Grace was now feeling a delightful mix of burning and tingling, pleasure and pain; she was totally wild, and screamed with pleasure, without a care as to who could hear them.

Her long curly hair danced with his blows, covering and uncovering her body as she moved under him. David grabbed it, and she arched her back in response, letting out a deep sigh of delight. ‘More’ he thought, and he felt like he would be swept away by a wave of pleasure.

Grabbing her hips even harder, he shoved his cock the deepest he could, taking the final plunges that still separated them from reaching their pleasure.

Grace’s body thrashed like it had never before, and she totally lost control of herself. The world around her disappeared, and she shook from deep within, her insides churning around her lover’s hard meat pounding her ass.

After a last deep plunge, David shot his load in her bowels and cried out in pleasure, collapsing on Grace, still inside her.

Feeling drained, David rolled onto his side in the bunk bed and his cock slipped out, revealing the sore redness of Grace’s battered asshole. Grace touched his arm with a tired smile; she had loved the lesson.

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