Subject: Fuck Intervention This story is an entirely fictional work of adult erotic fantasy, involving consensual sexual relations between related persons. Copyright me 2017. If you’re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction, please come back when you’re of legal age. Nifty is a free service that depends on your donations to survive. Please help them to keep providing this awesome resource for all of us by giving at fty/donate.html You can find my tumblr at blr/ FUCK INTERVENTION by Boy Mercury X 1. JOE My Dad was not like the other dads in the neighborhood, not by a long shot. We lived in the same Italian neighborhood where he grew up, and his buddies were mostly the same guys he hung out with as a kid. He still got together with them at least once a week to play ball, or get coffee and talk about how nothing’s as good as it used to be. They had jobs and wives and kids and responsibilities, got fat and had thinning hair and boring. Dad wasn’t anything like them. Even though he was 36, other than his fully developed man’s physique he was basically a teenager. He had a job at the factory like most of his buddies, but that was basically his only responsibility and it was a no brainer. Since my mom got out of Dodge when I was a kid, we lived in the flat his parents owned at no cost, so he spent his money on things he liked like convertible sports cars and personal trainers. His mom, my gram, did our cooking and cleaning and laundry, so he didn’t have to worry about anything. Dad was a flirt with any female he wasn’t closely related to. He could talk to any woman or girl, always knew what to say to charm them. His looks didn’t hurt either. He had a long thin face with thick dark eyebrows set against dark olive skin, with a sexy smile. He worked out since he was a skinny teen, so he was slim but fit, with tight abs, a nice swollen chest and shoulders and a back like a panther. He wore tight shirts that showed off his torso, and 30-inch waist jeans that rode low on his slim hips. There wasn’t a ton of women to go after in our neighborhood, where all the families knew each other. Everyone knew everyone else’s business, and everyone went to the same bowling alleys, pizza places, bakeries and grocery stores. I don’t know where he got his girls, but when he did he wouldn’t come home for a night or a few. But it never got more serious than that, and I didn’t meet any of them, for the most part. My aunt Lynette’s sister-in-law Dawn came to visit once, and Dad was really into her. I spied them making out once, and even though it made me nauseous with jealousy it also made my balls churn because he looked so beautiful kissing her and cupping her boobs over her clothes. But she went back home to Atlanta after a couple of weeks, and things got back to normal. By the time I was in my teens he was flirting with girls my age too. Like once we were driving by where Charlene Macchia was walking and I yelled out the window to her, so Dad pulled over. She asked what we were doing, and he said just enjoying the view. She said, Oh are you, and almost purred. It was like I wasn’t even there, which was annoying but I was also proud that a pretty girl like Charlene Macchia was into my Dad. Even though I was kind of a fag, I had kind of a protection because of my Dad. Because sometimes he’d play ball with the younger guys they’d be like Yeah that’s Joe’s kid and leave me alone. I felt like it was because my dad was special people were cool with me, but maybe some felt sorry for me. I didn’t care, just so I didn’t get hassled and could feel like I was showing him off made me feel good. Even though sometimes I wanted a regular dad who would ask me about school or give me a curfew, I also liked having a hot dad instead of a boring old man, but I had a non-stop boner for him myself. He was so hot, and so often barely dressed at our flat, and always on the hunt for pussy so he always had this scent of sex on him. I wished he would be into me sexually and I could give him all the sex he wanted, and take over the household tasks and we could be married, which is dumb because married is the last thing he wanted to be. 2. THE INTERVENTION One night some of the guys showed up at our place and it was kind of weird because usually the guys get together on Saturdays. There’s Big Nick, Vince Macchia, Fat Tony and Uncle Don. Also, two other guys, cousin Mario the cop, and Chisel whose real name I don’t even know. Big Nick is the oldest, not really part of Dad’s crew in school because he’s like 15 years older, but he’s a foreman at the factory and kind of the most respected because even though he’s older he’s the toughest and no one fucks with him. He’s almost as broad as he is tall, with close-cropped gray hair and beard, with big beefy arms