From Sales to Gym Ownership Ch. 02From Sales to Gym Ownership Ch. 02

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Construction and planning

The next four months were spent on the build out and at times I felt I bit off more than I could chew trying to me the construction manager. Some parts of the project turned out to be far more expensive than originally planned but since over half of the work was done by Don’s firm at a heavily discounted price, we ended up trending a whopping $225,000 under budget after two thirds of the work was done.

With Teresa’s blessing I decided to upgrade to some of the highest end appliances for the small kitchen/bar and found a way to add a steam room to the spa area where small shower stalls were located at. Not only would we have an eight person in ground whirlpool but also the steam room, a massage room but also separate areas for yoga and stretching, weightlifting and cardio. In the end, the layout was perfect allowing enough space for everything without being too crowded. There was about another month left before our grand opening when the numbers seemed to be more final and to my surprise, we still had $180,000 left.

“Keep it, consider it your signing bonus,” explained Teresa.

I knew she was serious so I didn’t even fight back. Working alongside with Teresa was incredible but also incredibly hard. She always dressed to impress and she knew it made me struggle. I never had the guts to ask to dial it down a little since I wasn’t sure how she would take it.

It was late Friday when Teresa and I were putting the finishing touches to the yoga room and there was an increased amount of sexual tension. A lot of tasks required both of us to be next to each other and sometimes I was standing right behind her as she was holding something and I had reach over her. I knew she noticed my hard-on that seemed to reappear from nowhere every few minutes.

“You know I would never cheat on my husband,” said Teresa.

“I know,” I responded.

“Do you fantasize about me a lot?” she asked nonchalantly.

“You know that’s not fair T,” I said using a nickname I have used for her that past few months.

“That’s not where I am getting with it. Do you know why I dress in these tight clothes?” she asked.

“To be mean,” I joked.

“Whatever. I understand that my husband thinks that I am the hottest piece of ass that he can ever have but there is something about the attention that other men give me, especially when they are as hot as you,” she said.

“Every day,” I said.


“I fantasize about you every day,” I admitted.

“Thanks for being honest,” she responded. “It looks like you are ready to explode,” she said pointing at my bulge.

“You have no idea,” I responded.

“Touch yourself,” she said with a serious tone before pulling off her sports bra exposing her firm tits. I wasn’t even shocked by what she did and quickly got excited about where this was going.

I just leaned against the mirror and watched Teresa touch herself as well. I put my right hand into my pants and started smearing the precum all over before stroking myself.

“I want to see him,” she said moaning softly.

I pulled down my shorts and exposed myself completely in front of her.

“Mmm, your shirt. Take off your shirt,” she said before sliding a hand down her crotch.

“You are so hot,” she moaned.

I didn’t say another word myself but just kept stroking feverously. We were only a few feet apart from each other so I was able to hear and smell her sex. I tried to cum as fast as possible so I could overcome the temptation of grabbing her slender hips to force her to turn around and burry my dick deep inside her tight body.

“Fuck, I’m coming,” she screamed not worrying if anyone in the lobby could potentially hear us.

I soon followed and just started shooting my cum all around me without aiming. Some landed on her leggings and most of it landed on the brand new floor. When we were all done, she ended up surprising me by being the one to wipe off the floor.

A similar routine followed most evenings when it was just her and I. Even though we never took it further than watching each other masturbate, I was actually fulfilled sexually. Being taken care of in that category without having to put in too much effort (or money) I was able to spend some time on my side business as well. I only vaguely shared my online supplement business with her. But after having played around with different combinations of ingredients to come up with a powerful sexual enhancer for women, it soon became the top seller on my website.

What Teresa didn’t know was that each day I would try one of the pills on her by adding it to a protein shake that I made for her daily. I was surprised that she never wondered why sex with Don had never been better and she was still horny enough to masturbate in front of me. A lot of women complain about headaches or rapid heartbeats with similar products but for some reason, such feedback was very rare. Some women claim to have lost some weight since taking the pill which I thought I could explain with some of the natural ingredients güvenilir bahis I used. The best part was that I spent about 8 cents to produce each pill and sell it for as high as $4.25 for a single dose.

