Fun at a partyFun at a party


So a few people know about the ‘special’ relationship mysister and me have. So I thought I would tell my story. My name is Dylan. I’m 6ft on the dot and weigh 78kg. Blue eyes, medium length, dirty blond hair. My sister, Jane, is 5ft 3 inches, weighs 50kg, has blue eyes but dies her hair black and has had it black for so long I can hardly remember what her natural hair colour was. Up till we were both eighteen we had a perfectly normal brother sister relationship, we would fight with each other, annoy the hell out of each other but for the most part we were friendly escort beylikdüzü with each other. The change to the sexual relationship we have know started at a fancy dress party at a friends house, we both knew him pretty well so we both went. Jane left for her friends house to get ready at about 7pm, changing into her outfit and pre-drinking. I left for the party at 10 in a Phantom of the Opera outfit, which covered most of my face. When I got there the party was in full swing, music was booming, drinks were downed and people were getting escort akbatı as drunk as they could as quick as they could. I opened the bottle of vodka I brought with me and started playing catch up with the guests already there. I spotted a few of my friends that were there I went over to talk to them. They commented on how hot the girls are, I nodded in agreement, the vodka already clouding my senses. After a while I was chatting to some random girls who had their faces covered, doing shots out of their belly buttons and making out with escort beylikdüzü them. I took one of them upstairs, to one of the free bedroom which are up there and started making out with them again, feeling their ass and gently rubbing there pussy. The girl moaned in my mouth as I rubbed her pussy harder, pushing harder on her clit and squeezing her tits. I pulled her out of the tiny top she was wearing (I forget what the outfit was of) and started sucking on her nipples, gently nibbling them. Her hands started to slide down to my pants, rubbing the bulge that was quickly growing in my pants. I sighed as she pulled my pants off, letting my boner spring free. She grabbed it and started slowly rubbing it as I pulled her panties down and pushed a finger into pussy, it slid in effortlessly and made her sigh loudly, encouraging me to go faster.

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