Fulfilling Fantasies Ch. 03Fulfilling Fantasies Ch. 03

Big Dick

Shilpa Shetty came to the scene much longer that I had. She wasn’t a very close friend, but I’d heard it from the grapevine that she was hot, AC/DC and willing to try anything. It was Sameera Reddy who put it to her silently one day.

Actually, I wanted Sameera to continue in my next fantasy. Or to be more precise, it was Christina’s fantasy. But Sam had to go to Switzerland for a shoot and regretfully told me that she couldn’t make it.

Shilpa is quite tall, has a knockout figure and like me, has gorgeous breasts. She has long legs, a very small waist and wide shoulders.

I had given her a brief synopsis of my script and a detailed one to Harry. They had flipped.

“Gosh! Just reading it is giving me the hots,” Shilpa had gushed. “Just say when!”

When Harry learnt that he would get to make it with Shilpa, he flipped.

“You mean that Shilpa Shetty?”

I laughed. “Yes, that one. The one with the great big tits.”

“When?” he asked, excitement evident in his voice.

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

“I read the script, Mal. You sure you want to go through this?”

“Of course I do, Harry. I didn’t show you my game room for nothing,” I replied.

“Have you ever got into that kind of stuff?”

“Questions, questions,” I sighed. “No, Harry. I just furnished it yesterday.

“So, tomorrow afternoon?”

“One PM to be precise. Follow the same instructions with the security.”

Shilpa arrived ten minutes before he did. She was wearing a figure-hugging outfit. The skirt, it’s waistband below the navel, molded with her curves and the blouse, which was more of a halter, was so low in front, I swear that when she bent down, it revealed her large areole.

“You are looking cute, Mal,” she said, lowering gracefully on the couch. It was the same couch that Sameera had sat upon when I had feasted on her succulent cunt.

I was in a one-piece skimpy dress, zipped at the side. I was wearing a tiny bra because the dress wasn’t tight enough to hold my breasts bunched up. The bra pushed up my breasts and the cleavage was very, very prominent.

“Thank you, Shilpa. I must say you are doing better in the looks department yourself.”

She giggled, accepting the drink I handed over to her before taking my place beside her.

As we sipped our drinks, I was not only aware of her breasts protruding half out of her blouse, but I also couldn’t help but notice her creamy, smooth thighs under the skirt.

“So, what’s great about this guy?” she asked.

“The greatest thing is that he isn’t great,” I replied, laughing. “He is really a nobody and you wouldn’t look at him twice. He fucks very nicely and lasts as long as you want him to after he spills his load the first time. Besides,” I added, staring unabashedly at her breasts, “he is a tit-man”

“Oh wow! Aren’t they all? I have this producer who insists on fucking my tits every two hours whenever we are together. Just my tits, though! Never goes for my pussy, although, he likes to finish off in my mouth.”

I was feeling the heat spread through my body. That session with Sameera had aroused in me the instincts of reacting sexually to a sexy woman. And boy, is Shilpa hot! I could feel my pussy getting wet by just looking at her and hearing her talk.

I could smell the perfume she was wearing: a heady, intoxicating perfume, something like sandal.

I also liked her openness and the honesty with which she spoke about her relationship with the producer of her current film.

“So, what else does Harry do? Gosh, is that his real name?”

I laughed. “No. It’s Hari and he is talented. He eats pussy like divine. And after he blows the first time, you could suck his cock or let it fuck you anywhere you like till you are really satiated. He is like that. He likes to satisfy a woman.”

“That’s great! Those kinds of people are dwindling. Most guys just want to get their rocks off and they aren’t concerned with what happens to the woman. They think that if they can keep their cocks going for as long as possible, they have done the job. They forget that we girls too need a lot of foreplay. And that, besides the standard routine of coming when a cock is drilling our cunts, we too like to come in other ways.”

“Look Shilpa, let me tell you something. I figure we can start our games after we make him come the first time. That way, he is bound to last a lot longer.”

“You really want to play these games, Mal?” she queried, looking into my eyes.

There it goes again, I thought.

“C’mon, Shilpa, I think I have already told you that. I want to experience as much variations as possible before my time is up, if you know what I mean.”

She laughed. It was a good, long and a sexy laugh that came from deep within her.