We were 48 hours away from our grand opening and Teresa had done a fabulous job with signage and mailers to make sure that all members were aware. We came up with a proposed schedule that included a weekday morning breakfast bar where we offered anything from scrambled egg whites to smoothies and cooking classes once week. I also offered my personal training services by appointment and a group strengthening, stretching and cardio class. We would offer all classes for free and the personal sessions and food items at 50% off the first month. Teresa was so excited when we presented everything to her husband Don at their house Wednesday night. I had tried a new formula on the blonde and I could tell that she was hot and bothered all evening.

Don’s phone rang and he quickly picked it up and left the living room.

“Fuck. I knew this was going to fucking happen. I told you,” Don screamed on top of his lungs.

He stormed back into the room with his car keys in hand: “The foundation on the 2nd Ave high rise project cracked. I knew the engineers didn’t draw up the schematics right. I gotta go and see if it can be salvaged but I am sure we have to spend a million bucks digging it up and starting over.”

Teresa’s mood quickly soured and lost all of her enthusiasm. A few minutes after he left he called Teresa to apologize about his outburst and told how proud he was of us.

“Well, there goes my plans for the evening,” pouted the blonde. “I am sorry, do you mind if you just go home. I’d rather go to bed since I am exhausted and don’t want to be bad company.

“Sure. I will see you Friday early A.M,” I said before I headed out without any physical contact.

When I arrived at my place, I was ready to hit the sack myself so I brushed my teeth and reviewed the online orders that had been placed. I didn’t realize that I was two days behind the fulfillment of the orders and there were 72 in the queue. So instead of going to bed at 9:30, I spent the next hour printing shipping labels and stuffing envelopes when the doorbell rang.

“It’s me, Teresa,” was the sultry voice of the blonde when I picked up the receiver.

I was confused as I was waiting for her to come up the elevator. When I opened the door she stood there in a trench coat and what must have been some very tall high heels as she stood taller than I have ever seen her before as she walked by me closing to door behind her.

“What’s going on?” I asked even more confused now.

“That call he received supposedly about the foundation?” she started.


“Well, I drove by there and there was no one there and everything seemed fine,” she continued. “So I logged onto our cell phone account and looked up the number that called him earlier. I didn’t recognize the number so I tried entering it into my phone and it turns out to be his ex-wife.”

“Are you shitting me?”

“No. I put her number in my phone when she started coming back around last year. Don, I have been letting him fuck me three to five times a week and he still has the need to fuck his ex. I mean, what the hell?”

“I am so sorry,” were the only words I could muster.

“We actually haven’t had any sex since I was on my period until last night so I wore this underneath my outfit all evening,” she said and opened up her trench coat exposing her Agent Provocateur black suspender set that caused my cock to literally jump through the hem of my boxers instantly.

“Are you sure that there is something going on?” I asked still not sure if it was ok for me to take her.

“I am 100% positive. A lot of things are making sense now looking back. I filtered her number in the online log and they have been talking and texting each other dozens of times per day. When I surprised him with a blowjob when he came home late last month I could have sworn I tasted another woman on his cock. But since he became hard right away, I didn’t think too much about it. Then I realized that the vitamin pills he has been taking are Viagra pills. Anyways, forget that bastard. My pussy is drenched and just imagining your cock inside of me will not suffice tonight, ok?” she begged.

I didn’t want to have to say another word. Before our bodies even made contact my heart was racing and I could feel my body longing to intertwine with hers. She dropped the coat near the entrance and walked towards the bedroom. I remembered I left the office door open with all of the pills all over.

“Why don’t you pour us some champagne while I clean up my laundry in my room,” I quickly said.

“Ok, Mr. Bachelor,” she said while spinning around elegantly on one of her heels. I went into the office and grabbed a pill quickly for both her and me before closing the door behind me and headed to my bedroom. I swallowed my pill and kept the other one in my hand. When I arrived to my bedroom, I realized güvenilir bahis siteleri that it was very tidy except for a few random items. I guess the pair of jeans on the bed could constitute as laundry laying around so I removed it from the perfectly made bed. I heard the cork pop and seconds later I saw the woman of my dreams standing in front of me dressed in lingerie that is reserved for the rich and famous.

