From Fantasy to RealityFrom Fantasy to Reality


I’ve been married for 21 years. My name is Mike and my wife is called Jessica. I have a son called Tom and a daughter called Emma. My son is 20 years old and is living at a university accommodation, while my daughter is 18 and is in her first year at the local college.

My wife is a bombshell. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and even though she isn’t exactly a fitness model or anything but she does keep in good shape and always dresses to impress. Her tits were always perfect to play with. Not too large and not too small and perky despite having two kids.

She works in an office job for big corporation in the city which is mostly boring work answering the phones. She is often tired after working on computers all day so like a normal marriage, it affects sex drive. It doesnt matter too much for us however as we have been almost sexless for 5 years. We were in a female dominated marriage through choice. It is a strange choice but it is because I love to be submissive and my wife is much more dominant. My wife had me locked in a chastity cage for that reason. She had full control over my cock.

It started years ago when we first met. We were discussing fantasies and she had always been dominant of her lovers but wanted to be submissive to the right person. She always had a soft spot for black men. Especially if they had big cocks. Jess was a potential size queen and with my 4 inches that wasn’t going to satisfy her. I loved humiliation. Nothing was more humiliating than roleplaying with Jess and hearing her tell me she wants a big black cock to satisfy her or her telling me I’m not man enough to make her cum.

We never carried out any of these fantasies and pushed them under the carpet when were juggling two kids. My son was easy enough, he was like me, submissive by nature but my daughter was a handful. Emma was constantly getting into trouble and sticking her nose in were she shouldn’t. She still is a handful even a 18. Emma is a daddies girl too so she gets away with a lot when I’m involved and Jess loves her free spirit since it reminds her of herself when she was younger so that didn’t help her wild child status. Emma was little bombshell version of my wife. She too had blonde hair and blue eyes, perky little tits and a petite frame.

Once the kids were older, we got more into our sex lives again. We started roleplaying and eventually moved on to chastity cage play as well. Eventually Jess had the bright idea to make me wear a chastity cage all the time. I was only allowed to fuck her once a month. This meant that I could only cum once a month. I never did last very long with Jess as she was such a hottie.

So now I’m mostly locked in chastity all day and not allowed out of chastity unless Jess is around, so she keeps me locked until my monthly fuck. The little metal cage has become very comfortable as I’ve been used to wearing it for long periods.

Jess came home in a good mood on this particular day. I was sat on the sofa with Emma snuggled up to me when she burst into the room with good news. Jess had a promotion at work. She was going to work in the secretary department for the new CEO who just bought out the company. Her new boss, Marcus, had giver her a big desk in an office of 3 other women. Not to mention the substantial pay rise that comes with it.

We decided to celebrate by going out for a meal. I got changed quickly and had to wait for Jess and Emma to get ready. As usual they took ages to get ready. Jess always dresses to impress and Emma dresses, well, to get attention. Jess came down in a long dress that complimented her tits perfectly. It was a red, long and wavy dress that went down to her ankles. She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek and whispered “I got no panties on!”.

Emma came down as she whispered that which had my cage tightening in my trousers. Like I said, Emma dressed to get attention, or trouble, whichever way you see it. Emma wore short and skimpy black dress that had the thinnest and most pointless straps over her shoulders. It hugged her petite frame and peachy ass as she walked. Every few steps Emma had to pull her dress down a touch to avoid her ass being unveiled like a portrait at a museum. She wore matching stilettos to with her dress and had her hair in blonde curls. I began to wonder if she had bothered with any panties either. I hope she did anyway.

When we were seated at the restaurant, Emma made a point to take her time as she sat down, since every man in the room was now gawping at my daughter. It was the kind of trouble or attention that she loved. Emma is what is called a cock tease. Jess then decided to flirt a little with the young black waiter which turned me on even more. What I didn’t expect was for Emma to also flirt with him as she ordered her meal. For some reason that too turned me on. I know it shouldn’t but come on, a beautiful young blonde flirting with a black guy was what I had been helping Jess get off to for years.

