Friendly NeighborFriendly Neighbor


I was walking around the small park in the housing development where I lived, my not-too-short skirt swishing about my thighs as I lazily walked. There was a slight breeze that felt wonderful on the skin that was bared from my halter top in the summer heat. I by-passed the small walkway that would’ve taken me back around the park and continued on the sidewalk, taking the left that would point me towards home, and have me pass by the three houses closest to the park.

He was outside, mowing his lawn. I’d seen him in the neighborhood before, but I never took much notice of him. I don’t know what made this time any different, but I slowly stopped walking and stood in front of his yard and watched him. The muscles in his back bunching, releasing, pushing and pulling all at once to get the job done. He was shirtless, he often was, but that fact didn’t often cross my mind.

He was muscled, but not in a bulky body builder way. He had defined arms, a strong back and shoulders, with a nicely define stomach. He didn’t have a six pack, or something like that, but more like a washboard stomach with well chiseled lines. His hair was short, and at the moment, sweat soaked. His legs were long, his height easily reaching five ten or five eleven. Not the tallest man in the world, but still taller than my own five four stature.

It took me a moment to realize that he had stopped mowing at that he was patiently waiting for me to take notice of his attention. His dark golden eyes looking over my body as I had been looking over his. I felt self-conscious for only a moment until I remembered that recently, anyone with a pair of eyes had been looking me over just as he was. I mentally rolled my eyes. My eighteenth birthday had been almost two months ago, a big enough event for my family that we swarmed the local park down by the lake for the celebration. There was even an article written about it in the local newspaper.

When he finished taking his look, his eyes sliding up to mine, I felt a small moment of dizziness. His eyes, so golden, seemed to burn into mine with a passion that I had never before felt — including from past boyfriends. His eyes sent a small shiver of excitement down my spine. He smiled, an easy, slow-as-molasses smile that made my knees a tiny bit weak. I smiled back, shyly, my cheeks flushing.

“How’re you doing today, Raevyn?” Oh, his voice was pure heaven. A smooth baritone with just a hint of a rough sounding bedroom voice.

“I’m doing ok, Mr. Bridges.” I managed to reply. His smile changed so subtly into a smirk that I thought I imagined the smile in the first place.

“Just ‘ok’?” I nodded mutely. “Well, what say you let me help you with that?” My eyes widened slightly. Was he suggesting what I thought he was suggesting?

“Alright, Mr. Bridges.” His smirk took on a wicked twist.

“Let me just put my lawn mower away. You can go ahead and go inside, help yourself to some lemonade if you’d like. I’ll just be a minute.” I nodded, smiling softly as I walked up his driveway to his porch. Before I entered his home I watched him as he put away his lawn mower. His shoulders bunching and releasing as he walked, pushing the machine to the side of his house. I took a deep breath once he turned around the corner and let myself into his house, determined to look around for a minute before he came back.

His house was what I always pictured it to be, if I had to, that is. There was a large screen TV in the living room with a surrounding entertainment center with speakers, a DVD player and CD player. He had his own collection of DVDs, some action movies, comedies and a few romances with the occasional horror film thrown in. There was a dark green couch and a match love seat with a small black table in the center for drinks and things.

His dinning room had a matching black table with six black padded chairs around it. His kitchen was like the kitchen in all of the other homes in the housing development — a lot of counter space and cabinet room with an island in the middle of the kitchen to help with cooking. The only difference that I could see is that he had removed the white counter surfaces and replaced them with a dark, lush green to match his décor. His pots and pans that were hanging from the ceiling, were also black. His fridge black and silver.

His bathroom was bare, but that was to be expected since it was the bathroom that was downstairs. I had just walked back out of the bathroom when the front door opened and he walked into his house. He smiled at me.

“Taking a look around?” I blushed lightly at having been caught and nodded. His smile grew. “Wait ’till you see upstairs. My favorite room is up there.” As he walked by me into the kitchen I could’ve sworn he winked at me. I could feel butterflies in my stomach already. I took a deep breath and followed him into the kitchen were he was pouring two glasses of lemonade for us. He handed me one while he put the pitcher away.