“To an unforgettable evening,” was her toast as she handed me my glass and while I could see her sexual fire in her eyes I also sensed anger and sadness as well. We both took a big gulp and before I could set down my glass, Teresa climbed on top of me and forced me to lie back. She took my glass, drank the remaining champagne, and placed it on the floor next to the bed. She left some champagne in her glass and placed it next to mine. With nowhere else to put the pill, I just dropped it in her glass.

Looking up at her, her tits have never looked more inviting. Wrapped in a satin and lace material, the bottom three-quarters of her breasts were covered elegantly except for her dark brown nipples which were barely covered by a sheer material that allowed the erected flesh to nearly poke through.

“I am so fucking wet for you,” moaned the blonde as she kept grinding into my pelvic area. “I know I said I’d never cheat on my husband but I knew that was a lie. I wished I could have met you five years ago. I have been waiting for this day since we ran into each other at Starbucks,” she said referring to the time where we randomly ran into each other when we got our morning coffee. At that time, we have seen each other at the gym for a few months but never had much of a conversation. I finally found out if what I felt that day was met with the same feelings by her. I remember her tight fitting outfit that was accentuated by a pair of sexy boots that I just stared at the entire time she was in line.

My cock ached for her wet sex but I wanted to let Teresa lead the way; at least for now. Then it finally came: Our first kiss. I have kissed many women before both tenderly and aggressively but this one was special. Maybe it was because I have waited for years to kiss her or because it’s been years since I have kissed someone I cared for, but the meeting of our lips and tongues was nothing less than magical. My desire to take out my raging hard-on nearly drove me to the brink of throwing her off of me to impale her immediately. Instead, I let her sexual desires fueled by her anger provide me with the hottest foreplay experience in years.

This went on for a few minutes and the desperation in her actions become more evident; so did the aching erection in my pants. “Suck my cock please,” I asked politely when we separated ourselves to catch some fresh air. As she stepped off me so she could pull down my pants, I took off my t-shirt and just gazed at the amazing blonde stature in front of me. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her body and some areas of her arms were more defined than mine.

“You are simply perfect,” I admitted.

“You are not too bad yourself. I can’t wait for you to fuck me with that body of yours,” she responded seductively at the same time my cock finally sprang free. The entire head was covered in my pre-cum with some of it already drying off.

Then, Teresa hovered over the waving end of my rod. She opened her lips wide, carefully placing it around my cock without letting any part of it actually touch her mouth. First she exhaled and then… hot, moist air surrounded my sensitive nerves and driving me absolutely crazy.

“Why are you teasing me?” I asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

I wanted to just lay back and let her have her way with me and not take an active role in her sucking my cock but I just couldn’t keep my hands to myself. And with a pained roar I lashed out, seizing Teresa’s head in my hands and forcibly shoving her onto me.

Teresa was able to open her mouth wide, and a moment later her lips were pressed all the way up against my crotch meaning my cock was a couple of inches into the tunnel of her throat. To my surprise, she didn’t fight back nor did she gag. I tried to make eye contact with her but she was simply on a mission to swallow all eight inches of mine.

Then Teresa hummed as she pulled back, never quite pulling off and giving me a wide grin as her eyes flashed up to mine before she looked back down as she focused on deepthroating me again.

At first, it was just her head bobbing up and down on me while I held the back of her head in my hands. I let my head roll back, closed my eyes, and groaned as I felt the warm, exciting sensations shooting up and down my shaft.

Teresa kept up a steady rhythm for the most part, but for a brief moment, she froze and moaned softly around my cock. Her shoulder twitched a little as I noticed that her right arm was moving, even as her head continued its up and down motion. I hadn’t really been paying attention, but I now realized that Teresa was playing with her clit while she blew iddaa siteleri me.

She had to pause a few more times as she brought herself to higher and higher levels of self-inflicted ecstasy, and at the climactic moment, she thrust her way all the way down to the base of my cock once again, deepthroating me at the same time as she came.