with hair all over like silverback gorilla on account of his ma is Greek. I think I should go to my room because it looks like guys night, but Big Nick says to stay put and not to go nowhere. Fat Tony pulls two six-packs out of a brown paper bag and everyone has one, and Big Nick says I can have one and Dad don’t care. “Joe,” says Big Nick, “this here is a whadaya call, an intervention. So you’re gonna’ sit down and listen, because some things gotta’ change. And you, kid,” he looks at me, “you stay sitting right there, don’t say nothing.” “He’s just a kid,” says Uncle Don, my Aunt gaziantep travesti Lynette’s husband, but Big Nick won’t budge. So Dad says what the Hell, and Big Nick explains. “Joe, this lifestyle or whatever you call it, I see why it works for you, but it’s causing trouble. You can’t keep getting with girls from the families. You’re dogging guys’ sisters and daughters and whatever the fuck, and the guys are pissed. “So you gotta’ do one of three things, one, expand your fucking horizons and go looking for girls outside the neighborhood; two get married to one girl and stay married; three become a fucking priest, which I don’t see happening, but your choice.” Dad tries to BS his way out of it but they call him on all his shit, probably for the first time in his life. He’s trying to act serious on the face of it but you can see it’s a big joke to him. “We figured we might have to show how serious this shit is, Joe. You might not like this, but we gotta’ punctuate this sentence, so to speak. We’re gonna’ have to get physical.” Big Nick nods to Cousin Mario the cop and Chisel, who both get up according to some prearranged plan and step outside the front and back doors, which every guy in the neighborhood knows is to keep watch so no one gets in or out. Hell, even I know it and I never got into shenanigans like all these guys. Dad tries to laugh it off. He stands up and peels off his t-shirt, so everyone can see how cut he is with his muscles and the dark hair cupping his chest and running down his abs into his briefs. He pulls his arms in tight like a boxer and makes two fists, and says, “Okay, you want to fight? Cominciare,” which means commence or begin, kind of the Italian for come at me. But Big Nick shakes his head no, and says they ain’t here to fight. Vince Macchia pulls out of a paper bag a tub of Crisco and a white jock strap and puts them right on the coffee table. Big Nick looks at Dad, and says, “We’re here to fuck.” 3. VINCE Dad starts to see what’s going on and tries to make a move for the door, but the guys are on him quick, and they ain’t all in great shape like his is, but they’re strong and there’s four of them, plus two outside. “Here’s how this is gonna’ go down,” says Big Nick, “every guy in here is gonna’ fuck you, so you take a lesson. Guys outside will stay there, so that’s two less for you. Your cousin Mario the cop says we all just played poker, no one’s gonna’ take your word for shit, Joe. So you can do this the easy way or the hard way, but I gotta’ tell you some of the boys would not be disappointed with the hard way.” Then he turns to me and says, “And you keep your faggot ass right there, no offense, because I ain’t having you go for help. And you might as well see this shit so you learn a lesson too. Have another beer if you want.” So Dad is getting the picture, and still is the tough guy, so he says okay okay, and the guys let him go. He undoes his pants and jerks them and his underwear down. Fuck he looks good, like he’s built for sex, which I guess he is. He’s so slim and supple and the way his muscles glide under his skin is magic. He keeps reaching down to cup his hairy balls and half hard dick, pulling them up and letting them drop down hard. Big Nick tells Dad to put on the jock strap so the guys don’t have to look at his junk flopping around, which he does. His ass is framed so perfect in the jock, all white with soft dark hair cupping it from his hole. He holds out his arms as if to say, here it is guys, like he’s still showing off how good he looks, then again says “Cominciare,” commence. Then the guys move on him. Vince Macchia has his hands on Dad’s back, Uncle Don and Fat Tony are grabbing at Dad’s pecs, and Big Don is watching. The guys are turning Dad around and everyone grabbing at a piece of him, and he’s pissed off but not fighting back. Vince Macchia strips off his blue sweatshirt and he’s just in a white t-shirt and his Carhartts, and unzips his fly. I’ve known him my whole life and he always just seemed like a dad, long in the face and losing his hair, not a stud like Dad, but in good shape maybe from all his physical work at his bakery. He’s maybe like Dad if Dad was a regular father. “Vince,” says Dad, “what the fuck man, we went to school together.”