“So, Raevyn, isveçbahis tell me a little bit about yourself. Something that they didn’t cover in that article. Something that all of your neighbors around here know.” I took a deep breath and thought for a moment. What exactly did he want to know? He must’ve read the article already, so what could I tell him? And things the neighbors didn’t know? My face must have looked funny because he started laughing. My face started to flush again and I took a sip to cover up my embarrassment. I was always told my face looked funny when I was concentrating too hard on something.

“Raevyn, you shouldn’t have to think too hard about how to answer that question.” He said, smiling.

“Well, Mr. Bridges-“

“Please. Call me Mike.” I nodded.

“Well, Mike… I don’t like it when people ask such open and vague questions. I’d like for them to be specific so that it’d be easier to answer.” He smiled, that wicked twist entering his smile again.

“Alright, Raevyn.” He set down his glass and came to stand behind me. He took my glass from me and set it on the counter, his hands coming down to rest lightly on my hips as he slowly pressed against my back. “Tell me, Raevyn. What’s the farthest you’ve even gone with a boy?”

My face flushed as I tried to answer with out embarrassing myself. “I’ve had sex, if that’s what you mean. Though it wasn’t anything spectacular. He didn’t really know what he was doing and there was a lot of fumbling around, to be honest. And, when he finally managed to get it right and he was able to, uhm, get in me, I didn’t really feel anything because he was just small, I guess.” Mike made a sympathetic noise from the back of his throat.

“My poor darling. Having to put up with a fumbling boy who knows nothing about what he’s doing.” One of his hands moved down from my hip to slowly slide up my bare thigh and underneath my skirt. My breath hitched slightly as I looked down to watch his hand, now covered up by my skirt, move across my skin.

“What’s the most adventurous thing that you’ve ever done with a boy in bed?” he murmerd against my ear.

“Honestly? The only adventurous thing he knew how to do was biting. I didn’t suggest anything else because I didn’t want to scar him for life.”

“And what would you have suggested, Raevyn?” My face flushed a brighter red, my cheeks burning.

“Ah, well. I would’ve suggested that we try, uhm, that we try…” The hand that was under my skirt moved to cup my sex in his hand.

“Try what?” My insides clenched as my hips started to rock into his hand.

“Anal.” I whispered. He let out a breath against my ear, his own hips pressing harder against the small of my back. I could feel his hardness through his jeans.

“I think that we can do that, Raevyn, and so much more.” He licked my neck, right below my ear, and my eyes fluttered shut. I let out a shaky breath.

“Like what?”

“Oh, you’ll see.” I could only nod as Mike removed his hand and turned me around to face him. His dark golden eyes looking into mine for a brief moment before he leaned down and kissed me. It wasn’t like any kiss I’d had before. It was rough, dirty and possessive. He didn’t wait for me to reciprocate, he merely took what he wanted and I had to grip his arms tightly as my legs were trying to decide if they should hold me up or not. He pulled back after a moment and smirked.

“Come on. Time to show you my favorite room.” Before I could move, he griped my hips tightly and lifted me off of the floor, in my surprise, I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist and wound my arms around his neck. He looked into my eyes and smiled, pleased with my response. He slid his hands underneath my ass to support me as he walked. He went through the dinning room, and by-passed the living room to take the stairs.

The walls up the stairs has pictures of different people and places on them. They all had a slight resemblance to Mike so I assumed that they all were pictures of his family. I smiled at a picture that showed a younger looking Mike pushing an older looking man into a lake. My attention was brought back to Mike quickly when he suddenly let me go. It was such a surprise that I didn’t make any move to hold onto him.

I bounced twice before I settled onto the King sized bed Mike had dropped me on. The comforter was black, with dark green pillows, and what looked like black silk sheets peeking out from underneath.

I had landed in almost the center of the bed, my legs splayed and my arms supporting me at my elbows as I finished looking around his room. The walls were dark green with black curtain over the window. When I looked around the room once more, I noticed that Mike wasn’t there. Before I could call out to him, he reappeared from the master bathroom, carrying a small bottle of what appeared to be lubricant. My insides clenched again when he set the bottle onto the nightstand next to the bed.

