Furnished Room Ch. 03Furnished Room Ch. 03

Big Booty

Exhausted from the lack of sleep Claire hoped the coffee would give her a shot of wakefulness. She heard a door open, not sure whether it was Stacy’s or Lance’s, but the heavy steps down the stairs told her it was Lance. He came into the kitchen wearing a light blue button-down shirt, dark blue Dockers and Sperry topsiders. Captivated by his good looks she felt a stirring in the places that were already on fire from her zealous rubbing.

Claire was dressed the way she would ordinarily be if I hadn’t been in the house; I found her sexy no matter what she was wearing and was pleased to see she wasn’t dressed. Her robe was open at the top showing, under her t-shirt, that her breasts were more substantial than I had originally imagined.

She said good morning and I returned her greeting. The look she gave me was one of confusion. But when I saw her knotted nipple raising a bump on the thin cotton fabric of her exposed t-shirt I thought she was attracted to me, or, at least she was excited to have a man in the house. Considering the length of time her man had been gone I understood her need for a man’s attention. “Would you like some coffee?” she asked.

Although sorry that my stares made her uncomfortable I was acting no more sophisticated than a teenager, my penis was fully erect. Capturing the rogue erection between my legs, I answered, “I would love some Claire.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, putting her hand to her hair, “I’m a wreck in the mornings.” She laughed nervously adding, “But you may as well get used to it.”

She poured a cup for me. “Cream, sugar?”

Neither of us heard Stacy come into the room. She was dressed just in a t-shirt. I was taken aback thinking, if she raises her arms I’ll see the bottom her pussy. Claire’s angry command startled me.

“Get back upstairs Young lady and put a robe on …NOW!” Stacy turned and ran upstairs. Looking at me, Claire blushed and said,”I’m sorry Lance, we’re not at all modest when it’s just the two of us.”

I was pleased at how Claire, acting like a responsible mother, had admonished her daughter’s inappropriate dress. But I couldn’t miss Stacy’s reaction as she headed for the stairs. She knew her mother wasn’t looking but knew I was and flipped the back of her t-shirt at her mother. All I could think was, nice ass. In self-defense I sat at the table where I didn’t have to worry about my erection showing. It would have been one thing for Claire to notice it when I was talking with her, but with her daughter she, understandably, might have wanted to throw me out on my ear.

“We usually eat cereal or bagels in the morning Lance. You’re welcome to what we have,” she said, before telling me that she needed to take a shower and get ready for work. As she passed Stacy who was coming back into the kitchen wearing a bathrobe she said, “Don’t be too much of a pest. Lance has work to do and you need to get dressed for school.”

I was glancing at the paper, trying to ignore her. But the little tart was at it again and I wondered how far she was going to go. She poured her coffee, put it on the table then dropped her spoon on the floor. As she stooped to pick it up I could see that she had nothing on beneath her robe. Her rounded breasts sagged forward and her robe came apart enough for me to see her nipples. She didn’t look up but I knew she knew I was looking by the way she kept fumbling with the spoon on the floor. I felt like such a sleaze staring at a high school girl like this. But what she had to show was pretty spectacular and, for the moment, I had forgotten about her mother.

Stacy had left the kitchen about ten minutes before kaynarca escort I went back to my room. When I opened the door I was surprised that she was standing in front of the desk looking at my laptop. Just as I walked through the door she punched the power button and the screen went black. The look on her face as she brushed past me was a mixture of guilt and provocation. Grabbing her arm I said, “Ya know young lady, this is MY room…my private place. What would your mother think if she knew you were snooping like this?”

She was defiant, holding my gaze with a smirk. Puffing up her chest, as if to remind me of what I had seen in the kitchen, and said, “What do you think she would say if she knew that you left your computer on with a nasty picture like that?”

Stacy was wise for a high school student. The fact that she was a year older than her classmates made her more aware. She had sensed the look on Lance’s face when she saw the porn magazine in the trunk of his Porsche last night. He seemed appropriately embarrassed but, at the same time, the look he had given her was that of a challenge. The fact that he had left the picture on the screen on his laptop was for her to look at. She had shown him enough of her breasts in the kitchen to show him that she was more woman than girl and sensed his arousal at her defiance. He was taking the hook and thought if she played her cards right she could have sex with him. She knew that they were going to. If he didn’t make the move she would make do it. As he released her arm she smiled coyly and wiggled to her room.

