Full ImmersionFull Immersion

Big Tits

You always stalked,The fringes of my dreams.I always pondered,How you imagined me.I devoured your words,A salacious nourishment.Wondered when I wrote,Was I feeding you too?In the dance of our lives,We nodded across the room.I etimesgut escort was always curious,The words we might whisper.We chatted; soul mates not presumed,Thorny queries, privately unveiled.The eryaman escort opening stanzas, one light went on,My interest mirrored in your crush on me.That revelation made; lips softly sincan escort grazed,Hesitantly, not overplaying that hand.Sharing a thirst that led us forward,To drink in the glade of sensual delights.That tarn was echoed in your viscosity,Likewise when your fingers slipped into me.Control slide away; our sexes squirmed.Eyed locked intensely, drowning in them.The fireworks so colourful, simultaneously,Hands honeyed, our desire that strong.This pool is deeper than we had thought,That first splash addicted me to you.   

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