I looked up at him isveçbahis giriş as he stood there, still shirtless and just in his jeans. He was looking down at me, focusing his attention on how my skirt had ridden up my thighs from my fall. It just barely covered my underwear, but that didn’t matter when Mike knelt down at the edge of the bed, his eyes level with my clad sex. He grabbed my calves and pulled, my body sliding towards the end of the bed. He stopped when my hips were at the edge, my skirt having moved down between my thighs.

He stood up for a moment, his hands moving to the top of my skirt and pulling down. I lifted my hips in an attempt to help him, but with his strength he didn’t need it. Before my skirt and underwear had even touched the floor, Mike was kneeling again, his hands pressing against my thighs to make me spread my legs wider.

I brought my feet up to the bed, my hands gripping my ankles to help keep my legs spread. I felt hot breath against my exposed sex before there was this strange sensation of something wet, soft-but-hard, and hot against my clit before my mind supplied that’s his tongue and my insides were clenching again. I closed my eyes, my breath starting to come in ragged breaths. In my position, I couldn’t really move much, but I was able to move my hips enough to help encourage Mike. Not that he needed the encouragement.

When Mike grew tired of my hips moving, he lifted his head and nearly growled at me, “Stop moving.” His tone was so abrupt and harsh that I could do nothing else but obey. His head lowered again, and his tongue found my clit unerringly. I mewled softly, my thighs quivering from holding still. Mike groaned against my flesh, the vibrations sending delicious tingles up my spine. I couldn’t help it anymore, I rolled my hips as best I could in my position.

Mike stood swiftly, his hands already pulling, pushing, and moving my body how he wanted me to be. He rearranged us so that he was sitting against the head board, my body laying over his in the opposite direction on my stomach, my ass resting just on top of his still clothed hard cock. I made move to look behind me, to ask what he was going to do when he brought his hand down against my ass, hard. The air in my lungs whooshed out of my throat as my brain tried to wrap around what just happened.

“I told you to stop moving,” Mike growled at me. I mewled softly as his hand came down again, harder than the first.

“S-sorry.” I managed to gasp. I hid my face between my arms, my ass raising slightly for Mike to hit again. My hips were moving on their own violation, rocking in time with the hits as Mike started to hit harder still and quicker.

Suddenly, the spanking stopped. My cheeks were rosy and warm to the touch. Mike smoothed his hands over my upturned bottom and sighed softly.

“So beautiful… Now, Raevyn, when I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it. Do you understand.” I nodded into my arms, and he smacked me once more.

“Yes!” I answered.

“Good girl. Now, hands and knees.” It took me a moment to get my legs to work properly, but I managed to. I moved to get onto my hands and knees, facing the way I was, but Mike nudged my hips and made me turn, so that my head was facing the headboard.

“Actually, no, I want you to stand up for a minute.” Mike took my hand and helped me off of the bed. I stood before him, almost completely naked. Only clad in my halter top. His hands came up to my neck and untied the two pieces.

“Lift up.” I raised my arms and he pulled my halter top up and off, throwing it to the floor. He cupped my breasts, his thumbs rubbing over my erect nipples. I sucked in a deep breath, my spine tingling pleasantly. I looked up into his eyes and his eyes smoldered back into mine. His hands smoothed over my sides and down part of my thighs.

“So pretty…” he removed his hands from my body, and spread his arms wide. “Undress me.” I nodded to myself and took a tentative step closer, my hands moving to the top of his jeans. I unbuttoned them and unzipped them smoothly, surprised to see him without underwear. I glanced up quickly before sinking to my knees, pulling his jeans with me. When they reached the floor, he stepped out of them and beckoned me to stand up again.

I stood, but couldn’t look into his eyes, my eyes transfixed on his hard cock, standing proudly to attention. He was thick and long, easily the biggest I’d ever seen compared to my fumbling times with past boyfriends. He let me look my fill before cupping my face in his hands, his eyes burning into mine.

“Up on your hands and knees again.” I crawled back onto the bed, my hips swaying with my movements. I heard him let out a breath of approval as I got into position. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. I didn’t open my eyes, even though I wanted to, when I heard the bedside drawer open. I kept still and silent as I let Mike get ready for whatever he was planning on doing next.