You little bitch, I thought, I’d better password protect that goddamned thing. But I knew I wouldn’t. I wanted her to see everything I had on there. I was really excited and thought again, you sleazy son of a bitch.

Leaving her door open more than a crack she took off her robe and t-shirt, stood naked in front of her dresser and pulled out a red thong. She held it up in front of the mirror and stretched it, hoping Lance would see her through the crack in the door. Hearing his door open she waited a few seconds then bent down and put her legs through the thong and pulled it up and wiggled her ass. She heard her mother call from downstairs:

“I’m running late Stacy. You’d better hurry up or you’ll have to walk to school.”

If I play my cards right, she thought, maybe Lance will give me a ride to school in his hot little car. “That’s ok mom, I’ll walk.” Looking at her door she saw movement then heard Lance’s bedroom door quietly being pushed shut.

Feeling like a thirteen year old boy caught peeping I went to my room, packed up my laptop, picked up my briefcase and went downstairs. Claire had stopped at the door as if waiting for me. “If you don’t have plans for dinner tonight,” she said, “I’ll stop by the store and pick up some steaks. You’re more than welcome to join us for dinner.” She seemed to be fishing for my approval on her wardrobe. I held my gaze a little long and she blushed. “I almost forgot; here’s a key to the house. I have to run now.”

Just as I was heading out the door Stacy pranced down the stairs and asked “Could you give me a ride to school Lance?” I knew better than to tempt fate but couldn’t resist. Besides, I thought, what can happen between here and school?

“Wow. This is a cool car,” Stacy said sitting down in the seat. I bet you attract a lot of women with it.” She looked at me, put her hand on the knob of the stick shift and licked her lips. Closing her fingers on the knob she ran them up and down the shaft then folded her hands demurely in her lap and smiled.

Uncomfortable orhanlı escort with her cool show I cleared my throat and said, “Women do seem to like the car.” I was more excited than I should have been.

She struggled with her seatbelt turning slightly toward me in the seat, her mini-skirt riding up high on her thighs, exposing her red panties. It was a weak charade but I reached over and helped her with it. My face was only 2 feet away from her panties which were visible under the skirt and I could see that her nipples were knotted beneath her thin tank top.

She wondered if Peter’s cock was as big as the man’s in the picture, wondered what it would feel like in her mouth and wondered if he would last longer than her boyfriend. Then, she thought of what her mother would do if she knew what she was planning.

“Do you think I’m pretty Lance?”

She was in between that twilight zone of puberty and womanhood and I was sure she had some idea of what sex was about. I spoke with her as I drove. “You’re a very pretty girl Stacy. I’ think you probably have broken a few hearts.” I stopped the car in front of the school.

As she was getting out of the car she felt her wet labia part. In her mind it sounded like a whip crack. “I liked the picture on your computer Lance,” she said leaning her head back into the car.

I felt so strange, so enrapt by her mother but unable to keep my mind off the possibilities this gorgeous young girl offered. “I know,” I said. She hesitated, her hands resting on the top of the car, her eyes holding mine, her rounded breasts pushing against her net bra, her nipples poking bumps in her tank top.

“I don’t want to sound like a slut,” she said, “But I really liked seeing the picture on your computer. Would you share some more of your pictures with me sometime?

Trying to sound paternal I said, “Look young lady, this is just a little too much sexual talk between a girl of 18 and a man of my age. You’re going to be late for school.”

She pouted, closed the door and started walking on the sidewalk. I put the car in gear and started to move but was in conflict. I love sex…had many women since my divorce and had fantasized so often about making it with a young girl. I considered it just a fantasy, never believing it would ever happen. As I started to move I looked into the rearview mirror and saw Stacy running behind me, her breasts bouncing. She had a look of distress on her face and was trying to flag me down. I stopped, rolled down the window, where she stood out of breath, and panted.

