The email was cryptic, even for me, but you followed its directions and travel into the City. You’re nervous this time, even more than normal. Our last time together had been great, but you keep hearing those words I spoke over and over in your head, “don’t you trust me yet…” The fact is you do trust me, and it’s for that reason that you allow yourself to try new things, join in adventures you never thought possible or probable, experience the excitement I bring to you, doing things you would never do at home…

The outfit you are wearing for example, you’d never dress like this at home. You left home in jeans and a T-shirt, but before you get to our meeting place you change and dress up in clothes you have bought for the occasion, all the things you know I like to see you in: A short black tight skirt, a cream color cashmere sweater, a pair of white silk stockings held up by a silk garter belt, and a matching set of white cotton thong panties and a sports bra; you put the panties on over top of the garter because you know I like you to leave the stockings on. Your white 4″ high heels have an ankle strap that buckle at the side. You feel so naughty dressed like this, but you feel so horny knowing how hot you look you can’t help but slip one hand between your bare thighs and stroke yourself through the damp cotton when no one is looking.

You finally get to the hotel I told you to meet me at. You park the car and head inside, feeling every man’s eyes upon you, sense the lust you are building with your presence. You find the lounge and walk in, spotting me in a corner booth having a drink. You strut over to the table and give me a big smile. I stand up and pull you close to me, one hand cupping the back of your neck the other grabbing your ass; you feel the skirt ride up at the back and you just know the top of your stockings are probably showing to anyone who would look. Our lips melt together passionately, oblivious to anyone who might be watching; it’s so brazen it drives you wild. We sit down and I order you a drink. We banter for a while, and you grin as you watch my eyes roam over your body, the heat sparkling in my eyes.

As we sip our drinks our talk naturally turns to sex, as it always does with us, and I start questioning you about your fantasies. You nervously give into my probing questions and admit you have always fantasized about being with more than one man at the same time. I smile and tell you that’s normal, and ask what else. Fortified by my acceptance you reveal that you’ve always wanted to make love in front of an audience. I grin and jokingly chastise you for being a “naughty girl.”

I casually look around the room and draw your attention to a good-looking guy sitting at the bar. He’s in his late 20’s, short brown hair, good build, dressed casually in a sweater and slacks. “What about him” I ask, “Would he be good as a second lover?” My questions shocks you and you blush, but after some prodding you nod your head and whisper yes. I motion to you and we slide together in the booth, facing outwards (towards the bar incidentally), and for the next few minutes I tell you an erotic little tale about the three of us making love; you feel yourself flush, the heat from your center spreading over your whole body. The tension is unbearable, and you squirm for satisfaction; I bring my hand between your levent escort thighs and stroke you through the material. You gasp, and I see the raw passion in your eyes.

When we look back a woman has joined the man. She is also in her 20’s, has long brown wavy hair settling around her shoulders. You notice her outfit and how it shows of her athletic body; she is wearing a long tight black sleeveless sheath dress, with a high split up the side exposing her black stockings, a deep scoop neck showing her full breasts, and a pair of black high heels almost identical to yours, but with two straps and buckles. You have to admit to yourself that she’s very attractive, a good match for him. They are obviously a couple the ways they act, and I hear you sigh as the fantasy fades. I reach over and draw your face to mine. “Perhaps she would like to watch her boyfriend have you, be the audience you desire…” Although the thought of her seeing you naked is scary, the idea of having her watch you with him (along with my finger’s attentions) cause you to be even wetter than before. You moan “yes,” lean over and bury your face in my neck, feeling the protection it provides. I hold you tight, and after a few minutes you semi-compose yourself and pull away; the couple is gone, and you can’t help but let your thoughts wander to what could have been…

I stand and throw some money on the table to cover the tab and draw you up to your feet. “I need you,” I say simply while looking into your eyes. We walk through the lobby and get into the elevator. I press a floor button and step back to look at you again. “What are you wearing underneath?” I ask. You tell me, but I shake my head, smile and say, “No, show me.” You blush, but raise your sweater so that the bottom rests on the top of your breasts, then you pull up the skirt around your waist; the evidence of your excitement showing through the front of your panties. I whistle appreciatively, and in an instant I crush your body between the wall and mine, our tongues intertwining, my hands grabbing your wrists and pinning them to the wall on either side of your head. You can feel the hardness between my legs snuggling against your wet panties, and you feel your legs open by instinct. The elevator stops and the doors open, you get nervous as I continue to kiss you, all the while you standing there semi-exposed.

“Excuse me, but is this a private affair?” You hear a man’s voice from behind me say. I look over my shoulder, “No, come on in.” You can’t see anything and struggle to cover up, but between my body against you and my grasp you make no headway. “Can you move so we can get a better look?” This time a woman’s voice. I move to one side and you are shocked to see the couple from the lounge standing in the elevator with us. “Don’t stop,” the woman croons, “we just wanted a decent view.” I go back to kissing you as the doors close and we continue up on our journey. You feel so exposed under their gaze, but you notice the man’s growing excitement; so does the woman. She turns to him, “You think she’s hot sweetie?” The man manages to croak out “yes,” and the woman smiles. “I don’t mean to interrupt Sir,” she leans over to me, “but do you think my boyfriend could have sex with your friend? It’s his birthday and I think it would make a nice present; don’t beyoğlu escort you?”