I isveçbahis yeni giriş felt the bed dip to my right and I tried to relax further into my position. I managed to keep from flinching when Mike ran one hand down my back as he settled in behind me. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and naturally moving down onto my elbows, my head hanging down. Mike took a deep breath, humming his approval.

“You might have noticed, Raevyn, that I like to be in control. When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it.”

“Yes, Mike.” I answered into the bed.

“Such a quick learner. Earlier, when you said that you would have suggested anal do that incompetent boy, were you saying that you’re ready to give that a try?”

“Yes, Mike,” I breathed.

“Good girl.”

The next thing I knew, Mike had a finger as deep into my ass as he could it get. My hips bucked in surprise. I hadn’t even heard him open the bottle of lube, but he must have because his finger was slick as he slowly moved it back and forth. It might have been from the realization that this was actually happening or from the fact that I was still surprised, but my knees spread further apart, my hips dropping slightly as I relaxed even further into the bed.

Mike made a small noise of pleasure as he saw my move. His removed his finger for a second before it was pushing back in with a friend. I mewled softly, my head hanging below my shoulders as my hips slowly rolled up into his touch. There was the sudden sensation of cool liquid running down the crack between my cheeks and I gasped. Mike chuckled, deep and low in his throat. The lube pooled around his two fingers, helping to coat the way as a third finger joined the other two.

I moaned, a high pitched sound as his fingers stretched me more than I had ever been stretched before. I concentrated on breathing in deeply and relaxing as much as I could, Mike still moving his fingers in and out of me slowly.

After a minute or two, when I was starting to become impatient, I thrust my hips back forcefully onto his fingers, moaning while I did so. Mike’s reaction was instantaneous. He pulled his fingers out of me, his hand coming down onto my up turned ass harshly.

“We do things at my pace, girl.” I mewled softly, my pussy becoming achingly wet as a carnal need that I had never felt before settled into the pit of my stomach. I nodded my head into my arms, whispering, “Yes, Mike,” into the bed beneath me.

“Good girl.” Mike unceremoniously shoved his three fingers back into my stretched hole, pouring more lube down the crack of my ass as he did so.

It wasn’t long before my face my flushed and my hips were slightly arching into Mike’s touch, knowing that Mike would become angry if I tried to hurry things along faster than what he wanted. Mike slowly withdrew his fingers once more and I had to bite my lip so that I wouldn’t tell him ‘no.’

He shifted behind me, his hands coming to grip my hips tightly. That carnal feeling in the pit of my stomach increased in intensity, my pussy clenching in small spasms as I readied myself for what was to come next.

I steeled myself for a brief moment, closing my eyes, and letting out the breath I was holding as I felt the head of Mike’s hard cock press against my loosened hole. The head of his cock passed the ring of muscle, Mike gasping as he slid in faster than he thought he would, the slickness from all of the lube he had used earlier making my hole slick and open for him to just slide right in.

I had to gasp for breath as I was suddenly filled and full of hard cock where I had always fantasized it would be. His hands tightened further over my hips, halting his invasion, but only by a small amount — he was very near being completely inside of me. I took deep breaths, trying to relax my muscles. Three fingers didn’t come close to preparing me for how thick he was.

“Are you all right, Raevyn?” he growled. I nodded into my arms, unable to respond verbally. He didn’t try to make me talk, happy with my answer as it was. He pulled back slowly, the sensation new and weird to me. When he pulled out a few inches, he pushed back in, completely to the hilt this time. I let out a breathy moan, tingles of pleasure running up and down my spine. My hips pushed back against his hips, my pussy dripping.

Mike withdrew again, snapping his hips down against mine harder than before, setting up a rhythm that kept me shivering with pleasure. He shifted, kneeling in a more solid position so that he could move within me firmly. Mike gripped my hips tightly, his thumbs rubbing small circles on my skin.

I was mewling and moaning constantly, trying desperately to move against him more, but his grip on my hips prevented any movement that I would make. My hands gripped the sheets underneath me tightly, I spared a vague and fleeting worry that I might rip them.

Mike grunted as he slammed back into me, his thrusts making my whole body quiver. I started clenching my muscles, as tight as I could clench them. Mike’s startled gasp and last forceful thrust let me know that he liked it. I did it again and again, straining against his hold to buck back against his hips.

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