Fun at the SpaFun at the Spa

Big Tits

I went to the central Spa in Hamilton last week. I’ve been there many times over the years and this time the activity was about the same as usual. After a quick shower I went into the steam room to relax for a bit. A few guys wandered in but no one stayed for very long and I was about to get up and walk the corridors to see what was happening when a fairly young guy came in and sat down a few feet from me.

He was pretty fit and looked to be in his early 20’s which is unusual for the spa in midday. Most of the clientele are older in their 40’s I would say although few are as old as I am.

He sat relaxing in the steam for a few minutes then lay down on the bench and started slowly stroking his cock with his one leg out straight and the other bent at the knee allowing me to see what he was doing through the steam. I got up and sat down by his feet where I could have a better view of his actions. He noticed that and continued stroking his now half hard cock. He was about 7 inches long and cut with a thick shaft and a big plum like head. His pubes were shaved and his large heavy balls hung down between his legs.

I leaned a little towards him so that my hand touched his leg and when it did he just took his hand off his cock and smiled. Leaning over farther I reached out and started rubbing his thigh just beside his cock then took his beşiktaş escort cock in my hand and started rubbing it gently. HE dropped his one leg off the bench to the floor and made room for me to get closer between his legs which I did. Turning towards him I knelt on the bench and bent over his crotch taking his now hard cock in one hand and lowered my head to start sucking him.

Just as I took him into my mouth the door for the steam room opened and another patron entered. He just stood a few feet away taking in the view of the 2 of us on the bench. I continued sucking on the prone man and the new comer started playing with his cock while he stood there. I could feel and taste the precum leaking from the end of his cock and alternated sliding him in and out of my mouth with licking around the head of his cock.

Our watcher came closer and started rubbing the back of my neck as I sucked on the guy and then proceeded to start rubbing all over my back and ass. I tried to concentrate on what I was doing even when I felt a finger trace up and down the crack of my ass feeling for my anus. I spread my knees as far apart as they could go while on the bench and started to deepthroat the cock in my mouth. The man standing beside me saw that and put his hand on the back of my head holding me down on şişli escort the now rock hard cock in my mouth and throat.

I had a cock buried in my throat and a finger up my ass while I worked and sweated over the prone guy in the steam. I felt the guy beside me pull out of my ass and then felt him re-enter with 2 fingers stretching my anus a little more. I groaned at that and pulled back off the cock for a minute to get some air. While doing that I took his balls in my hand ad bent over farther to lick tem and then suck them one at a time into my mouth.

The guy standing beside me moved to my back between my legs and I felt him kneel there for a moment. At the same time I realized there was another man in the room though I hadn’t heard him come in and he was standing by the head of the guy I was blowing and feeding him his cock at the same time. I felt the guy behind me guiding his cock to my ass and then felt him slide into my asshole.

We were now 4 guys. One on his back on the bench being blown by me and at the same time sucking a guy standing beside his head. I on my knees on the bench sucking in his cock and another guy kneeling behind me and starting to fuck my ass. Yet another man came in and just stood to the side of us all and started playing with his cock.

The guy on the bench bahçeşehir escort bayan was moaning around the cock in his mouth and was making little thrusting movements in and out of my mouth. The guy behind me was holding my hips now and slamming into my ass stroking in deep and pulling almost all the way out of me when he drew back. I felt the guy beneath me tense up and got that wonderful feeling of a cock pulsing in my throat as he blew a large load of cum into me. I slurped it all up and swallowed it squeezing the last few drops out the end of his cock and licking them off.

Just as he was finishing he pulled my head off his cock and knowing how sensitive it can be just after you come I left him alone. I felt the guy fucking me pick up his pace and knew he too was getting close to blowing his load. He was jack hammering in and out of my ass and then holding me tight around the hips he buried as deep as he could in me and held still while I felt his cock twitching inside me and knew he was cumming in my ass. Just then the last guy to enter the room stepped up right beside my face and offered me his cock. I no sooner had him in my mouth than I felt him start to pulse and got my third load of cum in just a few moments. The guy lying on the bench was apparently enjoying a meal of man juice at the same time from the guy he had been blowing.

At that we all started to untangle. I felt the cock pull out of my ass and could feel some of his cum run down my leg. The 2 men standing both pulled back out of our mouths and I got up from between the legs of the guy lying on the bench. After taking a nice long hot shower I got dressed and headed home for the evening.

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