Our meal was istanbul seks hikayeleri served by a slightly confused young black waiter and we enjoyed a fantastic meal. Afterwards, we went for a quick drink then headed home. Jess and I were feeling each other up and getting frisky before we even got up the driveway to the house. Jess and I kissed before heading which turned into a snog followed by my daughter saying “Oh please!” as she rolled her eyes.

Jess and I went up stairs immediately and went to bed, to do adult things. We roleplayed a bit involving the young black waiter. We imagined that I was watching a black cock go in and out of my wife because I had forgotten my wallet. Jess moaned quietly as I slowly pumped into her with a big black cock on a strap on. I felt my own cock swing back and forth underneath as I picked up pace. I had to be careful. The bed was squeaky and Emma was only down the hall.

Once Jess had cum I was ordered to get down there and clean up the mess. The pretend mess anyway. I brought my wife to a second orgasm which brought our night to an end. I didn’t get to cum because it was my time of the month yet.

When Jessica started her new position the next week, she had started to wear much smarter attire than previous due to the dress code that was implicated on the staff that worked higher up in the building. She used to wear a pair of smart trousers and a polo shirt with the company logo on. As I observed her getting ready on the morning, I watched her put on stockings and suspenders and a knee high skirt. She wore a white t-shirt that you could see her laced bra through and then a blouse over the top. To top it off she had a pair of heels and was looking like professional. I was lying on the bed as my cage tightened and twitched while

watching her.

I made a point to see her off and kiss her goodbye and compliment her new work attire. She smiled and walked to the car knowing I was watching her ass as she walked. Before I knew it, Emma was squeezing past me at the door to walk to college. As usual she was wearing next to nothing at all like she does wherever she goes. I was so busy watching my wife’s ass walk away from me Id forgotten to have my routine argument with Emma over what she should and shouldn’t wearing which always ends up in me losing and Emma, being the daddy’s girl that she is, gets her own way. Emma walked away down the street wearing a short, tight, white pair of shorts that was almost riding up her ass, leaving the lower part of her cheeks visible. Her crop top was cut just below her perky little tits and its was far too obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra or anything under since even I could see her nipples poking through the fabric.

“Ah fuck it!” I said to my self. I couldn’t be bothered to argue or chase her down. All I knew was that I had two beautiful girls in my home who loved me and I loved them.

Two weeks passed of me watching my sexy wife get dressed on a morning. She was often home later and sometimes not until dark. We were in a routine of no sex. I was left to squirm in my cage later than usual. At least I got to spend some time at home with Emma. She was less wild when she was at home. If you open the doors and let her out she becomes a little over sexed gremlin.

On one particular evening, Jessica called to tell me that she was going for a few drinks with some of the girls at work on a Friday night. It was a work event organised and paid for by her boss, Marcus. She couldn’t exactly refuse.

This eventually became quite a regular thing. On most nights she would come home earlier and then she would be out late on Friday’s. I wasn’t complaining because Jess came home horny on Fridays and we would have our roleplaying games to play. Something however was different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Jess would come home almost ready to pounce on me right there in the living room while Emma was still there. Emma found it amusing watching me try to drag myself and her mum up the stairs. When we got to the bedroom, we would strip off as quick as we could. Jess was still wearing her stockings and suspenders, and we would get to it. She was really into the role playing where I play the boss and she is the employee that needed a pay rise.

One Friday afternoon, Jess came home early to drop her car off and without coming inside to tell me she was going out again. She got into a flashy brand new Bentley. Less than an hour later that same Bentley returns and this time, Emma steps out and walks through the door as I watched from the window. She came in and sat on the couch as if nothing had happened.

“Who was that?” I asked her.

“Who was who?” she replied back, playing dumb.

“The Bentley out side! Whose is it?” I asked again.

“Oh that Bentley! That’s Mum’s boss’s car, Marcus! He’s great! He was just dropping me off from college. He said he’d love to meet his favourite secretary’s daughter!” she said with a mischievous giggle.

“So where is your mother going?” I asked both confused and worried.

“Its Friday Daddy! She always goes out with work on Friday’s! You should know since you are the one who normally gets lucky on Friday’s!” Emma said, smirking with a mischievous look.