“Okay, Mal. Maybe I would want to get into a game myself. For now, gosh, I don’t want to bear discomfort and pain. But I would give anything to get myself off…”

The bell interrupted us and winking at her, I rose off the couch and walked to the door, emphasizing özbek escort my cat-like walk, aware that her eyes were on me. Sam had really gotten into me and I couldn’t believe that I was desperately trying to impress another woman with my sexuality and body.

I opened the door to admit Harry. He was dressed in a striped buttons down shirt tucked inside dark brown trousers. He smiled widely when he saw me.

I smiled back and allowed him to push past me, letting my breasts brush his arm.

As I closed and locked the door, I could hear Harry draw his breath in sharply.

“Wow!” he exclaimed in a low voice, which I doubt Shilpa could have heard.

I turned around, took his hand and led him to the couch.

“This is Shilpa. Shilpa, meet Harry.”

He was red-faced when he shook her hand, but his eyes were fastened to her cleavage, drifting down to her creamy thighs.

“Hi Harry!” Shilpa smiled brightly.

“Oh hi!” he replied.

I walked to the bar to mix a drink for him.

“Harry, she’s a great friend of mine,” I told him. “No formalities and she’s in the game.”

“Mallika was telling me your plus points,” Shilpa purred, patting the couch beside her, indicating to him that he should sit there. He did, quite embarrassed.

I sat on his other side after handing him his drink.

“I mean ALL the plus points,” Shilpa purred, sipping her drink.

“I-I s-see,” he muttered, crimson faced.

“Harry,” I told him, casually dropping my free hand on his leg. “Don’t be nervous. I remember you telling me that a drink would be a waste of time and that we should straight away get down to fucking.”

Shilpa laughed and finally, Harry too did, breaking the ice.

“You are beautiful, Shilpa,” he told her.

She made a pout. “I got a nose job done, okay. Besides, very few people know that I took a crash course to increase my tit size!”

He grinned. “You didn’t really need one, did you? And incidentally, I would like to say that you did one hell of a fine course!”

Shilpa stared at him as she sipped her drink. Then, lowering the glass on the centre table, she said, “Well, as I said. Mallika’s been telling me your plus points.”

As she uttered the words, she stretched back, thrusting her ample bosom out and slightly parting her legs.

My pussy absolutely gushed at the sight. To Harry, the effect of the sight of Shilpa stretching out like that, was even more pronounced. I saw the bulge grow between his legs.

“Like what?” he asked in a voice that seemed to be suffocated.

“Let me just ask you one thing. Would you eat my pussy?”

His mouth fell open and his eyes bulged out of the sockets. He lay his glass down on the table, his hand shaking.

“I love eating pussy. Right, Mallika?”

I gulped down the rest of my drink. “Oh, positively.”

“So?” Shilpa asked slyly.

Harry was getting warmed up. “Would you strip for us? I did really like to see you naked. I mean see those long, beautiful legs, those creamy thighs, those big tits and that pussy of yours.”

Slowly, Shilpa got off the couch and took a couple of steps away from it. Harry and I watched as she reached behind to yank the strip that held the blouse together. She caught the sides of the garment in her armpits, not letting the blouse fall away completely. Instead, it slipped down slightly till we could see her large areoles and the protruding, bullet-like pink nipples.

Holding the blouse in her arms, she pulled a concealed zip at the side of her skirt and wriggled her hips till it slid down her legs to lie in a puddle at her feet.

She was wearing a micro-mini pair of panties that clearly stuck to her cunt lips. She glanced at me. I realized that I was breathing hard.

“Help me with the panties, Mal?” she asked coyly.

I walked up to her and went down on my knees. I gripped the waistband of her panties and tugged it down. The panties slipped down to reveal her cunt.

The lips were almost open, like she had just been fucked and the sparse hair on the top of the mound was just as silky as the hair on her head.

“Harry, before I show you my big tits, I want you to undress Mallika,” she whispered.

He quickly obeyed. Kneeling by my side, he found the zipper and pulled it down. I had to raise my knees, one after the other so that he could pull the dress down over my legs. He unhooked my bra and my breasts tumbled down heavily and for a brief moment, he cupped them, kneading the sensitive flesh. Then, I felt his hands skimming down my back, tugging my panties down.

He straightened to kneel beside me; his bulge now, so huge, that I thought it would rip his pants and spring out. We both looked up at her.

True to her words, she raised her arms and let the blouse fall away, exposing her truly astonishing breasts. God! They were really tremendous! Not very big if you really came down to measuring them, but so soft and so firm, they looked enormous because of the tempting cleavage between azeri escort them.