I could feel the tremors shooting through her body all the way through her throat wrapped tightly around the head of my cock. It was an earthquake of vibration as she moaned, tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she rode out her climax with my cock filling her mouth.

Once that was done, Teresa sat back for a moment, catching her breath and wiping away the tears from her eyes. But then when she’d composed herself, she fixed me with a sharp look. “Time to finish you,” she said. And then her hot mouth was on me once again.

I am not sure if that’s how she liked to take care of her husband, but I needed her pussy wrapped around my cock.

“Let me penetrate that beautiful pussy of yours,” I said, referring to a part of her body I have yet to lay my eyes on.

“Sorry, Don usually has me make him cum so I can get him back up and he can then take me for more than a couple of minutes,” she explained.

“Alright, enough about that husband of yours. You are going to get fucked by me and you tell me when your vagina had enough,” I responded thinking that I really wanted to pace myself to enjoy this tight body for as long as possible.

“Oh, she can take a good long pounding,” teased Teresa before embracing me with another kiss.

She didn’t even bother removing her luxurious thong and simply pulled it aside to allow my cock to enter her wet sex. The entrance felt as tight as her throat and her skillful pussy muscles created a resistant descend into a vagina that was unforgettable.

“Damn, are you always this tight baby?” I wondered out loud.

“I work on all of my muscles and the Kegel exercises are a daily routine for me,” she moaned while explaining. “Do you like my tight pussy?”

Instead of answering her, I grabbed her ass with both hands and sat up to meet her lips with mine. I don’t remember the last time I was fucked by a woman as passionately as her. To my surprise, I was getting close to cumming fairly quick so I slowed down her frantic grinding my holding her ass in place. I was essentially unable to grab any of her ass’ flesh with it being so tight. So I was left with cupping each check in its entirety with my large hands. Despite being held down by me, she kept on twirking her hip against mine.

“Can I taste your pussy?” I asked vulgarly.

“My body is yours tonight,” she answered and climbed off my rod and lied down on her back.

I looked at the beautiful woman lying next to me with her legs spread. Her hands were already busy playing with her tits as she was anxiously waiting for me to get to work. At first I was planning on heading straight to her love triangle but I found my face only inches away from her heels covered feet.

I started by picking up her left foot and kissed her toes through the opening of her heels. I am not sure what was different about the expensive stockings she wore, but even my tongue could sense the luxury that was covering Teresa’s sexy feet. I went from kissing to licking her toes and soon found my tongue traveling up her feet, past her ankle spending some quality time on her toned calve. When I finally looked up at her, I saw her now pinching her nipples aggressively and arching her back to burry the top of her head into the bed. All of the sudden, I felt her right foot rubbing my throbbing cock. At that point, a considerable amount of precum had accumulated again to the point where a strand of it remained connected between my tip and her toes.

My excitement increased exponentially when I arrived at her inner thighs. I kissed and licked her between the top of her stockings and her smooth skin and with each breath I took, I could smell a stronger scent of Teresa’s sex entering my nostrils.

“That’s enough teasing Don. Please lick my clit, I am so close to exploding. Please Don,” she begged and somehow I enjoyed being in control. I thought she enjoyed the ruthless teasing especially once I got within an inch of her labia, but she soon made it clear that she had different needs.

“Don, please make me cum. I am actually getting frustrated. I really don’t want to wait any longer,” she said in a rather frustrated tone.

I skipped the last inch and wrapped my mouth around her clit and started licking it in circular motions; slow at first but her frantic humps indicated to me that she wanted me to pick up the pace. It ended up taking less than ten seconds for her to reach the beginning of her zenith.

“Fuck, yes baby. I’m cummmmming. Fuck me, yes,” she cried out while rocking her hips against my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head with one of her hands and used all her strength to keep me in place. I tried my best to fight through the cramping of my tongue and suck up the overflow of her juices dripping out of her body. She held me there for what seemed to be an eternity and I had to hold my breath for a majority of time turning my moment of pure joy to agony. This woman just kept cumming until she finally let go of my head.

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