“Oh right yeah!” I replied, still confused and I had no idea why “Wait, how do you know that?” I asked.

“Walls are thin daddy!” Emma said smirking still. She must be messing with me. She is always messing with me. I rolled my eyes and walked off to go make my self busy.

I sat in watching the TV with Emma most of the night. She still wore her slutty outfit that she wore at college while on the sofa. A mini skirt with fishnet stockings underneath and as she normally wears, a crop top. I realised at that point she had been getting away with her slutty clothes for a while now.

Jess came home later than usual. Emma was still up and watching us both with intrigue to see if we were going to wrestle our way up the stairs. Jess this time however was too tired for sex. I followed her up to bed and got ready to go to sleep with her, hoping that she might change her mind. I’d been looking forward to this all day since today was my fuck day.

She lay in bed in her pyjamas and I pressed my self up against her. At first she groaned a little before saying “Not tonight honey! I’m so tired!” she said.

“Oh! Well that’s ok! Don’t forget its my fuck day today!” I said just spooning her from behind as my locked cock was being engulfed by her sweet peachy ass. When ever she moved caused a stir and a twitch in my pyjama trousers. “Are you sure you don’t want me to eat your pussy before bed?” I asked in a silly voice.

Jess paused before saying “Oh, yeah go on then!”. I spent half an hour making her squirm and moan before she soaked the sheets beneath her. Unfortunately after She was done she still didn’t let me have my one day a month where I get to fuck her.

The next day was Saturday then Sunday. Still on both days I wasn’t allowed to fuck my wife. I was starting to think that Jess was playing a little game with me which made me think I should be patient. Jess’s excuse was that Emma was around the house all weekend. That was unusual too. Normally Emma was out with her friends most weekends. It made sense though. I was normally quite loud when Jess lets me fuck her because it has usually been a month since my last orgasm.

It wasn’t until next weekend that Emma was out while Jess and I were home. Jess came up the stairs where I was waiting for her and said “So baby I have a little surprise for you!”. Jess walked over to her bedside drawer and pulled out a vibrator. “Today the cage stays on! I’ll remove it for the weekend if you can cum while wearing it!” Jess said with a wicked smile.

“Do I have a choice?” I asked.

“No not really!” replied Jess “Now get on the bed on your hands and knees in the doggy position!” she commanded.

I thought she was going to use the strap on on me. I wasn’t to Keene but then being submissive has its flaws. I was relieved when her vibrator began to tickle my balls. Jess teased me as she brushed over my balls on a light setting with the vibrator. Slowly and gently I was getting worked up and enjoyed the pleasure the toy gave. She brushed over the tip of the cage where my cock head was and it sent tingle up my spine. She brushed that spot a few more times causing me to jump each time.

“Are you ready to cum baby?” Jessa asked.

“Yes Mistress!” I replied.

I heard the buzzing of the vibrator quicken. Jess grabbed my caged cock and said “Don’t cum until exactly I say so!” she commanded. She pressed the vibrator against my cock head under cage and held it there. A shiver surged through me. My locked up cock twitched like crazy in Jess’s hand. I felt muscles tighten and knew I was about to cum. Jess hadn’t told me to release yet so I tried my hardest to hold it in while gasping for air at the same time.

“Please Mistress, I cant hold it anymore!” I begged while straining my soul trying not cum.

“30 more seconds!” Said Jess. 30 of the hardest seconds went by before Jess said “Now you can cum!”. I moaned loudly, almost squealing as I released over a months worth of unreleased orgasm. Jess was holding a rag underneath me to catch all the sperm I was bursting out in jets. I was shaking as I orgasmed until eventually I collapsed on the bed.

I had never cum like that before. It was intense and ran through my whole body. Jess rolled me over and unlocked me from the cage. I spent the rest of the weekend free from chastity and I had an erection every other five minuets. It was nice to be free but there was something so safe about wearing a cage. As if I didn’t need to worry about my masculinity as it was in Jess’s hands.

It had been six months since Jessica started her new role as a secretary for Marcus, her new boss. Jess once again came home with some good news. She had been promoted again, this time to be Marcus’s personal secretary. Again the money was more and the hours were a bit more flexible depending on what Marcus was working on. To celebrate her new role, Marcus had invited us all to a BBQ at his home that weekend.