”That’s right,” said Vince, “and that’s why I’m being nice and using this Crisco here, to take it easy on you.” Then he smears a hand full of the stuff on his dick. The other guys shove Dad down at the waist a kick his legs to a wide spread. “Joe, you’re my pal almost my whole life and I gotta’ hear you’re making moves on my daughter?” With one hand he felt for my dad’s pucker and with the other aimed his dick and speared him. “Charlene is 16 Joe, 16 fucking years old. You deserve this, you fuck.” Dad let out a loud grunt and curses. “Push against it like you’re taking a shit,” Big Nick tells Dad, “It’ll help.” “FUCK YOU,” grunts Dad as Vince started to pound his ass, reaming Dad’s chute with his big daddy dick. “No fuck YOU Joe,” Vince gasps, picking up his pace, “Not –” slam “my-” slam “daughter!” then a big slam as Vince shakes hard and starts nutting right inside my father. 4. FAT TONY “Geez, you done already?” asked Big Nick. “What was that, 3 minutes?” “I guess,” said Vince, breathing hard as he pulled his half hard dick out, “I made gaziantep masaj salonları my point.” Fat Tony already has his dick out, reaching under his big belly stroking it, letting his slacks drop to the floor. “Whoa, whoa,” said Dad, “I gotta’ take it from this fat fuck? What’d I do to you Tony, you don’t got no daughter. You ain’t even married.” “That’s right,” said Fat Tony, “you know Joe, we used to run together in high school and do dumb shit together. So I gain a little weight and now I’m the butt of every joke. And you get a wife, and then still get all the pussy and I get jack shit. What’s a guy like me supposed to do competing with you?” Tony grabbed him and pulled Dad close and lifted him right off the ground, and clamped his mouth on one of Dad’s nipples and started biting sucking. Dad tried to push himself away, but Fat Tony was strong. Even though Dad had muscles in all the right places, he was still really slim and he looked just slight squeezed up against Fat Tony. He held Dad up in the air the whole time, with his face buried in Dad’s chest. Then he threw Dad on the sofa, and it was amazing how small and light Dad seemed, like a rag doll. He was trying to pull himself up but Fat Tony shoved his head down and hiked his ass up. Fat Tony took a scoop of Crisco, and reached under his belly to rub it on his dick, which I couldn’t even see. Fuck, he was maximum sized, but he moved deliberately to shove his cock up Dad’s hole. “Hey Tony,” says Dad, “You eating that Crisco? Leave a little for my ass.” “FUCK YOU,” shouts Fat Tony as he’s shoving his greased prick into Dad who yelps and shudders. Fat Tony layed into him, butt fucking his old friend with the passion of a thousand grudges. Dad’s body just went with it, getting shoved and pulled, and then almost crushed when Fat Tony dropped more of his weight on him with fast little thrusts as he dumped his sperm up inside my dad’s ass. 5. UNCLE DON Fat Tony took a while to catch his breath before he pulled out of Dad and backed off. Picking up his slacks he spat at my dad “I ain’t even that fat!” Big Nick held up his hand and said “You’re a little fat, Tony. Come on Don, you’re up.” Uncle Don wasn’t from the neighborhood, he was blonde and baby faced and was in because he married my Aunt Lynnette. He wasn’t hot to my eyes but I know the ladies were kind of crazy for his blonde hair and pretty mouth. “What the fuck Don, you’re married to my sister. I didn’t do shit to you,” Dad spit out. “Yeah, well who fucked my sister when she was in town? Now she’s getting a divorce and all kinds of drama and shit,” ranted Don. Don dropped his jeans and underwear, and a fat ten-inch log of a clock flopped out, still not fully hard. “What th — no fucking way!” yelled Dad, who for the first time looked afraid, and to tell the truth every guy in the room was kind of shocked too, me included. Uncle Don, who the fuck knew you had a monster dick? Uncle Don smeared a handful of the Crisco on his giant cock to work it up, and I don’t even know how that fucking thing could stand it was so big. “I don’t think I can do it,” said Uncle Don, “I keep thinking about Lynette.” “Jerk off on him then,” said Big Nick. So Dad settled down on the ground and Uncle Don kept stroking that big fucking cock of his. It seemed to go on forever and Uncle Don kept his eyes closed and was saying shit under his breath. “We gotta’ get going here, Don,” says Big Nick, “You gonna’ let this fuck go unpunished for what he did to your sister? You think he had a hard time getting off on Dawn? You think he wasn’t shoving his dick in her every hole?” Uncle Don was stroking harder, his eyes still closed, and his dick looked even bigger. “Joe told me he titty-fucked her,” Big Nick said, and Dad said to shut the fuck up, “And he said he did it in her shitter, said she took it like a whore.” Uncle Don had enough and got right down on the ground and tried to flip Dad over, and the other guys jumped in to help, Big Nick put his knee on Dad’s head, Vince and Fat Tony holding his legs so Uncle Don could start squeezing his giant cock into Dad’s hole. Dad was yelling and the other guys including me were spellbound seeing that monster thing start to disappear in Dad’s hole. Too bad Uncle Don was so close, just as he was getting in he buckled and shook and dumped his jizz inside his brother-in-law’s butt, and pulled right out, working the rest out with his hand. 6. BIG NICK Dad was looking seriously pissed off now, and holding his hand over his aching hole. The guys were all in various states after going to the bathroom to wash off, Fat Tony watching everything, Uncle Don staying in the bathroom, Vince looking pissed and watching the time. “We fucking done here now?” he asked. Big Nick answered by stripping off his gray t-shirt and grayer work pants, dropping his briefs and pulling out his fat cock. He really did remind me of a silverback gorilla, short and wide and built, with graying fur all over. His cock wasn’t as long as