From Farm Boy To Plow Boy. How Sex Posessed His Life. Part 1From Farm Boy To Plow Boy. How Sex Posessed His Life. Part 1


On Saturday morning, May 25th,2001, Jason woke up early in a world he was familiar with. He was the oldest of four boys. He was sixteen years old, a junior in high school. He was also a virgin. Not that he was unpopular, he was. He had dated a few girls but never wanted to get them pregnant, so Jason had never crossed that unknown line into the world of sex. He kept the pages damp in his favorite magazine, willing to expel his sperm over nude photos of beautiful girls, just not into a real one. He found a magazine between his parents’ mattress and box spring. It was a magazine with stories of incest. Maybe that was the reason for having a sexual desire for his mother.He stood five-foot-nine inches tall, with light brown hair and blue eyes. For the past three years, he had worked on a cow farm part-time during the winter and full-time in the summer. He weighed One Hundred and fifty pounds, nearly all muscle. He shaved his pubic hair because he liked the way it looked. Also, he reasoned that he was tired of his pubic hair getting caught at the end of his penis, which caused him to spray when he peed.He had jerked his eight-inch-thick cock more than once into the bathroom sink, thinking about… well, his mother. He knew what incest meant, but he also had a hard-on for her.Let me describe his mother. She was thirty-nine, black hair she let grow until it reached neck level. The prettiest light brown eyes of any woman Jason knew. Her face was slim; her nose was a perfect size. High cheekbones and small puffy lips that he knew were perfect for kissing.He knew because he read that in his magazine, not kaçak iddaa through experience.His father had already left for work, his mother was cleaning up after breakfast, and Jason’s three brothers were about to embark on whatever they wanted to do that morning. The brothers were two years apart; Jason was the oldest.There was a knock on the front door. Jason opened the door only to have his breath taken out of him.Jason lived in a small village in Connecticut with about twelve hundred residents. Everyone knew everyone’s business. Even to this day, not that much has changed. Jason and his brothers were close; his family was normal. At least, they would be considered normal by society—two parents, not wealthy, but not poor. A father who worked had served in the military, belonged to the local VFW, and was healthy. A mom who worked part-time cooked regular meals and kept her boys in line.His mother worked part-time at a poultry plant that supplied chicken dinners for the airlines. She was a pretty woman; his father’s friends would flirt with her whenever they visited. Even her four brothers-in-law would tease her about their fantasies for her.Standing before Jason at the door was a beautiful young woman who looked like his mother. She had jet black hair, large brown eyes, ample breast, and a beautiful body that most men would drool over.“Is Theresa home?” the girl asked. Theresa was his mother’s name.“Mom, it’s for you,” Jason shouted.“Who is it?” my mother shouted back.“Tell her it’s Philomena.”At this point, I will move the story along. Jason knew his mother had been married before. What he did kaçak bahis not realize was that he had a nineteen-year-old stepsister. A beautiful stepsister. Jason was not interested in why he had never heard about her; he did not care. He had one thing on his mind.How could he get his new, sexy stepsister in bed? Getting her pregnant was not on his mind.Jason asked Phil (nickname for Philomena) if she would take a walk around the village with him. The road around the town was about a two-mile circle. The village was made up of mill houses. Mill houses were built by the local cotton mills in the eighteen hundreds for the mill workers to live in. The mills would deduct the rent from the worker’s paychecks. There were four family homes, each having two floors: three bedrooms upstairs, a kitchen and living room downstairs, and a basement. The mills were slowing down, the houses had been sold, but most rentals.The village was made up of two sections, the old village, and the new village. Just a designation to differentiate the sections.Most of his friends lived in the new village. He wanted to hear what his friends would say when they saw him with Phil.She said she would like to walk with him. They started their walk. Jason grabbed her hand and asked if they could hold hands.“Let my friends think we are going out,” he said as he looked her up and down. Even her legs were sexy. Outdoors he was able to get a better look at her ass. It looked round and firm. He wondered if he was dreaming or if she walked out of one of the magazines he kept hidden under his mattress.They made small talk as he watched the illegal bahis faces of his friends, seeing them together. He knew it would not take long for the stories to spread around the village.Philomena had moved in with a married friend of hers. Her friend’s name was Virginia. Virginia had two small children. She was older than Phil, about fifteen years older. She had red hair, green eyes, and a shapely body.Phil asked if Jason would babysit while she, Virginia, and her husband went clubbing. He told her he would.Phil picked Jason up at six pm that Friday. Both Phil and Virgie showed some cleavage in the dresses they wore. Did I mention Jason was sixteen, naturally horny, and always ready? Thinking about his newly found stepsister sexually had not decreased in intensity. Seeing both women this night only increased his forbidden desires—a woman who could be his mother and a stepsister who looked like his mother.Jason was sitting on the couch watching tv when they arrived back home at about ten pm. Virginia and her husband went to bed. Phil came and stretched across his lap, her head on his legs.“I hope you don’t mind,” she spoke.“Not at all,” he said, wondering if she minded the hard-on he was developing. Jason did not know what to do with his hands, so he put one on her hip, the other on her shoulder.“Mmm, that feels nice!” Phil whispered. She grabbed his hand from her hip and held it near her stomach.“I did not know I had such a handsome step-brother with sexy blue eyes.” She blurted out.His mother’s friends would always tell him how handsome he looked. He never took them seriously; that’s what most older women said to younger boys. He had started working on a cow farm at thirteen, so he knew he was in pretty good shape. At that point in his life, he had six-pack abs and a stomach of steel.

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