Marcus had said to bring a swim suite because he had a pool that we were welcome to use. Jess was wearing a strapless dress that went all the way to her ankles and had her bikini on underneath. Emma had done the same. I had my shorts on and a spare change of clothes in a bag. Of course I was wearing my cage underneath it all. My shorts needed to be baggy to hide it.

I followed Jessica’s directions as we headed off to Marcus’s house. After 20 minuets we came to a very lavish neighbourhood. As we went deeper into the lavish estate the houses got bigger and smarter. Jessica was directing me down the roads like she knew where she was going. “Has she been here before?” I wondered to myself. Soon we came to a large house with a large front garden and driveway that had trees down the side of road up to the mansion.

We parked up next to the other cars that were there. I noticed the flashy Bentley and several other flashy vehicles too. A tall and muscular black man walked down the steps from the house towards us and greeted us.

“Ah Jess I’m glad you’re here!” said the man.

“Good to be here Marcus!” replied Jess.

So this was Marcus? I was surprised for some reason. Jess never mentioned that he was a handsome black guy. I watched as the tall and muscular black man hugged my wife tightly and then the same to my petite daughter who was dwarfed by the man. “Marcus this is my husband Mike! Mike this is my boss Marcus!” Jess said, introducing us.

Marcus gripped my hand tight and practically wrapped his hand around my hand whole. “Good to meet you Mike I’ve heard a lot about you!” he said.

“Yeah like wise!” I replied, intimidated by his sheer stature.

Marcus offered us into his home and to the pool area out the back. We were able to help ourselves to beer and snacks. I was picking up a beer when I noticed that my daughter was completely melting for Marcus. She was acting all flirty when talking to him and fiddling with her hair and smiling a lot and giggling at everything he said. This was a little bit annoying but she was young and stupid, there was no point making anything of it. Not to mention it was also a very sexy sight to see her with such a powerful looking man.

Jess meanwhile was talking to some women that she worked with and eventually introduced me to them. “So this is the amazing hubby we keep hearing about!” one woman said. They were all married and there was a mixture of all ages in her department. I noticed that none of their husbands were here. Marcus walked around and chatted to everyone like a good host does and made sure he welcomed everyone.

Everything was going smoothly. People chatted and drank and laughed. Emma was laughing the most when it involved Marcus which was still annoying but I’m her daddy, Its my job to be annoyed when men talk to her and make her attracted to them.

After a toast from Marcus to Jess, we all drink to Jess and then the clothes came off, at least some did anyway. Marcus opened the door to the indoor pool and a few people were more than happy to strip off and jump in, Emma being the first, followed closely by Jess and a few others. I watched my wife and daughter drop their strapless dresses and slip into the water in their skimpy bikinis which I had never seen before. “They must be new bikinis!” I thought.

I noticed I wasn’t the only one watching. Marcus and a couple of other black guy’s were bending their necks to get a look at my sexy wife and daughter. I never minded people looking at Jess since she was incredible and very difficult to not look at when she is so deliciously dressed as she is today. It was a bit different with Emma. It was certainly annoying don’t get me wrong but also somewhat as nice as it was when people looked at Jess. It was just a bit more conflicting.

I soon joined them in the pool as did Marcus and his friends. Marcus was certainly drawing attention from the girls (Emma especially) as he showed up in his tight red swim shorts. He was packing the largest bulge I could ever had imagined. His friends were also packing some weight in their shorts too. The sight made my cock twitch in its cage under the water. The attention was diverted quickly after some water games were started. People made teams to play water volley ball which ended up with four couples, one on the others shoulders, batting an inflatable ball back and forth. Me and Jess were in a team and Emma had managed jump onto Marcus before anyone else could.

After a while I went to get myself and Jess a drink, perhaps one for Emma too, she was getting very flustered on Marcus’s shoulders. When I returned I found only Emma lying on a deck chair smirking mischievously. The rest of the room had emptied as some went to get drinks and food. “What are you smirking about?” I asked playfully.

“Oh nothing much Daddy!” Emma replied.

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