Uncle Don’s, but just as fat, and his balls were plump in a nest of graying hair. He made a chewing motion with his jaw, but otherwise looked serious as fuck as he slowly stroked his intimidating cock. He used a handful of Crisco and you could hear it smacking loud. “What the fuck did I do to you Nick?” gaziantep escort bayan asked Dad, who was finally beginning to appreciate his intervention. “Joe, you been causing – what do you call it? – discord. Then I gotta’ do cleanup on this shit. Pain in my ass. So now it’ll be your pain in the ass every time from here out. “You think you’re a man, Joe, you’re a kid. You got no responsibilities, nothing that makes a boy a man. Your folks are old, they cover your rent, your ma is in her 60s and she’s still cooking your food like you’re a baby. “Your faggoty kid here, sorry kid, he’s more of a man than you. Grow the fuck up.” Big Nick told Dad to get up and bend over so he could get this done. “One more reason for this,” Big Nick said low as he positioned his missile head cock at Dad’s asshole, “I been wanting to get in your ass almost 20 years now”. Dad’s mouth opened slowly and beautifully just as his ass did the same to take in Big Nick’s cock. Big Nick was the most skilled ass fucker of the group, building up slow then ramming hard, holding tight on Dad’s slim hips while his fat Greek dick whipped up the three loads already in Dad’s bowel. Dad was kind of gone, red faced and making a lot of grunting sounds between curses, and one hand trying to dig into his jock strap. It looked like it was oozing precum, and bouncing back and forth from the hard fuck he was taking. Big Nick reached around to cup Dad’s perfect tits in his big rough hands and squeezed them, pumping harder and faster till he thrust so hard Dad almost fell over as Big Nick deposited a major load into his gushing rectum. Big Nick looked so happy he was almost laughing. He took his time pulling out, then looked down and said “This fucking Crisco, what a fucking mess.” Dad nearly crumpled on the living room floor, sweating and panting, one hand down the wet jock strap and the other covering his beaten asshole. 7. JOEY “Hold on,” I said, the first words out of my mouth in this whole event. Everyone looked. “Mister — Big Nick. You said every guy here was gonna’ do that,” I indicated my dad lying on the floor. “But, uh, there’s still one to go.” It took a second before Big Nick got it. Then he laughed out loud and said “You want some kid? Finish him off!” Then he reached out and rubbed the top of my head hard. I pulled open my jeans where my dick had been held in tight the whole time, my underwear almost saturated with precum. Dad looked up and just said, Aw fuck. I got out of my jeans and down on my knees between Dad’s legs. After all that fucking, it was easy to make out my target. I wasn’t worried about lubing up because the Crisco was still thick on Dad’s hole. Fuck, it was like heaven sinking my boner into Dad who had no fight left in him. It was so warm inside him and soft, I knew I would only have a few strokes before I came. Before I let that happen, I lifted the sodden jock to pull his dick out. Holding his actual cock, curved and stiff in my hand, was enough all on its own to make me cum. I wiped some of the Crisco off his ass and smeared it on his cock, stroking firmly. “You could have had me this whole time,” I said, “instead of pissing off all the guys.” I pumped once in him, and kept on beating his hard slick cock. “Anything you want,” I whispered to him, trying to suppress the load in me, “Fuck, suck, anything you want, you come to me now.” I started to say Daddy, but the word caught in throat as my boner erupted, and I began pumping like crazy to get it deep in him. As I did, his hole seized hard on my dick, and his cock started spewing hot white cum too, all over his abs and chest, and even on the living room rug under him. When my head cleared I could see what a huge fucking mess everything was. The furniture was all out of place and there were greasy handprints everywhere. I pulled my dick out of Dad, and it was followed by a long slow stream of cum, from all the guys who fucked his ass that night. “Well okay then,” said Big Nick. “Let’s call it a night, boys.” 8. AFTERWARDS I can’t say Dad exactly became a priest after that, but he changed his ways. He didn’t mess around with girls from the neighborhood so much, but he was still a flirt because that’s his nature. He started going to cafes and things further out in the city and I don’t know if his shtick did so well there. I started to see whatever it is he had going on in the neighborhood didn’t always work so well in the outside. We jerked off together sometimes, which was new, but no blowjobs or buttfucks, but maybe it’s early to say. A few more weeks of not getting too much pussy might change things up. I look at the guys different now too. When I see Uncle Don all I can think of is that monster prick of his. Even when I see his wife Aunt Lynette I think of it, and wonder how she likes that log up in her. Charlene Macchia’s dad, Vince, I have a hard on for now. He’s serious and all, but he was fucking fit in a real manly way. And he’s a good dad and I wonder if my dad stayed married and shit would he be more like Vince Macchia, and would that be a better deal for me? I think it would, but I guess we all have our own shit we’re born to. Fat Tony, that poor guy. He looked so thirsty for Dad that night, like he might want him almost as much as I do. Or did. What a rat’s nest that guy’s head must be. Then there’s Big Nick. I go out of my way now to walk by him when I can, give him a wave, then feel worried I was too femme or embarrassed myself. I know he’s like 50, but I can’t get out of my head how he looked buttfucking, and the smacking sound of his lubed up cock. I figured I had it wrong all along, because I could see now he was the real stud of the neighborhood. END

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