“You can have a go at my tits later on, Harry. For now, you promised that you would eat my pussy.”

He grinned, reaching out to clasp her buttocks and yank her body towards him. She would have fallen if she hadn’t put her left hand over his shoulder and the right hand over mine.

He leaned down and lowered his face to her calf, blowing on it noisily before licking it with darting stabs of his tongue. I heard her hiss and moan and I looked up to see her grabbing her own breasts and kneading on them. I turned my attention to Harry. He was still fully dressed and now was blowing and licking till he had progressed to her inner thighs.

He approached her pussy, and his tongue sought out the smooth joints on either sides of it where her thighs merged with her body.

I leaned closer to watch him licking and lightly biting each cleft. He lowered his head again to lick the insides of her thighs and quickly raised his face to blow on her pussy till she was squirming and moaning, her pelvis gyrating wildly in anticipation of his tongue fucking her cunt.

His tongue outlined her labia and she thrust her buttocks forward as though trying to lure his tongue inside her pussy.

He raised his head up further and I saw his tongue darting around her navel in small circles, which grew smaller and smaller till he was licking her navel itself.

“Oh my god, suck my pussy!” she breathed.

He ran his tongue down her abdomen and finally nudged it inside her pussy. Her legs spread wider and even as he probed into the depths of her cunt, her hand tightened on my shoulder and she threw back her head and let out a long cry.

He now grabbed her buttocks and buried his face between her legs. I saw his mouth open wide and then his cheeks began to hollow and bulge as he commenced sucking the whole of her cunt.

“Oh my god, oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, drill that tongue into my cunt, aahhhh yessss,” she cried out.

To say that I was getting affected would be an understatement. I slid my hand down between my legs tracing my pussy lips with a finger and when he buried his face in her muff, I shoved the finger inside my cunt.

With my other hand, I pinched and rolled my hard nipples.

“Oh god,” Shilpa gasped, her buttocks wriggling as he tongue fucked her pussy, “oh god, suck on my clit, yes, I need to cum! Yes, like that, yes, yes, suck it, suck that little cock!”

I watched him gather her erect and distended clit between his lips and suck on it. At the same time, he brought one hand around and slid a finger swiftly inside her pussy.

It really startled her and made her explode.

“Oh god! Again, yes, yes, another finger, please, please!”

Before he could add a second finger, I took my hand off my breast and swiftly, just as he had, shoved my middle finger alongside his deep into her wet cunt.

“Oh god, yes, yes, finger fuck me, yes, please don’t stop sucking my clit, ah, yes, yes!”

If she knew that the second finger fucking her pussy was mine, she gave no indication. But I did feel her hand slip down my shoulder and search out my breast. I raised myself slightly on my knees so that she could grab my breast and squeeze it.

She came loudly again, shuddering, bucking her hips wildly and gabbling incoherently. But there was no stopping Harry now. He applied himself faithfully to the task in hand by adding another of his finger. That made it three fingers inside her cunt!

I pulled my finger from inside my pussy and slid my hand towards his crotch. I cupped it and he groaned in her pussy. Assured that she wouldn’t back away or fall down, he let go of her buttocks and thrust it towards me. He found that my breast was already occupied by Shilpa’s hand. He slipped his hand down over my belly till he was probing the insides of my cunt with his finger.

I had found his zipper and yanked it down. I fumbled for the buttons of his pants and shucked them off. I tugged his pants down and slipping one side of his underwear, watched his throbbing cock spring out of the confines.

He grunted when I wrapped my fist around his shaft.

Shilpa had finally succumbed to another orgasm and she fell to her knees. She removed her palm off my breast and encircled his shoulders with both her hands.

“Now let me suck my come off your mouth,” she rasped, lowering her face over his. I watched as their open mouths met and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked his tongue inside her mouth.

She carried one hand down between their bodies, found mine already wrapped around his shaft. She slapped my hand away and grabbed his hard on. I cradled his balls with my hand, moving my hips up and down over his finger, which was still fucking my pussy.

I watched her pull back and lick his lips. “Gosh, you are really great, Harry! I don’t know how many times you made me come!” she said between licks.

She was slowly jerking on his cock now and he was beginning kazank escort to rock his hips back and forth.

“Not so fast,” she said, slipping her fist down to the base of his cock and squeezing it so hard, he winced.