“Oh m’god Lance! I left my senior essay in my room. Is there ANY way you can take me home, real quick, so I can get it?” She brushed her long blonde hair out of her eyes and begged, “Please Lance?”

On the way back to the house she said, “I bet my friends are sooo jealous!” She giggled. “You’re a lifesaver Lance. I feel like such a creep.”

Clutching her backpack she slid back into the seat, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “I want to suck your cock.” I couldn’t believe what she said and thought I was hearing things, the shock of it making me stiffen. Her head went to my chest like she was listening to my heartbeat and her arms forced themselves between the seat and my body and embraced me.

“Did you hear me Lance?”

I should have struggled and forced her away but the adult in me had gone a.w.o.l. As her head went lower my cock was filling to capacity and I gave in and let the little predator have her way.

As her fingers fumbled with my fly I rose up to make it easier. Her tepeören escort hand worked its way inside my fly then inside my boxers and felt her warm fingers surround my bulky erection.

“Wow, it’s so big.” She said as she was pulling out then, holding it her hand she said, “Wow, it’s all veiny…and…So…big!”

“You’re a wild little girl Stacy,” I managed to say before she whisked the crystal drop in my slit with her tongue.

“Mmmmmm” she purred, her head against my abdomen, “It’s juicy.”

I laid my head back against the seat and closed my eyes, felt my swollen penis being sucked between her lips and into her hot, slippery mouth, while her hand moved the loose skin over my muscled shaft.


Through a grunt I said, “You’ve done this before, haven’t you Stacy?”

She pulled her mouth off and answered, “To my boyfriend,” quietly stroking me and licking my head. “And,” she said, kissing my head, opening her lips, sliding them to the rolled rim of the head of my cock and then back off, adding, “…five guys on the basketball team.”

She was quiet again, sucked me deep inside, made a muted moan, and, forming trough with her tongue, caressed the bottom of my shaft with its velvet taste buds.

In my ecstasy I was surprised at her expertise. There was no way a girl could be such a flirt, a tease and an outright tart and not have been pretty experienced. But I was still surprised it was happening to me. I winced when she sucked my head into her mouth again and licked the groove underneath, flicking it with the tip of her tongue. And I wondered if she did the five guys on the basketball team at the same time. She lifted my rigid cock and nibbled the bottom of my shaft then, with her head resting against my tummy, stroked me, slowly then faster, then real slow.

“Cocks are wonderful,” she said, “and yours is big… so big…and so pretty.” Her mouth covered me again.

I was approaching fifty years of age and had had my cock sucked by different women, maybe a thousand times over the years, some good, some not so good and some spectacular. But Stacy either had a natural gift or had done this a lot for a young girl, and I was on the verge.

I didn’t want her to think I was a pig and struggled to keep from coming in her mouth. She giggled as I grunted then took me all the way into her mouth, sucking hard, bobbing her head faster and faster.

“Stacy,” I said, trying to pry her head away, “I’m going to come.” I pulled harder on her head trying to get her mouth off my cock then lost control and exploded. She gagged and grunted swallowing my sperm but kept sucking and bobbing.

Giggling as she sat back in her seat she licked her lips and looked at me smiling. “Mmmm,” she purred, “your load was like two guys but you don’t taste as strong or as salty.”

She put her seatbelt on and said, “I’m late, I better get to school.”

I started to drive, knowing she had planned the whole thing from the time she had cracked the door this morning, luring me to peep at her. I felt a rush of conflicting feelings: remorse, I’ve taken advantage of a high school girl, guilt, What if her mother finds out? Revulsion, I’m such an asshole and elation, But, I feel like a million dollars.

Stacy started to laugh and I asked her what was so funny. “My thong is wet as a wash rag,” she said raising her butt off the seat. Peeling her red panties down, she threw them into my lap. “I think you’ll like these better than the ones you jacked off in yesterday, you perv.”

We pulled up in front of the school and Stacy jumped out, calling back as she ran with a broad grin, “I think you’re gonna have fun at our house Lance. I know I am.”

As I turned down the ramp onto the freeway I held Stacy’s damp panties against my nose and said out loud, “This is going to be one hell of a work project,” then gunned the Porsche into the passing lane.

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