I lean back against the wall and pull you in front of me so you are leaning, still exposed, against my chest, your arms resting along your sides. My hands roam over your bare flesh, reveling in the couple’s attention to you; you feel my hot breath on your neck as I answer. “He’d have to share her at the same time with me, because she has me so horny right now I need it bad and can’t wait.” I turn your head to face me, “What do you think? Do you want to fuck him?” Your eyes are wide with shock, but the wetness oozing through your cotton thong leaves you no other answer but “yes.” I smile wickedly, “Then tell us how much you want it, and need it.” You begin slowly at first, mearly whispering naughty thoughts, but soon warm to the situation and find yourself talking nasty, telling us how badly you need to feel us inside you, begging for a chance to feel our cocks all over your body.

Just then the elevator stops and the doors open, but luckily for you no one is there. You smooth out your clothes, as I walk into the hall, my hand trailing back towards you. You take my hand, and after a moment’s hesitation reach back and take the man’s hand and draw him along too. The woman brings up the rear. Walking down the hall, hand in hand with two men you feel so alive sexually, and you feel your body not move but roll, like a jungle animal on the prowl.

We finally reach a room and without fan-fair slip inside. Your still on the prowl, and lead us over to the big bed as the woman sits herself in a comfy chair against the wall beside the bed. We stand at the foot of the bed facing each other; beginning to kiss each other, our hands exploring each other like it’s the first time all over again. My hands pull your sweater off and stroke your flesh, while one of your hands caresses my neck while the other quickly exposes the object of your desire, and you take my hardness in your hand. At the same time you feel a second set of hands, his hands, as they kneed your ass cheeks, finally pulling up your skirt and exposing nakedness, the thong concealing nothing. My hands cup your breasts, then pull up your bra to allow them to be free. Your hand pulls my neck towards them and I lean over and suck them into my mouth, nipping the nipples and causing you to gasp. You hold my head there, reveling in the sensation, as he slides up behind you, his concealed manhood resting in your crack as he reaches around and cups your sex. The intensity strikes you hard, and you don’t resist as I push you gently to you knees.

You know what to do when your there, and without any prompting you take my erectness in your mouth, tasting the precum on it’s tip, and proceed to worship it orally. I hold your head lightly, and you hear my breathing become deeper. You also notice he has moved right beside you and is rubbing his cock through his pants. You hear her direct him to expose himself to you and beg for you to service him. With shaky hands he unbuttons and pulls down pants and underwear, exposing a nice size cock right at your eye level. You look up at him, my cock still in your mouth, and drink it all in as he begs you to suck his cock. You see a drop of precum ooze out of his tip, so you allow me to slip out of your mouth and into your kağıthane escort stroking hand. Drawing your finger across his shaft you collect the precum and bring it to your lips, using your tongue to sample it; you purr in approval of his taste and suck him deep inside of your mouth – he cries out in ecstasy. You spend several minutes sucking us, alternating our cocks in your mouth and hands.

I can’t take anymore, the heat for you burning inside, and I grab you up and savagely pull your skirt and bra off and yank your panties down causing you to gasp in response. You stand there in just your garter, stockings and heels; your heart pounding and the air cool against your hot wet sex. I toss you roughly on to the bed and both of us follow. Our bodies pin you to the mattress as we ravage you lustfully with hands and mouths; you revel in both the sensations and hearing the woman direct her man’s attentions to you. You beg to be filled so I pull you onto all fours and mount you from behind; I thrust savagely not giving you time to adjust, your breath is caught and you cry out. The burn is soon replaced by an ache deep inside you that my shaft can relieve. My thrusts are agonizingly long and slow, a steady pace that drives you crazy.

He moves in front of you and pushes his cock again into your mouth, and the two of us get into a motion with your body… first I pull you back onto me and then slide you forward allowing you to take him deeply into your throat. In your lust-filled haze you notice the woman stand, pull off her dress and sit down on the edge of the bed. She pulls down her panties and lies down on the bed beside you and begins masturbating. She begins a non-stop monologue, describing to you all she sees, directing her man, and telling you how hot and wet she is. All you can do is let out throaty growls as the pleasure and sensations wash over you, as your mouth is full of cock. You climax and almost choke at the intensity of the waves sweeping over you.

Abruptly I stop, slipping out of your quivering womanhood, and the man and I switch positions. His style is different, more of a jackhammer, hard and fast. Your pussy feels swollen as his balls slap against it. He is not as big as me but makes up for it in intensity. I direct your mouth and use it for my pleasure. You begin to feel weak and know that it is too intense to continue long. You roll onto your back, the maneuver causing only a slight pause in the rhythm. You feel your climax hit and stop sucking me, crying out profanity and screams of passion. I finish, spreading my seed over your open mouth, neck and chest. He withdraws and cums right afterwards, spending all over your belly. The woman follows suit her body spasming from her own touch.

After a few minutes of panting from the exhaustion, big smiles on all our faces she leans over and says, “I believe you have something of mine,” and proceeds to lick and suck her man’s cum off your belly; it tickles and arouses you at the same time. When she is finished she moves up to your face and gives you a passionate kiss. You are shocked but yield to her soft intensity, the taste of his cum still in her mouth and on her lips. She stops suddenly and his lips replace hers, dry from panting but firm and warm. He too soon breaks the embrace, and as we cuddle together they get dressed and head for the door.

“Thanks, that was wonderful,” she coos as they leave. I call back “No problem Julie, we’ll have to do it again sometime.” You are shocked to realize I knew her and that the whole thing was planned for your benefit; I hold you close and whisper in your ear, “Anything for you my dear… but still never trust me.”

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