“Don’t you want to play with my tits?” she asked him, thrusting her chest out and swaying her body from one side to the other.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, pulling his finger out of my pussy to grab her breasts in both his hands. He dipped his head down to plunge his face in her inviting cleavage.

She looked at me and smiled. “Kiss?” she asked.

She twisted her head to one side so that I could raise my face. I parted my lips and I felt her mouth crush them. Tentatively, I slipped my tongue into her mouth, tasting her pussy there. Her tongue met mine and we began the game of dueling in the confines of her hot mouth.

I jerked in surprise when I felt her hand cup my mound. She caressed my slit, rubbing her fingers back and forth over the swollen lips.

Harry was now licking one nipple noisily, twisting the other between his fingers. He traced a line with his tongue from that nipple to the other, licking savagely.

She pulled back her head and planted a surprisingly chaste kiss on my cheek, considering that she was now pinching my clit.

“I want to eat your cunt,” she told me.

I almost came when she said that. “And what about Harry?” I mumbled.

“You did say he liked tits, right? Okay then. He can fuck mine while you stand beside me with your cunt in my face.”

Obviously, he heard her, because he rose swiftly to his feet. Her hand was still gripping his rock hard prick and using it as leverage, she pulled herself closer to him.

He stood in front of her, his hands already on her firm breasts. He directed the tip of his cock to rub against one nipple and she giggled, swaying her body from side to side to allow him to do so.

When I rose too, he was rubbing the other nipple with the tip of his cock. I stood beside him, but at an angle, and spread my legs apart.

He pushed her breasts together and hunched down. He guided his cock in the tunnel from below and thrust upwards, spearing his cock up through the cleavage. He groaned with lust, his eyes fixed on the sight of his cock fucking her breasts.

“Yes, yes, Harry boy, fuck my jugs!” she sighed as she twisted her head to one side. She circled my buttocks with one arm and pulled me closer. I screamed when I felt her mouth on my cunt; her tongue directly plunging inside.

Harry began to move up and down, his cock wrapped between her luscious breasts. He leaned towards me and said, “Kiss my mouth!”

So as he fucked her breasts and she ate me out with surprising expertise, I kissed his mouth, my tongue entering inside. I sank one hand in her silky hair and embraced Harry with the other, pushing my pussy against her face and pulling Harry’s to mine.

There were only sounds of licking and slurping accompanying the wet squishy sound that his cock made as it traveled back and forth between her breasts.

Soon, as he had now fixed up the tempo, he let go of her breasts and instead cupped mine as we kissed harder, almost bruising our lips.

Shilpa now concentrated on sucking my clit and probing the depths of my cunt with her finger. She set up the finger-fucking rhythm to match the rhythm with which he was fucking her breasts.

When his hands squeezed my breasts so hard I nearly cried out and when his tongue forced into my mouth, I knew that he was coming.

I heard the rhythm of the squishy sound getting faster and faster and he groaned into my mouth. I pulled my mouth away because I wanted to see him come between her breasts. Also, Shilpa’s talented tongue and clever fingers had me on the edge of my own orgasm.

His cock was working furiously back and for the between her breasts. Harry was working on my breasts as well, kneading them, twisting the nipples and cupping them as if he wanted to weigh them.

He howled out when he climaxed, his head thrown behind him, his hands gripping my breasts. I groped down and held her breasts by their sides, feeling the flesh jiggle with the onslaught of his cock between them.

He exploded with a fury; his semen shooting up to hit her chin as she busily sucked my clit. I pushed my mound deeper against her exploring mouth, my hands gripping the back of her head as I watched his juices splash around her breasts and then, when he pulled out his cock, the liquid splashed her over her breasts and nipples.

Holding her head firmly in place, I knelt down. She had to lower her face too and I spread his juices evenly over her breasts, twisting my head to take his shuddering cock in my mouth. I sucked on him, sucking him till he was dry. I was bucking my hips back and forth and could feel her tongue rapidly going up and down my slit and her fingers were now a blur as she fucked my pussy.

“Oh god, Shilpa,” I breathed, “Oh god, yes, yes, suck my clit, oh yes, harder, harder.”

I was already on the edge and had been holding back only to wait for Harry to climax. Now that he had, I let myself go.

As I leaned back, rocking my hips up and down against her face, I felt Harry’s hands and mouth on my breasts. He sucked the whole of a breast, kneading the other, occasionally pinching my nipples.

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